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Ms[redacted] , I received your letter today closing the issue with Ms[redacted] I wanted to let you know, as you can see by the email chain below, that I was wrong in stating that we put a screen on her ventWhat I didn’t know was that she had a handyman do the workOur plumbing contractor, CASA, had agreed to place a screen on all units in NorthEdgeThis work is completeI assumed that since she had a screen, CASA had placed it thereWe have since found out that wasn’t the case and have reimbursed Ms [redacted] for the cost of the handymanAs you can see below, Ms [redacted] understands the sameWe have also arranged for a third party inspector from MLAW (see attached) to meet her to review any other HVAC problems she hasThat is supposed to take place this week Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
Just because there now is an HOA (formed in May, 2014), Wes ***
Homes is not absolved of all responsibilityThe destruction occurred when the
Board for the development was comprised of three people, all part of the Wes
*** Homes organizationThose three people are the same ones to whom
FirstService sent their March 27th email (Mr*** attached this
to his reply) The gate and entry structure damage happened on his watch by
workers' vehiclesAs FirstService states in the August 22nd email
Mr*** attached to his reply, “...the gate has not been functioning for
over a year...” and this delay is now the cause of more problemsAugust,
is a year prior to that email which is at least months prior to the May,
2014, formation of The Boulevard HOABids and construction should have been
completed long before a homeowner's HOA was in existance when the three people
from Wes *** Homes were directing FirstServiceSince it was the builder's
subcontractors who damaged the gate and entry, the rebuilding and fix should be
taken care of by the builderThis is not something residents should oversee or
be responsible forFifteen months later there is still no gate, entranceway
structure or landscape lighting
As for the Common
Areas and the Landscape Committee that Mr*** suggests I contactI am a
member of that Landscape Committee and am well aware of the problems the
electrical damage has caused (no landscape lighting, malfunctioning fountain
and sprinklers)I also am aware of the direction given the Landscaper
contracted by Wes *** Homes and the consequential lack of care in Common
AreasWe are working to correct this neglect
There is no
mention of why there was no communication during the building of my home nor
any plan to improve this experience in the futureNo owner satisfaction
evaluation was ever offered so it must be that these practices are routine and
no change is necessary according to Wes *** HomesClearly their
organization is not concerned with the homeowners' experience
*** ***

We signed a contract to build a home in Gabardine Gardens January and wrote checks that totaled more than $20,in payments to Wes Peoples homes over the course of constructionThis is a small homeWes Peoples has not completed our home as of November 7, and cannot offer us a date when it may be completedWe have received lots of excuses and have been told since September that the house will be ready soonStill no estimated completion dateI am a 69-year old disabled woman and my husband is We are now in a position of putting our household belongings in storage and trying to find a place to stay for an indeterminate length of time

Tahoma, sans-serif;">To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is written in response to the letter written by Ms*** *** who resides at *** *** *** *** ** ***Before responding to Ms***s' statement, I would like to clarify a few issuesFirst, *** Peoples Homes did not build her home nor did they sell her the homeWJP Construction Services (WJP) built the home for Macmora Ltd who sold the home to Ms***WJP has no ownership interests in Macmora or the community, North EdgeThe sales agent was managed by *** Peoples Homes but was an employee of the SellerWJP has a one year warranty management obligation to the Seller who is responsible to Ms***All warranty beyond one year is managed by the SellerAs to Ms.***s' issues I would offer the following:
1. CASA mechanical has placed a protective screening over the vent cover where the birds have nestedThis issue has been resolved
2. As for the assertion by Ms*** that her home was supposed to have two A/c units that is incorrectHer home, per the specs she signed, states that it is to have two thermostats that run an electronic baffle systemThat is the system that all homes in that community containThis allows the homeowner to keep different temperature in different zones i.efirst floor and second floorMs*** received the system that was specified for her homeShe has asked several times for us to prove that the City of Austin inspected the systemWe have told her on numerous occasions that all inspections must be performed by the COA before they will pass the home to move to the next phase and ultimately issue a certificate of occupancyMs*** would have neither final electric nor gas service if a certificate of occupancy had not been issuedThe fact that it is issued is proof of the inspection
Ms*** had a valid issue with her cabinets that has been resolvedShe is correct in stating that the cabinet company was slow in respondingIn today's busy market that unfortunately can be the case with vendors at timesI understand her concern and apologize for the inconvenience.Sincerely,
*** ***

The Customer claims of the
Management company working for Wes [redacted] Homes are incorrect. First Service
Residential works for and is paid by the Homeowners Association (H0A). The HOA
has been fully under control of a Homeowner Board for five months. While I sit
on that...

Board, I am not the [redacted] and I defer to the Homeowner members. The
gate issue has been underway for some time and still is under way due to having
to bid it out and have the bids approved by the insurance companies that are
fully paying for the repairs. The delay is also due to a number of new repair
issues that have continually come up. I have attached an email from March of
this year showing we had already started this process before turning it over to
the Homeowners. I have attached a second email from this week from the
Management company to the Board and the Board [redacted], [redacted], that
reflect some of the issues they are still dealing with. Since I was not the
developer of the lots, these items are the responsibility of the Management
Company and the Board. The Management Company sends out regular updates to the
Homeowners on the status of the repairs among other things. If the Complainant
is not receiving these, she should contact First Service Residential. As for
the "development going to seed" I have no idea to what she is
referring. The community looks great and the Landscape Committee, entirely made
of Homeowners, is doing a great job. If she disagrees with this, once again,
the proper entity to direct this to would be First Service Residential.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
1. The section on the bird in vents is false. I hired a handyman (have proof of check payment) to fix the problem - the company they listed was not involved at all. I asked several times over email for [redacted] Peoples' to fix the problem and they refused and claimed it did not fall under warranty. They even said I would need to contact my HOA, which quickly did not want to participate in fixing it. Included below is the last email I received from them on the bird situation. It is false that they would claim they had anything to do with fixing it. The email chain is attached.
"Taking care of this is" the responsibility of the
homeowner.  It is part of the maintenance required with owning a home;
much like changing your HVAC filters.
I forwarded this to the HOA simply to keep them in the loop
as to the decision I made toward warrantability.
[redacted] ** *

To Whom It May Concern:
sans-serif;">This letter is written in response to the letter written to the by [redacted] who resides at [redacted]. [redacted] assertion is that his issue of all of his electrical appliances going out at once did not have anything to do with a power surge possibly caused by a lightning strike. We have sent the electrician out to investigate twice. The first time was at our request. The second time was at the request of the City of Austin. During both inspections, the electrical service and circuits were checked and were working satisfactorily. At the request of the City, the second inspection also included an inspection and testing of the ohm readings on the unit and the meter bank Ufer. All readings were within compliance. I have attached the findings from both inspections. In short, the damage was caused by an electrical surge most probably caused by lightning. No matter what the electrical surge cause, it is not covered by the warranty. We consider this closed. [redacted] needs to contact his insurance company with a claim.

Ms. [redacted] HVAC issue was due to equipment failure by her Carrier unit. At her request, the unit was replaced by Carrier and their agent, Casa Mechanical. This work is completed.

I received your letter today closing the issue with Ms.[redacted]. I wanted to let you know, as you can see by the email chain below, that I was wrong in stating that we put a screen on her vent. What I didn’t know was that she had a handyman do the work. Our plumbing contractor, CASA, had agreed to place a screen on all units in NorthEdge. This work is complete. I assumed that since she had a screen, CASA had placed it there. We have since found out that wasn’t the case and have reimbursed Ms. [redacted] for the cost of the handyman. As you can see below, Ms. [redacted] understands the same. We have also arranged for a third party inspector from MLAW (see attached) to meet her to review any other HVAC problems she has. That is supposed to take place this week.

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