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Wells Solar & Electrical

3900 Drossett Dr Ste C, Austin, Texas, United States, 78744-1132

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After one year of having the system installed on my home I was suppose to have a free annual cleaning. I called the company in November (one month before the year) to get the cleaning scheduled and I was told I would receive a call to set it up. After numerous calls and emails to the company I am still waiting for someone to not only call but also come to my home to do the cleaning. I have tried working with the company on this issue and to which they are well aware of from the number of times I have emailed and called about it yet they still promise me they will get it set up however no one has called to set anything up no have I seen anyone at my home to clean the system.

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • Jul 10, 2020

Hello - I am happy to share that we complete a solar panel cleaning on Mr. house on July 2nd 2020. We performed the services that were mentioned on the contract as a free one time service.

At the time of the sale in 2018, for apx a 6 month period, we offered a free one time panel cleaning. We have not offered panel cleaning as a service since that time. We had a shift in operational direction and decided not to offer cleanings on contracts in the future. Yet, once this customers request came through we wanted to honor our agreement and it took longer and I would have liked to complete and I apologize for the delay. Internally, there were some operational and business steps I needed completed before I performed the service to ensure both the company and the homeowner were set up for safety and success.

Our technicians spoke at length with the customer when they were onsite cleaning, and he was in good spirits and quite happy with the work they performed. Wells Solar & Electrical Services appreciates the business and I encourage the customer to reach out to us at any time for any reason.

Thank you,


Director of Operations

Wells Solar & Electrical Services

The entire experience with Wells Solar has been flat out awful. First, the tax credit that we were promised is not coming through which leads to an increase in my monthly bill or paying tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. Second, before signing the agreement for the solar panels we sat down with the salesperson and went over my families previous 6 months energy consumption, we were then shown a conversion chart for how big of a system would be required to meet our needs. After installation the system has failed to meet our needs EVERY SINGLE MONTH. When I contacted Wells management I was told that their conversion chart is not always accurate and that there is nothing that can be done. Now there is an issue with the system and it has not been generating energy for the last 4 days and I am being told that I will not be reimbursed for the period of time that the system was down. This entire experience has been atrocious and I would not recommend Wells Solar to anyone.

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • Feb 12, 2020


Thank you for your feedback. It is never our intention to mislead customers and we want to reach a favorable resolution.

We have been in communication with you since March regarding your issues. We sold you a system that offset your usage based on the bills you provided. However, it is completely out of our control if you increase your usage. You have shown high usage and that accounts for your higher bills. The solar is functioning correctly according to our evaluation.

Our records show that we installed a RGM, free of charge which is a $500 value so you can understand why your energy usage is so high in and have attempted to assist you multiple times.

As for the tax credit, we are not certified tax professionals. We can not advise you on tax related items. Usually, if you have tax liability in previous years it is likely that you will have them when you file your taxes with solar. Rest assured, if your tax situation changed you will be able to claim the credits in subsequent years and this will not be lost.

Customer Response • Feb 13, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: My usage is in line with what it was prior to the installment of the system. In many cases my usage is even significantly less than the usage that was shown to the salesperson prior to installment. We opened dialogue about this is September of 2018 and the individual was shown usage statements and bills from April-August of 2018. The monthly usage for those months is as follows

April 2018- 1687.40kWh

May 2018- 2467.70kWh

June 2018- 2510.30kWh

July 2018- 2869.50kWh

August 2018- 2785.70kWh

Since the installment of the system the MOST that it has generated in a given month is 1622kWh. This is not even enough to cover the LOWEST usage month that we showed the salesperson. For January of 2020 the system only produced 804kWh which left me with a bill of $183.50 in addition to the monthly payment for the system itself. Every month since the system was installed is the same story. August and September of 2019 are THE ONLY months in which my usage was higher than the previous year. This is now the third person that has spun the same false narrative to me about my usage when the truth is that my usage in every single month except for August and September 2019 my usage is significantly less than the usage shown to the salesperson at the time of sale


Wells Solar & Electrical Response • Feb 19, 2020


We're pulling together the customer service and the sales team to address your concerns. Can you provide actual copies of your bills form the period you discussed?

Searched one time indirectly (not through Wells) for estimates on Solar installation and received desired information. Wells somehow received my number through this request and has incessantly called for four months without ever leaving a message to identify themselves. Through investigation I finally figured out who was calling and requested for them to stop contacting me as I was already under contract to install with a different provider. Since then I am still receiving calls without message fro. Wells Solar. This is unacceptable!

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • Jan 16, 2020


You filled out a form online to be contact requesting solar information. We are listed as one of the providers that would contact you under a TCPA compliant process. We have removed you from our customer contact list and you will not receive calls from us anymore.


Customer Response • Jan 16, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me so long as they actually follow through this time instead of attempting to contact me again.


Wells Solar & Electrical Services LLC installed a solar panel system on my house without prior HOA approval - per contract signed 9/24/2018.
Furthermore, Wells Solar various representatives failed multiple times to submit proper documentation with the HOA Architectural Committee for system approval, after system was already installed.
Wells Solar has a passive approach and only responded to emails and action calls that I made as the buyer/owner to fulfill their agreement when it came to the following:
1. Turning the system on after it was approved by Oncor and the city
2. Providing LED bulbs promised at sales pitch
3. Replacing initial antenna transmitter that was not communicating proper data to mobile SolarEdge monitoring app
4. Re-routing and painting conduit exposed on the roof - in an effort to receive HOA approval
5. Hide clearly visible wiring on the front of the house - still not resolved.

Well Solar various representatives provided contradictory information on their visits as a result of my requests.
*** said they deal with this type of HOA situations all the time and it's a walk in the park to sleeve them - issue still not solved.
*** submitted incomplete variation documentation with the HOA Architectural Committee multiple times
*** promised to personally supervise HOA approval until two email communications later when she states "honestly ***, I am so fed up with this committee. I made some notes based on their most recent denial letter and I am just baffled at how unprofessional and to put it simply, how mnic they sound."
*** (general manager) promised multiple time that he will personally foresee the HOA approval - issue not resolved - he stopped answering my emails
*** stated on our last call that Wells Solar believes they exhausted all avenues of getting an approval from the HOA and offer legal support in case the HOA takes action on my property.
*** did not reply to my last email dated 4/1/19

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • May 21, 2019

We're currently unable to respond to this matter, it is being reviewed by a consultant. *** has been unresponsive when we have offered solutions for his project.

Customer Response • May 21, 2019

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
Since submitting this complaint on 5/14 I’ve been contacted by phone bu *** (Wells Solar General Manager) on 5/16 morning looking to schedule an appointment for next day to have the panels flushed with the roof. *** just called and said Hi I’m ***, I had to ask who he was and what was the purpose of the call. He seemed upset with having to call.
When I asked about the additional bullet points details of my request under Option 1 from this complaint, *** said that, quote “his employer” will call me that day (5/16) mosT probably before lunch time to discuss the financial details as he is not authorized to do so. I did not receive any call or communication so at 4pm on 5/16 I sent an email out to all Wells solar contacts I have informing them that I was not contacted in to discuss the refund request as part of this complaint and also informed them that until a decision making Wells Solar representative gets in touch with me to discuss the refund request, they need to hold off in coming to my house to do the work.
No additional communication or calls were received from Wells Solar until this morning 5/21 when *** called to let me know they are running late on getting to the house to do the work because of rain. He told me that *** has scheduled him to come out. I asked *** to call *** back and have him call me so we can discuss details.
I did not receive a call from *** and the complaint was updated with Wells Solar’s reply.
I have multiple emails that Wells Solar has not replied to and I always replied to their communication and have written proof for all of it. I always intermediated communication with Wells solar and the HOA so for Wells Solar to state I have not been responsive it is false. I can prove it any time.
I have also asked for assistance from LoanPal the solar lender, in dealing with Wells Solar’s lack of responsiveness and interest in solving this situation. I have a couple contacts there and plenty of written communication to prove my case.
Would love to get in contact with the consultant that Wells Solar is mentioning here, maybe they can assist in reaching a resolution where Wells Solar has presented no will and interest in doing so.

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • May 23, 2019

This case is being escalated to our legal team and we are unable to respond.

Customer Response • May 23, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I have not been contacted by any consultant or legal representative for Wells Solar.

Wells Solar did not complete their contractual obligations of obtaining an approval from the HOA before installation, but Wells Solar went ahead with the installation anyway.

Looking forward to getting in contact with anyone representing Wells Solar that is willing to bring this project to closure.


Wells Solar & Electrical Response • May 29, 2019

After offering multiple solutions throughout your installation process, none of which you have given us the authority to execute, we have arrived at an impasse. Under your advisement, the array that did not meet HOA standards was left unaltered despite multiple solutions presented by our team.The ultimate resolution that was presented by your HOA was the same solution we recommended in January 2019. After scheduling to remedy the situation yet again, you requested that we not arrive on the premises unless you were financially compensated for an unreasonable sum. If you are unwilling to have our team work on your home, then we see no way to remedy the HOA recommendations. We respectfully disagree that we are at fault for the current state of your solar project.

Customer Response • May 30, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I’ve been in contact with the Wells Solar GM and he said the VP of Sales will provide calculations for the two options at hand which I’m still waiting on.

As of today Wells Solar does not have HOA approval for system installation thus still in breach of initial contract signed in September 2018.

I respectfully disagree with your statement that you think you did everything right specially because I was the one to provide a final solution after contacting the HOA. Multiple Wells Solar service complains from my part have not been answered and what does exactly define an unreasonable financial request?


On Nov 30,2018, a sales person came to my home at ***, Killeen Texas to sell me a solar system. She asked me for my total income. I gave her my total income, I also informed her that half of income was not taxable due to me receiving disability pay from the military and receiving SSA.My total income I gave her was 60,000 which I indicated my taxable income is 32,000. She indicated that I was eligible for a tax credit of 9,952. She indicated that I could use that tax credit to pay on the Balance of 31,842 dollars to the balance due giving me a balance of around 22,000. If I decided to pay the tax credit my
payment would stay the same of 178.00 monthly, if I decided not to pay using the tax credit my pay will increase to about 278.00 dollars. I was not aware that they used my total income until I filed my taxes and received a credit of about 778.00 dollars. I would not have purchase the system if I knew what I know now. My electric bill will not add up to 31,000 with interest in my life time. They misused the information to sell me the system.I'm asking that total price be adjusted or they can come get the system. I tried to settle this with the company on three occasions. I talk with a manager on 16 Apr 19 and left message. I called again 17 Apr 19. he set a meeting with me on the 22 Apr 19.between 2 pm 2:30. He called me at 1:50 pm to cancel meeting indicating he was busy. I called again and talked with another manager on the 24 Apr 19, he said he would give my message to anther manager and have him call me. It has been a week and I haven't heard from him.

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • May 07, 2019


Unfortunately, we are not certified tax experts and we are not able to determine your tax liability for the following year. The sales person gave you the maximum amount you could claim for the renewable energy tax credit. Fortunately, you will be able to use this tax credit for multiple years. Although you were only able to get a refund of $778.00 this year you will be able to use the remaining tax credit for subsequent years.

We're happy to help you explain this further and we also recommend you consult a tax profession for your specific situation.


Customer Response • May 11, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: They increase my salary in order for me to get the loan, I was mislead in the process. They were not honest and the process should be voided. I'm paying more for the product than I was expecting to pay. It does not make sense for me to buy a product that I would not get any savings from at all. I would not have purchase it if I new it would cost me over 36,000 thousands dollars. I will not have accumulate that much of a electric saving in my life time. They were not honest, this transaction should be voided. I have my tax records showing my taxable income, it just not fair and honest to allow a business to operate this way. Thank you.


Wells Solar & Electrical Response • May 21, 2019

Mr., We do not have the ability to increase your salary on your loan document. When you apply for a loan your reported household income is entered. You were fully aware of the loan application and you signed the document. As mentioned in the previous response you will be able to claim the tax credit in subsequent years, so that savings is not lost and you will be able to claim the tax credit eventually. You were fully aware of the purchase price when you signed the loan documents. The transaction cannot be voided, you have the full product on your roof and it is operable.

Customer Response • May 22, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

Hello, Everything Ms. said was correct in her response. She failed to mention about the tax credit they say I would receive. I purchase the solar system because of the tax credit of 9,952 that I would receive. They indicated it could be put toward the 31,842 to reduce the overall cost of the unit. I did read the contract and the amount that they said I would receive did not happen. They did not indicate at any time that I should contact a tax consultant to get the correct tax credit. They mislead me to sell the the unit. If they are not sure of the tax credit that a person should receive they should not give out numbers. They use this to sell units. This is totally misleading the customers in order to purchase their solar units.. There is no savings to me, I will not accumulate a 36,000 dollars electricity bill in my life time. I will have to pay for the system but they should not be allowed to give out numbers for tax credit if they don't or aware what they are talking about. This is not honest and good business for the customer. I want to thank you for your cooperation. As you indicated in your mail, start with trust, there is no trust in this company.


Superb customer service ! My system has been operating for just a few days but I was unable to monitor my production due to a communication issue between my inverter and the app. Tech David Scalley spent two hours in the bitter cold working with the manufacturer’s tech support group and made certain everything was perfect. I was very impressed with his attention to detail and dedication to stay into the evening to make certain that I was operational, educated and completely satisfied before leaving. It’s so refreshing to see a person represent his company so well and feel that the customer is truly important. Thanks Wells Solar and thanks David!

Wells Solar did an excellent job installing a ground mounted system at my place.
Their work was very professional and I have no complaints.

Highly recommended! Professional and still very personable. Always responsive -- they plow the paperwork through all the zoning folks and HOA hoops & loops. Always stayed to ensure that everything was working right the first time. As soon as CPS gave the go ahead, the system was spinning the meter backward. They really know how to install the entire system for maximum efficiency.
If you want a recommendation, let me know so we can split the referral fee.

Great customer service.
Would recommend this company for Solar needs.

Wells Solar has been a bad experience from the start of my solar panel project, first they didnt come and install on day they were going to then when they did install no one was at home. Secondly when we signed the contract they had said we would get 2 nest thermostats and a data stick with all our paperwork and copies of receipts . That our salesman would be bringing by. Well when my wife called she was told he would get out to temple area when he could and that they were going to overnight the nest thermostats to get to us asap. Thats been almost a week and a half ago now. Still no call or anything in the mail.

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • Oct 18, 2018

We've contacted the customer and we're sending out the Nest thermostats today. We will email a tracking number to the customer.

We were sold a solar paneling we thought would reduce our electrical bill. Our bill reduction has averaged about $40 per month. We have a 20-year note of $100 per month and the second loan with a $6,000 balloon payment due in August. When the financing was being arranged, we were told we would have no payments for one year. The sales department told us that had just started working with that finance company and did not know about the financial arrangements. Because the terms of the loans were not clearly explained to us, we are experiencing a financial burden on a solar system that is not producing significant savings on our electrical bill. We did not qualify for a tax rebate because we did not have enough taxable income. This means we will have to pay an additional $1600 because we will not be able to make the balloon payment.

Wells Solar & Electrical Response • Apr 13, 2018

Mrs. *** - As of 4/12/2018 we are in talks with you and our finance partner to get you on a different program without this payment. We feel the process was not explained properly by our then junior consultant, and we are going to remedy the situation no matter the fees we may incur. We value all of our customers and want them to be satisfied with all aspects of the project, financing included. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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