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Weatherlock Roof Systems

3948 3rd St S Unit 195, Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States, 32250-5847

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• Jun 09, 2021

My New Roof
Weatherlock did a great job installing my roof .After talking to several roofers, Weatherlock was the only company to offer me financing to get my roof replaced to satisfy my Homeowners insurance, who was going to cancel me. Now I have a new roof and a new homeowners insurance. The only negative was the shingles were not quite the color I selected.

. The only negative was the shingle were not the exact color I chose.

I'm reaching out to obtain a cease and desist to any and all involvement with weatherlock LLC. One of their *** came out and did an inspection on my roof while coming through my neighborhood subdivision. He was not requested nor did we have a preestablished appointment *** advised after inspecting for free we had wind damage and *** was sure that through my homeowners insurance this would be a covered wind damage claim. *** had me sign a few documents advising that if after insurance reviewed they'd ( Weather Lock LLC) would be responsible party to provide services. *** never thoroughly explained what was being signed. I reached out to *** on multiple occasions for clarification. I mentioned in one conversation about getting estimates from other companies and *** proceeded to say they're not doing a biding war and that would be insurance fraud which I'm totally aware of definition of fraud and surely this is not my intention. Fast forward to hearing back from my insurance company they closed out the claim that was originally submitted due their advisement that date and policy period was incorrect after having a claims adjuster out and doing their inspection which legally voids any previously signed documents.My insurance company filed a new claim with corrected damage accesment and I made *** aware and all he was eager to do was rush and pick up the checks from me. *** was asked on several occasions for an estimate for services *** avoided providing estimate so much until I had to reach out to his ***. *** called 6/12/19 me to follow up with my inquiry about the estimate advising they don't provide an estimate because they base it on whatever the insurance advises which is incorrect, when *** the *** called me while I was on the line with my insurance adjuster ***, *** of weathlocke LLC asked if I would merge the call and I did only to have *** of weather lock LLC to become completly combative and abravise throughout the entire phone conversation myself nor the insurance adjuster could get a word in *** was literally yelling and bullying the entire conversation to the point threats to place lien and contact his *** which he did. *** called me and I explained the circumstances and he was very apologetic however, the level of professionalism for me was subpar I wouldn't dare desire to have Weather Lock LLC provide me with any services at this point and I was trying to explain the prior claim was closed which voids any docs previously signed. I also have an *** on retainer and made his *** aware they would be reaching out to him soon since this all just taken place today 6/12/19. With the submission of the request I'm hoping this could be resolved without having to take additional legal steps but if that's what it will take than so be it. I do not wish to have Weather Lock LLC provide any services and to have the honor that fact that their claim was closed and legally not binding.

Weatherlock Roof Systems Response • Jun 13, 2019

At this time we acknowledge Mrs *** complaint but deny the series of events that she is putting forth. This is NOT what happened at all, we have been advised by *** who is handling the matter that the actions of Mrs *** and her insurance company are being reviewed for violation of *** Statute so we cannot comment any further at this time. We certainly want to resolve the issue and are doing everything is our power to do so quickly. We will continue to provide all updated information to The as it becomes available.

I wanted to thank Weatherlock Roofing Systems and their amazing team for my phenomenal looking roof. Sean, Julie, Jaime and the rest of their amazing staff is hands down the best Roofers in the industry! If you’re looking for a new roof, look no further. Weatherlock should be your choice. The pictures are my Before and After; do yourself a favor and give them a call, you won’t regret it!

I requested an estimate on my roof their representative *** came out advised me that I had wind damage and that I should file a claim on my insurance he said he was an unable to give me an estimate until the claims adjuster looked at the roof because of new requirements and he’d have to find out from the adjuster what all would be required for building Codes. He had me sign a form which he said just gave him the right to talk to the adjuster which I have found out since then gave them my rights to my insurance claim I told him after a few days of not getting my estimate that I had decided I did not want to work with them he never told me I had signed a contract or anything until after I’ve already hired another roofer and they’ already in the process of putting the roof on. Then The *** of weather lock called me stating he wanted to come pick up the checks from *** I advised him I didn’t know what he was talking about that’s when he told me I signed a contract and that those checks belong to him irregardless is if he perform the work he got very belligerent he’s very dishonest and he’s a bully threatening me with leining my property, told me that there was nothing I could do about it that that money was his that I should’ve read what I was signing and that I had no proof of what his representative said to me. After speaking with my agent and then speaking with him he told me I could pay him $2000 to cancel the contract with him he told my agent he wasn’t feeling generous and would not re-send that contract he tried to get me to allow him to remain the contractor saying he would Some of the work out to the roofer who has pulled the permit who has bought the materials and that it wouldn’t cost me any thing out of pocket and that he would recoup his money through *** I have this in writing from him I’m sorry but to me that sounds like fraud I know I was tricked into signing that fraudulently. I can only imagine how many people they have taken a vantage of in this manner and I fully believe it’s got to be illegal if not it should be

Weatherlock Roof Systems Response • Mar 08, 2019

Mrs., first we want to thank you for your feedback and let you know that we make every possible effort to satisfy all our clients request 100% of the time. However, we admit there are some instances where it’s not possible for us to do that, after reviewing this situation it seems this might be one of those times. We completed an investigation into ALL the facts concerning your file and this is what we found.

On Feb 12th you called one of our representatives and ask him to come to your house based on a referral from a realtor that Mrs. knows, our representative explained how we work to identify storm damage and the entire reroof process on the phone. You scheduled an appointment for Feb 13th at 1:00 at your home in ***, approximately 50 min away from our office.

On Feb 13th Our representative dispatched to your house (50 min away from our office) and called you to let you know he would be on time, you stated that your *** was working and that you had other stuff to do and ask if you needed to be there, our representative still went onsite to complete a thorough roof inspection. He identified storm related damages and called you back to confirm. He scheduled another appointment for Thursday the 14th

On Feb. 14th Our rep met with you and your *** (50 min away from our office) and explained the entire process again in person and you signed a contract for us to complete the roof. Our representative left you with a full copy of the contract. You called in an insurance claim to *** and received a claim number.

On Feb 15th our *** scanned in all the contracts and paperwork you signed and entered all your information into our system.

On Feb. 18th we notified *** on our contract via email sending them a copy of our W-9 and contract.

On Feb 20 at 1pm we dispatched to your address (50 min away from our office) to meet with the insurance adjuster at the property to complete an adjustment and the independent adjuster, based on the damage we identified, stated he was recommending a full replacement. Our representative consulted with Mrs. about the recommendation and Mrs. was very happy about this news.

On Feb 20th we sent you an email updating you on the status of your adjustment and formally notifying you that the adjustment had been complete and outlining the next steps.

On Feb 21st Mr ***, the ***, called our representative about the possibility of using metal instead of shingles. Mr *** stated he had an estimate from “a buddy” for $9,500.00 and ask if we could beat it, Our representative stated that at that price, based on the size of his roof would it be hard to beat and that it sounded like it was being quoted using extremely cheap labor and materials which we don’t do. Our rep stated that if Mr *** gave him the estimate and let us know what metal panel and paint system he was quoted we could give him an estimate for a metal roof. We left it at that waiting on Mr *** to give us all the information we needed for a formal quote.

On Feb 25th Mrs ***, the ***, called and said she didn’t think we would be able to beat the $9,500.00 price her “buddy” gave her and that she was going to use him, our rep expressed he still needed the type of metal panel and paint system so that we could provide an estimate. Our representative also explained that they signed a contract with us and that he has put in a great deal of effort and time into this project so far and that we would like to complete our contract. He specified the sections of the contract which stated that they had a 3 day cancellation window or they had to pay a cancellation fee. Mrs *** seemed upset that we wouldn’t just cancel everything and let her use her “buddy” and stated that she would talk with her *** and get back to us.

On Feb 27th we left a message with *** to request a status update and a copy of the scope of work from the Insurance company with no response from the desk adjuster.

On March 1st we left a message with *** to request a status update and a copy of the scope of work from the Insurance company with no response from the desk adjuster.

On March 6th we followed up one more time with *** and spoke with the desk adjuster who stated that they issued a payment to Mrs *** and that the first check was in the mail.

On March 6th I , the *** called Mrs *** to let her know *** had issued a check, I left a message with her.

On March 6th, Mrs *** called me back and she stated she had already signed another contract with another roofer and that they didn’t intend to use us. I explained to her that we were still waiting on her and her *** to give us the specifications on the metal roof so that we could give her an accurate bid, I insisted again and ask her numerous times what type of panel she wanted but she was insistent on using another roofer. I explained that at this point I didn’t feel like she was being fair to our *** and to us by signing a contract with us, having us dispatch to her property 3 different times, completing a roof inspection, meeting with her insurance adjuster, completing all of the upfront administrative task and then not giving us a chance to work with her on the metal roof bid. I gave Mrs *** an option to allow Weatherlock to Sub-Contract the work out to her “buddy” if he was properly licensed and then we could try to make everyone happy by allowing her to use her “buddy” and still performing our contract. This solution was the ONLY legal way to structure this and allow Mrs *** to perform her contract with us, with her “buddy” and give us an opportunity to recoup some of our cost we had incurred. I stated that we would attempt to structure it so that her out of pocket expensed would remain the same even if it meant that we didn’t make much money. My main goal was to try and make everyone happy, even her “buddy” who I didn’t even know, and she wouldn’t disclose if he was a properly licensed roofing contractor.

When I tried to affirm our right to complete our contract, she was extremely rude, she called me dishonest, she called me a fraud, she accused me of numerous nefarious things. She then went on to explain to me why she didn’t feel our companies’ services were worth anything at all and threatened to call her attorney. We ended the conversation.

On March 6th I received a message from ***, her local *** insurance agent to give her a call concerning Mrs ***. I returned her call and spoke with her about the situation. I again explained everything that had occurred and laid out the option I had proposed which was a “win, win” for everyone, Mrs *** stated that Mrs *** was refusing our offer to complete the contract. Mrs *** stated that Mrs *** was choosing to pay the cancellation fee and ask if I would send her the cancellation documents to her email. I agreed and did so the same day.

On March 7th Mrs *** called in a complaint with the After reading the complaint. We are assuming that Mrs *** again, contrary to what she told her insurance agent and me on the 6th has no intention of paying our cancellation fee.

We regret that this situation has occurred and feel like we are well within our right as a small business, to enforce our contract and protect our interest when we feel like we are in the right. As a ***, father, Christian, deacon, small business *** and outdoor enthusiast I get to meet a lot of people and engage with a great deal of personalities daily. Throughout the years of acting in all these capacities I realize there are many different personality types and that we can’t make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time. I know that no matter what we do there will always be customer like Mrs ***. I am forced to make tough decisions and use my best judgement to ascertain the best course of action. One of the toughest decisions for a business *** is to know when to stand your ground and try to defend your companies right to work and do business and when to roll over and move on. I admit when Mrs *** called me a fraud and accused me of being dishonest it struck a cord with me and made me dig in and stand my ground. In some instances, even if your know your right, sometimes its better to turn the other cheek and simply walk away.

In Mathew 5:40 Jesus says “if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.”

Sometimes it’s better to submit to unfair request and respond with a gesture of goodwill. So, in that Spirit we would like to offer Mrs *** an opportunity to cancel her contract without paying the cancellation fee, however she will need to sign a full release and non-disparagement agreement. As a small business we hope to never have to deal with these situations but understand that it is an inevitability, we hope in this case we made the right decision to resolve it.


*** - Weatherlock Roof Systems LLC

Customer Response • Mar 09, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

How ever there are many untruths in their response. First off there is no Mr *** I’ve been single since 2007, secondly there is no “buddy” the company that did my roof I had never met before the day he came and looked at my roof, giving me an estimate on the spot. His representative only ever made 2 trips of 39 miles to my home not 3, never once explaining how they operate, on the multiple times I called looking for an estimate that he knew would never come since they don’t do business that way. Never telling me I had signed a contract when I called him to tell him that I was unhappy with there failure to provide estimate so I was going to use someone else.


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Address: 3948 3rd St S Unit 195, Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States, 32250-5847


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Weatherlock Roof Systems, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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