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Review: We bought a new home in [redacted], in October 2014. We paid approximately $4,000 for cabinets upgrade. We filed a warranty service request on August 10, 2015, asking WL and [redacted] (cabinet contractor) to correct the issue (uneven spacings between installed pieces) we found with the wood panels surrounding the master bathroom tub skirt.

Unfortunately seven months later, this seemingly straightforward service request is still unresolved to our satisfaction. We believe it was mainly due to poor customer service and incompetent service personnel.

8/10~11/19/2015: [redacted] and WL reviewed our service request. We agreed to install 3 shorter panels to accommodate the opening next to the bathroom wall per suggestion from [redacted] technician, Jose.

1/22/2016: A [redacted] technician’s poor workmanship damaged the 2 adjacent panels in the middle while removing one panel to match the stain color.

2/25/2016: [redacted] technician [redacted] came to install new panels. Their size, stain color and wood type did not match that of the original. He did a poor job repairing the removal damages. I reported the issues to WL and [redacted].

3/2/2016, [redacted], the customer service manager of WL, visited our house. He scheduled a service visit on 3/7 to repair and reinstall the original panels. I emailed [redacted] requesting two new panels be made (rather than repairing the original).

3/4/2016: He advised me (in a threatening tone) to keep the 3/7 appointment otherwise the issue will be corrected on my own through another contractor at my expense. We reluctantly agreed to allow them to repair the two damaged panels.

3/7/2016: Not comfortable with [redacted]'s workmanship, I emailed [redacted], [redacted] customer service rep, asking for another technician. She refused. I asked for her written guarantee on a satisfactory job before repairing. No reply from her.

William Lyon and [redacted] forced us to accept what they had to offer. They just wanted to give us a hard time so we would give up.Desired Settlement: Regardless our original request asking Willian Lyon to correct uneven spacings between installed wood panels, we are demanding William Lyon immediately remake and install two new panels matching the size, stain color and wood type of the two original pieces.



An appointment on 3-7-2016 to make the corrections to the Master Bath Cabinet panels was cancelled by the homeowner. We are prepared to correct the issue and install the original cabinet panels with proper spacing and meet both industry standards as well as the standards that we demonstrate in our model homes. We remain prepared to complete the repairs when access is granted. William Lyon Homes Warranty Service.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

We did not cancel the appointment on 3-7-2016. The technician [redacted] from [redacted] was let in and he even charged his tool at our home. He first inspected the damaged areas on the panels. He then discussed with his customer service rep on the phone about the damages. They could not guarantee that the repair will meet our satisfaction. [redacted] then left our home after 5 o’clock because it was too late for him to start his work. [redacted] did not get back to us afterwards. Our upgraded panels were new before a [redacted] technician improperly removed them for color matching. He should have used a joint knife rather than a screwdriver. The only reason why we allowed this to happen was that the original panels would be replaced. After a month, the panel was returned with dents and scratches. William Lyon forced us to have [redacted] repair the damaged panels and put them back. Based on the above, the only proper resolution and way forward is for William Lyon to completely remake and re-install two new panels that have the same size, stain, and color integrity of the original ones. Anything short of this is unacceptable to us because the damages were caused by [redacted]’s mishandling during the repair process.


Review: [redacted] at the sales office sold us home under pressure!!!!

before we purchase home from william lyon [redacted] (sales parson) told us worse case if we did not get fully approve by the mortgage company we will be able to received our $10,000

deposit back. we try the best we can to purchase the home from william lyon but unfortunately we could not get that large amount and we worked hard until the last minute. we feel we been taking advantage of [redacted] by told us if we don't sign the contract in the next 24 hours she have 50 people on the waiting list (we found out that was not true) [redacted] no longer with the company so I can not contact her. I request full refund of $10,000 asap!!!!Desired Settlement: I would like to receive full deposit back of $10,000 ASAP



The complaint does not include enough information regarding the location/name of the community. Please provide more details so that we can respond properly. Name and address of model homes. This complaint appears to be from the Las Vegas, Nevada area, in which case it should be sent to our Las Vegas Division representative. Thank you, [redacted]William Lyon Homes.

Review: My current residence was built by William Lyon Homes in 2008. I have had three major flooding incidents due to the debris in the plumbing system and substandard water lines that were installed in my home. In 2008, three weeks after I moved in, my entire first floor, including two sets of carpeted steps, one of which led into the garage were flooded. It was determined by a professional plumber to be a major back-up that was caused by rags and debris left in the water lines. The second incident occurred in August of 2010 when the evaporator coil pan was found to be leaking through the secondary drain that was left plugged by the builder. As a result, there was an outside leak coming from the plumbing on the third floor, in particular , the washing machine. The leak was funneled from an exterior drain and the exterior paint has been discolored ever since (despite my requests to paint the affected area). The most recent flooding incident was the result of a rupture in a water line near (but not attached to) the hot water heater. The affected area is under the lower staircase. The water line was leaking to the extent that I had to call a plumber immediately to repair the water line. I called Clean Earth Restorations, who removed the drywall and surrounding insulation, which was followed by three consecutive days of dehumidifiers, axial fans, and negative air machines. William Lyon Homes has determined that this is covered under the 10-year warranty but will not release the money for total payment in the amount of $2,190.08, which is now due, unless I sign a waiver for all future warranty claims.Desired Settlement: I am requesting reimbursement for the total repairs for this incident($2,190.08) within the next ten (10) calendar days. I am also requesting an extensive inspection and evaluation of the substandard (Polyethylene) plumbing lines that have been the cause of the flooding incidents.



A check for the full reimbursment has been issued to the homeowner and will be mailed the week of 4/28/14. All issues have been resolved.

Review: I purchased a Village Home in Colorado a year and half ago and I have been very displeased. Since your company purchased Village Homes I thought you should also be aware of the lack of service being rendered. I and multiple neighbors have voiced or written our concerns about drainage and runoff that carries out to the sidewalks and drives from our properties. In the winter especially, this becomes not only a nuisance, but a danger and liability, as this runoff puddles and freezes across the sidewalk and drives of the homes from the top of the street all the way down to the bottom. I've tried dealing with Village Homes, and certain individuals within Village Homes, only to be either ignored, dismissed, or condescended to. I've sent pictures of the amount of ice that flows and builds up, as well as video of the water running down the walkways. All Village, and Don Laws specifically, want to say is that it is not their problem, that they have drained the water around the house properly,home owners have an obligation to keep sidewalks clear, or the best one is "you should have not bought a house on the north side of the street." My issue is the lack of drainage for the water runoff to reach the street and thus the storm drains bypassing the walkways completely. We've already had one neighbor, who not seeing the black ice because it was dusk and the sidewalk was completely shoveled and clear of snow, slipped and broke her wrist needing surgery to repair. In talking to representatives from the town of Parker this is an issue that Village could have avoided and can remedy by simply inserting drainage that moves water runoff from the edge of the homeowner property under the sidewalk and tree lawn and into the gutter of the street where it will flow downhill to the storm drain. Instead I and those I spoke with from the Town feel Village is trying to avoid this cost, hoping all liability will be passed onto the homeowners, and nobody will be any the wiser.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that Village Homes immediately repair this issue for all of the homes on the north side of Meander Way in Parker, six in all. We are about to have or first snowfall and continued freeze beginning this week. This means we will once again be fighting the water and ice and hoping no school children walking to and from school, mothers pushing strollers, or seniors walking their dogs have an unfortunate accident before Village does what is right. I am also hoping that since Village Homes Colorado is a subsidiary of your company you will do what is right and encourage Village homes to correct and repair this issue immediately because they have put all of us homeowners in a position of increased liability.



Village Homes has responded to the [redacted]r’s complaint. The

sidewalk that freezes is in the Right of Way from the Town of Parker and not on

the [redacted]r’s property so it is not a warrantable claim. We have successfully drained

the water off of their property as we are required to do. The Town of Parker

has reviewed their sidewalk and accepted the sidewalk as designed to their

standards and has acknowledged Village Homes is not responsible for any

corrections on the Town of Parker property. The [redacted]rs are required by the Town of Parker to maintain the city

sidewalk and clear the walkway of snow and ice. Unfortunately, when living in a

climate with freezing weather, ice buildup can occur. Maintenance of ice on

sidewalks can be cumbersome, but the Town of Parker requires the homeowner to

keep it clean and safe.

Review: The flooring that was purchased as an upgrade thought the Design Studio was not installed correctly. The contractor that [redacted] paid to install the flooring sold the install work to another sub contractor. The flooring is sub par. [redacted] has made three attempts to repair the flooring but the damage from improper install can not be fix and attempts to repair have made the damage flooring worse, with chips and brakes on the floors. One attempt to repair the floors included nothing more than painting over raised and damaged flooring resulting in making flaws marred and more noticeable and prominent. The flooring not installed correctly are pulling aways from the sub floor resulting in sharp edges of the planks to raise above and are a danger to children and pets, several places that the edges have caused the tiles to crack and bend and cause more damage to adjacent tiles. The tiles that have been replaced or repaired have permanent damage from the tile adhesive that when cleaned off with a solvent have dulled the finnish of the floors. The flooring was sold with a guarantee of professional installation and a warranty, [redacted] has not honored either.Desired Settlement: The flooring was not installed properly resulting in damage beyond repair and needs to be entirely replaced and or refunded



The homeowner has been offered a full reimbursement for the flooring.

Review: The condo we bought on May 20th, has had many, many issues with unfinished and poor quality finishes and products since the close of Escrow. Ever since day one of ownership we have been requesting these items be replaced and/or repaired on our 'new' home. The repairs carried out are terrible. They take multiple attempts to fix things as they go wrong during the repair and often cause further damage. We have had to stay in a hotel on two occasions due to fumes, with a new baby, whilst repairs are attempted, and both times the work was not completed to a professional standard and further work is needed. We have contacted the warranty rep, the regional manager of warranty and the regional VP of warranty but nothing has changed. They still allow substandard work, this week, drywaller cutting through wire and replacing (unqualified to do so) with cheap wire that is unsuitable for in-wall use. They refuse to replace the can light fittings with a better quality product despite how the current cheap products fire shards of metal from the ceiling at random, ridiculously dangerous, especially in a home with a baby. Over 10 light fittings had broken brackets when inspected. They left the smoke detector packaging covering all the detectors when handing over the property which breaks CA code. The list of repairs is endless on texturing, paint, cabinetry, light switches, doors, windows, flooring, basically everywhere you look there is poor workmanship or damaged/broken products that were sold to us as new. Another huge problem is that the electricity in our 'phase' of 12 condos is insufficient for the homes and as a result the lights dip frequently when other neighboring homeowners use their power such as AC units. The fluctuating power has damaged several of our electric devices but William Lyon Homes refuses to accept this and has delayed for months to get an independent company to monitor and investigate the issue, claiming it is normal. It is not acceptable. Time is up.Desired Settlement: 1. Allow us to select competent contractors ourselves to complete the outstanding repairs and reimburse us in full for the cost of all these necessary repairs and replacement items.

2. Reimburse us for the cost of hiring a project manager to organize and oversee all the outstanding repairs as we do not have the time to do this supervisory role.

3. Hire an impartial electr Cal engineering company to monitor the power supply to our 'phase' and home and investigate why despite your claims of the designed system to be sufficient that we and our neighboring homes are continually experriencing power fluctuations.



The current open Warranty items in the home all fall within the Fit and Finish 1st year warranty and the items will be completed within the guidelines of the warranty service processes as outlined in the Purchase and Sales agreement with the homeowner. We are currently working through the remaining open items and anticipate completion within the next few months, dependent upon access to the home. William Lyon Homes Warranty Service.

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