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We contacted ** *** today (2/24/17) and have agreed to send him replacement replacement skirting panels for his spa

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

My wife and I ordered a Endless pool liner on line that this company offered as a discount because the box had been openedThe manager, Mark refused to sell us the liner because we were not existing pool ownersHe wanted to charge us for a new liner at a increased cost of $Our complaint is that the website did not note/disclose that the discounted price was for exisilting customersWe provided this company all of thier required info including signing a release of damages since we purchased the pool from another family and provided the name of the previous owner of the pool which we found a violation of privacyIn spite of "jumping through" the information requirements they did not honor the price that was advertised, $ This company was very difficult to deal with and falsely advertised their product

Endless Pools strives to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to our customers. We are currently building the custom stairs [redacted] ordered, and are working with her staff to ensure delivery and receipt of the stairs.

We have been speaking to and working with our customer to resolve this issue. An independent contractor visited and replaced the defective part at no charge to the customer on 6/15/15. We consider this matter resolved.

Our Customer Service Department has been in constant contact with [redacted] and Factory Trained Installer Mike Z[redacted] over the past few weeks. [redacted] has verbally agreed to accept the components we believe will allow her treadmill to be fully functioning. The components needed to upgrade...

her treadmill are shipping from our facility. [redacted] has agreed to send the parts at no charge, and to compensate Mike Z[redacted] for his time on site completing the work.

Review: The high rating that the has given Endless Pools misled us into buying this product. We, the customer, purchased a high end product with practically no warranty and no hands on service. We would like to know why Endless Pools has enjoyed an A+ rating with the since 1998. The service that we have experienced is a C rating at the most

We purchased a Water Well from Endless Pools in August, 2012. It is a large body of water (7 feet by 7 feet) with an automatic treadmill that works underwater. We paid Endless Pools $15,000 for the product, and another $5,000 to have it installed from one of their factory trained installers. In all, we spent $20,000 on this product that we felt would be beneficial to our health.

From day one, we have had endless problems. Through sheer will and persistence, we have been able to work through a number of issues with the company. However, this last problem we are having has to do with a lack of service on the product. It is an ongoing problem with no end in sight. .

After resolving various defective parts issues during the installation, we axe now having problems with the automatic treadmill. The unit is not a simple piece, and we paid $3,500 for it. This is the second time that the unit has stopped working. The first time it stopped we replaced two pieces of equipment. A few weeks later it stopped working again, and it is more than probable that there is a leak somewhere. It might have to do with the original installation and another defective part.

The problem that we are having with Endless Pools is that they ate not providing the service that one would expect when purchasing such a high end item. First of all, we are still within the first year of owning this product. (We purchased it in August, 2012, but it was not built and ready for use until February, 2013.) When we bought the product, we were given a two year warranty, but we did not read the fine print and no one explained to us what kind of warranty they were issuing us. We did a lot of research before buying this product which included visiting the company headquarters and a separate visit to a satisfied customer to see the product. The company does an excellent job at giving one the perception that they are a top quality company with top quality service. These are a few things that they lead us to believe:

1. Before we purchased the product, the company led us to believe that there were many Endless Pools factory trained installers and technicians in our area ready to be of service. The truth is that there are only two factory trained technicians and they are both 45 minutes to one hour away from us. Before we purchased the unit, we imagined that we would have a lot of technicians to choose from. It makes a big difference if a customer has many technicians to choose from, or just one or two. Since the technicians themselves know that there is not much competition for their service, they can hold us hostage in terms of fees and not treat us right which is what has happened.

2. The company led us to believe that these factory trained technicians work for Endless Pools by taxing us for the product even though we live in a separate state. The truth is that they do not work for Endless Pools. They are independent contractors and are not tied or bound to Endless Pools in any way. They set there own fees and schedules, and they charge Endless Pools customers extra for traveling so it is not cost effective to hire them. When the treadmill first stopped working, we received two quotes. One was for $125 to just see the problem and not fix it. The other quote was for $300 to repair the problem, which included his travel expenses.

3. The company led us to believe that we axe covered for the first two years, with an impressive looking two year warranty, if we experience any problems with the product. The fact is that it is a limited two year warranty. It only covers the parts that they deem to be defective. But, the customer is responsible to pay someone to uninstall the defective part, ship it back to the company and then pay a second time to have it re-installed.

There is a do-it yourself mentality at this company. If you can not find anyone to do the repair work for you, they offer telephone support, and they will email diagrams and instructions. However, if you are a regular customer, like ourselves, who do not happen to be handy then the telephone support is not worth much. At one point, I was actually on my hands and knees, unscrewing electrical boxes and pressing electrical buttons. 1 had no idea what I was doing. What happens if I do something wrong and electrocute myself, ox if I break something by accident and invalidate the warranty? This is not the kind of support we as customers who spent $20,000 on a product expect to get. No matter what it actually says in the fine print of the warranty, we expected to get the same kind of professional support that one would get after purchasing any other high end product. If your brand new car breaks down, do you bring it in to have it fixed under a warranty, or does a mechanic tell you what to do over the phone. If we had suspected at any moment that this was a do-it-yourself purchase, we would not have purchased this product from this company.Desired Settlement: What we are asking for is to be properly serviced for our ongoing problems until they are resolved. At this point, we have a broken treadmill. Tire fluid level is low, and we think there is a leak somewhere in the piping. If the fluid is leaking, then it is either due to another defective part or a problem with the original installation- The company should automatically be taking responsibility fox the problem and sending out the appropriate technicians to find the problem andg fix it. But that is not the case. We are on our own. We have to hire someone to take the main panel off of the Water Well and search for the leak. This should not be our problem, since we are within the warranty period, but it is.

What we would like to see is Endless Pools taking charge and sending one of their trained technicians to fix the problem at no out of pocket cost to us. If this can not be done, then at least should downgrade their A+ rating.



To address

issues #1 and #2 from the [redacted] complaint, we would like to take a

moment and explain the relationship between Endless Pools, Inc.

(EPI), our customers, and our Network of Factory Trained Installers.

EPI maintains a Network of independent installers as a potential

resource for our customers. Depending on location and timing, they

are available as an installation or service option. Ultimately, the

customer decides who installs their pool. Historically, roughly a

third of our customers self install, a third of our customers hire

installers they have found on their own, and a third of our customers

choose to hire an installer based on our referral.

On July 11,

2012, prior to purchasing a WaterWell, **. [redacted] requested the

contact information of a Factory Trained Installer. At that time,

**. [redacted] acknowledged by signature that he had read the

disclaimer and agreed to its terms. We have provided a copy of the

disclaimer below as well as a print out of the actual request form.


are independent contractors hired directly by you. They are not

employees or sub-contractors of Endless Pools. Endless Pools does not

warrant any work performed by any installer and shall have no

obligation to supervise or control the actions of any installer. We

encourage you to ask the installer for references and to call these


As for

issue #3, we provide copies of our Limited Warranty with every

product that we sell. This information is available to all of our

customers prior to any purchasing decision. We include a copy of that

Limited Warranty in their Owner’s Manual and publish it on our

customer website. Over the past year, we have honored the terms of

our Limited Warranty with the [redacted] family, and, in some

instances, gone beyond those terms for the sake of good customer


We have

been in frequent contact with the [redacted] family regarding their

most recent issue related to the treadmill. Our toll-free phone

support staff is available to help our customers with problems or

issues as they arise. Our staff must make evaluations to best

determine how to resolve the problem, and make decisions at to

whether the support required falls under warranty or not. We will

continue to work with the [redacted] family according to the terms of

this stated warranty.

Review: Spent $8k on an Endless Pools Swim Spa. Was installed in MArch of 2012. In May of 2013, the unit malfunctioned and emptied the hydraulic fluid unit into my pool. The hydraulic fluid has permeated the infrastructure of the pool and has caused grease slicks in the pool and in all of the plumbing apparatus. The contractor that installed the pool has made attempts to repair the unit but the unit still leaks and causes deposits oil in the pool. The unit cannot be used and continues to deposit oil into my pool and adjoining infrastructure. The extent of the long term damage to my $85,000 pool cannot be underestimated. I have grave concerns about the damage that has been done to the filtration system and infrastructure of the pool.Desired Settlement: Complete refund for the unit and overhaul and cleaning of the pool infrastructure including replacement of filtration and all units that have been adversely effected by this issue.



Endless Pools has been in contact with the dealer, [redacted], that purchased and resold and installed the [redacted] swim unit that is in **. [redacted]'s pool. A series of phone calls have been made between Endless Pools and the service technician that was hired by the dealer to make repairs to the [redacted] unit. After expeditinga number of replacement components to the service technician, repairs were made to the [redacted] unit on Monday, August 5th. It was determined that an installation error had occurred that we believe was the reason for the breach in the hydraulic system. The error was corrected during the service visit on August 5th.

In addition, supplies to aide in the clean up of the non-toxic biodegradable vegetable fluid were also sent. Endless Pools spoke to the service technician while he was on site to ensure that all components were replaced, the system was operable and that the pool was cleaned.

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