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In response to customer *** ***
This call was handed off to me during my afternoon phone bank coverage session on 8/17/2016, due to the special customer requestMr *** needed an internet wire installed to a separate out-building and he wanted to know if we could perform
such an install. *The entire staff, at Wireguys, strives to provide accurate "free" verbal estimates for every customer that calls our officeThis is an example of that service procedure.* After a series of standard questions for Mr *** used to determine the basics needed for the estimate and the special circumstances, I advised the customer that we would be able to assist him with this work. But this type of install (its special nature) would require a site survey before the install to get an accurate read on the actual site and scope of the project and thus ensuring an accurate estimate due to the non-standard work requested. Mr *** countered with the comment that this was an urgent matter and begged me to accelerate the process and find a way to get his install scheduled immediately, please if at all possible
His story was that he had a renter (college students) that needed the internetThese renter were in the out-building and the wireless internet from the main house was not reaching the rental
out-building properly and he needed his "internet wire" installed quickly, as the renters could not surf the web
His plight was that he needed this work done quickly and pressed me to help him by consolidating my process to ensure his "renters" did not suffer for a whole week while the "Wireguys bid process worked out all the fine details" I told him I would look into what could be done to speed up the process and get back to him quickly, no promises
Now, I being the owner of this business, I made the decision to help Mr *** and took special steps to ensure this process could be accelerated to meet his time frameThis decision demanded that I must expedite several of our processes for the material collection(purchase) and the equipment necessary to meet the customer specificationsIt also meant posing several more very important detailed questions for Mr***. I called him back and with the following questions answered, a verbal estimate provided, I was able to scheduled him for the next day the 18th 1:to 4:30pm appointment (hours)See attached document for bid estimate and pricing discussed
First, Wireguys does not typically dig or bury wires as part of our standard installations(Digging and burying of wires is a NON-STANDARD task that requires preplanning for materials, manpower, locates, and digging equipment selection (such as machines or hand work)I informed the customer that digging if very labor intensive and would be cheaper to have done himself or other means.(ie: digging labor==$$) So, I asked Mr *** "what is the, best guess exact distance that we need to bury from the side of the main home to the out-building, he described earlier."Mr ***'s response was - feet
Second, "what is the maof this path of digging, what type of material are going to dig in for you"Mr ***, some lawn (sod), but mostly a dirt lot
Third, In order to get this job done correctly we would want Mr *** on-site"It is very important to have you present during the installation, can you arrange to be home at time of the installation" Mr *** responded that he would make himself available for the schedule appointment
And finallyAs with every "verbal phone estimate", I informed Mr *** that this estimate is based on the information provided during this phone callUntil the installer(s) get to the site and can evaluate the actual site details "THIS IS AN ONLY AN ESTIMATE and SUBJECT TO CHANGE". See attached Service Invoice, for details about expected work to be done for customer
Following is actual details pertaining to work required at the address shown on the Service Invoice
The crew arrive about 2:pm to start the job. The Service Invoice (work order) was reviewed with the Mr and then the site was inspectedThey immediately noticed that the paperwork did not match the site very well. (See attached ariel map of property, and visual distances between the buildings) Also, the dirt digging described by Mr *** was acutally a compacted gravel driveway / parking lot for the ou-buildingThe crew was not prepared for this type of digging or did they have all the materials necessary to complete the jobMr *** was informed of the differences and the need for other digging equip and additional materials. He asked how much time and difference in cost. The digging could not be estimated accurately, but for sure double what was estimated and would take what it would takeThe crew did not provide any deaper detailed information to Mr ***, other than that they would work as long as necessary and until the job was completed(it took until 8pm to complete the digging and finalize the internet extender activation) Mr *** allowed the crew to proceed, with no objections.
See attached list of materials needed for buryIncluding the break down of the additional materials and footages needed to complete the projectThe two men sent to this site are technical installers and went there on my advise that the job was fairly simple (based on customer explaination) and with the two of them there, should still be able to complete their daily schedules. These two men went far above and beyond anything I would have asked of them. I instructed them to just get in and get the job done and move on with their day. They stuck with the job and completed the work and were able to complete the job around 8pm that evening. My office in turn, were forced to reschedule and reassign the remaining work from these two installers as the other clients would allow us.
Mr *** refused to pay the final adjusted amount shown to him when the work was completedTelling the installers that he would call in and pay the remaining with office in the morning. Then, when called the next day, he refused to pay, stating that, although the work was great and it was working wonderfully he only agreed to pay the $and would not pay a cent moreWhen pressed about the extra time, materials and effort put forth to complete his installation he said he was never provided with a revised total and so would not pay for any addition cost.
This customer was informed, by me that the cost was subject to change if the details provided changed once on-site. The installers informed him that it was going to cost more, before work startedHe had the opportunity to ask them to leave, even without exact information or estimate, he could have stopped the work, knowing it was going to cost more that the verbal phone estimate provided. He allowed my crew to work well into the evening, well past the hours I had estimated. He let them work until the job was completed and then took advantage of two tired worn out young men and refused to compensate them for the extreme situation that he knowingly allowed to happen

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: Her/ His account is not accurate. This conversation they claim I had with them is clearly not accurate, clearly they left out the one key issue that I posted earlier in my initial complaint.   I asked the first worker if he could give me an estimate since he had seen what kind of job was at stake.   He looked at the invoice and said 385.  i said "ARE YOU SURE?"  and then followed up asking my wife and we said go ahead.   I am sorry if the work wore those two workers out and I assure it was not my intention.  They rested and had water every so often.  But the brunt of this issue is that wireguys did not listen to my side of the story and then said have to pay and basically just kept talking over me so I had to hang up.   I was willing to offer 1/2 of the amount that is still due, but I couldn't get to that point with the manager just yelling at me that I had to pay the full amount. Sincerely,[redacted]

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