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1070 Montgomery Rd # 2071, Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States, 32714-7420

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I ordered a 7 inch memory foam mattress and the company sent a 5 inch mattress twice I have asked for a refund But now they will not even speak to me
I want a refund If a company cannot get an order right twice then I give up They charged me $176.42 for the wrong mattress

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund

Customer Response • Jun 20, 2020

Wayfair refunded my money

Wayfair took 599.00 off my*** because I order a table chair set after 2 weeks it was cancel and I was told they will put it back they did not
I talked to several people about receving my money back and was told I would but it never was put on my***. my order number was *** a table and chair it was cancel never got it. I want my money back on my card 599.00.

Desired Outcome

I want my money back 599.00

I ordered a sofa 4/29/2020 it still hasn't been delivered. I called them, after waiting for 30 minutes I got hung up.
I cannot get in touch with anyone, tjis is unacceptable.

Desired Outcome

Delivery or refund!

Order #*** Paid $50 express delivery and it didn't arrive. Was credited but the website is misleading. I would not have cancelled Chewy or
I would not have cancelled Chewy order that was 2 weeks in, had the Wayfair website not said, pay $50 express and receive in 2 days. I called 4 times and kept being told it would arrive in 2 days. It didn't. I was credited. The point is your website is misleading. Yes COVID is happening, but we are 2 months into it. The website had ample time to be updated. Now I have to wait.

Desired Outcome

I want the order ASAP. I want your website updated so that others aren't also misled

My headboard I ordered showed a pic of headboard with side rails and a foot board which it only come with headboard only???
Delivered March 12 order#***
Paid $207.57

Desired Outcome

All my money back without deduction for shipping

This is the second time that I put a complaint that the product come damaged and when I call they never call me back and they charge me to send it bac
And they charge me for me to send back the item and then they send me a 20 percent coupon and they they said it's not good to use I spend more than $16,000 dollars and they did not apply my coupon and the items are incomplete

Desired Outcome

I what my product complete and my discount that they send me of 20 percent

Refund in the amount of 79.00 false advertisement in 6-12 months interest free
Made a purchase in the amount of $504.55 in 6/2019, this was to be interest free for 12 months, called credit card company they said it did not qualify, I was told any purchase $500 and over was interest free fro 12 months, then it was before taxes it had to be $500. So then they told me that I qualified for 6 months interest free because it was a purchase for more than $299. they went back to the credit card company and told them, but they said that they took to long and that they are unable to do the interest free and that now it is a regular purchase. I am entitled to a refund in the amount of $79.00 for interest paid on the account.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a refund in the mount of $79.00 plus any other interest for being mislead by Wayfair and the interest free that they are advertising. The are not clear with telling the customer that if you spent more than $500. before taxes that it will be interest free for 12 months. I spent 3 months going back and forth between Wayfair and there credit card company trying to settle this and now I am being told that it took too longer and now I am not entitled to any promotion that they have and that they can not credit me back any of the interest and now it is a regular purchase and that I have to pay the interest until that account is paid off. The purchase was in the amount of $504.55 and it was charged on 6/2/19, so I am entitled to the interest for the years for free, since they will not make the change on the credit card, then I am entitled to the interest. So fair the interest is in the amount of $79.00 since

I purchased a sectional couch on April 6th 2019. I have not received the product as of 10/24/2019. I tried to contour communication.
Purchased product 4/6/2019 contacted on several occasions via email, phone, customer support, messenger, Facebook. No answer

Desired Outcome

Product or refund

They offer financing on there site which is FALSE and the manager is refusing to let me speak to her boss.
Open financial with Zibby for $1800 I'm not able to use.

Desired Outcome

I want my credit report repaired

I ordered for my wife a furniture on the 6th of April 2019.But we never got the order or money back.They never reacted on any emails or any calls.
On the 6th of April, 2019 I ordered Modrest Ezra Black Gloss and Walnut Office Desk w/ Side Cabinet (SKU ***) at the price of USD 1,378.03. I payed it by the credit card. I never got any email back, even I tried to reach them many times. Also, I tried to cal them - without success. I tried to reached them with by chat and after it took me two (!) hours to wait for a consultant (even they wrote 7 minutes), I understood it is a fraud! I payed my money and I will be never delivered with my product. I tried to research in internet and found a lot of reviews who experienced already with this company.

Desired Outcome

They have either to send my products or to make a full refund!

The company delivered one piece of a sectional and refused to return almost $500. The company got a third party involved without my authorization and
The company delivered one piece of a sectional and was paid almost $500. After several phone calls the company refuses to return the money and also involved a third party and return the money to the third party without my authorization.Wayfair was told the pick up the one piece of the sectional and they refused to do so and refused to return the money after several attempts.

Desired Outcome

Refund the money and will no longer be doing business ever again with Wayfair

Fraudulent company
I ordered a bunkbed set for my son thru their website in October 2018, have never received the bunkbed nor have I received my refund. The company has deactivated the email address I used to communicate with them before they stole my money and now the phone number does not work. I google mapped their address and the business there is not theirs, so the address in the website is also fraudulent. The address belongs to a company that has been established there for years.

Desired Outcome

I want my full refund of what I paid totalling $635.00

I was promised a full refund for late and damaged items.
I WOULD LIKE A FULL REFUND, AS PROMISED! I am an active duty soldier stationed at fort benning, GA. I originally ordered a complete bedroom set (1 king size bed frame, 1 dresser w/out mirror and 2 nightstands) on on February 27th 2019. The foot board was delivered damaged on March 9th, 2019 and there was no hardware set (screw and nails for the bed frame and dresser). I purchased the full delivery service (movers come in and fully assemble the items ordered) and I was told that I had to wait until a new foot board and the hardware set was delivered to get my bed and dresser assembled. Which meant that I could not sleep in my room due to the useless and incomplete furniture from Wayfair that was taking up all of the space. On March 23, 2019, the date of the second delivery attempt, I was notified by Military Police at the Visitors Center on Fort Benning that my delivery driver could not pass the required background check and therefore would not be allowed on post to make my delivery. The second phone call was from Wayfair, requesting that I go and pick up the items from the delivery driver at the gate (KING SIZE FOOT BOARD). This is why I paid extra for the items to be delivered and fully assembled because I do not own a truck. I called customer service to make a complaint and I was told that the items would be scheduled to be picked up on March 30th 2019 and I would receive a full refund. It is 10:13PM on March 30th 2019 and no one has called or attempted to come and pick up the items. I also received an email stating at my refund amount would be $1463.99 (when I originally spent $1780.83) and was promised a full refund. I was only refunded $80.00 (for the full assembly that I paid for and did not receive). I am HIGHLY disappointed and I hope that this is an isolated incident. To date, wayfair has not contact me to discuss anything. I will be sure to share my experience with my friends, family members and coworkers about the horrible customer service, the lack of care or concern. Not to mention, the thought of a delivery driver, that was not able to pass a simple background check, yet was scheduled to make a delivery to my home, scares me.

Desired Outcome

A FULL REFUND OF $1700.83.

Defective rug, sent twice.
Ordered a area rug from this company and it arrive defective. Company sent another rug but it was just as defective.

Desired Outcome

I would like a replacement. But it appears that they all are defective. It makes my den look horrible.

Finance charges I asked to be waived on a 12 month purchase I was under the impression was an 18 month plan if I paid in full.
I purchased two couches from wayfair and was pleased with my purchase. I also purchased an extended warranty. I would make my monthly payment online every month because they do not allow automatic payments. There were times I would pay on the due date and still be charged a late fee because it would not process until days later. I was under the understanding that I had 18 months to pay with no finance charges but when I logged on to pay my bill this month I noticed a $288 finance charge when I called and spoke to a supervisor asking if I just paid my balance in full if the finance charge could be waived I was told they only give a three day period for that to be done. I explained I had the money to pay what was owed but was told there was o way around it. I wish I would have read all the complaints about wayfair before making a purchase like this. I have read other similar complaints and this may need to be investigated as a scam if you ask me. I will be leaving as many reviews as possible to warn others if this issue is not addressed.

Desired Outcome

I would like to just pay what I owe and not get the interest charges. I feel I already paid late fees that are unfair. i don't need the financing so why should I have to pay for it. I can pay my balance due I don't understand the three day rule it's bad business.

Purchased $1667.00 worth of furniture, they haven't delivered, and won't answer
I placed an order on and paid $1667.00 on 8/4/18. After a month without the delivery, I inquired by customer service. They responded saying it was "scheduled to be shipped". Still no product after 10 weeks, and they will not respond to phone, email, text, or chatline customer service. Clearly a scam, and I want my money refunded, and this company investigated and shut down

Desired Outcome

contact me immediately and remedy. Either get me my product immediately, or refund my $, with interest.

I spent $1700 And an outdoor patio set with fire pit. The next season I took it out of storage and the fire pit and box Had crumbled apart
I have made four calls to this company asking for replacement no calls were returned one person told me it was still under warranty and they need to contact the manufacturer and they would get back to me. No one ever returned my call three times later someone tells me the warranty is up and it's not guaranteed I am very upset with this I spent a lot of money on this product

Desired Outcome

I want my money back for the items that were damaged this was not due to me or negligence is faulty material I didn't last been stored in a heated garage covered with the cover that came with it along with him I have a Heavy quilted blanket

Customer Response • Aug 16, 2018

From: ***
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2018 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint Case# 90216954 (Ref#111-90406155-90216954-3-200)

I'm sorry, as soon as I reported them they said there sending me a new fire pit do disregard my report
Sent from my iPhone X

Product was returned and recieved and stil I have no refund.
I order a headboard it was delivered April 27, 2018, I paid an additional fee for a handy man to come and install said headboard and he never showed up. I felt that since a date and time was already scheduled I was expecting the assembly on said date. I called Wayfair and Handy and Handy told me Wayfair rescheduled the assembly date. Wayfair said Handy rescheduled the date. The new date was to be May 5, 2018. I told them both I will not have that huge box in my livingroom for another week so I told them to cancell everything and refund my money. Wayfair I confirmed today received their item back but has failed to give me the refund for the item to date as well as the additional money I paid for assembly by thier third party service of $80.00. I am still awaiting my entire refund which they told me they sent today May 4, 2018. I called my bank and they confirmed there was no pending refund from Wayfair on my account.

Desired Outcome

I want my full amount including the Handy fee refunded to my account immediately.

Order was placed and my credit card was charged well over five weeks. Have attempted many forms of contact from *** Messenger, email and phone.
Used their *** customer service to help place the order since I originally had a problem checking out. They were VERY responsive BEFORE the purchase. Different story afterwards.

After a week of no indications about the order that were supposedly for items in stock, I first tried using *** messenger support. To no avail--it would always auto-reply with this "Thanks for messaging us here at ! Will get back to you as fast as we can! You can also reach us at *** or Email: ***
Thank you speak to you soon!"

So I have since then tried emailing them multiple times, and have called that number and left multiple messages over the course of over a month. Nary a word or email back.

The status on the order has not changed, and I filed a Credit Card challenge since this site is obviously a scam site. I should have researched them ahead in advance, but the web site *** is not even close to

Desired Outcome

I want my order cancelled and a full refund.

Buyers beware. This company is a scam. They operate under and Ordered a vase online and purchased through *** Pay. 11 days, several emails and phones calls later, and I have no product or response from company. They take your money and do not deliver item. Horrible.

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Address: 1070 Montgomery Rd # 2071, Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States, 32714-7420


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