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Wiechmann Enterprises Unlimited

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This is terrible business. They charge for everything. My roommate moved out and they forced me to pay more deposit since her credit was supposedly better than mine. I have great credit and these racist people could not care less. They let my roommate leave when she made sure the bills got paid and handled all of the fines they tried to hurt us with. How can you let the person that handles everything move out ? I had to put bills in my name because she left and [redacted] and [redacted] did nothing but bother me for bills. This is so UNFAIR and the biggest mistake I have ever made. How can I get out of this place? Who can help me get my old roommate back to handle everything? I can't do this ALL by myself! Ugh!

This has to be one of the worst landlord companies in Milwaukee. Our apartment had leaks in the roof and when one would be fixed, another would start in a new place. Clearly the building needed a new roof. After months of bothering them to fix a certain leak, they only fixed it after we threatened not to pay rent anymore. They told us that the apartment was not unlivable because we had buckets to catch the water. It is unacceptable and having buckets all over the apartment to catch rain water does not make it livable by any means.

Review: I have a letter dated Ju;y 30, 2013 from [redacted], Property Manager, to [redacted], Consumer Protection Investigator, that states "we will refund $40 in question".Desired Settlement: Wiechmann Enterprises should honor their letter and send the $40



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.




I finally heard from Wiechmann Enterprises Unlimited. They sent me the final check of $40.00.

This company is a joke. They have nice in their apartment complexes. They don't do anything about it. We had to get our own traps because they wouldn't provide them. When we moved, we had to clean under the fridge and under the stove. You could not see the floor because it was covered in mice poop. They have terrible book keeping skills. They do not keep an accurate record of anything. They charge you for everything possible. We were under paying on our lease since they gave us the wrong amount, and didnt bother telling us, so they took the difference out of our security deposit. Their apartments are not clean. Do not live here if you want to agent screwed over. They charged us for ridiculous things in our deposit that they would not give back. This company is a joke.

Awesome place to live!! Lived one of their apartment complexes for all three of my college years that I did off campus housing. Very accommodating staff and willing to help you out, if there was ever a problem, they were over before the day ended to help fix it. In addition, over three years we had 2 bathroom remodels and a kitchen remodel, not because it was necessary, but they wanted to make it feel more like home. They would even bring over light bulbs when we had a burnt our one!

I have lived with Wiechmann Enterprises for the last three years and have had nothing but great experiences. When we needed things fixed they were always there by the next day ready to help. The company treated us with respect and we truly appreciate them for it!

Terrible Maintenance and Terrible Management. No one takes responsibility for the grounds and nothings is resolved. Maintenance is rude and disrespectful and doesn't help after many requests. I would never recommend this.

Review: I don't really know where to start. I rented a unit from Wichmann in the middle of Oct 2012.

Since my move in I have never not received, a late fee notice with a remaining balance, I have called and asked why, the receptionist say the computer just generates the paperwork and sends it out we don't do anything. It will catch up. It wasn't until an employee of Wiechmann came to my door in August demanding money, in the sum of $1225.49. I had no idea what he was talking about, he and I spoke for a moment and in fluster of our discussion the man, dropped his paperwork, while in mid sentence, how do you intend to pay. I looked at him and said excuse me, I have lived here for almost a year my rent is 650 a month and to date, I have never paid 650. I have paid 700 800 and so on, there is no way, this is correct. He said, lets not take this to court and if I have proof of this please send it in and we will resolve this issue. Fine not a problem, Sept 2013 I sent in the proof of the documents ( money order $685) he was missing and the rent for the month (remaining balance of $531) a 2 page letter asking questions on the missing money order that I found cashed by Wiechmann out of Chicago IL, of cockroach problems, etc. All in a certified mail letter, which requires a signature. I sent this information this way so I knew they would get it, and that things would be resolved. October 2013 is now here. I get a 5 day eviction notice, and a certified letter from Wiechmann (which I refused to sign for, because I already got the notice in the mail). The notice states I owe $2625.49, WHAT?! was my reaction... they have not only lost a money order back in Oct 2012 but now lost the rent check for Sept of 2013 I sent certified mail. How can this be? According to the 5 day notice, I am going to Quote it, " Please be advised that Wisconsin Statute 704.27 provides that if you remain in the premises, which you rent from us AFTER THE 5th DAY after service without paying your delinquent bill of $2625.49 you are liable for payment of a DOUBLE RENT payment of 1,300 per month. Should you vacate, you will remain liable for rent thru the term of your lease or until the unit is re-rented, whichever comes first." (This time this letter is signed most of these documents I have are not signed). As of the 15 of Oct 2013, Wichmann and I are under no lease, I have not paid October 2013's rent. Simply because [redacted] has not returned my phone calls to resolve the issues all at hand and who is to say if I sent another check this one wouldn't get lost again. From what I understand we became under no lease the day I started calling about the cockroach issue. I called the Health Department here in our area, in Sept 2013 they came out and found a mass infestation of the building, including common areas. Before the managers of the complexes left on vacation they bombed my unit and the two surrounding units, supposedly. These managers at this time told me its not like cockroaches jump from one unit to the next, and after the bombing they didn't find any cockroaches. I have pictures of before and after, so I know is not true, my comment was ... Really?. I have been trying to contact this company to resolve the issues and I generally get a snotty girl who answers the phone and is to busy to take a message or I get another person who simply has no idea, whats going on. The couple of times I have gotten ahold of [redacted] Tojek the property manager, his response to me is, we have had a lot of changes in the office and I don't know what your talking about I will pull up your file and return your call is your number still [redacted] which rolls very easily off his tongue.Desired Settlement: What do I want out of this....

1. I want an apology

2. I want them to correct their information regarding my account

3. I want them to get rid of the cockroaches problem in my building

4. I want someone to answer and be accountable for these actions at Wiechmann

5. I have no problem going to court, on this matter, if Wiechmann would like.

6. Upon my move out, or not... I want Wiechmann to pay storage fees and all expenses for transportation to have my belongings fumigated

7. I want all fumigation costs, and cleaning of all my belongings including clothing and shoes covered by Wiechmann Enterprises

8. I want them to replace my bed (Calif. King), and my sons bed (Twin)

9. I want them to replace my confectioners oven by Hamilton Beach,

10. I want them to feel lucky, I haven't hired an appraiser, to appraise my belongings, which Wiechmann could be replacing, if we go to court.

Short list of that is ... MacBook Pro ($3500), 3 flat screen Dynex televisions ($1000), and lots of antique furniture (priceless until appraised).

11. I also want to be compensated to stay thru the winter lock in months per their own lease extension paperwork November December January and February



[redacted] is being evicted for non payment of rent. She will have the opportunity to tell the court her story at that time. Our efforts to deal with her have been unsuccessful.

My roommates and I had nothing by horrible experiences for the three years we rented from Weichmann Enterprises. On the very first day we moved in, the unit wasn't ready us. We had to wait to move in because the floors had just been waxed and we couldn't walk on them. From that point it only got worse. In winter we regularly had ice that formed in our shower because the building was so cold. My shampoo bottle was frozen to the tub. At one point all the screws to the door [redacted] for our back door were removed, rendering the know useless. We asked to have it repaired multiple times. When I called I was told it was fixed, only to arrive home and find it in the same condition. This is a reflection of consistently poor communication between the company's office and maintenance workers. On multiple occasions, the office lost or credited our payments to another unit. On those occasions we were immediately sent eviction notices without any other communication inquiring about our payment. To make it clear, we did pay on those occasions. The office admitted to crediting our payments to other accounts or not being able to find our checks. For a period of time this spring the boiler for our building didn't work, so we didn't have consistent heat even though temperatures were in the 40s and 50s. One of the winters we lived there we were charged $50 for broken screens. Those screens were not repaired during our time in the property even though we were charged for them. Toward the end of our lease, I entered the unit and was surprised to find maintenance workers in the unit. We had not received notification that they had been entering our unit. When I went into my bedroom, I discovered that one of the workers had moved all my belongings into my closet. I felt extremely violated that someone had touched all my stuff with out my knowledge or permission. When I called to express my frustration the maintenance manager said that the letter they left on our door said that they would be coming in and out for the remainder of our lease was enough notice for his staff to do what they had done. I let him know that I did not believe leaving a note saying they were going to enter whenever they felt like fulfilled their legal requirement to give us 12 hours notice prior to entering the unit. Finally, we were charged for 6 hours of excessive cleaning when we moved out. Our unit was extremely clean and it is my strong belief that this charge was unjustified. Overall, I feel that Weichmann Enterprises bullies residents and exploits the young people who live in their properties.

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