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Review: My weekly live show (AD) suspended by WHAPs [redacted] Oct 12 because my DJ said [redacted] on air. I was promised $63 credit and 19, 26th show by [redacted] On Oct 15, [redacted] tries to coerce me to now sign too-late rules at same time knowingly had already canceled my AD, a Breach of our petite monthly AD Agreement, I did not sign [redacted] papers.I had told [redacted] before his suspension. [redacted] actions was sparked from the word [redacted] mention during my show; [redacted] spiteful juvenile vindictive behavior towards my 5 years of ADs with WHAP had nothing to do with me but with my DJ and their personal business relationship that was, unrelated to my advertising at WHAP.Desired Settlement: Replace Losses $664.00 written reason stating truth that guidelines only presented at day of canceling contract; Oct 15, 2013 never prior.:1. Breach M to M contract 3 live shows canceled (@ $63 week) $189.002. Paid Salary; Radio Show Staff $210.003. Canceled Customer orders (12th and projected for 19, and 26) $904. Purchased Materials, travel, meet (paper, ink, flyers for commercial ads) $75.5. Man-hours Damage Control (extra hours cancel orders, answer messages, emails, phone calls) $100



Information for the reasons that [redacted] and the show were cancelled:

[redacted] and his staff were verbally warned by the [redacted] in September of 2013 for use of language in the music and by his staff, ( DJ said, ”[redacted]” on the air. Some songs had the words pissed off, [redacted] etc.)- That is a violation of the [redacted] guidelines. [redacted] was fully aware that he must follow [redacted] and WHAP guidelines when he signed the contracts in June of 2013 as well as the contract he signed in 2010. [redacted] assured me that the issues we had in 2010 with” The Hottest New Artist” would not present themselves in 2013.

[redacted] and his staff were verbally warned by Board Operator [redacted] a second time on October 5,2013 for promoting other network or stations on air, A violation of WHAP Radio Network guidelines, which were clearly posted on the walls of the studio of WHAP. [redacted] and his staff were aware of them.

As [redacted] of WHAP Radio Network, I, [redacted] suspended the show for one week (October 12, 2013) for not following the guidelines after these two verbal warnings. After a review of this account, I saw that we had issues with [redacted] for the same reasons back when [redacted] was on air in 2010.

I also found that [redacted] and his staff were failing to sign their guest in, on the sign in sheet in the studio. That is a must for the [redacted] was fully aware of this guideline in 2010 as well as 2013.

After this review, I, [redacted] of WHAP Radio Network had no choice but to the cancel the show due to breach of our agreement, reasons being: Did not follow [redacted] and WHAP Radio Network guidelines which [redacted] was fully aware that he and his staff must follow. A call was made to [redacted] and an email was sent on October 10, 2013 requesting a meeting with [redacted]. No return call or email was received. On Monday, October 14, 2013 another email was sent to [redacted] requesting a meeting and another phone call was made, no reply until Tuesday morning and a meeting was set up for Wednesday, October 16, 2013. In the meeting I told [redacted] that the show would no longer air due to the failure of following the [redacted] and WHAP Radio Network guidelines. At that time, I had a check #[redacted] for $[redacted] for the two remaining weeks that [redacted] had paid for in advance. [redacted] then, [redacted] at me as he left the building as well as spinning his tires though the parking lot at WHAP Radio Network. An email was sent to [redacted] that day mentioning how unprofessional his actions were at WHAP Radio Network. I did mail [redacted] the check on October 16, 2013, mentioning to him that the show was terminated at WHAP.

[redacted] was the only person that I dealt with during the time [redacted] had a show at WHAP. The guidelines clearly state that the [redacted] of WHAP Radio Network only deals with the owner of each individual show here at WHAP Radio Network. I had no dealings with any of his staff for any reason about “The Hottest New Artists”, in 2010 as well as in 2013 unless I was the board Operator for their show.

The letter that was sent to [redacted] mentions: This is to inform “The Hottest New Artist” and PDS, Inc. and anyone associated with “The Hottest New Artist” and PDS, Inc. that you are no longer associated with WHAP Radio Network or [redacted]. This also means that “The Hottest new Artist” and PDS, Inc. cannot use the likeness of WHAP Radio Network or [redacted] sports radio [redacted] or WHAP-Hopewell in any form or fashion on audio, TV, websites, books, business cards, shirts, hats, and banners, etc.

This is also to inform you that “The Hottest New Artist” and PDS, Inc. cannot use WHAP Radio Network, WHAP-HOPEWELL or [redacted] as a reference for employment or experience on the radio, (due to the fact that PDS, Inc. paid for its time, it was not a production of WHAP Radio Network.)

WHAP Radio Network is not responsible for any sales for ‘The Hottest Artist” program.

Settlement: A check was issued and sent to: [redacted] at [redacted]

For the amount: of $[redacted] for the two remaining weeks in October 2013. The cost of [redacted] air time per month was $250.00 that is 62.50 per show, the show aired on October 5, 2013 and a replay of the show aired on October 12, 2013. Leaving two remaining weeks October 19, 2013 and October 26, 2013 for a total of $125.00, this was refunded with check #[redacted] from WHAP Radio Network and mailed to the above address.

Advertising Agreement: [redacted] only bought time from WHAP in 2010.Then, not until June 1,2013 with a whole new staff for “The Hottest New Artist” [redacted] assured me that the issues we had in 2010 with” The Hottest New Artist” would not present themselves in 2013.

The contract: signed by [redacted] stated that the shows could be “LIVE” or pre-recorded. WHAP aired a pre-recorded show on October 12, 2013 provided by [redacted]. WHAP Radio Network is not responsible for any sales for ‘The Hottest Artist” program.

WHAP Radio Network Guidelines: Were and still are on the wall of the studio of WHAP Radio Network. As were the WHAP Radio network guidelines on the wall in 2010 with [redacted] here at WHAP.

Signing Guidelines: Every show here at WHAP Radio Network has signed the guidelines stating that they have read and received a copy of the WHAP Radio Network guidelines and that they must follow the [redacted] guidelines as well.

The information above is what happened between WHAP Radio Network and [redacted] and his staff of “The Hottest New Artist”

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Address: 150 S. Mesa Drive, Hopewell, Virginia, United States, 23860


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