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Wilton Reassurance Life Company of New York

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Wilton Reassurance Life Company of New York Reviews (6)

• Jul 01, 2024

The Worst Customer Service Ever
no responses to any inquiries about my policies, which were transferred from Allstate. Charges are wrong, no explanation about arbitrary fee increases. Have been hung up on several times after asking questions. Surrender Agreements filled out and sent; they returned it w/o explanation. They should be held to task by NY State.

• Apr 25, 2024

Horrible company
My policy was bought out by this company from Allstate. I had the policy for over 40 years. They messed up who was the owner and even after several communications sent mail to me in the wrong name. It is a small whole life policy, so I decided just to surrender it for cash value. It has been months, and I am still waiting. First it was rejected because of their invalid records on the owner. Supposedly fixed now. I call to check and am told it takes 5-7 days. They have had it over 3 weeks and give that answer as if they don't know the difference between 5-7 days nearly a month. I ask what the status is. Answer: it takes 5 to 7 days. Me: It has been several weeks. Answer: It is almost done. It takes 5-7 days. Me: Has it been mailed? Answer: It takes 5-7 days. If you email them, you get a totally blank auto-reply. Not even wording that they got your message. Just blank. Nobody ever answers.

bad company
I have had 2 life insurance policies with this company for over 50 years. In Dec. 2020 we moved. I sent a letter with the change of address on both policies. The premiums are paid once a year, in Sept for one and Dec. for the other. I did not receive the Sept bill. When I realized it, I called on a Friday. I was told there was no change of address for that policy and payment was required by Monday to avoid cancelation. A check was mailed 8 days ago (still not cashed). Yesterday I received a letter saying the premium was paid using the cash value on the policy and I owe $16.25 in interest on the loan.
Plus I got 5 letters indicating an address change was recorded. No satisfaction from customer service.

Stay away from Wilton Reassurance!
Stay away from Wilton Reassurance!

Watch out! Except for 1 competent, helpful, and polite call center rep named Steve, you are dealing with i[censored].

I've been trying to surrender my annuity for 3 weeks now. No success so far, and my prospects don't look good.
Here's a hint of what Wilton will do to you:

1 If you think you can download Wilton's surrender form from their site, forget it. You can't.
2 If you think their call center rep will email the surrender form to you, forget it. He can't.
3 Wilton will only send you its surrender form by fax. If you don't have a fax, too bad- go find one.
3 Hint of things to come: On their surrender form you are directed "PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY OR USE TYPEWRITER." Typewriter?
So when you buy yourself a fax, treat yourself to a typewriter, too.
4 A call center rep said that I could fax them my completed surrender form. So I did.
5 I called the next day to verify that everything was ok. No! They rejected my request because they decided that I
need to return the original PAPER contract. If you know how to fax a physical piece of paper, please tell me.
6 The next time I called, a rep with an unintelligible foreign accent answered. I couldn't understand a word she said.
But that was ok because the call disconnected anyway.
7 On my next call I finally had some luck. A man named Steve answered. He told me exactly what to do, and I did it.
And I must add that he was professional, polite, patient, and knew his business. Wilton is lucky to have Steve,
although they may not be smart enough to know it.
8 The next day I called and asked to speak to Steve. No! They can't transfer a call from one rep to another. Rats.
Darryl told me that it would take 7 days just to check my surrender form. 7 days?

So stay away from Wilton Reassurance!

I am so angry !!! My husband and I have a policy with spouse riderWe filled out all paper work when we got accounts to give any and ALL info to either of us which they have in the past and now ALL OF THE SUDDEN IN LAST FEW YEARS THEY CAN ONLY TALK WITH MY HUSBAND !!!!!!!! I am the one that signs the checks for the payment and they seem to not have a problem with that !!!!!!! I called just to see what grace period was because we will be on vacation and they refused to tell me this is so ridiculous !!!!!!!! My name is also on this policy .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny I didn't have a problem when it was still New York LIfe and not WILTON !

Called this company months ago to get a small payment from an annuity They failed to send paperwork twice & then in 3rd call told us no paperwork necessary we would have check in 2weeks Check never came 4th call said they needed to send paperwork When it arrived weeks later we filled out immediately & mailed back overnight express & was told we would have check in 7-business days Check never came again Called again was told they would expedite it Waited another wks check never came called again this morning they still haven't processed it & will call me back All this time in every call we told them my mom is in dire need of this money , her husband lost his job There is little food in their house & my mom can't purchase her heart medications There is no problem with the paperwork , everything is in order , Very poorly run company , taking our money in full elasewhere

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Address: PO Box 305015, Nashville, Tennessee, United States, 37230


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