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WinZip Computing, Inc.

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I purchased my WinZip Driver Updater program in November, 2018. It worked once, then never worked again. I've emailed them several times begging for help and I never get an answer. Needless to say I will not be buying any other products from them nor will I be recommending them to anyone I know. Total ripoff!

The company WINZIP has finally helped me resolve the issue. I am a very busy person, so having to contact them several times and never being able to speak with a human in real time is
annoying. And an inconvenience. They need to have something other than an answering machine during business hours. Its really suspect, and does not show concern for addressing simple issues in a timely fashion.I have access to the software I paid for, but the process was drawn out.Thanks!***

I thank you very much in helping to resolve my complaint with WinzipCompany contacted me yesterday and resolved the matterAgain thank again*** ***

I thank you very much in helping to resolve my complaint with WinzipCompany contacted me yesterday and resolved the matter
"margin-bottom: 0.25in;">Again thank again[redacted]

The company WINZIP has finally helped me resolve the issue.  I am a very busy person, so having to contact them several times and never being able to speak with a human in real time is annoying.  And an inconvenience.  They need to have something other than an answering machine during...

business hours.  Its really suspect, and does not show concern for addressing simple issues in a timely fashion.I have access to the software I paid for, but the process was drawn out.Thanks![redacted]

Review: WinZip will not fix their defective software by issuing an new registration key.

I bought WinZip Driver Updater on 11/27/2012 along with WinZip Registry Cleaner. On 4/16/2013 WinZip supplied me with a new Registration Key for the WinZip Driver Updater because that software unregistered itself about 1 week prior.

Now on 5/17/2013 WinZip Driver Updater again unregistered itself but, this time the key that they had supplied me with on 4/16/2013 would not work. I sent an e-mail to them and they said basically I would have to buy the software again.

After several e-mails with no success, I call the tech support and she said she would be happy to help. I was happy that finally this was going to be fixed but, that was short lived.

The tech support agent asked for permission to "log In" to my computer via the internet from a website called and she did.

After about 20 minutes on the phone she had installed 3 different programs to my computer and then she began to tell me all the problems my computer had.

She then said that she can fix all these problems it I would let them work on my computer for about 2 - 3 hours. I thought great. Then she states to tell me about the cost of this service plan, which was over $200 for then next two years of service.

After she got done with her 10 minute speech I asked "How is this going to fix my WinZip Driver Updater"? She just started back in with the same sales pitch. Well, anyways after another 10 minutes of asking her how this is going to fix my software I finally just asked her "So basically there is nothing you can do for me unless I buy this $200+ service plan"? She responded "Yes".

I told her that I was NOT going to buy the service plan and she said well then good bye.

Since the phone call I have sent 3 e-mails to WinZip and they have all gone unanswered.

All I want is my WinZip Driver Updater Program to work like it is supposed to. I mean I paid for it, right?Desired Settlement: I just want them to provide me with a Working Registration Key so that I can use the software that I paid for.

Also, I would like for them to find out why it keeps Unregistering itself.



Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2013/06/27) */

WinZip Computing, Inc. regrets any inconvenience this might have caused to our valued customer. We are reviewing our file to determine what our customer service center assessed as the potential problem with our customer's computer. Though it is not our practice to require any payment to access customer service, in certain instances a problem cannot be remedied without additional services. Upon completion of our review of our customer's file within the next week, we will contact him to again attempt to remedy his computer problem and, if we cannot do so, we will explain the necessity for additional services.

Review: Recently, my installed and licensed version of WinZip 16.5 started alerting me to an important update. I read through the screen and decided, after postponing the update that I would finally update my software. I clicked on the button which took me to a webpage with two options, Download or Purchase. Since I am already a licensed user, I chose Download. Once the installation process was complete, I started WinZip and was asked to enter my license information. I thought this was really odd as it should have just used the license already installed, but I keep accurate records and entered the information. I was notified that the information was incorrect. It was at this point that I realized that this was not a free update, as their information indicated, but a for-fee, full upgrade transaction.I attempted to contact WinZip but they do not list any contact phone number and as I use this software for my business, I would not be able to wait for an emailed request.The only resolution was to completely uninstall the new version of WinZip and find an install of the older version. If this is a fee-based update, I believe that they have a legal responsibility to be up-front with that. This is almost a bait-and-switch. "Here is an important update... oh, by the way, now that it's installed, you owe us $50 if you want to use it"

Product_Or_Service: WinZip Software

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

Since I was able to find and reinstall the older version, there is no restitution required, to me. However, WinZip needs to change this update alert to an offer for a paid upgrade. I am sure that I am not the first person to have this issue.



Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/06/27) */

WinZip Computing, Inc. regrets any inconvenience this might have caused to our valued customer. It is not our practice to charge a fee for any product which is not disclosed in advance to the customer. We are actively investigating why this might have occurred and we thank our valued customer for alerting us to this issue. Although this customer has not requested a refund, we are happy to refund the purchase price.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 10, 2013/06/28) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

There is no need of a refund as I have been using the product I purchased. My issue is with the way they alerted me to an update, and after the update was installed my paid for product was disabled. They misrepresent this update as something without cost. Once it is installed, and the previous product has been disabled are you told that this was a for-pay upgrade. As of today, this offer of a seemingly free "update" message still appears. The company did ask if they could contact me, but failed to do so, when I accepted their offer.

Review: The registration key provided does not work for the past few or more months. Repeated attempts to get tech support have not been answered - ther is no phone number, just email addresses. Have been paying monthly for a service I cannot use and want my subscription cancelled of course but cannot get any response. This is pretty much theft at this point as far as I am concerned.Desired Settlement: I would like the past four months reimbursed at the very least and my service cancelled immediately

Review: I now have contacted winzip repeated times with no help from them. I bought product on 5/23 and have not had it work since I purchased. There is no number to call only email and answers come overnight. All answers tell me to go to website and down load 17.5, there is no 17.5, product is now 18. I have tried and begged numerous times for a phone call from them and have not received one nor am I able to get a live person on line since all answers come overnight.There has been numerous emails and I have done everything they requestedDesired Settlement: A phone call to fix this from Winzip.

WinZip Customer Service and Technical Support is the WORST in the Industry! I have had to call WinZip technical support on a couple of occasions. The people in New Delhi, India are RUDE, do not have people skills, only interested in selling additional products, and refuse to resolve issues. I changed my hard drive to a larger one. I needed the activation code. They only will give it to you if they can long into your computer. The last time I allowed this and the guy started opening personal files and folders and looked at all my installed programs. Then instead of getting my activation code, he proceeded to try and sell me antivirus programs and other software. When you refuse to allow them access to your computer, then they will not give you your activation code. They tell you to email [email protected], but you never get a reply. I use the WinZip System Utilities Suite and I like the product. However, I avoid their so-called customer service if at all possible.

Review: This company fraudulenlty accessed my Visa account and charge a program to it. I never ordered the program nor di I give them permission to use my credit card.Their Invoice XXXXXXX for $99.95 was charged to me.

Product_Or_Service: WinZip

Order_Number: XXXXXXX

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I wish an immediate refund and this matter refered to the local Police

Review: I purchased a license for winzip (Gwen McRae), I entered the license SUCCESSFULLY but the product still displays "evaluation product expired".

I purchased a license for winzip (Gwen McRae), I entered the license SUCCESSFULLY but the product still displays "evaluation product expired". I entered the license information again and it tells me that "the code entered has already been used" I emailed [redacted] and told them the story and all they emailed me back from [redacted] with the following:

email attached here:

Hi, I am writing in response to your message:

Sorry to hear of the difficulties you are facing.

While registering WinZip MAC Edition, Please use copy (command+C) and paste (command+V), and make sure that you have only highlighted the actual text that needs copying. If you highlight a space before or after the text and paste that extra space into WinZip Mac, the registration will fail.

Here are your instructions on how to download, install, and register WinZip Mac Edition.


1. Point your browser to the WinZip web site at:

2. The winzipmacedition20.dmg file will be downloaded into your default save location which is usually your Downloads folder--accessible from the Dock.

3. Open winzipmacedition20.dmg.

4. From the WinZip Mac Edition panel, drag and drop the WinZip Mac icon to the Applications folder.

5. Open the Applications folder and double click the WinZip Mac icon.

Click 'Agree' to the license agreement, close the browser and close the Applications folder.


6. At the 'Thank you for trying WinZip Mac Edition' panel, copy (Command + C) and paste (Command + V) your name and code as shown below into the appropriate fields:

Registered to name: Gwen McRae

Registration/activate code: D8Y6K-RVAGA-5FULK-08W57-MGH3A-TMYP4

7. Click on the 'Register' button.

The next time you start WinZip Mac, the 'Thank you for trying WinZip Mac Edition' panel will not be displayed.

Note: Please save this message for future reference. You might need to re-enter your registration information if you reinstall WinZip or upgrade to a new computer.

Your use of WinZip Mac is governed by the terms of the WinZip Mac License. For more information, please go to

Please let us know if you have questions or problems. Answers to a wide variety of questions may be found at the WinZip Knowledge Base:

Vivek, WinZip support Team

> User name: Gwen MCrae

> User email: [redacted]

> Title: Can't use Winzip after buying key

> Message:


> Bought key from online store-


> Proof-


> Thank you for using the WinZip online store. Below you will find your

> cleverbridge reference number. cleverbridge is WinZip's e-commerce

> provider and handles any order-related inquiries. To ensure the most

> prompt and efficient service, please always refer to your reference

> number when contacting us.

> Your cleverbridge reference number: XXXXXXXX Payment information Your

> credit card (xxxxxxxxxxxxx3013) has been successfully authorized.

> Please note that the charge on your credit card will appear as


> Your products



> Entered Key but Winzip would still not work for me. Downloaded another

> copy of Winzip now it tells me that "Incorrect registration

> information" Please check the name and registration...blah blah

> blah....COntact support at


> So now I am here.


> Pleawse help


> [redacted]




This does not work; I know because I tried all of those steps before contacting support. I told them I wanted a refund but never heard back from them again.

Desired Settlement: I need a refund of the amount of money they charged my company's credit card

Review: I have a copy of WINZIP 19, and I was issued a license for WINZIP 20. When I try to update t WINZIP 20 my anti virus blocks the install. I am not comfortable using your product. I want a refund. I have a "trial" version that I have not been able to use but once.Desired Settlement: I want my money back.



The company WINZIP has finally helped me resolve the issue. I am a very busy person, so having to contact them several times and never being able to speak with a human in real time is annoying. And an inconvenience. They need to have something other than an answering machine during business hours. Its really suspect, and does not show concern for addressing simple issues in a timely fashion.I have access to the software I paid for, but the process was drawn out.Thanks![redacted]

Review: I started up the WinZip software I had bought from this company quite some time ago that was working fine. The software popped up a window offering a "FREE update of this software to licensed users". I clicked on the button to tell it to download the software. Instead of an update, from 14.0 to 14.5, it installed a trial version of the 17.5 version of the software. When I ran the software it had just installed, it said the trial had expired and demanded that I pay to use it. I wasted 2 hours trying to recover from their error. This is classic "Bait and switch" marketing tactics and must be nipped in the bud. I seek compensation for my wasted time.Desired Settlement: Compensation for my wasted time at $61 X 2 or a free upgrade to the most current version of this software.

Review: On March 14th of this year (2015), I had ordered the WinZip System Utilities Suite directly from the company website and downloaded my purchase via their official purchase confirmation email. Within the contract of ordering the product was the "30 Day Money Back Guarantee 100%" in which a customer may contact the company to receive their full payment back if the product does not improve system performance. I used one of the functions of the product which was to recover deleted files from certain drives and found that the program would crash and shut down while scanning my drives. My computer has no faults and the crash was not a result of a faulty system. After a few days of attempting to use the product, the program stopped functioning completely (with a strong reminder that there are no faults in my computer). I sought help from customer service and emailed them about the defective product and received no response. I then called their customer service and asked for help with my item in which they recommended I reinstall the item. I did so and upon opening the program found that my registration key was no longer active in that it stated that the "maximum number of PCs are already used for this number." I emailed customer service yet again within the 30-day-money-back-guarantee range and asked for a refund as the product did not function and satisfy its claims. I never received a response. I finally called the 24/7 customer service line again on the 17th of May and explained in detail the issues I was experiencing. I asked for advice and in the exact words of the representative, I was told, "You can buy the product again." I asked to speak to a manager and was refused access of such, so I settled with the representative and I agreeing that they will email me back within 24-48 hours with details of the problem and receive a full refund. It is now the 14th of June and I have never received any support.Desired Settlement: WinZip has the responsibility to address my problems and contact me with a resolution to receiving my rightful refund.

Review: On 11/14/2014 I ordered what I believed to be 4 registration codes for the WinZip System Utilities Suite. Their sales form was a little confusing to read but I believed I purchased what I needed. I finished my new computer installations the other day and came to realize that I had actually purchased 6 registration codes. I only have 4 computers to service at the company I work for so I was left with 2 registration codes that I cannot use. I requested a refund from WinZip and they refused multiple times to refund. Please keep in mind that they didn't send me software, only an email with codes typed on it. These codes are used after you download the demo software onto your computer to unlock the full product. I provided WinZip with a listing of the 2 codes that I will not be using so that they can check their registration system that they have not been used but they decided that they just wanted to keep my company's money instead.Desired Settlement: Please refund our company for the unused codes.

Review: After uninstalling [redacted], my web browser popped up an advertisement from www.[redacted].com stating that I could download a free copy of the software in exchange for completing an offer with a partner company. Partner companies listed were: "[redacted], and The [redacted] + 100s more to choose from". I was interested in making a purchase from several of these brands and proceeded to the offer. None of the six featured brands are part of the promotion.Desired Settlement: Do not state or imply that completing an offer from a specific brand or company will result in a free software download unless that offer is currently available. Remove the brands [redacted], and The [redacted] and their logos from all forms of advertising unless they are truly affiliated with [redacted] or it is possible to get a free copy of [redacted] by completing an offer from those companies on the same day that those advertisements are shown.

Review: I purchased the WinZip product online using a credit card. Sale and delivery was normal. However, trying to activate my product the online registration indicated a failure. When trying to re-register product indicated it was already registered but still could not activate my product. contacted the seller and they tried to help me out. Seller indicated I would have my registration code to activate my product within an hours. By 4pm that day I still had no code. Tried myself online and the software indicated my code would be emailed to me, I am still waiting. I will try again one more time tomorrow. However, I should have been able to activate my product immediately or within a few hours of paying.

Product_Or_Service: Compression utility software

Order_Number: cleverbridge referen

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I simply want the registration code I paid for to activate my product. I should not have to be waiting days with no one but the 3rd party seller to act as the middleman.

Review: 1. Not sure whether this should be going to [redacted] or [redacted]. I started with the [redacted] and selected the WinZip Computing in [redacted]. However, it automatically switched me to the ** office.2. I have a registered copy of WinZip 17.5. The autoupdater keeps updating it to version 18.0 or now, version 18.5. If it did it for free, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, it updates to a trial version and wants me to pay for the new version.3. I contacted customer support and asked for instructions on how to prevent this. They had me uninstall the new version, re-install my registered version, and change a registry setting to prevent the autoupdate. However, after at least two tries, this failed.Desired Settlement: 1. Change the autoupdater so it doesn't upgrade from registered to trial versions. Either:a. Make autoupdates always free,b. Skip autoupdating if the update will not be free, orc. Display a message if the update will not be free and do not update until the user explicitly agrees to pay for an update.2. Eithera. Give me a free copy of 18.5 while making change #1, orb. Give me some instructions that actually work to avoid autoupdating

Review: I purchased WinZip 18.0 on 03/25/2014 directly from the WinZip store. I as of 03/31/2014 I am still unable to register it. I contacted their help website multiple times which by the way is supposed to get back to you within 24 hours. They don't. At first they couldn't identify me or my purchase although they did charge my credit card. At their request I faxed copies of the online receipts then I emailed all of the information as well. They sent me another website and code for me to use. I got the same response which read "information is incomplete/incorrect". Their first attempt was to have me download WinZip 9.0 which I feel was an attempt to get rid of me. I paid for WinZip 18.0 Which is the lastest version and is 139mb in size, while the 9.0 was 3.88mb. When I complained they wrote that they would have to look into it further and would I please supply them with all of the purchase information again. When I tried to re-register the program with the new codes that they sent me I got the same error message. Then all of a sudden I got an email that my Winzip 16.0 has been successfully registered. WinZip 16.0? I no longer have any faith in the "computer company". I also find it ludicrous that this company has no "call back" hotline number or live chat for problems that fall outside the easily resolved ones.Desired Settlement: Either they contact me directly and fix this once and for all or refund my money.

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Description: Computers Hardware, Software & Services

Address: PO Box 540, Storrs Mansfield, Connecticut, United States, 06268-0540


+1 (860) 429-3539
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