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West Broad Volkswagen & Audi

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Review: Dropped off our [redacted] for scheduled service. Told Service Advisor (SA) tire pressure and oil indicator lights were on. When I picked up my vehicle later in the day, my rear hatch indicator light was on. Prior to leaving dealership, showed the rear hatch indicator light to SA, and said it had not been on when I dropped off vehicle. Brought vehicle back a second time for rear hatch review and new tires. Rear hatch did not have faulty parts, required an "adjustment." I was charged $238.99 for an "adjustment" that I did not need when I drove into the dealership. The SA told me my rear hatch issues were "not a big deal, and it would only cost $238.99. Our hatch had been repaired at an Audi dealership less than a year ago at our home in another state. Since we did not need new parts, only an "adjustment," I believe something moved or shifted in the hatch while at this dealership. I do not feel we should have to pay $238.99. That amount of money is still a lot to our family. I have no confidence that if I dropped off my vehicle at this dealership, that other problems arising at the dealership would be dealt with fairly. I was offered $100 off my next service at this dealership.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate an apology from the Service Manager for conducting business in this manner, an assurance that my vehicle if serviced at this dealership would not be charged for repairs it did not have arriving at the dealership, and a refund.



I have read the information presented in the above

referenced case and would like to submit the following response:The customer came into the dealership on April 29, 2016 with

a concern that the rear hatch light was still on when he hatch is closed. Both hinges

and motors were recently replaced at another dealership. There was a function

test and the rear lights were staying on bumper and not moving up. When pushing

the hatch down the lights moved up. It was determined that the rear hatch was

not aligned properly to the body. It was suggested to start with adjusting the

hatch and retesting. The hatch trim had to be removed and installed to gain

access to all adjustment points. After completion, there were no malfunction lights

on. The customer was advised prior to the repair and it was suggested by both you

dealership that did the original repair incorrectly.The only thing that West Broad Audi did was correct and

complete the repair that was performed by another dealer per the customer’s

request. We did not make the original repair. We stand behind that work we do

and would never consider charging the customer if we were in error. Again, we

suggest that the customer contact Audi for reimbursement. We will not be

offering any assistance or reimbursement at this time.



I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I have attached a letter dated April 30, 2016 mailed to Mr. [redacted], General Manager for the dealership, and to Mr. [redacted], Service Manager. [redacted] also is the envelope to Mr. [redacted] marked by USPS as "Return to Sender, Unable to Forward," and a receipt showing West Broad Audi's name and address. I am not sure why this was returned. Mr. [redacted]' was not returned. Other than the response to, neither the General Manager or the Service Manager have contacted me. Mr. [redacted]' response to my inquiry is incorrect in that I did not bring in my vehicle on April 29th with hatch indicator light as an issue. I took my vehicle to West Broad Audi on April 19th for regular service and before departing the dealership saw my hatch indicator light on that had not been on when I dropped off my vehicle. I returned on the April 29th for new tires and to resolve the hatch indicator light issue.

I did have repairs to my hatch done at [redacted] over ten months ago (and almost 15,000) miles ago, and NEVER had a problem with my hatch. I don't understand why I retrieved my vehicle with the hatch indicator light on April 19th, but I did not drop off my vehicle that way. I think this dealership should respect that something happened from when I dropped off my vehicle, and picked it up that the hatch was compromised. Regards,

Review: I took my vehicle to West Broad Volkswagen to be repaired. They diagnosed the problem charging me $1421.12, which I paid. When I went to pick up my vehicle, the problem still existed. I therefore left the car again to be fixed. They repaired it with an additional part costing $400.66. They agreed we willing to go half with me on the cost for reasons unknown to me, costing me $200.33.Desired Settlement: I feel I should be refunded the difference of the two charges to me. The second repair and cost fixed the problem where as the first did not and therefore should not have been charged or parts replaced.



Dear [redacted] I have reviewed the information sent in regards to the above

mention vehicle and I would like to submit the following response.The customer brought their vehicle into our repair facility

for a concern with the “heat/air coming on even if you do not want it to, check

and advise/air conditional blower continues to blow”. We were able to duplicate

the customers concerns. Multiple sensors were checked and it was found that it

was only happening at start up. Per Volswagen of America’ Tech Line, we were

advised to replace the climate control head, it was coded and basic settings

were performed on the unit. It was tested and was operating as designed upon

returning the vehicle to the customer.The vehicle was brought back in the next day with the same

concerns. Again, [redacted] was contacted and further diagnosis was performed.

It was determined per [redacted] to start with replacing the unit regulator and to

re-test the system for any corrections. The vehicle was test driven again and was

found to be operating as designed.As a courtesy, I agreed to split the cost of the repair

50/50 with the customer. The customer states that we misdiagnosed the first

repair. We followed standard procedure in regards to both repairing and

diagnosing the customer’s vehicle as per [redacted]. The customer called

[redacted] customer care and they agreed that proper procedure

was followed and did not offer any additional assistance in the customer other

than the 50/50 split. The customer agreed with [redacted] decision and

accepted the offer. The customer has also traded the vehicle and purchased an

[redacted] from our establishment. I feel that we have been fair and tried to provide

the proper assistance to the customer regarding this matter. We will not be

offering any additional assistance at this time.If I may be of further assistance, please advise.



I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I believe Volkswagen of America did not provide the proper diagnosis on the first go round; if they did I believe they would have repaired the vehicle per their diagnosis. Yes, I did purchase a new vehicle from Audi simply because I was so disappointed and frustrated with Volkswagen and wanted to be sure that I was not going to be visiting that location again. Audi personnel assured me that they are separate from Volkswagen. I hope this is true and not another misconception. I really liked my [redacted] but didn’t want to visit the Volkswagen service department again and therefore went with my next desired car. I can assure you that I will let any and everyone I know that owns a Volkswagen or is considering buying one of my experience with Volkswagen.”Maybe if they had taken the time to explain this to me at first I would have understood and felt better about the situation. I also felt that when they were willing to split the second cost of $400.66 with me was that it was an indication of guilt for missing the first diagnosis. Although I know, Volkswagen is a big corporation, there seems to be a waste of time dealing with them at this point . I have had a few vehicle’s to go in for repairs, but this is the first time this has happened to me

This review is of the service department. I cant speak to the sales department as I bought my [redacted] in CT. One thing I will say however is that the sales floor looks decent and from other reviews seems plesant to deal with.

The service department on the otherhand is quite the opposite. I have had my car for many years and never once had an issue until this service department looked under the hood. The serivce was not up to the standards of what you imagine when you think Audi and yet you still pay the premium for it.

The last time I took my car in to be looked at by this dealership cost me over $300 just so they can tell me that the engine wouldnt work... something I already knew since I had the car TOWED TO THE DEALERSHIP FOR THAT VERY REASON. I assure you that once they tinker with it... your car will also need a completely new engine.

I took my car to a reputable Audi dealership to get a second opinion on my car. Upon inspection, the technicion told me there were parts missing from my engine. The West Broad Audi Service department tore my engine apart and didnt even place it back together again it was missing 7 major components to the engine! Nice of them to let me know that they took out these parts and not put them back.

As far as I am conserned, West Broad Audi is a chop shop

Review: When I purchased my [redacted] in May 2013 by Frank B[redacted], I was sold a 5 year extended warranty because I was told is was BUMPER TO BUMPER protection. On 10-29-15 I took my car in to have the heater fixed and was told I had a clogged heating core and it was not covered by that worthless warranty. I got nothing but the run around and when Frank B[redacted] told me there was nothing he could, got so mad that I cancelled that warranty that day. I threw away $118.00 for that diagnosis and $50.00 for a rental car. I later took my [redacted] to Brown's Volkswagen and they told me the vents were broken. I asked them about the heating core and was told " the heating core is just fine"

1- I paid for that cancelled 5 year warranty for two months after I was finally reimbursed $323.94.

2- Why was I only reimbursed $323.94, when I was only 1/2 way into that warranty?

3- Why did they tell me it was a clogged heating core, when it was broken vents?

4- Why was I treated like a complete it by the service department, the F&I man, and Frank Barksdale on 10-29-15?Desired Settlement: 1- An apology from West Broad Volkswagen

2- Reimburse me the amount I paid for that diagnosis and rental car on 10-29-15.

3- Reimburse me the amount I paid for the rental car I used when my car was being fixed at Brown's Volkswagen.

4- Reimburse me the FULL amount owed me for that cancelled warranty.

5- Reimburse me the amount I was charged for for two months I paid after I cancelled that warranty.

6- Reimburse me any interest I paid for all of the above.



I have spoken to the client and apologized. He requested the amount he paid for the warranty. I left him a voice message indicating it was $1,334.89.

According to 3 of our employees, Mr. [redacted] used quite a bit of profanity and asked the service advisor to lie about the repair so the repair would be covered. They declined. His warranty refund was $334 because it was at the end of the term.(89,000 miles on a 100,000 mile contract.

We will not reimburse Mr. [redacted] any more money.

General Manager



I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


Review: I had a 15k mile service, wheel alignment, and tire purchase (to include mount and balance) performed on my [redacted]. When I picked up the vehicle it had been damaged - there were numerous scratches and scrape marks on the rims.Desired Settlement: I want the two damaged rims replaced or I want all of my money refunded.



Dear [redacted]:I have received the information received in reference to the

above mentioned Case and would like to submit the following response:The customer brought her vehicle in to our repair facility

to mount and balance four tires, four wheels alignment and a 15k mile service.

During her visit her wheels were damaged. We acknowledged that the wheels were damaged

here and agreed to have them repaired. The customer wanted to have them totally

replaced or a refund for the service performed. We perform multiple wheels and rim repairs for numerous

reasons on a daily bases with a very reputable repair company most are restored

to showroom condition. We are met with hundreds of satisfied customers. A

scenario in comparison is if the customer had filed an insurance claim the damage

on her wheels, they would have been repaired, not replaced. We stand behind the

work that we performed and have reached out to the customer to apologize for the

lack of communication and make the necessary repairs at her convenience. My last

attempt to contact the customer was yesterday, and as of now, I have not yet

received a response.We will be happy to have the customer’s damaged wheels taken

care of at her convenience, but will bill not be offering a refund for services,

or wheel replacement at this time. If I may be of further assistance, please advice.Regards,

Review: I had my car transmission repaired at this dealership, and the transmission has been leaking transmission fluid since the repair. It is also losing coolant on a regular basis.

The coolant leak may, or may not be related to the transmission repair. The coolant leak could possibly be linked to repairs from a deer collision that were performed by [redacted], Burkeville, VA. [redacted] will 100% cover any repairs related to this incident.

I contacted this business with my concerns, and they absolutely refuse to even look at my vehicle unless I agree to pay them to do so because, they say it's past the warranty period.

My sons discovered the leak when they were changing the engine oil on this car, and it was apparent that the transmission had been leaking. The transmission could have possibly just been simply overfilled during the repair job, or it could be more serious.

I am totally disabled, and this car is my sole means of transportation!Desired Settlement: I want the dealership to inspect my car at no cost, just to determine what fluids are leaking. And, to repair the leaks if they are related to the work they performed on my car.

If any of the leaks are collision related, then I would like the dealership to contact [redacted] about making the necessary repairs.

I'm just asking for a little courtesy, and some assistance after I've spent $2,726 on a repair job. That would be good business in my opinion.



I have reviewed the information presented in regards to the

above referenced case and I would like to present the following response. We

stand behind that work that we performed here at the dealership. We will be

more than happy to have the vehicle brought back in so that we may check the

cause and concern with the leaking have the vehicle brought back in so that we

may check the cause and concern with the leaking transmission fluid. Also, if

it determined that the coolant leak is related to the collision or totally

transmission fluid. Also, if it determined that the coolant leak is related to

the collision or totally separated concern, we will advise the customer so that

he may determine if he would like to have the repair done here or back at the

[redacted].We take pride in the work that we do and work hard to ensure

that we are taking care of our customers to the best or our ability. If I may

be of additional assistance in resolving this matter, please advise.Sincerely,[redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's offer. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. If the company does not perform as promised I can get back to you at: [redacted]


Review: To whom this concerns,

I [redacted] purchased a [redacted] from West Broad VW and Audi on 1-07-14. The vehicle came with a clean [redacted] report from the dealer and a Certified Inspection and Condition Report. Let’s fast forward to September 2014. While detailing my car I noticed a run in the clear coat of the paint on the front bumper and the left fender. Once I noticed these issues I start investigating the rest of the car and found that the front bumper, left fender, left headlight had been all been replaced. I also noticed loose body parts, body work and Bondo in the hood and in the left front door skin. I was sick to my stomach after noticing these issues and my next thought was is this car safe to drive.

I notified VW Customer Care (reference # [redacted]) of the issues on 9-24-14. They contacted me and asked that I schedule appointment with West Broad VW Service department. I scheduled the appointment for 10 -1-14. I dropped the car off on 10-1-14 @ 3:45PM. I spoke with [redacted] the Service Manager and [redacted] the Sales Manger about the car and showed them the damage. At first I was not getting anywhere with either of them. Then [redacted] spoke up and said he would put the car in the shop and investigate my issues and give me a loaner car to drive. He also stated that upon time to pick up the car he would place it on the lift and I could inspect it for myself. 10-2-14 I was contacted by the Service Department to pick up my car. I got to the dealer and the Technician and I went for a short test drive. The car was never placed on the lift for me to review my car as stated. So I proceed to leave with my car the same way as I took it to the dealer. I stopped by the sales department on my way out and requested a trade-in quote. [redacted] with VW Customer Care contacted me on 10-3-14 and reviewed my case. I told him I was not satisfied as a customer.

On the [redacted] document the first two check boxes are for Body and Paint work and they were checked off as Meets Standards. I paid prime dollar for a vehicle that was supposed to be a CPO clean car. I did not receive that instead I received a wrecked [redacted] that is worth nothing and is it totally safe! This is simply fraud and West Broad VW and Audi needs to acknowledge there mistake. I personally have purchased two VW’s from them and my family and friends have purchased eight more. If this goes unresolved I’ll make sure none of my family, friends or I purchase another car from this dealer.

I will gladly provide you with pictures and meet in person if need be. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you to resolve this issue.Desired Settlement: I would like West Broad VW and Audi to stand behind there product and make this issue right. I would like for them to replace the vehicle or make sure that the [redacted] is totally safe with no hidden damage ( this means removing body parts and inspecting ) and refunding me the difference in value. Thank you.



The customer came in to our service department with a list of concerns on their 2009 [redacted]:

1. Customer states that there is body damage that has been repaired and the car should not be certified. The vehicle has a clean [redacted] and meets all of the Volkswagen requirements to certify. A copy of the Volkswagen check list and a [redacted] was sent to [redacted], and they agree that all is good.

2.Customer states that there is a mount of loose and the motor tends to move a lot. The technician checked all mounts and they all meet Volkswagen's requirements. No problems found.

3. Customer states that there is noise coming from the front end of the vehicle when turning hard to the left. The technician rode with the customer and checked the operation of the vehicle all is good, no problem was found and no abnormal noises were heard.

The service Manager met with the customer and went over all the concerns. The customer was advised that if there was anything that needed to be addressed, or did not meet Volkswagen's requirements we would be happy to take care of it. However, there were no problems found and the vehicle met [redacted] Certification requirements at this time.

Since the time of purchase, aftermarket parts have been installed. We did offer to trade the customer out of their vehicle, but the customer declined the offer. Any applicable warranties/extensions will remain in effect on the vehicle.

We will not be offering any additional assistance to the customer at this time. If I may be of further assistance please advise.


General Manager



I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Dear [redacted]

I have reviewed your reply to my concerns with the and I thank you for being so prompt. As a valued VW customer I feel as if I’m getting the short end of the stick. I purchased a [redacted] VW Audi from a well-known dealer in the Richmond area that has been wrecked. I understand that the vehicle has a clean [redacted] but someone must have fixed the car out of pocket and it did not get recorded. Your technician and service manager should have caught the body work during their 112 point inspection no if ands or buts about it! I understand we all make mistakes and it just could have been the timing of when the car was traded in. The vehicle was traded in and inspected between Christmas and New Year’s. I’m just asking that West Broad VW Audi make this right and take measures to prevent this from happening in the future. The previous owner should have stated that the car had been in an accident and I know they had to sign a document stating that there was nothing wrong with the [redacted]. I requested that someone from your dealership contact the previous owner or provide me with their contact information so that I may do so. I have not heard from anyone on this matter. I was also promised that when I picked my vehicle up from service they were going to place the car on the lift so that I could inspect it. This never happened! I was offered a trading value of $6500.00 on a vehicle that I purchased for $11,100 in Jan. 2014. This was a joke and an insult to me as a returning customer to West Broad VW Audi. The aftermarket parts that are installed on this [redacted] include the following a radio navigation unit, GLI oem front grill (Because I did not like the chrome one) and black trunk VW emblem. They asked if I had all the stock parts and I stated that I had them stored in my shed; and I would gladly install them back on the car. Thank you for your time and I look forward to resolving this issue.


Review: My recent service experience at West Broad Volkswagen's Service department was completely unacceptable. I bought my [redacted] (that I bought for my daughters graduation) in to get serviced because it would cut off while I was driving it. I spent close to 1,000 dollars trying to get my car fixed at this establishment, and after driving the car for 2 days it cut off again. I managed to get my car back to the service department and they said a "NEW" problem emerged and this problem did not appear in the 1st diagnostic that was done. This service department knowingly did not address the problem to my car and fixed something else so that I would come back to them and get the REAL problem fixed. I asked to speak to the service manager and he stated that he would not speak to me. So I spoke to a customer service person by the name of [redacted] and she could not resolve anything. This is unacceptable and I will continue to let my friends, family, co-workers, community leaders and Volkswagen of America know of my unsatisfaction.Desired Settlement: I would prefer to have my car completely fixed, Or I would like a refund.



When a customer calls in with a concern or ask for the service manager, there are procedures that are followed. If at all possible, assistance is given by the customer service director. Most often, most issues are resolved at that time. The customer service director is the first point of contact. If at any time a customer prefers to speak only to the service manager arrangements are made to do so even if he is not available at the time and has to return the call. Neither I, nor the advisor present during the conversation with the customer, heard such a request. The customer’s information had been previous reviewed with the service manager and once he was advised of his decision, he said that he was talking to the owner, etc. The customer responded to the dealership via an email survey. The service manager reviewed the customers concern again with both the advisor and the technician. At that time, we both agreed that there was some miscommunication regarding the information with his vehicle.

The service manager brought the vehicle back in and the service department installed a speed sensor on the vehicle at no charge to the customer. The customer’s vehicle will run, but customer was clearly advised that it will not correct any of the concerns that have not been addressed, and the check engine light will remain on. Customer stated that he appreciated what we had done and that he would be back to address his other concerns. If you have any questions or need additional information, please advise.

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