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*** ***, I have received your letter regarding a complaint from one of our guests and below is my reply to comments made by the guestIt is important for me to note that in my years of operating this business, I have never had a complaint beforeIt is always our goal to provide
our guests with the best possible experience we can give them, and every year we have significantly more positive responses from our guests than negativeYearly, since 2010, Wishon Village has received an "A Rating" from GuestRated, a nationwide, RV park specific, review site for guestsRV parks receive a rating from the company after a minimum number of guest reviews are receivedThis "A Rating" places us in the top 1% of RV parks in the nation in terms of guest reviews and among only a few RV parks in California that have received an "A" in the past, let alone an "A" every yearIt is my view that this complaint is uncalled for and it is worth noting that the information from this individual is very inaccurateBelow is my response and breakdown of the complaint. Regarding complaint from *** ***: "The trailer was filthy." We have several rental units that rent all season on a nearly every day basisEvery rental is cleaned thoroughly between visitors and it has been years since I've seen a complaint regarding cleanlinessI know their rental was in acceptable condition when they arrivedWe have had guests in that rental since their departure with no cleanliness issues. "The thermostat was inoperable." The thermostat was brand new and installed by myself before their arrival and still works properly todayThe issue with the heater was not related to the thermostat. There was an issue with the heater the night they used the rentalThe heater issue also occurred about a week before their stayAt that time, I immediately contacted a reputable RV repair company in Fresno who instructed me over the phone to replace the thermostat (though they didnt think it was necessary) and bring the heater unit down to them to replace the control board on the heater itselfI removed the entire heater from the trailer, hauled it down to Fresno, and they repaired it and said that it should take care of the problemThe next day, I installed the heater, cycled it several times on and off, over a few days, and it worked properly during that timeGuests stayed in the rental the nights immediately before ***'s party arrived with no issues regarding the heaterIt was not until their arrival night that it began to run constantly again, like beforeI made another call the the RV repair comany and after the ***'s departure, drove to Fresno for a new A/C control board which ended up being the source of the problemI installed it right away and have not had any more heater issues in the rental since, with multiple guests coming and going. "The trailer may catch on fire." I was assured that the rental would not catch fire if the heater was running, just like when the heater is on in your house. "The thermostat has been broken for months and they rented it anyway." Simply inaccurateAs I said before, many guests have come and gone for months before ***'s arrival with no heater or thermostat issuesI would have been the "maintenance" individual with knowledge of the thermostat and they did not talk to me. "Upon checkout we tried to get help." ***'s father's words and attitude at check out were unacceptable and definitely not presented in a manner in which someone would like to get helpAnd there was no "we." Her father was the only one who approached our staff about compensation and he became demanding when he was told by my employee that she'd have to contact the business owner regarding compensation. "It was clearly a safety issue that Wishon Village knew about, decided not to fix, rented it anyway." Nothing but a lie based off of an assumptionI said before that the issue was brought to my attention before they were here and I did what was recommended to me to make the repair, and I believed the issue solved as the heater was working before their arrival. "We were told the employee we need to see was unavailable." I am not typically unavailable, I work on site and our employees can contact me freelyI was unaware of this whole issue at check out as another employee met her father at the rental unit when they left. "A few days later, *** contacted me telling me she had a resolution, I called back and never heard from *** again." Another inaccuracyThe ***'s departed around am and *** left her a voicemail at pm the same day, which I have records ofI understood the issue with the heater and we made the effort the same day to contact them regarding fair compensationAlso, we have no record of her "calling us back." We have dated proof of our attempts to contact her, which discredits the timeline she is claiming. "Seriously, our parents live in North Carolina." We offered them a free night's stay in the future as compensation, which in years past, has been readily accepted and met with approval by guests who I've chosen to compensate before***'s parents stayed in the rental, but since ***'s contact information was on all of the reservations, we did not have contact info for her father, so we did not know they lived in North Carolina when we offered the free night's stayOnce we were made aware of that fact, *** was told that we'd go ahead and refund the one night's stay to her card on file because we knew it was unlikely that her parents would return. "Why stay in a broken trailer that wasnt repaired...consumers should know a product is not operable or safe." Just more inaccuracies based on assumptions, I believe, in an attempt to get their way with us however they see best fits their needs. First talked to Company: 8/2/This is FalseWe were not made aware of any heater issues on this day, Talked to Company 2nd Time: 8/4/This was the first time they contacted us implying compensation for troublesTalked to Company 3rd Time: This is the date of our first email communication with *** following silence since the voicemail was left with her requesting her father's contact info back on 8/4/16. (Not mentioned) We received a rude complaint soon after her father arrived at the rental, that the DVD player wasnt working eitherAn employee inspected it soon after and found that the DVD player was working properly, I think the DVD was placed in the CD music playerEven so, we were automatically to blameThis issue occurred before the heater acted upEmployees that interacted with this group felt that they appeared to be unsatisfied from the beginning of any issues and were looking to find any flaw they could. ***'s email correspondence since their stay {which I have record of), has been unnecessarily demanding, accusing and threatening, with no apparent sign of wanting to contact us in a reasonable mannerWe have apologized for the issues they experienced while they were hereWe know that nothing can be perfect all the time and naturally, things break downWe took steps right away to offer fair compensation to themOnce we realized where her parent's lived, we freely chose to adjust our fair compensation to a complete night's refund (which has already been given)It just seems to me that contacting the regarding this was unnecessary as I would have been happy to work with them on this issueOur experience with them while they were here and since they have departed has been very unreasonable. ***, Thank you for your time and I am sorry that you had to be hassled with this. *** *** Wishon Village, Inc

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Address: 66500 Mckinley Grove Road, Shaver Lake, California, United States, 93664


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