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Waste Industries, LLC (Headquarters)

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• Oct 12, 2020

Missed thrash
This is the absolute Worst freaking company even with now merging with GFL... This is the second week in a row my trash was not picked up. I called into customer service and they tell me the driver stated my trash was not outside. The id[censored] was looking at my next door neighbors house who has the new GFL can and I have the old waste industry can so how do we go from picking up my thrash when my neighbor is home to not picking up when she is gone... Nothing on my side changed is the driver blind? Is it a new driver something, someone tell me something. Why am I paying for a service if the drivers are confused because the dumb company hasn’t giving me a new trash can so everyone would be the same... I literally sat in my house and watched as the driver looked at his little paper and drove past my trash, maybe its a new game they are playing duck duck goose with thrash...Then on top of that the same line you tell me its a courtesy that in 24-48 hours you will pick up my trash... How the Hell is that a courtesy when you messed it up in the first place...

• Aug 03, 2020

If only no stars was an option! This company does not deserve to be in business to the public
I don't know if it is the Corporate directive, or a spineless immoral dishonorable manager at their Townsend Delaware location but, their customer service reps in business services LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH!
They NEVER return your call when you leave a message after hours. Their drivers pick up your location if they feel like it. CS will lie to you and say they'll put in a work order for a pickup but that never transpires. So you end up getting picked up, if you're lucky, on your next week usual day. IF you're lucky.

If I had a pickup truck I'd load the trash tote and dump it at their front office.
If you are reading these reviews because you don't yet have a trash service, business or residential, DO NOT HIRE WASTE INDUSTRIES!

You are better off buying a trailer and taking your trash to Sandtown dump just outside of Camden Delaware. The trailer will give you different uses, and the cost will beat having to pay this loser of a company a quarterly fee for not providing the service your money goes to.

HOW LAME ARE THEY? They will leave their phone off the hook all day long, like today, Friday August 3rd, so you can't call them. Then, twenty minutes before they close at 5pm they put it back on the hook for calls. Because they've left for the day! And you stay on hold like an i***t thinking someone will answer. They don't.

I HATE this company!

• Aug 05, 2020

They are doing the same here in our Georgia offices. This is out of hand and something needs to be done about these people. If there was a way to charge them for theft by deception I would

• Jun 03, 2020

Please read below, I have a question, if you Pay a bill for 3 months in advace and Cancel that service, should you receive the last 2 months of your money back if you cancelled the service due to poor customer service and their prices continue to rise every copy of months? Thank you for the comments! Re: Waste Industries - Contact Us Confirmation
Wed 6/3/2020 7:36 AM
CAUTION: This email originated from outside of the organization. Do not click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe.

I have already tried talking to the Local Office and got no were. They claim that I did not get charged a prorate, then I would like to know why I paid for May, June & July in April. All I want it the money for June & July. I paid $75.90 for 3 months. I also, got cursed out by a Garbage Truck Driver. He claimed that I had my Trash Can on the wrong side of the Road. I have been with the company who sold-out to Waste Industries, from March 2012 and putting the can on the side of the road that my driveway is on! I was trying to tell him to be careful because the car behind his Garbage Truck was coming around his truck, but after he cursed at me, I still worried he would get hit! That is the main reason I am leaving Waste Industries/GFL & the price keeps going up!

Please send me a check to: I used my name and address!

Thank you,

From: [email protected]
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2020 6:29 PM
To: Me
Subject: Waste Industries - Contact Us Confirmation

• Aug 03, 2020

YES! Contact corporate for that. If you don't get a reply, go to your bank and object to the payment on your on-line statement. And then go through the steps as to why.

They can't keep money they didn't earn. This company never returns calls left in their voice mail. They never answer the phone just before close either.

They're the biggest ripoff in the business. In short, they ARE TRASH!

• Apr 24, 2020

MIssed service
This past Wednesday, the Resi driver stopped at our can, sat there for a minute or so and drove off leaving the can full. Nice. I called customer service for a missed pick-up, no answer after 15 minutes. I called back Thursday, talked with the customer no-service rep who told me it would be 24-48 hours before they could get back out. Nice. The trash is getting dumped in their parking lot in Palmetto tomorrow afternoon. They took my payment easy enough, no service provided. Nice.

Trash not picked up yesterday in our Lebanon, PA Creekside community again. Last time my neighbor called and they told her why...Sorry, but your company problems are YOUR company problems-not an entire community ‘s. Come get the trash! Pick up was yesterday!

On July 27th I cancelled our Waste Industries service due to their poor performance. At the time I cancelled I was told WI would pick up their containers on Aug 3rd, they did not. When I contacted WI I was told they would be picked up on Aug 10th, they were not. The same on Aug 17th.

Also, WI customer service told me their records show that some one came to pick up the containers on Aug 7th, but could not because the containers were not put out by the street. Duh! They weren't out because no one told me they would be picked up off cycle. WI customer service told me container pick up day is only on Fridays. Aug 7th was a Tuesday!

If WI wants their containers, they can contact me to schedule a date and time. When, and if, they arrive I will bring the containers out to them. I will no longer put them out by the street!

When we moved to this subdivision of at least 300 houses 11 years ago everybody used WI. Now because of their poor service only a few are still using them.

I tried to send this in an email but could not find one on your website so it forces me to post this complaint here.

6/11/18 Downtown Raleigh

I am writing again regarding an ongoing noise disturbance coming from the Hue with hopes that it is a problem that can quickly be solved. Over the past year or more the Waste Industries trucks have been emptying the dumpsters on the Dawson parking garage side of the building at very early hours before dawn. In the last year it has been getting earlier and earlier and multiple times a week. This morning At 4:40 AM we were once again awakened to the sound of the truck backing in with full blown warning beeps, the sound of the the dumpster being picked up, the sound of the trash going into the truck, the slamming of the dumpster being put back down onto the pavement and finally the truck departing. I sleep with ear plugs and it still woke me up. On behalf of all the sleeping people in the hue and Dawson (roughly 60 units) that have to experience this horrible echoing sound, please adhere to the City or Raleigh Noise Ordinance Chapter 12 5007-5008. YOU CLEARLY ARE BREAKING THIS LAW! We are tired of being tired and look forward to getting a response this time and hope to not have to address this further with the community.

Tom Ward, I hope one day you and your staff are on the unemployment line because of your business practices and lies. I've called you 4 times and you cant even call back to address the problem of why my trash wasn't picked up again. For 3 months I've called every week to get my trash picked up. I was going to cancel my service last week and you promised me it would not be forgotten again. I don't know where the disconnect has been for the last three months but I've taken it personally. Do I need to tie cases of beer or cash to the trash cans for the incompetent drivers or is it your incompetent staff that makes the route that has no idea what is going on, and that makes you an incompetent supervisor?
I'm not sure what it takes to get the trash picked up.
If I did anything wrong to not get my trash picked up for a service I paid for, please let me know

I have lived at the same address for 7 years with no problems with my previous trash collector. Recently they sold their business to waste industries, this is the worst garbage collection company I have ever dealt with. I have had to call every week for 2 months to get them to come pick up my trash. Initially, I spoke with a manager by the name on Griffin, who hung up on me. I then called what was supposedly “corporate” and spoke with Colleen Sims, who was totally unhelpful and useless. She could have cared less about them not picking up the trash and told me it was my fault because the trash wasn’t on the right side of my mailbox. I told her I don’t want their garbage man throwing trash everywhere when they use the lift to dump my trash. Their garbage person has thrown trash all over my yard on several occasions and just leaves it there, she only stated they will talk to him. If talking to him worked, I wouldn’t need to contact “corporate”. She tried to tell me they just weren’t going to pick up my trash this week and they weren’t coming back until next week. I told her that was nonsense and they were paid to pick up trash weekly not every 2 weeks. She told me they had already come to get my trash for the week. If that were true, why would I call you now? This company is horrible from the top to bottom. Do yourself a favor and never use their services, there are tons of other garbage collection companies in Nashville that are kind and care about their customers, why would anyone settle for the worst one. If you live in the Madison area, next summer the city will start picking up our trash and you won’t have to deal with any private company, especially not waste industries.

Waste Industries did not drop off trash can on Wednesday per agreementOur payment was late so Waste Industries decided to pickup our trash can. We paid over $100 to continue to receive service last week and per agreement Waste Industries agreed to give us back our trashcan. Now its Thursday and we still haven't received our trash can. We've been without a trashcan since last week, over a week now. We paid per agreement and now we need our trash can.Desired SettlementSince Waste Industries did not drop off the trash can per agreement then they should waive the deliver fee. Also they can either drop off the trash can this week or refund us back our money and we can go elsewhere. Business Response We will have someone out today to deliver the container to Ms. [redacted]. I tried calling Ms. [redacted] to advise but was unable to reach her on the number listed above but I did however leave a voice message. Consumer Response We received 2 dumpsters yesterday, thank you. Please pick 1 of them up for we only need 1. Hopefully we will not be charged for your mistake.Final Business Response Ms. [redacted], as per our phone discussion, we will be sending someone out tomorrow (Saturday) to remove that extra cart and no you will not be charged for it. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your business.

Charging me without providing me the service[redacted] Grocery Store[redacted] Acct# XXXXXXXXXi recently buy the business a "grocery store". I request for them to pick up my dumpster 2 times a month... my account was cancel due to non-payment, the last day that the dumpster was picked up was on September 14 according to one of their representatives. I found out that info when I notice they haven't picked up the dumpsters back January. when I called they told me that my account has been stopped due to a nonpayment, this is when I asked them when was the last time they picked the garbage. they told me that in order to get my service back I have to make a payment of $268.05 so I can get my garbage picked up... I did the payment to reestablish my service but I called to find out why they were charging me for 3 MONTHS OCTOBER,NOVEMBER,DECEMBER when they never provide me with service. I have called for the last 2 weeks to get an explanation, I have spoke to [redacted] the supervisor for the branch close to my location in Burlington but the two times that I have spoke to him he couldn't give me any explanation because according to him he wasn't able to check any billing issue, he said "someone form the billing department will contacted you to resolve the issue" I have never received any call or email regarding the issue I called them out today January 21, 2016 and I spoke to one of the representatives because the supervisor [redacted] didn't want to talk to me about my concern.... the representative told me that there is nothing they can't do at the moment... I feel this is not right for consumer like me... especially when no one have come up officially to explained me why they charging me for a service they have never provide.... all their representatives were rude...please address this issue through I want to continued my business with waste industries but I wanna get an official statement from the company explaining why they charging me for a service that haven't being provide it...Desired Settlementi want them to charged me for the service they provided me... I don't want to get charged for a service they never provided it..Business Response The charges for this account is for container rent and disposal fees. This is how our commercial accounts are priced and billed. The reason the account is still being charged is because it wasn't closed and the container is still on the property. Charges would have stopped if the account was cancelled and the container was removed. This account was only on credit hold for non-payment. We are charged by weight when we dispose of the garbage so therefore if we are picking up overflow due to non payment, we still have to pay to dispose of the extra. Our sales rep tried to contact the customer about the account but the phone number was incorrect that's on the account. The customer can feel free to call me and discuss further. Ask for [redacted] @ XXX-XXX-XXXXConsumer Response Hey [redacted],Still not satisfied with your response for me doesn't make no sense... first able, you said "The charges for this account is for container rent and disposal fees"... you didn't dispose my garbage from September 14, 2015 util the first week of January... ????Secondly , my store is relative new therefore my quantity when it come to the garbage is minima meaning I don't have too much garbage. the container wasn't overload even if it was how could you explained that I actually was able to close up with the container lid??? [redacted] the only reason why I'm contacting you through was that couldn't get anybody to resolve this issue. I called Burlington office for 2 weeks waiting for [redacted] "the supervisor" to call me back, he never did. in conclusion, I would really appreciated you to considered a different way to resolve this issue even if I have to be paid partially for "renting your container" and not a full price since you guy didn't have to paid for disposing my garbage during all this time again I don't think will be fair to paid for a service that you guys never provided. you contact me at any time @ [redacted] prefer emails.thank you, Final Business Response I was under the impression that the garbage was still there and accumulating. I will credit the disposal portion and charge only for the rental portion. I will have them send out an updated invoice with the adjusted amount.Thanks

Overcharged for trash services and when rate changed they did not notify us and won't refund or credit account for over payment Waste industries has been over charging us on our quarterly trash bill. We were paying 51.99 for Wake county but we are in fact Harnett county and should be paying the rate of $45.00 quarterly. When I asked for an exchange or credit to my account for over payment the woman sid they don't back date credits. So I asked her if they just steal from customers? She was very rude and didn't want to help at all. All of my neighbors have had their accounts credited due to this and they tell me otherwise. All I want is my credit for overpayment of the quarterly price that I have paid multiple times already.Desired SettlementCredit to my account for over payment Business Response When customer started service back in 2014, we did not offer a separate rate for [redacted] County versus the remainder of our service area. This rate started back in June of 2015. I responded to the customer's voicemail left earlier this morning, October 3. We are issuing credit in the amount of $29.01 to clear the billing difference from the time we began offering a [redacted] County rate. Our system does not show us the county of each account, so we would have been unable to automatically correct this rate.Consumer Response Thank you for correcting the issue! Much appreciated Final Consumer Response

Waste Industries is not picking up the trash at our vacation rental property as agreed upon. Numerous calls and complaints are unanswered.I own a vacation home at[redacted] Waste industries has been picking up our trash once a week for several years. In June we requested a second pickup due to vacation rentals, the pickup day was to be Thursday. To date, six weeks later the trash has never been picked up on Thursday. Each week when we have recieved a complaint from our renters, we have called Waste Industries and requested resolutions and the trash to be collected. Some weeks it has been collected on Friday or Saturday, but only after 15 minute calls to the business and demanding that the trash be collected. Each time we are assured that the trash will be collected as promised the next week and then each week we recieve a complaint from our customers. We have put in so many calls and left so many viocemails that we do not know how to resolve the issue. We leave 200 miles away, so visiting their office is not an option. We rely on our customer's feedback to advertise our property and we have recieved negative feedback due to the trash overflowing.Desired SettlementI would like to have a billing adjustment for the weeks that the trash has not been collected and the trash to be picked up as promised. Business Response Spoke with Mr. [redacted] on 7/27/16. Acredit has been issued for missed service days and an action plan put into place to ensure his pick up is timely and on scheduled as it was originally set up.Consumer Response A credit was issued and the trash was picked up on 7/28 as required. [redacted] with Waste Industries did call and discuss.Final Consumer Response

Won't prorate my bill when I cancelled service.Waste industries requires customers to pay 3 months at a time on their bills. I did that and moved 2 months in to one of my payments. I thought I could get my money back for the last month, but they said they have a no prorating policy.Desired SettlementI would like my money back for the last month of service since I cancelled in plenty of time and there was no trash to pick up.Business Response Our no proration policy is verbally discussed when signing up for service, is sent in the welcome letter and is stated on each invoice. I have processed a 1 month refund to be sent to the customers address on file.Consumer Response They gave me a 1 month refund as I requested. Thank you.Final Consumer Response

I have paid [redacted] for my trash to be picked up and they have not picked my trash up for 2 weeks. Yesterday I was told it would be picked up it hasn't.I have paid [redacted] for my trash to be picked up and they have not picked my trash up for 2 weeks. I was told Yesterday I was told it would be picked up before 7 pm and it hasn't.Desired SettlementFor them to pick up the trash like I prepaid them to do.Business Response We sent a driver out on Thursday to service Ms. [redacted]. While there we noticed she was using competitor's container so we scheduled for our driver to deliver Ms. [redacted] a Waste Industries container. We tried contacting Ms. [redacted] to confirm she was serviced but no answer so we left messages asking her to call us back.

THIS COMPANY HAS FAILED TO PROVIDE DECENT SERVICES TO THEIR CONSUMER. WE HAVE REQUESTED THAT THEY NO LONGER DRAG OUR TRASH TO THE TRUCK, THEY REFUSED.I cannot believe the audacity of the people who represent this organization. We received back-door service which really was mid-driveway service based upon the location of our garbage cans. Well, we recently began seeing the trash representatives dragging our bags down our driveway, which as we were told in the past by a supervisor was an unacceptable practice. So we called and reported it after the trash was expelled all over our front yard, driveway, and sidewalks. When we called, we received no call back from a supervisor as requested, and instead, the next few days I saw a garbage truck BACK UP AND PARK IN OUR DRIVEWAY! Now, I don't know about most individuals, but an aversion to garbage overall is a reason that this is unacceptable, not to mention that this could damage property and would render this service a waste (*no pun intended). So when we called back to receive a supervisor, instead a representative called and said, "We'll just refund your money and not service you in the future." Well, what we requested was not given, so I asked, again, to speak with a supervisor. So when [redacted] reached the line, I thought finally we will reach an amiable resolution that works for everyone and there will be no problem. Instead, we received a dictator who reprimanded my mother and me for speaking about the situation. Well, after explaining that for three weeks we have seen the trash representatives walk up our driveway and drag the bags down our driveway. How hard should it have been to simply lift the bags a bit and not drive a nasty truck up our driveway? According to [redacted] this was our only option and there was no compromise offered whatsoever.Desired SettlementI WOULD LIKE FOR THE TRASH PICK-UP GROUP TO LIFT THE BAGS UP, AND NOT DRAG THEM OR TAKE THE CAN DOWN TO THE STREET LEVEL INSTEAD OF CLAIMING THAT SAFETY IS AN ISSUE. THEY PICK-UP FROM NUMEROUS HOMES ON THIS SAME STREET, AND SAFETY FOR THEIR TRUCK HAS NEVER BEEN AN ISSUE IN THE PAST, SO WHY ARE THEY USING THAT AS AN EXCUSE NOW? Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]@wasteindustries.comI have spoken with customer on her issue. I will meet with customer on site to assure her issue is resolved.Consumer Response I appreciate Mr. [redacted] coming out to resolve this situation like a professional. If things were left up to [redacted], Waste Insustries would have lost a customer. I am glad that Mr. [redacted] took our concerns seriously and sought an amicable outcome. Final Consumer Response

I signed up for garbage pick up and pre-paid for 3 months service. Garbage is supposed to be picked up weekly but they don't pick it up. I signed up for weekly service, and paid 3 months in advance on 6/20. They dropped the container off that Friday but did not pick up garbage on Monday as promised. After many calls, they picked it up Thursday 06/30. They have not returned since then and we have made multiple attempts at contacting them. They are now billing my for an additional $51, which I assume is some sort of mistaken. This week my husband and I have called 4 times to cancel service and request our money back since they cannot provide the service we paid for. It is impossible to get a person to call back, and we have been on hold, literally for hours this week. We just want the garbage and the container picked up and to cancel our service. There are over 2 weeks of garbage in the container and we are going to get rats!Desired SettlementWe want a refund of the $86 I paid, and the new bill to be cancelled. We want them to pick up their container and cancel our service.Business Response We do apologize for all the service issues. The account has been closed out and a refund is being issued.Consumer Response I only received a refund of $31. I paid $86 and the service was not provided as contracted. They only picked the garbage up twice, after many calls. I want this opened back up until they send the full refund as requested. Final Business Response The first refund request was turned in when the account was closed on 7/13. The rest of the $86 was requested after we received the complaint and will be issued in another check.

My Trash day is Friday, I call them on Monday and they refuse to give me a refund, saying that they will pick it up on Tuesday. This is an on going problem. They forget to pick up my trash on Friday. I have to wait until Monday to call them, that they missed me. They refuse to give me a refund for the week they missed. I called the twice on Monday 05/23/2015 the first I made was that they would have someone call me shortly, the second call I made they told me someone would call me 05/24/2016. I told them I wanted a credit for the week they missed they refused. I am still waiting on a phone call and my trash still has not been picked-upDesired SettlementI am seeking a credit for the week of service that they missed. Business Response The facility manager called and spoke with Ms. [redacted] and the issue has been resolved. A credit was applied to her account and trash was serviced. Consumer Response This complaint has been resolved, and I am satisfied with the outcome.Final Consumer Response

Irregular service and deceptive billing practices.Several times the trash has been left roadside for weeks at a time.Once...when the trash was collected (after 2 weeks being roadside) the trash bin was taken also. Called to complain. They dropped off another.... and billed me for the 2nd trash can delivery. That bill arrived on Monday 6/6/16, the same day the trash pickup was not performed...again.Left several voicemails at XXX-XXX-XXXX but they do not seem interesting in returning calls.As a consequence, any auto payments have stopped and the trash bins have been pulled (still full) from the road. My neighbors should not have to view garbage for weeks at a time. I have asked they contact and tell me they want to continue with the service; no voicemails, emails, or mails to that end.My pickup day is Monday. It is weekly. I am in good standing. There is no reason to not perform the duties required.It appears the only action to be performed on-time is the billing.Desired SettlementAn adequate resolution is laid out below:1. Do not bill for services not rendered.2. Perform the future duties contracted to be performed.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] IIIContact Phone: XXX XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@wasteindustries.comI have reviewed this account based on the complaint and found that indeed the customer was charged in error for the replacement cart delivery. Credits were issued yesterday totaling $36.95 which leaves a credit balance of $22.93. I would recommend that he contact the office and speak with [redacted] our office manager to assure that his billing and method of payment is correct, as he mentioned stopping the auto pay feature on his account and I would not wish for this to create any dilemmas in the future.As to the service issues, we track our collection vehicles with GPS and I have confirmed that we indeed did travel to the service address as scheduled. There were numerous notes that the container was not at the curb when we arrived and thus we could not service. We ask that all residential customers have their carts out to the curb no later than 6 am on their service day and highly recommend placing it out the evening before to assure collection. I have placed a note on the account for the driver to call the office in the future should this cart not be at the curb when he arrives to further focus on this service issue and hope the information above and focus on our part will make this a "non-issue" going forward. Should Mr. [redacted] wish to discuss this further please contact me directly via email or phone and I will be glad to discuss the issues further. We appreciate his patronage and look forward to trouble free service delivery going forward.Sincerely,[redacted] IIIGeneral ManagerVance/Granville BranchWaste Industries

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Address: 3301 Benson Dr Ste 601, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27609-7331


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