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I am rejecting this response because: Husband was not at home, husband does not have [redacted] Regards, [redacted]

The Waterworks position remains the same as outlined in our response to the customer’s complaint on 7/22/ As a result of the customer breaching the contractual terms of the agreement by asking our employees to vacate the property, this action terminated set agreement Thanks, The Waterworks

The original issue was never that the toilet was not stable The toilet was not flushing properly and it was leaking All that was needed to fix the issue I called about was installing a new toilet, which I have already paid someone else to do at an additional cost of over $ The toilet only became unstable after your first technician worked on it and reset it not flush to the floor The additional floor work that was done after the initial charge was supposed to be at no charge, due to many inconveniences, multiple visits and poor quality of service, and I was supposed to get a refund for all money I had already paid So all that work before the stack replacement and vent installation was supposed to be free, this includes the work done in the invoice you includedThe additional work on the stack was unnecessarily performed and is basically what I paid the entire $for and I am requesting that be refunded since the work did not need to be done at all The stack was in fine condition but I was told that replacing it would fix my problem, which it didn't

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

Dear Ms [redacted] ~In response to the complaint # [redacted] (attached) for Ms [redacted] , we are submitting our records as well as documented correspondence andrecorded phone call interactionPlease note our attached original Service Order # [redacted] as well.In summation:• 4/23/ [redacted] from *** *** calls in emergency service for condo owner [redacted] ** She asks that we bill to [redacted] and approves OT.• Technician Chris Cimperman (CMC1) gets onsite, discovers leak is from units above, in [redacted] , owned by [redacted] (who placed the complaint) He shut the water off to [redacted] and stopped the leak Per [redacted] at [redacted] ***, this type of work is the condo owner’s financial responsibility This was communicated to condo owner [redacted] , and per CMCwas met with some resistance CMCcontacted [redacted] at [redacted] in regards to that and she said she would authorize [redacted] to pay the bill since the customer was being difficult and then just pursue the condo owner to collect.• The same day (4/23), condo owner [redacted] calls in to CSR and says “ [redacted] was going to be billed because I couldn’t find my purse earlier, cancel that, I will put my credit card on file to pay.” She didn’t have the total, so the CSR offered to call the technician to obtain the total before running the card At that time [redacted] stated she believed the total to be somewhere around “$400-some dollars” She did ask that the CSR call her back if it was higher than $500, so that she’d know She put an [redacted] on file with the billing address to be [redacted] She stated that’s not her home address, just her billing address but she also doesn’t reside at [redacted] per [redacted] *** They referred to her as an “offsite owner”.• 4/Ms [redacted] calls in to obtain a copy of her invoice since it was originally a [redacted] request.• 4/Ms [redacted] calls to say she still doesn’t see a charge on her [redacted] from us, and was transferred to billing.• 4/A charge was placed on a [redacted] of Ms [redacted] ’s in the amount of $ Not sure where the information of a [redacted] # came from as we supposedly put an [redacted] CC on file.• 5/Ms [redacted] calls and says she received a copy of the invoice but it “only lists company’s name, address and amount due The technician gave me an amount but then you charged me $more than he said, and his amount was ridiculous to begin with!” (please note she had never had any issue or attitude prior to this call) She was transferred to billing v/m Also note that the technician’s paperwork incorrectly states the total as being $557.50, as he undercharged on the labor Correct total is $and since Ms [redacted] is an offsite owner, her signature could not be obtained Assuming the technician quoted her by phone.• 5/Ms [redacted] calls again “trying to get an itemized bill for Inishmore” (not her unit), transferred to billing• 5/Ms [redacted] calls again and asks for Amanda (billing), when asked who was calling, she identified herself as Ms [redacted] and was transferred• (Calls to accounting are not recorded just documented) Amanda takes the call, which is a complaint and so enters complaint SO # [redacted] It is entered as being called in by [redacted] I asked Amanda about this and she says she could’ve sworn that’s who the caller identified herself as the property manager from [redacted] who knows.• 5/Ms [redacted] contacts the Attorney General to file a complaint the same day that she filed one with The Waterworks She didn’t even give us a chance to field her complaint before escalating to them.• 5/I call [redacted] at [redacted] to touch base with her and pick her brain about the situation First I verified that she was NOT the person who called in the complaint Then after I gave her a brief rundown of my investigation, she tells me (OFF THE RECORD), “oh yes, this one rings a bell, she’s a hot mess” She stated that yes she explained to the technician that since the leak was found in the unit, it is Ms [redacted] ’s responsibility to pay for the services, NOT [redacted] ***’s She also let me know that the tech told her he was getting some resistance from the condo owner in regards to paying, which was when she went ahead and authorized [redacted] to pay and then pursue, as mentioned earlier.• 5/ I let [redacted] , Waterworks Collections, know that if we see that charge go thru from [redacted] in the amount of $to credit it back to them.Sincerely~Jean N***Director of Strategic Marketing and Brand DevelopmentMobile: ###-###-#### | Phone: ###-###-#### | Fax:

We sincerely appreciate the customer’s comments concerning the recent service experienceOur customer concerns are important to us, they help us to improve and maintain the quality service they expect and deserve
As outlined in the customer comments, The Waterworks was asked to leave the job
site, therefore terminating the contract. After further discussion, between The Waterworks and the customer, a mutual agreement was reached not to continue with any further work and that the customer would be responsible for all/any progress billing for the work rendered within the original contracted amount
We believe that the bill is fair and should be paid.
The Waterworks

On 03/31/our carpet cleaning technician; as well as, the restoration manager went out to Mrs***'s property to assess the areaAt that time they put a liquid treatment on the carpet to help eliminate the stain that was presentYesterday, 04/04/the carpet cleaning technician spoke to
Mrs*** who called to tell him that the spot looked betterAt this time this concern has been addressed and corrected per the customers request

First and foremost, I want to thank you for choosing The Waterworks to be of assistance in your homeI know that you have a choice of many service providers and we appreciate the opportunity you afforded us
Our goal for each customer is to provide a service experience that is valuable,
meaningful, and easyI noticed that you expressed some concern with pricingI wanted to let you know that based on your comment, I have taken the liberty to review the service invoice
We take great pride to ensure that important matters such as this are properly resolvedWaterworks aim is to consistently deliver professional service to our customers
After further review and discussion with the customer this matter has been resolved to the customer satisfaction on 6/19/
Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attentionPlease accept our sincerest apology and we hope to service you again in the future
Yours in service, The Waterworks

At no time was it explained to me that Waterworks would not stand by their work if I bought a faucet myself There were two opportunities for that - when I called the night before to ask if it would be alright to buy my own faucet for Waterworks to install, and then when the workmen showed up I am also enclosing photos of my copies of the work order They are barely legible On the reverse is more text, which was not pointed out to me, nor was I given an opportunity to read it Either way, I cannot find anything on the pages given to me describing that a faucet purchased by me was not covered. I have also tried to attach a photo showing that the left side hot water handle has a larger gap from the deck plate than the right hand cold water, but I keep getting an error message while loading. Regards,
*** ***

In response to the rebuttal to complaint ID *** from June 30, from *** ***:We spoke with our technician regarding the claim that our technician has *** sign by an "X" with no description.Our technician confirmed that he had wrote "Waterworks is not responsible for damages or repairs to drywall" prior to obtaining ***'s signatureFurther, the terms and conditions that *** agreed toby signing the Authorization for Commencement of Service and Acceptance of Pre-Service Agreement near the top of the service contract state as follows:"We, the Clients, agree to remove or protect any personal property, inside and out, but not limited to, carpets, shrubs and planting and The Waterworks will not be responsible for said itemsNor shall The Waterworks be held responsible for the natural consequences of The Waterworks' work which may cause damage to improvements to real property including, but not limited to, curbs, sidewalks, walks, driveways, garages, patios, lawns, shrubs, sprinkler systems, wallpaper, drywall, stucco, tile, cabinets and other appurtenances to the residence or other real property.In order to make the repair, the technician removed the drywall to gain necessary access, removed the 1/2" galvanized pip and replaced with a 1-1/2" PVC pipe, removed and replaced degree elbows, replaced sanitary tee, replaced all tubular under kitchen sink and replaced basket strainer

We are sorry that our service has promoted the customer to complete this review, and we regret any inconvenience or frustration that this experience has causedThe Waterworks has a strong desire to address customer concernsWe take great pride at ensuring important customer matters are properly
resolvedThe Waterworks will work with the customer to resolve the issue as outlined in the customer’s compliantIt is our goal to resolve this matter to the customer satisfaction on July 24,
I would like to thank the customer for bringing this to our attentionPlease accept our sincerest apology and we hope to service you again in the futureYours in service,The Waterworks

On April 7, 2017, Ms*** contacted The Waterworks to schedule an appointment for plumbing repairs. Our technician arrived onsite on April 7, at 12:PM. Our technician explained to the customer that The Waterworks would not be responsible for any drywall repairs. To
emphasize this, the technician wrote on the invoice: Waterworks is not responsible for damages or repairs to drywall and obtained the customer’s signature to verify that she had been advised. Upon completion, our technician obtained a signature by the customer acknowledging the satisfactory completion of the described serviceOn April 7, around 10:PM, Ms*** contacted our office requesting a supervisor to inspect the work performed by our technician as she felt it was of low quality and that she had received a second opinion stating that the work could have been accessed through the basement. She also stated that the technician performed work that was not approved and that the technician cut pipes that were not damaged. An appointment was scheduled for April 10, for a supervisor to meet with the customer and inspect the workOur Supervisor met with Ms*** on April 10, 2017. He inspected the work and reviewed what was completed with the customer. Our Supervisor verified and reassured the customer that the repairs were of great quality and also stated that in his professional opinion, there was no feasible way that the repair could have been made through the basement. Our technician felt that the customer was satisfied upon his departureOn the service contract, our technician quoted the customer the price and obtained initials approving the quoted amount, as well as obtaining her signature to ensure she was made aware that The Waterworks would not be responsible for drywall repairs and obtained her signature once the work was completed to ensure that she agreed that the work was completed satisfactory. I have attached a copy of the contract with the signature and initial areas markedIf the customer is not satisfied or if a concern still exists, we would request that the customer give us the opportunity to meet with her again to discuss her questions and/or concerns

I need verification that I have a zero balanceI want a zero balance invoice.
The waterworks representative did not fix the situation, but made things worseThe waterworks service person would not give me detailed or honest information about the plumbing issueEvery single question that I asked about the problem, he evaded the questionHe said that he couldn’t say much because he works for the property management and it is the property management who pays waterworksThis showed absolutely no regard for me.
No supervisor followed up with me about my complaint, even after sending follemails.
I want to make it clear that waterworks treated me in a very unfair, dishonest wayThe dishonesty and lack of transparency were major reasons why I did not want waterworks back in my homeAs much as I wanted the issue to be resolved quickly, the lack of trust that I have to waterworks, and the fear that waterworks would cause further damage, kept me from letting them in my home.
Everything that was done was predatoryThe waterworks representative took advantage of me and fixed things that he didn’t have toI told him if there was an issue with a part under the sink, I could have someone else look at itBut, he threatened that there would be another flood if he didn’t replace the parts under the sink, even though the flooding issue doesn’t stem from the sinkI wonder how many other individuals have been treated this way? Or, do only people who look like me get treated poorly? This is discriminatory and against the law.
Please send to me an invoice that shows that I have a zero balancePlease send this immediately.Please add this comment to my rebuttal
Yesterday. Please see the below messageNo one should be charged for work that was not completed, work that actually resulted in more damage than what previously existedThen, to charge for work that did not need to be done is unethicalThis was a predatory repairI also want to add that if the property management seeks payment from me, I will be seeking damages back from waterworks, since no repairs were madeI will also seek reimbursement for the parts that were not leaking prior to waterworks coming to my home, but started leaking as soon as the waterworks representative attempted the repair workI will ask for monies to get these repaired by plumbers who I deem to be reputable

Technician falsley represented root removal. Subsequent TV work by city crews to clear the roots that Waterworks claimed to have pushed into the city line showed that roots had NOT been pushed into the city sewer. The roots had, in fact, NOT been cut from my lines. I subsequently hired another company who also TV'd the line showing roots had NOT been cut and removed. I paid the other company to remove the roots that Waterworks had left in my line.While Waterworks placed plastic between the work area and PART of the basement on the day they jack-hammered my basement floor they had no protection in place when they initially pulled part of the contaminated, looped cable cable out of my sewer on Sept 2. The looped cable was spinning and slammed into shelving, washer & dryer and flung contaminated sewer water throughout the work area
*** ***

At this time we have been in contact with the customerShe was going in for knee surgery and asked that we contact her in three weeks to proceed with getting documentation from her that we were requestingWe will be in contact with her again after Thanksgiving

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me

Thank you for notifying us and expressing concern regarding the service that you received. The Waterworks strives to provide the best possible service. The Waterworks takes great pride to ensure that important matters such as this are properly resolved.
The Waterworks has attempted to work with...

the customer to resolve the issue as outlined in the customer’s complaint. On 11/12/2015, The Waterworks contacted the customer and offered a reduction on future service. The customer declined the offered.
The following events occurred:
On 11/20/2014, service was rendered for leak in the first floor bathroom toilet. A 90 day warranty on labor materials was issued.
On 12/23/2014, service was rendered for a leak in the master bathroom toilet. A 90 day warranty on labor materials was issued.
On 10/17/2015, service was rendered for a toilet leak. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the toilet was pulled and taken apart. The toilet had shifted causing it to leak at the base. The truck stock materials that we carry were not the correct fit for the tank to bowl that the customer took apart and reset. No warranty was issued on the toilet itself due to the customer attempting to make the repair. A 90 day warranty on labor materials was provided for the seal to flange.
The Waterworks was not offered the opportunity to stand behind and guarantee the work that was done on 10/17/2015. The customer chose to contact another contractor.
We are sorry that our service has promoted the customer to complete this review, and we regret any inconvenience or frustration that this experience has caused.
Please accept our sincerest apology and we hope to serve you again in the future.
The Waterworks

I am rejecting this response because: I truly made a complaint for the wait of 17 hrs. I called and spoke with several people besides Anna with my concerns. The remark that I "giggled" yes before 11pm. I was not giggling at 3am. I was more frustrated with the tech. Trying to talk me out of the...

service 3am, and again at 5 :30am and to wanting me to wait till Tuesday. When I received  the call to follow up I had only been asleep for 2 hrs. Since the tech arrived at 6am and left at 6:30am.  At no point was I told my service would take 17hrs. This matter in my eyes is closed, I will use another company for any issues in the future.

Concerns to the Waterworks Business to address paragraph one in Waterworks replied.  Your technician Mitch committed fraud, asking the customer to sign blank space, and later filling in, what he thinks is good to put in that space.  Ask him about the conversation that him and I on April 7, 2017 at 12:10 pm at [redacted] Ave. Mitch gave his little speech about his invoice #654264 that he need permissible to work at [redacted], removable plumbing may no longer be usable.The services to be performed on 4/7/2017 by Waterworks is an estimated of the cost, and could be lower, receive a ten percent if you are on [redacted], or any Water Works Coupons.  Pointing to his #654264 invoice, he ask me to initial here, and signed here.I took the #654264 invoice and what he wanted me to initial in that space it said $902.00, I replied to him $902.00 for a 2 inch pipe, Mitch replied it is just an estimated cost it will be more less than that. I told him, that I inform Debbie that I have the parts and she said the service call is what I will pay for, but it would not be much.I intial by the $902.00, the next place to be signed, were a X with nothing written in, by description of work, I informed Mitch why am I signing here there are nothing there. He replied how are we going to fix this now, like he was speaking to someone else. The information that is written in the Description of Work were written at a late time, on those line were nothing but blank space. Mitch the technician wrote on the invoice #654264 after my signature.I did not acknowledge the satisfactory completion of the described service. I ask your Mitch why is he doing the opposite of what he is here to do, H informed me “Girl, I have 3 degree, I am not a handyman, I am a professional I do not do small jobs.Mitch cut the pipe line that goes to the dishwasher & the disposal. I had nothing at my home leaking the 2 inch pipe, and 22.5 elbow were rusted out, I did not wanted to take a chance on getting a leak.The statement made by Waterworks technician Mitch on his invoice #654264 that customer had leaking 1 ½ pipe is untrue that claim in untrue, no leak, just rust all of these cutting he said he made, he done them to make more money. Inform me that he is not a handy man but a professional with three degrees.The 2 inch pipe and 22.5 elbow were at  eye level in the basement not the kitchen.To address paragraph two in waterworks replied on April 10th my conversation with the waterworks supervisor Ryan H[redacted]. I requested they refund my money back, and pay to fix the repair. Ryan H[redacted] informed me that waterworks will make it good for me 11 weeks and I have not heard from Ryan H[redacted].To address paragraph three what the supervisor statement is saying is very untrue, How can I be satisfied upon his departure but informed Ryan H[redacted], that I need my money back, and my kitchen repair plus the pipes his technician Mitch cut up. The unsatisfied phone calls made on 4/7/2017 at 2:39 pm, 3:07 pm, 4:15 pm, 4:39 pm, 5:18 pm, 10:52 pm.I, [redacted] informed the Waterworks technician Mitch at 2 p.m., I have to go to the bus stop to get my children, When are you going to fix that big hole in my kitchen, at this time he had fixed the 2 inch pipe. He got real angry because the pipe he had cut up in the kitchen were not fitting right. He informed me, that he has to go back to the shop to get some part.Mitch, left at 2 pm, and sat in the driveway until 2:23. I informed him again, I have to leave, you must be back at 3 pm. He return back at 3:12 pm. He informed me I am not going to fix the drywall.The waterworks people are not listening to me. I informed you the waterworks company on April 7th, 2017. I am not satisfied with the work done at my home. Waterworks your company send Ryan H[redacted] to my home, and I informed him I am not satisfied, that I am requesting my money back and repairs done by someone else at your expense to the waterworks company management, all is not well with your technician Mitch, he came to my home and was bullying me and disrespecting me. Please ask him, he will tell you.Waterworks management, the concern still exists, and at this point nothing were done after my conversation with Ryan H[redacted] on April 10th, 2017. This is June 23rd, 2017, you never adjusted the bill, never call me.  In your conclusion paragraph you stated you want to met with me again but there are no question to discuss.1. On April 7th, 2017 you send a person to my home that disrespected me, and my home.2. The many phone calls I made to your office and no one will listen to me. They inform me, we are busy getting phone calls I can not talk to you. Ask them, you should have it all on your record.3. Your supervisor Ryan H[redacted] came to my home give me his word,  We will make good for you, but nothing were done as of today June 26th, 2017.4. The waterworks management Ryan H[redacted] taken his own photos of the mess his technician Mitch made.5. The waterworks management your technician gave me his C O D copy of invoice #254264, that was not readable. I inform him it is nothing on it, he got angry, but gave me his billing copy still not readable . Note I did not know that he were hiding his fraudulent statements.6. The water works and management your technician Mitch committed fraud asking customer to sign blank space, and later filling in (his)your untrue statements.I do not want to meet with you, unless it is in the Civil right Commission court, on the Columbus Ohio Attorney General Consumer fraud for senior citizen.Please pay me my money back, and fix what your technician Mitch done.Mitch your technician know I was not satisfied with his work.  I called the office and spoken to the operator about him at 2:39 pm, at 3:07 on April 7th, 2017. The operator inform me that he is not answering his phone and she is going to put in an complaint about him and his work.

On 01/18/2016 The Waterworks was contacted to install a new faucet that the customer was suppling. On 01/19/2016 the customer faucet was installed the warranty information provided to the customer was that there was no guarantee because the parts were customer supplied. On 02/06/2016 The Waterworks...

was contacted by the customer stating that the hot water nob to the faucet was having trouble shutting off. The customer was advised that we are willing to provide service to address the issue, but there would be a fee because there is no warranty from the initial service where we installed a customer supplied faucet. The customer was advised that we do stand behind the work that we provide. The call received to address the issue was 19 days after the initial installation. After further review and looking at the customer supplied faucet that was installed the faucet is all one piece; therefore, the technician didn’t install each handle individually it all came assembled. The only pieces that the technician installed separately were the stops and the supply lines. The issue of concern as it relates to the hot water handle is not an installation issue, but could be a manufacturer’s issue. The Moen faucet that the customer purchased carries a lifetime warranty for residential installations. During the call on 02/06/2016 the customer was advised to contact the manufacturer. If service is provided they would send her the parts and the customer would be responsible for the labor costs. As for addition service to address the customers concern the customer declined to have The Waterworks come back out.

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