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WinCo Foods, Inc.

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On 12/28/17, our Store Manager at the NNevada St. location, Aaron W***, responded to Ms*** via email - attached here - apologizing for the problem, explaining that it was not the Store Manager Ms*** spoke to and that he wanted her to come back to the store to speak with him and
straighten the problem out.Our server shows the email as delivered to Ms***Whether she read it or not, we cannot say, but WinCo Foods made a good faith effort to reach her the say after she was in the store.The Store Manager is still more than happy to meet with Ms***, as per the attached email.Thank you,WinCo Foods

WinCo no longer calls customers who have returned checks for insufficient funds - it is simply too big a task for our employees to undertake. We refer the checks to *** *** and its employees run the check through the bank two more times to see if it will clear before referring the check
to *** *** for collection. The only exception is when an account is closed - in which case the check is referred immediately to *** *** for collection. Apparently, in Washington State only, *** *** adds additional fees beyond the $dollar collection charge.In this case, *** *** contacted WinCo by phone and agreed to pay us directly the $face amount of his returned check together with the $collection fee. We have contacted *** *** and placed the matter on hold with them. As soon as *** *** makes payment to WinCo, we will have *** *** close the matter on their end.This should resolve all issues raised by this complaint

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Each individual flavor was advised at sale price individuallyEach advertisement has different product numbersThis clearly indicates each individual item and flavors on sale separately
Sincerely,*** ***
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I have attached my email correspondence with WincoThe reason I reject this response are:The business' attitude that I can simply "dispose" of the mailerEven if I recycle it, this is still WASTE that is HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENTThe business' stance that is is a simply annoyance is irresponsibleAn employee has already promised in the attached email to stop the mailerThe business seems to now be reneging on that promise
*** ***

The camera and security systems, though quite sophisticated, cannot determine the denomination of a bill tendered for payment most of the time. We must rely on whether the register til balances at the end of the shift. If the til is over, there is a likelihood that a larger denomination
bill was tendered. In this case the til either balanced of was off by very little. Therefore the customer's claim could not be verified. The offer of a $dollar gift card was a gesture of good will and a reflection of our desire to keep a customer

This is a matter of insurance coverage.  Our insurance claim administrator found that neither WinCo not the claimant was the cause of the damage.  The determination was that both parties were equally at fault, consequently WinCo will cover 50% of the cost.  The claimant may pursue the...

matter further if desired, but for the moment the determination on the claim will stand.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

We will look into the matter and do our best to stop the mailers from going to this particular customer.  Generally these mailers are the only form of advertisement we use.  We don't take out ads in the paper or do commercials on radio or television.  The mailers are usually sent to...

all of the addresses within the zip code areas that constitute the primary trade area for our stores.  These ads are done in bulk without identifying any particular address or customer.  If we are able to stop the delivery to one particular address we will do so.  In the event that we cannot stop the individual address while still covering the other addresses in the zip code area we may not be able to meet this customer's request.  Of course, in any event, the customer can simply discard our mailer.  We know it can be an annoyance to receive mailings that you don't want to receive.

Thank you for relaying this information to WinCo Foods.   As the tag clearly states in the complainants photo, the “first 4 at $.48 each” with “additional at $.88 each,” places a very clear limit on the amount of product available at the lower price. Nowhere does it indicate that that it is...

four of each flavor at $.48.   Clearly this is not false advertising. WinCo Foods refunded the customer’s purchase. We have also reviewed the customer service given to this complainant and have found our employees were courteous and patient, as they have been trained to be.-WinCo Foods

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Address: 101 Columbia Point Dr, Richland, Washington, United States, 99352-4387


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