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Women Traveling Together

2661 Riva Rd. Suite 621, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, 21401

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I was livid that WWT would not reimburse my trip in light of the COVID 19 about lack of compassion and empathy with regards to people losing jobs and needing as much of their money as possible right now. It would not have been my choice to back out and go against the policy of letting them know in a certain period of time if one had to cancel but all things considered and the fear factor of travel this summer, I was mortified that they were not bending on the rule and only returned half the cost of the trip. This was to be my first international experience and I chose WTT to experience it with. I will needless to say NOT be recommending them to any of my people.

This is my testimonial in regards to a travel company called 'Women Traveling Together'. I've been on two excursions with this so called travel company. The company they keep is with their bank. They care not about safety. Because I was left stranded by them in Venice. They were supposed to book me an extra night at the hotel ***. Even was confirmed by their ineffective tour manager named Dee ***. One who when informed of my being dumped from my hotel was told it would be 'looked into'. This is there typical response to complaints. They word it differently for each traveler. But the gist is, they're gonna pawn the blame off onto either the traveler themselves or another entity. Therefore buying time to investigate the allegations. And lo and behold whattya know? they find themselves utterly blameless with their new found info. Whatever that is. They wanna know if you were a problem traveler from day one. Then they can say that you weren't hip with the group/program/activities/groove or any other reason to make it the traveler's fault. They think that they caused me an inconvenience in Venice. And would like to smooth things over with their outrageously overpriced hotel room charge. $248 for some *** hotel that is a converted monastery. Meaning not set up as a hotel. I was unceremoniously booted from said hotel with no help from central command at WTT. The Only help that I received was from the very nice man at ***. He kept hugging me and saying everything will be alright. I was crying cause it wasn't the day in Venice that I had planned. I was utterly shocked but not too surprised given their non attention to detail. Yes, the agency in Venice helped me too. WTT believes everything is copacetic with simply returning money that they basically way overcharged anyway, back to me. Oh, be still you disingenuously hapless folks playing at being a travel company dedicated to customer satisfaction, unique experiences, supportive staff, safety in numbers, with a well informed tour leader.
Gosh, they're none of that. I'm searching real hard for a positive thing to say about them. I should have listened to my gut telling me Not to travel again with them. They flubbed up the NY boroughs trip. And didn't even heed the surveys done about that particular tour time and again. It's like telling a biz, hey it stinks in here and them do nothing to find the smell. Tryna hide it. Instead of eradicating it. Not cover it up with cheap perfume(aka as a paltry swipe of $250 as a peace offering) or not at all. Take constructive criticism. Start making these safe tours. These are older women were speaking of. Highly vulnerable. And yet they wing it. With the help of personnel that are required to pay for their own training. What kinda legal scheiss is that? That's not the worst part. The job ain't guaranteed! No, now you've invested in them and they cut ya loose. Not quite sure how they skirt illegality in an employment scenario like that. That's why I'm bringing em down. Mostly for their lack of responsibility and reverence for the fact that they usher lots of older, quite reliant folks on excursions, constantly! At any given moment how many do they have in progress? Too many for them to be accountable for, nor have any care to. That's the truly scary part.
Technically they're only open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. eastern time. Therefore completely unavailable to care for travelers abroad. I've read so many online reviews that warn of their irresponsibility and absolutely immature way that they handle complaints. Downgrading my stressful experience as inconvenient. It's inconvenient to park a distance from a biz entrance. Being left with no room in Venice is a crisis. Yeah, it was taken care of by the folks in Italy. NOT WTT.
I've demanded full reimbursement, to which they replied that $248 oughta take care of my troubles. My accusations were apparently baseless in their selfish view in the world of customer satisfaction. They bury bad reviews on Yelp. They've shut down their comments section of their Facebook posts. Cause I've posted yelp reviews and left my own. Which is hilarious because they've essentially shot themselves in the foot ad wise. No woman will be able to tout their wonderful ness. I will have a rebuttal for each bogus boast that gets posted. So, instead of reimbursing my full purchase price, around 5-6 grand, they'd rather lose positive kudos from travelers having current fun. No endorsements from travelers that drives their biz. That ad area is going to stink until they relent. Whom will hold out the longest? Me cause I love to write and Im righteously angry. They'd rather lose based on a principle rather than look at the big pic. How much revenue and biz are they losing by holding onto my 5-6 grand? That's why I keep asserting that they are immature in the world of biz. Been around since 1997 they claim. That too is a frightening consideration. Take care of your customers/clients or whatever. Selfish biz. The fish rots from the head down! Owned by some woman who thought her love of travel would parlay into a successful career. Not so my lost friend. You didn't even answer my emails. No, shuffled around by a liaison.

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Address: 2661 Riva Rd. Suite 621, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, 21401


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