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Winstar World Casino

777 Casino Ave, Thackerville, Oklahoma, United States, 73459-9774

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• May 03, 2021

Poor operations
Went to Winstar only to bet on and watch the Kentucky Derby this weekend. Go down to place bet and come back to Palladium "sports" bar to watch the race. We requested SEVERAL times to the bartenders to switch the TVs to the Derby and I witnessed them requesting Operations to turn it for over 45 minutes. Several customers were around us trying to watch the Derby on one small TV and were complaining. How hard is it to turn the channel on the TV. Plus the middle TV on the big screen wasnt even working.

• Aug 03, 2020

We have been going to Winstar for almost 2 years now and have spent a lot of money there and a lot of time there and we've been there at all different Times day and night and sometimes two or three times a week and they don't let us hit anything and if they do it's something small but that rarely happens to even though we're frequent there and lightly especially we've noticed a decrease in the payouts for anybody in the whole entire building and that is just not right I think that this needs to be investigated because I think it's faulty and fraud. And even the bartender at the establishment told us that they were not letting people leave with anything and that shows we're not the only ones that have noticed this it's a fact and it needs to be investigated.

Winstar World Casino Response time Aug 10, 2020

World Casino does not determine payouts of any gaming devices. Payouts are
dictated by the products themselves, as determined by their manufacturer.

Customer Response time Aug 12, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: we were just there and once again got proved that these machines are program and we put a bunch of money in these machines and got done horribly you guys just don't want customers to come back especially once it's been a lot of money here you don't want them here it seems like you're just robbing people technically


Winstar Casino will not stop sending me postal mail. I sent a return to sender a month ago which they told me is the only way to get off their mailing list short of coming to the casino 1,500 miles away and still nothing. Mary the supervisor at the call center told me there is no other way and that I should keep trying.

Winstar World Casino Response time Jan 09, 2020

Mr. *** has been removed from our mailing list, email list and telemarketing list. It will take approximately 90 days for Mr*** to stop receiving mail from Winstar World Casino and Resort as we process our promotional mail pieces in advance.

Customer Response time Jan 09, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I got off work early to go to the Windstar for the 360 room promotion for play from 2-4. I arrived at 3;30 and waited in line for FOR 1/2 HOUR ONLY TO BE TOLD AT 4;05 that they were not taking any more customers. Disappoint!!!!! I will not be back in another 9 years. resident of Plano, TX

Winstar World Casino Response time Nov 06, 2019

We understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience. We have a set limit of 200 patrons for each event date, from 2:00p – 4:00p. As we near the 200 mark we do inform guests as to what number they are in line, as well as inform those guests that are unable to participate due to reaching our patron limit. We appreciate your feedback regarding the Casino 360 promotion, and will take it into consideration as we prepare future promotions.

Winstar Casino Slot Machine did not pay full Amount.
Staff lied about the complaint

Customer Response time Sep 10, 2019

To Oklahoma I think you got the fee that is own to me from Win Star World Casino. I think you said $144.00. It's $144.000,00.Case

Winstar World Casino Response time Sep 18, 2019

I have reached out to the patron and requested further information to better assist her with her complaint. Please let me know if you need anything else at this time.

Good Afternoon ***

I am reaching out to you regarding your complaint against WinStar. I would like to apologize for any dissatisfaction you had on your last visit. Can I please get a little more information from you, to better assist you? You may reach me by email or at the below extension.

Thank you

Scam on room rates. $139 for Thursday then Friday for exact same room it's $379 which they already have your card from when you checked in. Who in their right mind pays $379 for a hotel room in OKLAHOMA. I didn't pay that much for Paris or New York Times square. WTH? They claim it's because they are a "resort" and have "concerts". I asked if I was supposed to get free concert tickets with that price. No reason other than they can. DO NOT give these is your money.

Winstar World Casino Response time Apr 05, 2019

Hello. Our hotel rates are set according to consumer demand, dependent upon holiday seasons or events on property. The feedback is appreciated and will be taken into consideration for future pricing.

received my first and only in my life complimentary buffet ticket. I went to the casino on the expiration date1/31/19 to redeem the ticket. The buffet was under renovations. . They did not notify me of the renovation until 2/2/19. until two days later on February 2 there was renovations. . I talked to someone named *** who said yes she would replace my ticket for another time. I neglected to find out what area of the casino *** was there. I have called back many times to find a *** no one even had a suggestion. They did not try to help me. they didn't want to be bothered. I kept a copy I kept the buffet ticket no one wanted to help can you believe that? Employees were not happy that I told them if I didn't eat at the buffet I didn't eat at the casino I would go into town and eat.

Winstar World Casino Response time Apr 01, 2019

we do apologize and understand your frustration with being unable to utilize your Buffet offer due to renovations. We want to ensure your next visit with us is a pleasant one. We have added a remark to your account that allows you to receive your Buffet offer upon your next visit. Please stop by any Player’s Club desk upon your return, and a clerk will assist you with placing the Comp on your Player’s Club card. Sincerely,***Database Analysis Manager

After repeated attempts at notifying this Business that I no longer wish to receive Marketing/Advertisements/Notifications/Promotions etc... they continue to send me advertisements and mailers.

I contacted the Business Approx. one(1) Month ago and spoke to the staff there and asked them how to opt out. They stated that all you have to do is write "Return to Sender" on the mailing/marketing material and put it back in the mailbox.

I have done so at least five (5) times. This latest mailing today 12/22/2018 will be the Sixth (6th) time.

Winstar World Casino Response time Jan 10, 2019

we do apologize for any inconveniences to your request for non-mail. We have removed you from any and all future mailings. However, you may continue to receive Direct Mail through February 2019, as it can take up to 90 days to be removed from our mailing list once we have received notification. We have reached out to our partners and requested they remove you from any future correspondence. We do value each of our patrons and their privacy and hope to have this issue resolved shortly.

I was there for the Backstreet Boys concert. I’m absolutely livid about how the situation was handled. There was absolutely no communication. It’s pretty bad when the only updates we received were from Kevin on Twitter. Don’t even get me started on how we were treated by the staff. They didn’t care and refuse to refund us because our tickets were purchased from Ticketmaster. Since the show was postponed we are not going to get a refund from Ticketmaster. I will NEVER go to Winstar again. They’re a complete joke.

After hitting a 5k jackpot in one of the slot machines, a company employee came to collect my data in order to provide payout.
After noticing that my drivers license says “limited term”, she said that because I’m a foreign national they will have to withhold 30% of my taxes.
I explained to her that I am a resident alien. And that the withholding requirements are only for foreign nationals or nonresident aliens.
The employee asked if I had a green card. I said no. I have lived in the Us on visas for 17 years. File and pay my taxes. Am a business owner. And I resident alien does not receive a green card. Otherwise it would be considered a permanent residency.
She was polite and called her supervisor. Unfortunately, the supervisor also had no understanding on the IRS instructions regarding withholding on form 1042-s. She said it was company policy that if I had no grencard or was not a citizen, that they had to withhold 30% of the winnings.
Since I did not have the 1042-s form instructions on me to further explain to them how it works, I was forced to sign the paperwork presented to me. The staff is clearly not well trained to understand the requirements, and I could have easily shown them that I fulfill the substantial presence test by them looking up my i94 online (it’s public record). But they insisted on me showing a green card. As I said, resident aliens don’t receive green cards.
Also, when I received the 1042-s, it was filled out wrong. Instead of putting my social security number in the section we’re the number is supposed to go (and I said to the employee “this is my SSN”, they put it in the field for a foreign tax number.

Winstar World Casino Response time Apr 10, 2018


Food had hair in it! This place is a clip joint!

I have been going to Winstar for several months now, here in the last Three or four months I have noticed a lot of things. First of all, I think winstar is a big scam. They can control when and who hits what jackpots. I have spent several thousands of dollars here and now I can’t even hit 100.00 bucks. That tells me soemthing isn’t right. I have been told twice now no on a one person food comp when I am a elite card holder. I was told I had to put down a deposit to rent a cabana by the pool and the free two complimentary concert tickets they offer isn’t free. They pull from your points which states. I where . I believe there is insiders people who are in this scam because last month when I was followed out to my car I reported to one of the operations managers and he told me they don’t see anything out of the normal onthe cameras which is crap but I have witnesss who have seen this happen many times. The jackpot pay out people can set the machine up where it hits and don’t hit. Ex co worker even told me they can which I will not tell the name of the coworker. It’s the biggest scam ever so when you go there and don’t even have a chance to win something needs to be done about it. They are Robbin. People blind

Winstar World Casino Response

Dear Mr.,

Thank you for your letter dated Monday, October 23 regarding Mr. R. ***.

To my knowledge, Mr. has not made contact with anyone in Gaming Operations at WinStar World Casino and Resort referencing this matter. Pursuant to our Chickasaw Nation Office of the Gaming Commission's Regulations, Mr. can contact myself or any memberof the Gaming Operations Management for the necessary information and forms to file a Patron Prize Claim for any funds he feels he is owed. Due to our Internet guidelines regarding the confidentiality of patron information, I cannot make any further comments in this matter.

Best Regards,


Senior Operations Manager - Gaming Operations

Customer Response

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
I did email one of your operations guys. I still have the email. I find it very odd how when people start goin forst few times they all win, then slowly can’t win 100.00. And the whole penny thing gets me as well. I had one of halls workers ask me to get the penny because they can’t touch t and as soon as I pick it up the click or snap on something in there pocket. It’s all a rigged and y’all can control it. Y’all are robbing people blind. Like I said from July until now I have spent a lot of money. You can review my file I’m sure. And when you can’t even hit 100.00 bucks and everyone else around you is and can’t get a comp meal not once but twice and the people who win in the slot tournaments is all a set up. So yes I do think I should be remibursed on a lot of money when you don’t even have a chance at winning. I bet Shreveport and Las Vegas my odd are so much better. People scam y’all customerz and had several admit to it. I know someone who had won 109,000.00 and guess what they haven’t hit or won nothing over a grand if that since then. So see it’s all too iffy

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Address: 777 Casino Ave, Thackerville, Oklahoma, United States, 73459-9774


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