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Whitman & Bingham Associates

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I signed a contract for whitman and bingham to set corners with intermediate stakes every 100 feet for our propert lines.I signed a contract on july 30, 2014. I mailed it to whitman & bingham with a check paying in full fot the amount of 760.00 dollars. It was then mailed back to me and signed stating it was an accepted contract and dated august 4, 2014. I was told that the job would not be started for at least 2 months. I checked in with them at the 8 week mark and was told they were busy and it may be another 2 to even 3 weeks more. Now I called again in november, each time I speak with frank, and frank tells me he is sorry but cannot pin down a date. I explain that we have been very patient and although we do understand them being busy prevoiusly. We have been more than patient. I explained that we needed to get this completed before the spring. When I spoke with frank in december he gave me 2 dates in december that he said if they couldnt do one it would definately be done on the other. At the end of december I called again after the 2 dates passed and was told by frank that the boss was gone on vacation, he was sorry but nothing he could do. I checked back the week after new years and talked for a while with frank and asked him would this job be done by april 1st. He said yes, I will go put a note on your file. I asked him for a date and he would not give me one. Now today february 27 I follow up with frank again to check in. I realize they cannot do the job with the snow but wanted to know where we stood when enough snow has melted to do the job. Frznk said he again cannot give me a date or when. When we initially signed the contract it was made clear that they are a commercial surveying company and they take residential jobs to fill in when there is time in between jobs. Totally understand but feel we have waited more than a reasonable amount of time. Each time I call I have been getting the run around and would just like the job to be started and completed.Desired SettlementI would like the surveying job to be started and completed. I would like a date. I was told that the job would take 2 days. One day to come out and they need to go back to office and schedule to come out again. I would like the total job done within 2 weeks which I think is more than reasonable. I was told today that I could get my money back. I do not want a refund. I would like the job to be done as agreed upon.Business Response On several occasions through late summer and fall of 2014, Ms. [redacted] called the office to ask about the progress of her survey. Although Ms. [redacted] was understandably anxious to have the work completed, our conversations were cordial. WBA explained that our survey crews had to try to keep up with a number of active construction projects, and that several of our lot survey projects unfortunately had to be put off until the construction season eased up a little. With the onset of winter, we expected to be able to clear up our backlog of work, but, before we were able to schedule Ms. [redacted]'s work, we received an unusually large amount of snowfall that made lot survey projects temporarily impractical. It became almost impossible to find necessary markers under the snow. Ms. [redacted] called the office for the last time during the week of March 2. Again, the conversation was cordial, although Ms. [redacted] was clearly impatient with the delay. She asked for assurances that the work would be completed by July of this year. WBA apologized for taking so long to do the work, and assured her that the work would be done as soon as the snow melted somewhat. The conversation ended on what was thought to be good terms.Most recently, on March 11, Ms. [redacted] spoke directly with Brian Milisci of WBA. The snow was melted enough to attempt the initial survey to find and tie in survey control.This was accomplished on or about March 13. The field crew was successful in finding existing survey monuments and tied the monuments in.During the week of March 16, the office calculations were performed. WBA will be calling Ms. [redacted] to discuss the results of the survey and the several solutions to the property line determination issues that were discovered. Ms. [redacted] was told her point of contact will [redacted], P.L.S. Ms. [redacted] will get a weekly update on Fridays until the project is complete.Consumer Response I sent an update on the webpage on case #XXXXXX.I just want to

On 04/12/2013, I had contacted Whitman & Bingham to survey my property on [redacted] Way.I wanted to put a fence and we wanted to make sure that we survey the property first- put stakes on the surveyed property and then put our fence on.We paid a total of [redacted] for their service. One of our neighbors had an issue with their survey as he felt that his property was smaller now and was very upset.I contacted their [redacted] - I do not remember his name at this point and requested that they somehow resolve this issue as we paid them to survey the property.The [redacted] came and talked to the neighbor, but the neighbor was still not convincedI requested the [redacted] to write a brief letter indicating that they surveyed the property and that he had spoken to the neighbor [redacted] and had clarified that their survey was accurate of our property.One month went by I never got the letter. I called and spoke to him 5 times after that incident and he would say I am busy I will type it when I can.It has been a year and I have still not received the letter.We are very disappointed with their service and will not recommend them to anyone.For issues as complex as this it is safe for us to have some documentation and Whitman and Bingham were just not understanding enough..Desired SettlementI would still like the letter that the [redacted] had promised over a year ago to be delivered to my home addressBusiness Response On April 12, 2013 we sent Ms. [redacted] a proposal to set her lot corners on [redacted] MA. She signed the proposal on April 15th and returned along with a check for payment in full of [redacted] We performed the work on April 24th and fulfilled the agreement for which she paid. Ms. [redacted] called the office and did ask for a letter confirming that we had performed the survey. We sent her a paid receipt as proof that said survey was performed. Also, [redacted] of this firm, met Ms. [redacted] and her neighbor on her property and discussed the survey in detail. After the site meeting to explain the survey results, no other requests were made and we considered the project completed.Consumer Response Thank you for speaking to me yesterday. As I had mentioned to you in my conversation, I disagree with resolution that Whitman and Bingham have stated in their response to my complaint.After reading the response from Whitman & Bingham it seems like they have not even read my complaint. My dispute with them is that they provide me with a letter that Mr. [redacted] had assured me the day he came to discuss the survey in detail with my neighbor-Mr. [redacted] He had assured me that he would provide me the letter. This letter was supposed to be written in addition to the paid receipt that was sent to me.Mr. [redacted] had told me that they normally do not write letters, but in my case he would. After that I called and spoke to him and his secretary on 5 different occasions about the letter- one time I spoke to him directly, he had told me that he would write it in a month, and it never happened.Mr. [redacted] had assured me of the letter, and I have not gotten it to date. Instead now there is no mention of the letter.I will repeat this again:For issues as complex as this it is safe for us to have some documentation on our property survey and Whitman and Bingham does not seem to me proactive enough.My original complaint clearly indicates that - I would still like the letter that the [redacted] had promised over a year ago to be delivered to my home address.I have not received any response from Whitman & Bingham about the letter that was promised to be delivered over a year ago.Whitman & Bingham itself is confirming in their response the following - "Ms. [redacted] called the office and did ask for a letter confirming that we had performed the survey""They have also mentioned that - We sent her a paid receipt as proof that said survey was performed"Clarification - I had requested a letter to be sent summarizing the discussion with Mr. [redacted] and the survey performed on my property.So how is a paid receipt help me with that?The project is not completed, because my request has been deliberately ignored. I was just told to keep calling Mr. [redacted] and remind him to write the letter.I want a letter from Whitman & Bingham-like I was assured stating that- We had paid for the survey of our plot and when our neighbor Mr. [redacted] had questioned the stakes being in his property upon my request Mr. [redacted] came to discuss it with him - Mr. [redacted] ,clarified that their survey was accurate of our property, and went to Fitchburg city hall and brought a blue print for our neighborhood plots to discuss with Mr. [redacted] in April 2013. Mr. [redacted] had several questions and Mr. [redacted] did answer all his questions. These two sentences is all I have been asking for over a year and it has not happened. Thank You very much for your helpSincerely,[redacted]Business Response Letter was sent 7/25/14

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