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Wheeler & Son Cement Contractors, Inc.

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In regards to *** ***s’ response (08/20/2014) of my complaint ( #***)
explaining why I would not do business with Wheeler and Son or advise anyone to do business with them
I regret that *** would make up something that was not trueTrying to save her families business from embarrassment, due to lack of customer service, and not taking responsibility for the companies workmanship
*** stated I kept calling, well, is calling once on the night I found household and human waste floating in my basement to request someone to call the next morning, enough?? I question her customer service when by Wednesday 9am I still didn’t get a call(I took off all day Wednesday to get the household and human waste vacuumed up, by taking that same Wednesday off from work I could be home all day waiting for help to come.) This 9am call I made to the Wheeler and Son business, to make sure they listened to my Tuesday night emergency phone message and ask why I was not called backI explained that I had waste in my basement that should not have happened since the Wheeler and Son business did the work less then a year earlierMrs*** *** said she would have *** callI waited until noon Wednesday, still had no call and no one showed up to look over the problemI called a 3rd time, just to be told that *** was busy working a job so he could not call me, would call me when he can*** stated she would discuss this with *** laterI know from when *** and his team did my work the year before, the team workers and *** did take breaks and had a nice cookout type of lunch, so I would hope an emergency call of household waste in my basement would justify a call back and helpIn the mean time, I was home all day Wednesday, plus I had out of state company (my daughter and grandchildren) who were also here that Wednesday and ThursdaySomeone was here all days
I waited until Friday before calling another company to get the job doneI have a CD video to show the shifting of the pvc pipe that Wheeler and Son company usedIf, and I emphasize IF, *** stopped by, he never was here on Wednesday, (I was home all day) plus he didn’t even call me until that Wednesday evening to ask me what was the problemIF, he stopped by Tuesday like he said he would, he never left a message by note or by phone call, never talked to me before I left for work, or talked to my daughter, or any of the children (all old enough to get the adult in the house for *** to talk to)My daughter and children were home Tuesday
Wednesday night when *** called, I explained I was upset that I didn’t get a call back and explained the problem of household wasteNever once did he talk about rainAs far as sewer back up, if Mrs*** *** knew anything about my house, she would know that my house is up on a hill and to have sewage back up into my house the city sewer would have to breakThe cal-d-sac street would have to fill up with at least to feet of water before it would come into my house
The waste water was not from the city sewer, it was household and human wasteIf Mr*** *** would have come out to the house he may have been able to correct the problemHe would have found that the pipe he used had shifted down from his endpoint of work and started a blockageThe PVC was a good quality, it had just shifted from the endpoint of the work Wheeler and Son company didThis pipe was not secured to the existing pipe that was not replaced
I was also told by *** during this phone conversation, Wednesday night, that my husband (ex for months still living in the same house together) only asked for the job to be partially done? Well, according to my son, my ex wanted the job done right, and to do whatever was needed to get it fixedNot just partial or halfwayI was also told by *** that my husband paid them ( not true again)I paid themI signed the billing, and paid by my credit card, which the Wheeler and Son company charged me an extra 4% for using the credit card
I stand by what I sent in the first time and I stand by what is here now
1) untruths about coming out
2) lack of customer service during an emergency
3) lack of responsibility of work done within the year timeframe
4) request of a refund *** *** 08/22/

Response to complaint from: *** *** at *** *** Dr., *** ***
I received her message the next morning and *** was already gone to work, I was going to have him return her call when he returned from workShe kept calling after I told her would call her
later He did stop by there Wednesday morning and she was not thereHe had told her we had a lot of rain and that maybe the sewers could not handle it allWhen the work was done the City inspector of *** came out and inspected the work before it was back filled with dirtThere is no way
that the dirt would have made the pipe block, it is heavy PVC pipe that is usedThe work that was done at the house was for her ex husband and he only wanted part of it doneAs far as we are concerned our workmanship is good and the problem she had has nothing to do with us

In response to [redacted], 
I apologize if you thought we didn't take your issue seriously.  [redacted] works on the job too and I'm not always able to contact him and he cannot always leave the job. 
Again we are sorry for your inconvenience.

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