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Re: Complaint by *** *** ***/*** work
ID #***
Dear Ms***,
First of all, I have dealt with hundreds of Thunderbird owners, both professionally and personallyover the yearsMy experience with Mr*** is, by far, the worst experience in my professionallifeMr
*** contacted me at the end of February and said he wanted to get his Tunderbirdengine and transmission rebuilt, the engine compartment repainted and wanted to know if I wasinterestedI told him yes, explained that I work on a strictly time and material basis, gave himmy rate and said that he could bring it out in a few weeksHe brought the car out and heexplained that he had talked to someone else who had quoted him hours but whose rate washigher than mineHe also expressed at that time that he wanted the car back for an event onApril 1stI explained to him that it would not take much time to get the engine and transmissionout of the car but that I could not guaranty a time frame because I had no control over theschedules of the engine and transmission rebuilders both of whom are frequently six to eightweeks outI also informed him that I had other cars in the shop and that I could not makeeveryone wait, who had been here before him, and do his car firstI assured him that the carwould be done as fast as we could and he left
My tech and I pulled off our other work that day, removed the engine and transmission, cleanedoff all the grease and gunk off them and packed them into the truck for transportTwo days laterwe transported both the engine and transmission up to Portland and Forest Grove respectively.When I returned I notified Mr*** by email that this had been completed and the approximatecompletion dates we had been given by the ***, which were six-eight weeks outWithintwo days Mr*** was calling *** *** ***, wanting to know when, how fast,how soon, etcWe received a call from them wanting to know what was up with him and if wehad told him how longWe confirmed that we hadDespite this, he not only called repeatedlybut dropped by their shop on at least one occasion to try to get them to do his engine fasterHealso contacted the transmission shop in the same fashion
While the engine/transmission were out for rebuild we began working on the enginecompartment to prepare it for repaintingIt was coated with built up grease and dirt and wasquite a task but it was cleaned, prepped, primed and painted two coats in preparation for theengine's returnAt the same time we were taking all the brackets, etc that were also caked ingrease and grime, cleaning, bead blasting, prepping and painting them.Engine componentswere being check, cleaned, painted and replaced as neededWhile this was going on Mr***was calling, texting, emailing and stopping by to check on progressWe sent him an invoice forthe hours that we had up to date and the funds to pick up the engine/transmission and he had afitHe accused me of taking too long, said there was no way, went to the TBird Forum, where,by the way, several people said that if it was being cleaned, painted and put back correctly his"hours" would by no means be correctHe was getting his hours out of shop manuals preparedin the 50's for mechanics to work on NEW CARSThere is no comparison to a car that is 60years old and has year old parts! I assured him at that time that he didn't have to have mefinish the job but he insisted and reluctantly I agreed
During the last week of April my wife and I went out of town for a week on vacation, which hadbeen planned for many monthsThe day before we left my tech and only employee gave histwo week notice, leaving me with no help in the shopOn the Friday before we were to return Ireceived a voicemail from the engine rebuilders that the engine was readyWe retuned thatMonday and the engine/transmission were picked up on May 3rdThe engine was mounted onthe engine stand and I began reassemblyMr*** began calling that same day, wanting toknow if he could have his car done by FridayI explained to him that it took longer than that,that my tech had quit and I was on my own and that I had several ahead of himHe accusedme of taking more cars after his arrived and putting them ahead of himI told him this was nottrue and that I could prove it with the pictures I took of his car the first day it arrived, the carsthat were in the shop that day were in the picturesHe refused to believe me and demanded toknow how longHe had to give me a hard time about how many hours I had billed, how long ithad taken (even though I had only had everything to put the car together for two daysl), he wasangry, rude, demanding and unreasonableI told him I would look at my schedule and let himknow that night how long I thought it would takeI had to reassemble the engine, all the topcomponents, many it to the transmission and then hunt down someone to help me install it asthe engineand transmissin have to go into these cars connected which is difficult andpotentially hazardous to the carIt was impossible for me to do it myseHIt was my hope that Icould get it done in the next two weeks but I told Mr*** a month hoping that I could avoid hisharassment until I was finishedHe again had a fit, threw out all sorts of accusations and liesand when I went home that night I emailed him and told him that obviously I was not the restorerhe wanted and for him to come and get the car
He arrived with two friends, they loaded up all the parts, spending almost four hours going overhis lists, called a tow truck and leftThat evening I received a call from the Portland mechaniche refers to in his complaint The owner of the shop wanted to know if I was doing the work onMr***'s car, I told him that I had stopped and he had picked it upThe owner stated that Mr.*** had been to his shop repeatedly wanting to know how long and how much and thatseveral of these times had been while we were working on the carl The owner stated that hehad never given Mr*** a quote of hours and he's not sure where he came up with thatfigureMr*** states that he contacted other shops and they were all booked for the summer.I know of at least one shop that told him no because they knew he was going to be difficult
I have been in business for over years and I have NEVER pulled off a job on a customer.Everyone in business expects customers who are difficult but when difficult borders on abusiveit's time to call it quitsMr*** was demanding, accusatory, called us and our vendorsrepeatedly, emailed, texted, went behind our backs and discussed only HIS side of the issueswith a public forum and with other businessmenHe mentions in his complaint that he washappy with the work and PRICES of *** *** *** and *** ***.He should be happy with those prices because he was given OUR wholesale prices that hewould not have had access to otherwise! I have never had anyone who was that miserable towork with/for and he holds the distinction of being the ONLY customer I ever quit working for inyearsI will not, under any circumstances, refund his money which was billed according toterms he had agreed to, and if he continues to berate me in public and make demands throughthird parties I will send him a bill for all the phone calls I had to return and the four+ hours Ispent helping him get his stuff out of my shop
Except for the fact that his allegations are untrue, I do not care if you put a black mark on recordIn part, due to Mr***'s harassment, I have retired effective 7/1/and itreally isn't going to make a difference to me one way or another
My desired settlement would be for him to leave me alone
Charles W***Watkins Restoration***

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