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Wonder Gro

26041 Cannon Rd, Bedford, Ohio, United States, 44146-1835

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I have been a customer of this company since april 2019. I hired them for lawn maintenance of my front and back lawn for the cost of 30 dollars weekly , however my back lawn did not grow and it was not being managed. I called out ***. I complained about them not doing anything with my back lawn he came out looked at the yard and said I should call true green since I told him they treated the lawn , to find out why it does not grow, and stated he would speak to his crew. They continued to do nothing with my backyard until the leaves started to fall and then they would blow the leaves and I had to speak to the crew for them to do the back then. We continued to pay the bill and they were allowed by us to automatically debit from our account monthly for each month. Then this month they came in and took out payment for 2 months without our permission. I called the company because taking out for 2 months at one time put a hardship on us at this time. No response from company. I feel like after the company was informed of no servicing of my back lawn they should have cut the price down, because our contract was for front and back lawn and Mr *** was informed of them not cutting the back lawn, even came to see it himself and was made aware of my complaints.

Wonder Gro Response • Dec 31, 2019

This letter is in response to the complaint entered by Ms. entered on 12/11/2019. Ms. complaint as written is not clear, but I am happy to provide or clear up any details as necessary. Ms. states her problem occurred 5/2/2019, yet an email was sent on 5/22/19 stating concerns that the crew was not cutting her grass short enough – see below. She also states she is happy with service and acknowledges that the lawn was growing at an unusual rate due to the rain. Her concern was six days after her last service, and the crew was scheduled to return to her property the next day. I explained to Ms. in a phone call that our crew cuts her lawn high to ensure proper grass growth and that they were following the proper techniques for establishing a healthy lawn. Below is her email.

Hi ***, this is ***. I am writing because I really need for the guys to do a lower cut on my lawn. I realize that the rainy season makes the grass grow at a much higher rate, but at this time my lawn really looks uncared for. Enclosed is a picture of my lawn. So could you please inform the crew to do a lower cut. Otherwise they are doing a great job. Thank you have a nice day

Mr., WonderGro’s Vice President, surveyed Ms. property prior to the start of the season to confirm she was eligible for weekly property maintenance and to determine a price. It was determined that Ms. would be billed at our minimum pricing due to the size of her property. He again met with Ms. on July 19, 2019, to respond to a concern that the crew was not servicing her property as expected by not trimming around her trees and not cutting the backyard. It was at this time that Mr. discussed Ms. backyard and the lack of growth. Because WonderGro has no control over the fertilization program at Ms. property, we cannot assume responsibility for lack of lawn growth. In ***defense, Ms. backyard is heavily shaded and lawn growth in this area would be difficult to achieve due to the tree growth (roots and lack of sunlight). WonderGro’s crews cannot cut what is not there. Mr. also explained that the weeds Ms. said were not being taken care of were in an overgrown/unlandscaped bed and that our service included weeding and maintaining landscaped beds only. Ms. beds required a full weeding which is done by a different crew as part of our property clean-up service. Mr. explained this to Ms., and as a compromise the crew was instructed to cut down the tall grasses growing in the beds as needed. These are the only meetings which occurred between Mr. and Ms..

Ms. is correct that her final bill included two months of services. Due to unpredictable northeast Ohio weather, our crews get off-schedule and invoices were issued when it was clear services were complete for the season. Ms. calls our invoicing a hardship, but our prices are clearly stated, and her bill should have been anticipated as she would know her property was serviced when the grass was cut and the leaves were removed from the property.

In a good faith effort, WonderGro offered to refund November services back to her card on file (see email below). Ms. replied via telephone on 12/16/19 stating, "No, I do not want you to make any changes to our account." Her account remains paid in full.
I apologize for the delay in getting out the invoice for October and November. Please see the revised invoice for October services only. I will happily refund the $99.02 in November services back to your card and extend your payment terms to 30 days for this final invoice. Please let me know if this is how you would like to proceed or if you have any questions. Thanks,

In summary, Ms. property is priced at a minimum and not eligible for any further discount, WonderGro performed services as contracted, and we made a good-faith effort to rectify the customer’s dissatisfaction to the best of our ability. Please contact us with any further questions or if copies of original contracts and correspondence are required.


Customer Response • Dec 31, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Customer Response • Jan 02, 2020 have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
In response to the company's answer of my complaints , yes I did comment on the work they had done , but I had called the company prior to that to complain and felt compelled to complement the good as well as the bad. When I sent the picture of my lawn it was to show that after my complaint it continued to look like it had not been cut and I sent the picture as soon as they had completed the cut. I also called for the manager to come out on a few occasions, while Ms *** is saying I only had 2 communications with the manager. They were never on the same page and would do things unknown to me .like spraying chemical in my yard in which I have pets and she said she would have to call me back because she did not know what that was. I called for Mr. to come out to give me a price on trimming bushes, he comes out and he looks around the yard and and I show him the bushes and all the other things they are not doing and he states he will speak to his crew it got no better. Then I am waiting for the price to trim bushes had to call the company back because she stated he said I was not interested in the bushes, as well as when I first signed on my main issues stated to him was a yard cleanup of leaves, never got back to me on that, and when he came back to look at the bushes again gave me a a price of 200.00 dollars for trimming and my neighbors company removed them for 125.00 which their pricing is their choice. Also when leaves started to fall according to the invoice they charged me for bagged leaves they took away. They blew the leaves on the curb in which I would have to redo before the leaf truck picked them up.As far as weeds in flowers bed I stated to Mr. on one of his visits that I did not expect them to do anything with the flower beds but at least we'd wack around the trees around the porch and around the house . This is our first year here and I would take pictures and I pointed out to him that these are the weeds that were here last week and are still here this week. We spoke thoroughly about the grass in the back of the house not growing and his company not doing anything back there I even told him I have a security system that I would watch them and I would sit in my kitchen and open the curtain to see if they would do anything back there. SO AS MS. PEGGY APPEARS TO BE SO ARTICULATE AND THOROUGH she did everything but send you a copy of the CONTRACT, which called for the cutting of FRONT and REAR lawn. So AT LEAST THEY SHOULD HAVE PRORATED THE COST OF LAWN CARE SINCE THEY ONLY CUT THE FRONT GRASS. They stated they charged me their lowest amount that's fine ,their choice but they charged me that amount for FRONT AND REAR GRASS

Wonder Gro Response • Jan 15, 2020

I am not sure why we are here...

There is no new information provided in Ms.' further complaints which would support a refund of monies for partial service. Ms. received services as stated in her contract (which is attached). Nowhere in our contract does it state we will only charge 1/4 if we cut only the front or half if we cut only the front and one side. Ms.' contracted price was $30 per cut and this is what she was charged.

The only new information in this complaint is in regard to chemicals being applied to her lawn without her knowledge. If our crew did apply chemicals, it would be as part of Weekly Bed Maintenance Service which Ms. agreed to in her approved contract. Ms. never received, or was billed for, Bed Maintenance Service from WonderGro during the time she was a customer. In addition, the crew which serviced Ms.' property carries only a non-selective herbicide. If this product was applied to her lawn it would have died wherever applied. If Ms. continues to make slanderous statements that WonderGro applied chemicals without permission, legal action may be required.

While we understand Ms. had "sticker-shock" at the total of her final bill, all services were supplied and invoiced as contracted. Since I am sure Ms. will continue to feel she is entitled to a refund, please contact me with further questions.


Customer Response • Jan 15, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

If you look at the contract it states in the 1st paragraph that all lawn areas are to be maintained, included in the price I was charged and my back lawn was not attended to. The company knew they signed on for front and back lawn and THEY were INFORMED THE BACK LAWN WAS NOT BEING CARED FOR. As for slanderous remarks I stand by what I say, not even *** knew what they were spraying when I called to ask what it was and she had to call me back with the information, which is neither here nor there. I am more concerned with why the cost was not prorated, since full service was not administered, I am not sticker shot all Bill's were paid on time in full, what's shocking is that a reputable busy would operate like this

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Address: 26041 Cannon Rd, Bedford, Ohio, United States, 44146-1835


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