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Window King Of Sanford, Roofing, Siding & Windows

401 Minter School Rd, Sanford, North Carolina, United States, 27332-2475

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Window King of Sanford (***) was a pleasure to work with. I had a leak in my house and he very promptly set up a time to come and repair the issue. His foreman ensured the work was accomplished and that I was happy with the it prior to his departure. I feel his pricing was more than reasonable and even came in under what he originally quoted me. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and will definitely contact him for any future issues with my home.

Window King Of Sanford, Roofing, Siding & Windows Response time May 02, 2020

first I would like to say I'm very sorry you were having these problems. I'm glad that my company could assist you and take care of finding the problem and fixing it for you. .

Thank you for trusting our services at Wendell King of Sanford blessings to you and your family.

Sincerely, *** owner

When it came time for our roof to be replaced, naturally we went with a local business as they know the area and add a personal touch to their work. Window King is the foremost example of why one should always source local businesses. The proprietor, ***, was instrumental in explaining the process and always available throughout if we had any questions that arose. Big commendations to the crew; super courteous and always available to explain the next step and what to expect. I will always recommend Window King to all friends and family for any of the installations they may need. Absolutely amazing experience!!!

Window King Of Sanford, Roofing, Siding & Windows Response time Apr 27, 2020

mrs. we certainly want to thank you and your husband for trusting our services. It was a pleasure to do this job for you. Also I'd like to thank you for posting a review for the for other customers to find us. Blessings to you and your family!

Sincerely, *** owner Window king of Sanford

Mr., the owner, came out quickly, assessed the damage done to my roof, identified where the water was coming in and put his crew to work immediately. He clearly communicated all his intentions and what the different prices of the different materials would be, and asked me for the final decision. His crew was done in one day and I had no more rain coming into my home. He provided me a concise and itemized quote for follow on repairs that I hope my insurance company accepts. I look forward to Mr. finishing the complete replacement of my roof and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

King of the 6 year roof! Paid $13k for a 30 year roof and 6 years later is is leaking like a faucet. After contacted he said the workmanship is a 1 year warranty and that it must have been damaged. Well, no damage occurred but there are shingles that are buckling and the chimney flash they installed is absolutely garbage. It was 5 stars 6 years ago but the proof is in the pudding, you get what you pay for. Never again, I need to find a competent roofer to fix his subpar workmanship.

I had Window King to work on my Roof and they did bad job, my roof is still leaking, I've calling them at least twice a week to get service,
I have spoken with the owner ***, no call back after I ash about my Warranty. Please do not have or call Window King for any projects
you will be disappointed, I do not recommend Window King.

Window King Of Sanford, Roofing, Siding & Windows Response time Jun 19, 2018

Dear consumers as owner of window king of Sanford and other roofing companies I have the area's highest rated reviews on Google for customer service and workmanship. More than any contractor in Central North Carolina. I did a roof repair on this gentleman's two-story house over 2 years ago and we told him at that time look like there had been several issues with bad workmanship. We've had quite a bit of rain since I did the roof repair and never heard from him now that he's found additional leaks he's calling me and I sent my foreman out again and gave him a price. And have heard nothing from him as far as hiring us to do the job. He is angry because he has additional leaks but wants to blame my company for and we had nothing to do with.

Customer Response time Jun 20, 2018

to set the record straight, the work was done on or about Feb 12, 2018, and no additional leaks reported only what was called into
Mr. ***, and nothing was qoute to me about a price of additional repair. and I paid $ 680.00 for bad workmanship to
Window King Roofing. again Please do not have or call Window King for any projects you will be disappointed

Window King Of Sanford, Roofing, Siding & Windows Response time Jun 20, 2018

Don't know what to think with this gentleman. He's continually calling me wanting to hire me for additional work on vinyl siding on his home. I would think if he was so irritated with me that he would not be calling me. And yes to set the record straight I quoted Mr *** to do the lower-level roof repair 2402 $2,700 and have heard nothing he called me the week of June 20th 2018 and I verbally told him that I quoted him this price if he did not remember. Just in the last month but told him I was too busy and could not help him with this additional roof repair. I prefer not to have any more contact with this homeowner. *** owner window king of Sanford

Sept. 9, 2014, I hired Window King to put lifetime shingles on my house when roof began leaking thru ceiling. Signed contract and started work on day scheduled. When they pulled old shingles off, they found wet plywood area so WK owner replaced this rotted treated plywood with a sheet of OSB Plywood.They assured me there were no rotten rafters or any other water damage. Finished work and clean up in 2 days. Went thru winter and then the rains came in spring.Ceiling leak started back again. I called WK several times telling them about ceiling leak and asked if he could come look to see why and where coming from. Kept telling me he would send roof foreman but wasn't sure where he was or when he would come. Waited another week or two; called again, and this time he gave me roof foreman's # for me to call. Left several messages on his voicemail. Renter in house said he did come, but just walked around house and looked but never went up on roof or thru crawlspace to check for any leaks or a possible cause for water leak. Told renter everything ok. Then WK sent me a $75 Inspection Fee Charge that I refused to pay. I had chimney and other areas reflashed and double flashed trying to stop leak. If it doesn't rain, you don't see results of any problem but the bottom line is this: When WK put new shingles on, they found the rotten plywood but failed to tell me about obvious water damage to rafters and other surrounding wood. They replaced the plywood that was needed in order for them to finish putting the shingles on to get job complete and get paid the rest of their money. Now inside ceiling is sagging; so upon further inspection; because WK did not tell me about water damage when they replaced shingles, now all rafter and surrounding wood has to be replaced. Not repaired BUT replaced. I would have gladly paid for all the water damage repairs when WK first discovered them if they had told me about them. A lesson learned: Window King will never do any work for me again.

Window King Of Sanford, Roofing, Siding & Windows Response

It's amazing how people turn things around. I am *** the owner of window King and I can assure customers or anyone else I am the only contractor that takes pictures to document what has been done and what we're going to do. I can also assure anyone that misses one to *** only called us once and she had an attitude because after the warranty expires we charge $75 to come out we will gladly come out. But she had a problem paying and the problem did not come from the roof installation it came from a defective chimney that mrs. had on this rental house. I I have known mrs. on a personal level for several years and her entire family has a problem paying for anything done. It was like pulling teeth to even get paid on the job. It's like if your heating and air condition goes out a lot of companies will charge a service call. I am an established business and we'll gladly service anything I sell or install but we have to be paid also. The problem was not in workmanship it was in a quite older house that had a defective chimney.

Customer Response

What everyone knows in the Sanford area is that *** is full of bull and has no problem stretching the truth. What everyone DOES KNOW IN SANFORD IS when you are hired to do work for me or my family; you are paid the day the work is completed and passed inspection. Window King contracted roof on 9-9-14 for $4900; Received check for $2200 for deposit on 9-11-14; Received final check for $2700 when job completed on 9-12-14. Contract and Cancelled Checks on Hand. Doesn't look like to me there was much pulling teeth or any wait time at all.

When job was finished on 9-12-14; *** assured me we wouldn't see any leaks any more and didn't; until the rains came. Left several messages about re-occurring leaks as I said before, but it was like talking to the south end of a north bound donkey king.

Maybe Mr. had alot of wedding plans on his mind and wasn't at the top of his game. Hopefully, he is more conscientious of his employees and their work ethics now. The only reason I have filed my review is hoping it will help another unsuspecting homeowner be aware of possible issues you may face further down the road when you deal with *** - Window King.

I have another house that the roof will be replaced in January and you better believe work will not be done by Window King.

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Address: 401 Minter School Rd, Sanford, North Carolina, United States, 27332-2475


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