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Wolverine Transportation Logistics

7436 Anderson Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas, United States, 76120-3320

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• May 22, 2023

Broken promises
I sold a motorcycle in August, to be shipped from California to Texas. Wolverine picked it up on a Sunday and the new owner took delivery 5 days later. WOW, super-fast service! I bought a motorcycle that same week, to be shipped from Ohio to California.
Wolverine gave me a quote that was $500 better than any other quote out there, and they have a nice trailer to transport your bike. Considering their price, and assumed quick delivery, I didn’t bother to consider the poor previous reviews left by others. Wolverine picked up the bike in Ohio in October, it sat in their Texas facility for a month before making it to the west coast.
Ok, if the price is good for you, and you are ok with waiting for delivery, go for it. Wolverine is good for that if the savings is worth it to you. If I was done here, I would have given them 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Here is where it goes bad.
When the bike was delivered November 19th, I told the delivery guy to call or text me before he unloaded, I could help him unload and/or make sure he made it to my correct address. GPS sucks sometimes, as it indicated that he was at his destination, when actually he was at least 50 yards downhill.
When he arrived, he proceeded to unload my 550lb motorcycle. When he did let me know he arrived, I went outside and didn’t see him anywhere, until I walked around the corner of the complex, to see him pushing it uphill. I told him it might be a good idea to just put it back in the trailer and drive up.
He didn’t want to, since it was a heavy motorcycle. I agree, it is a beast. Sure, we could have started it and rode up, but knowing the engine warning light was on, I wasn’t about to start a bike knowing something needed attention.
To get to the point, he dropped it. He felt bad about it and it was an accident. That’s fine, accidents happen. No bad feelings towards him.
As a result of the droppage, things were broken/damaged. I bought and replaced the broken bits and Wolverine agreed to reimburse me for these costs.
Luckily it was only a parking lot drop, so damage was minimal.
I paid $475 to replace the damaged parts. (Half of an engine guard, a hand guard and a cosmetic piece on the exhaust. The engine guard did what it was supposed to. Without it, the damages would have been much worse.)
There have been numerous communications and broken promises for reimbursement, since bike was delivered. I have copies of the text messages still, and receipts which I provided to Wolverine.
So, here is it, April. All those broken/damaged bits have been replaced at my expense.
Its not so much about the money. Its cheap compared to all the other reviews out there. Its about customer service, doing what you say, sticking to a commitment that you made.
Wolverine, you owe me $476.10.
I cant force you to pay. You are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so nothing they can really do.
It’s a shame really, Matt, the owner, seemed like a good upstanding guy and a pleasure to do business with, initially. I have given them plenty of opportunity to resolve this matter, or at least reply back to my text messages (Their voice mail is full)
Matt, you let me down, dude.

• May 14, 2023

Stole my Money
Gave a deposit of 1000.00 and then they cancelled the service. Now they won't return my money or answer the phone. Thieves, and con artists.

• Nov 23, 2022

Awful Matt the Con Man
Do not even think about giving these bozos your hard earned money.. They know how to work the system and keep your money and not even ship your Bike.. I payed this jerk $3,000 almost 5 months ago and had to get the Police involved because he has yet to deliver my property or give any reasonable explanation why .. This creep should be in Jail never mind be in business.. I’m out $23,000 plus all my expenses, Stress, and worry about this nonsense and wondering if my Motercycle is wrecked or in pieces or if I’ll ever get it.. any good reviews about Matt or Marisol Gehman have to be fake.. They cannot be trusted with shipping a golf ball


Run, Don't Walk Away
Please do not EVER use this company. It was the worst customer service, biggest lack of communication, and most damage from delivery we have ever experienced.

We needed our motorcycle shipped from TX to PA, and I only read the reviews on UShip. I am so sorry I did not read other sites, as we had a terrible experience. We contacted Wolverine and they got back to us quickly and picked up our Yamaha on 5/24/2021 with an estimated delivery of 10 days. We hadn't heard anything so I called and left messages on June 8, 12, 24th, and July 6th. I also sent an email on July 3, and the return email (July 6) said the truck had a warranty repair issue but it was back on the road and the bike should be delivered by the end of the following week (July 16th).

Still no delivery, so I emailed on July 16th and got a return email that day stating the truck had just left Texas and delivery would be in 7-10 days. I got an email and a phone call late July 27th stating that the driver had knocked at the destination address but no one answered. The phone number was incorrect, and my husband did not answer their call (that part was on us). I got ahold of the recipient, who was home and took possession of the motorcycle.

The roll bar was bent, and had dented the fender. The delivery person as well as the owner (via phone) argued with the recipient that they did not damage the bike, it had been picked up that way. I have the signed Bill of Lading stating there was NO DAMAGE at pickup. The owner began swearing and insisting the damage was not their fault and they refused to do anything about it. The recipient threatened to call the police, and the delivery men got in the truck and drove away.

If it was worth pursuing, we would sue this company. Instead, I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and will post this review everywhere it is relevant.
Run, Don't Walk Away

The company didn’t live up to their contract and proceeds to take on more and more work while still not having delivered my motorcycle for over a month! They don’t communicate and have cost me hundreds of dollars in having people go to my home only for them not to arrive. I ship *** and tons of other cars from around the country and I have never dealt with such incompetence as Wolverine Cycle Logistics.

Wolverine Transportation Logistics Response • Dec 17, 2019


Thank you for reaching out to us. However I we do not have a record of this customer “***”. I have entered the customer name and phone number into our email search and cannot find record of any booking with this person or even a quote. I have included screen shots for you as well. I have further looked at our invoicing and do not see any customers who paid $1000 for shipping on 10/24 or on any surrounding date (except one bike company who paid $950 and had a pick up 10/17 with a delivery 10/24). As a matter of fact, no invoices were sent out October 24th. Furthermore we do not have any shipments currently booked needing delivery in Connecticut. The customer states they ship expensive cars, we do not ship cars; we solely ship motorcycles. Perhaps they have us mistaken with another company. Several companies named Wolverine are based out of Michigan. Interestingly the company address written for us in this dispute hasn’t been our address for about two years. If this person had a shipment on the dates stated they would have received a Bill of Lading which has our current address printed on it. I am including the screen shots of the searches I have done and can also send you a private copy of the invoices sent out in October so you can verify this person is not a client. I appreciate you looking into this matter. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you

Wolverine Cycle Logistics is a motorcycle transport company. *** is the owner/operator. I contracted him out to deliver my cycle from Illinois to Florida on 9-17-17. He requires a 7 to 10 day window, so we agreed to the date of 9-27 or 9/28-17. That date came and he moved it to 9-28-17. Again he cancelled and moved it to 9-29-17, again another cancellation. He finally showed up on Oct. 1st, 6 hours before I was to catch a flight back to Florida. He complained the whole time and was rude. After the bike was loaded up, I inquired when the cycle would be delivered to my place in Florida, he again replied 7 to 10 days. I said fine. That would mean a delivery between Oct. 2nd and Oct. 10th. 22 days later he showed up with the bike and it was filthy and had damage to the paint, scratches on the fender, and damage to the leather tour pack. Upon confronting *** about his terrible service and inconsideration, he exploded and started cursing and using abusive language towards my wife and myself and wanted to fight. The police were called and *** refused to provide his insurance carrier information to myself and left me holding the bag to claim the damage to my own insurance company. My insurance company reached ***, and he still refused to give information regarding his insurance carrier. This *** is the rudest, most inconsiderate business person I have ever dealt with, instead of him trying to deliver the promises he made on his contract to conform to an accurate pick-up and delivery dates, he complained and made lame excuses that he went to auctions instead, and blamed myself for bothering him too much cause I wanted to know why he couldn't make the dates he promised. He had my bike so long, I even made a standing stolen vehicle report. I had no communication with him, wouldn't return my calls, or answer my e-mails. He finally called me and said he has better things to do than to talk to me! Do not use this transport service. You are not his top priority!

Wolverine Transportation Logistics Response

This complaint is a distortion of the facts and slanderous. I will address the three points Mr. made. This client was informed PRIOR to pick up that the shipment that his estimated timeline was delayed. HE decided to keep his booking. During transport the client was emailed, called and updated regarding delivery. *** was not roaming he country going to personal auctions. Clients hire us to purchase bikes and pick up at auctions routinely and Mr. was aware that the trailer would be filled with other bikes besides his own. We coordinated with him by phone and email 24-48 hours prior to arriving and through the time that his shipment was in transit. At no time was he under the impression that his bike was missing nor was he ever able to produce any type of report.

At delivery Mr. was hostile regarding his late bike shipment and proceeded to throw a tantrum and swear, insult and threaten. Our company called the police to ensure a safe delivery after Mr. pushed the driver (***), threw a bucket of water on him and then instructed his wife to bring his gun to “shoot” the driver. All over a late bike delivery, which he was made aware of ahead of time. Our company had to call the police to keep the situation professional and for help dealing with this unstable individual. The police case number is in the attached pictures along with the officer’s card. Once police arrived the client was given time to fully inspect the bike and sign the Bill of Lading. At pick up the condition and flaws were notated on the BOL and preexsiting damages were signed for at the pick up point by the client. At delivery the client FULLY inspected the bike and signed off no damages. This information was given to his insurance company and they decided not to file a claim against our insurance as we are not liable for pre-existing damage or damage caused by Mr.s. For all the reasons above we will not be issuing any refunds or making any further contact with this unstable individual.

Customer Response

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: It's obvious to me Mr. is not going to show responsibility, and or admit he is an undependable and inconsiderate business man. His statements of the account are false, plus I have a signed receipt from him of damage he has caused to my motorcycle. also, the claim that my insurance company intends not to pursue reimbursement from his insurance provider is also false. Mr. plays the good guy, bad guy role. To my wife and myself he was rude and ignorant, when the police officer was at my residence, he was a political angel.


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