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Worldwide Healthy Supplements

12399 Belcher Rd S STE 150, Largo, Florida, United States, 33773-3099

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Never ordered this product (TestoFactors) they will not stop billin even after bank dispute
Never ordered this product (TestoFactors) it got tacked onto a vitam I ordered, maximum health. I canceled the maximum heath vitamin and they kept sending the testofactors and would NOT stop and billing me. I changed my card, they got the new number from Visa. My bank contacted them several times and disputed it. They STILL are billing! I called they tell me to get the money from my bank it's in dispute. They should not still be billing. My bank says it's out of their hands. So I have to close my account because of a crooked comp7?

Desired Outcome

$169.76 for a product I didn't order and didn't get after the first bottle! And stop billing me.

Sent a child Slimlab Tabs and Keto6x which no one ordered. Charged account 89.95. Money back guarantee/refunds cited. Returned product no refund.
Received product of 2 bottles of weight loss substances addressed to my child and charged account $89.95. Called the company to let them know it was a mistake. They gave me a Return Merchandise Number, told me they will not process the the charge if I returned the product. I returned the product immediately to the Fulfillment/Returns address which it was sent from as advised (PO Box 52069, Phoenix, AZ 85072) and nothing has happened. No refund. I called the 888-504-4395 Customer Service Number listed on the website and it rings once and disconnects. I called the number listed on the charge information on my bank account 833-200-9243-Has been busy for three days at all different times of the day. Looked up the address on a search 12399 Belcher Road Suite 150
Largo, FL 33773 and called that number 844-242-7280. They could not find account information and stated they did not sell the produce we received. Wanted to get my credit card number to look up my account which I refused to give. I have now disputed the charges with my bank with little hope the charge will be reversed.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund and the company taking out of the universe.

I placed and order which should have arrived in 3-4 business days. I called company and they did not help me track package nor issue refund.
I placed an order on 8/24/19. As stated on website I was only responsible for shipping and handling. It also stated that the Item will arrive in 3-4 business days. Order confirmation #DE10AXXXXX. I called the customer service number 888-504-4395 on 9/4/19. I explained that I never received item and now not interested and was requesting my refund. I was told by rep that they weren't able to refund my money because they are "not the shipper" and that I needed to contact DHL. DHL informed me that it's not true and for them to ship anything the company will have to provide "air" number before item ships and that World wide healthy supplements should have all the info I needed. I called worldwide back and was told they have no record of me calling to cancel hours prior, they have no idea where my package was and no refund could be issued and I should contact the shipping company. When I asked who was the shipping company I was then told it was usps and the rep was actually laughing during the call!

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund and confirmation that my order has been cancelled.

Not able to contact the company and got no delivery of the product I ordered
First off, there is no way to contact the company directly. The phone number listed on their website is unreachable, and the contact page wont submit anything either. Aside from that, I never recied my productm it's been almost 2 weeks since I ordered it but was guaranteed to receive the item in 3-4 days.

Desired Outcome

Stop promoting this product on social media and scamming people.

I got 2 separate emails. 1 in spam and 1 in my regular inbox. The one in the spam was the one that was billed to my card and wrong tracking # sent.
Aug.18, 2019 was purchase date. Aug. 20,2019 was the problem date with both emails saying they're billing under different names. I paid through card And it was online. one website on one of the emails isn't real.

Desired Outcome

I would like my money back.

I signed up forCJ2KetoShred it was free except for shipping and handling. Also that a 2nd gift mango came with it.but I got charged 92.32 and 94.32.
They used fake celebrties to advertise and said I was number 10 to try it. The address it used this time was 1607 Bailey Avenue,Buffalo Ny 14212

Desired Outcome

i am asking for a full refund. I do nt need a diet vitamin. tha loses weight and cost 94.or 92.dollars it never advertised for that much.

Customer Response • Jul 10, 2019

From: ***
Complaint ID# ***
Ref: #1 90340937
I am attaching some documents to shade more verification on the matter. My complaint ID# is ***
with World Wide Healthy Supplements. I am attaching a bank statement to your email instead of
uploading it onto the complaint line so it is not public. If you have to upload it onto the email please blot out the account number. I will blot out four numbers.
I deposited 340.dollars into my account from LPL Financial 5/24/2019. That same day I tried to call the number on the back of my debit card associated with this account and bank, listed on the attached form 1-800-236-8866.1 was trying to activate my card. I had not put a pin number on it and so didn't think it was activated. It had replaced my old card which is why they hadn't gotten the money earlier. I was told by the bank or the new bank manager at the branch nearest to me on East Washington and Patterson never to use that number to try and reset our pen number. She helped me reset the new card with a new pin number and also confirmed when they give you a card it is already activated. I'd forgotten that.

To make a long story short while calling the 1 800 number on the back of the card a voice said
"Associated Bank a pause or interruption sound and a please hold." Then it came on saying with a tiny bell sound I was the 100th caller and I had a free gift card of 100 dollars coming. Just confirm I am the card holder. So by thinking I've called associated bank and it asked for 2.98 to pay shipping /mailing cost of the card. It kept offering after I gave them the card number or to confirm it it said come on we already have your information and read it off to me please confirm it... So It confirmed my address then I hung up and went to the bank at a different location to cancel the card. She said a elderly lady that they were running a 100 dollar promotion but only for opening a credit card. That they would never ask you for your information. I said I know I don't won't get approved for that so I asked her to cancel any transactions coming in reverse it or whatever. But she didn't do anything or cancel the card. I misinformed her I didn't think it was activated and she didn't check it, and DDA PUR DIET.CJ2PR pulled the money out two days later.The same day I asked the bank on east Washinton and they didn't cut it off either until the 24th after it had come on and she tried to reverse the amount but I got a letter from Max saying the 30 day trial had ended and I had not asked for a refund in time. I'm thinking that call they intercepted from me was when they got the information. Because that was a new card and the offer did not say 30 day trial it said absolutely free your first supply. I also saved a email advertisement recently received of them stating our President's wife uses there product. P.S. My phone is off.
Yours truly

They are deceptive and fraudulent! They will charge unauthorized fees under another name and non working telephone number. Beware, They are a scam. I wish I could rate them a negative 10. Police warrants need to be activated against this company.

They aren't a business,they are con-artists
Everything about them is shady. They are advertising a trial with only shipping paid. At no point in any email or on their site does it say anything about automatically being enrolled in a monthly subscription. I never authorized that, have now been charged $80 for a monthly enrollment. Tried calling "customer service", it's really some hack in his apartment from the sounds of things. They state there is nobody else to talk to except that person, can't refund and will only cancel future shipments which a confirmation email was supposed to come and of course, never did. They are NOT a legitimate company

Desired Outcome

I want my money back and I want them shut down - they are not legitimate.

I paid shipping and handling but never agreed to paying the product price and online product is $49.95 but I was charged $89.95
I paid the shipping and handling for the product and there was no where on the website that said end subscription before a certain date. They ended up taking an additional $89.95 from my bank account without permission and never received a billing statement either. The price online says the product is $49.95 so they took out of my account $40 more than the product is even listed for. Their website also says money back guaranteed and they do not honor I filed a dispute with my bank but this company kept fighting it so my bank denied the dispute and they keep telling me there is nothing they can do even though it says money back guaranteed and I am even trying to return the product because it doesn't work like they are saying it does either.

Desired Outcome

I'm wanting a refund of my money and to send back to them the unused remaining product because it does not work. I want my money back before I return the product so they don't scam me and get their product and I never get my money back. This company is a huge scam and are thieves of money that doesn't belong to them.

Keto X Factor charged my debit card without consent and never received an email confirmation that would include the terms.
For starters, I never received a confirmation email so I don't know the exact date other than it was mid March. I ordered the FREE trial and then canceled within the 14 days using a email address I found on their website.That representative did not cancel my account as I requested because on 4/1/19 I saw the charge for $89.99. I tried calling in about the charges, the women I spoke to told me to send back the product when it arrived, but it never arrived. I called in again to ask about it and I was told it had to be sent back with in 30 days of the original order. All I received was the free trial and she told me I was already too late which I wasn't because it was less then 30 days. I called 3 more times with out resolution and then was disconnected the final call after waiting on hold 45 minutes for manager. They falsely advertised a product and stole $89.99 from my debit card. I want my money back. the customer service number I called was 1-844-242-7280

Desired Outcome

I want a refund of $89.99 and want the word to get out that this company is a fraud!

I have tried to stop payments. product does not work. I don't want these products. phone number provided only rings once then hangs up! THis bus sucks
I have been charged 4 times for $89.95. I sent email after email and called over and over. I just want to stop payments and get my money back!

Desired Outcome

I want a refund for 3 times! I got charged for 4 bottles and only recieved the one that was supposed to be $4.95. Atleast refund me $269.85!!

I saw an ad on Facebook for Ketox1 Vitamin Supplements. I never received the product. They then charged for more product after I had complained.
After ordering the product and never receiving it, I called to have the charge removed from my credit card via email. Instead, they charged me for more product, which I also never received, because it was an automatic enrollment into a monthly supplement purchase. After emailing to cancel my "subscription" they still did not refund my money or fulfill my order . I filed a complaint with my credit card company. My credit card company looked into it and sent me confirmation that I had made the purchase of a skin cream. This was not even what I ordered. I called the company on my dispute paperwork. The phone call was received by a company in California, not in Florida. They were unable to verify any information that I had ordered something from their company, not a name, zip code or even the last 4 digits of the card I used. After trying to call the company using the number on my credit card bill and the number on the website, both are no longer in service.

Desired Outcome

I would like for them to refund my money. I would also like them to no longer be allowed to operate under the premise of being a legitimate company, as they are obviously just a scam. Criminal charges would also be welcome if they can not resolve this matter, seeing as they used a fake phone number and information provided to my credit card company to falsify legitimacy included, but not limited to, using a fake product that I never signed up for, a fake phone number for another company to dispute my charges and claiming that they delivered a product to me at my home address in Virginia where it states on the delivery information that it was delivered to Colorado.

I am writing in regards to report the website of Worldwide Health Supplements

On this website you cannot click on the link to buy it's not real.

I have tried calling the 800 number on the website and on the back of the product in which is the Keto 6X, is fake, the number recording saying is that the number I have dialed is not in service.

I am attaching photos of entire website, so that it makes it easier to explain. I also tried emailing them to cancel my subscription but the email address is fake too.

How do I stop them from taking anymore money from my account. I ordered a rush my trial, and I don't want to subscribe or want any more of there product in the future.

Please write me back as soon as possible.


Desired Outcome


Trying to cancel an autoship that I thought was a one time order. Their phone numbers do not work. I cannot get in touch with anyone.
I ordered this supplement KETO 6X in December 2018 and thought it was a one time sample order.I have been charged two additional times in February and March for $89.95 each month and have returned both bottles for a refund. The company has not refunded my money and keeps sending orders. The company has phone numbers listed and the numbers do not work. I just want them to cancel this and not send anymore and refund my money. I have also emailed without a response back from them.

Desired Outcome

I am wanting the company to cancel and not send anymore of their supplements and to stop charging my checking account. I cannot contact the company cause their phone numbers do not work. I have tried to email them and they do not respond back. I just now have tried calling two different phone numbers and have just emailed them. The phone numbers have been disconnected.

Customer Response • Apr 11, 2019

I just checked my bank account and the amount has been refunded to my account...all of it. Looks like it happened today!!!
Thanks for all your help.

Sent from my iPhone

Didnt recieve product but, they took the money from my account.
Febuary 4, 2019 I ordered ketox 1 paid 4.95 at the time of order. The tracking number 32FXXXXXE5. It said I would recieve the order within 3-5 business days. I gave it 2 weeks and tried to call. The site gives a number that doesn't work. They then hit my account for 89.95. The credit union gave me another number and that doesnt work either

Desired Outcome

I would like a credit.

I am seeking assistance from the to help resolve the refund of monies withdrawn from my checking account without my knowledge or consent.
On December 18, 2018, I responded to an online advertisement for a free trial sample of the product Keto 6X-Keto Burn, One bottle of 60 capsules. Order *** SKU # KETX1. Received shipment from UPS, shipment ID #XXXXXXXX. I later received an email from said company saying that they had received my order and that I would be receiving my next order and that they would be deducting it from the same checking account that they withdrew the shipping fee for the original free trial bottle. That second charge was to be for $89.95. I immediately replied to that email that I had not authorized for a second order and that any money removed from my account was to be refunded back to my account as soon as possible. Upon checking my bank account, I discovered that not one charge, but two charges had been taken out of my account on two separate dates. I had to research to find the company. I contacted the company at 888-504-4395. I talked to a Reshida who kept trying to get me to order more products. I told her I was not interested in their product, I had not even opened the trial bottle because I was not sure that I could even take it due to my health issues. She told me that I had to return the unopened package by the United States Postal Service. I would have to make a new label and send it with a Merchandise Authorization Return Number that she would give to me. I was to put that number on the first line in the return address spot. That number was #XXXXXXXBC74E. I was to send the package to 10701 Abercorn St #61553, Savannah, Georgia, 31419. She said it would take 2 weeks before they would receive the return. After receiving the return they would return the funds back to my account. I did exactly what she had instructed me to do. I also only had 30 days to return the package to them. And that she was canceling any and all future shipments. Not only did they not return the monies to my account, their phone number is no longer in service.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a refund of all the monies that were taken out of my account without my knowledge or approval - two charges of $89.95 from my checking account.

I ordered a supplement as a free trial and they keep trying to charge me $89.95. I have emailed twice, with no response and their customer service number isn't even in service so I cannot call them.

Desired Outcome

Stop trying to charge me. My credit card has been alerted to deny all further attempts.

On December 27, 2018, I signed up for a free 30 day trial of one of their supplements. All you had to do was pay $3.99 or something like that for shipping. On January 2, 2019, my credit card was charged over $89. This was only days after I had signed up for this "free" trial and I had not even received the item at that time. Yesterday, my account was charged again for another $89. I called this company promptly and told them my concerns. The woman I spoke with told me that I had not signed up for the free trial, that I had outright purchased the product and now I'm being charged a monthly fee of $89 until I called to cancel. I canceled right away and then told her that I should be entitled to a refund for these two charges that were made on my account without my authorization. At the mention of a refund she hung up on me! This company is robbing people with their false "free trials" and their vague or nonexistent terms and conditions. I have reported that credit card compromised because I can't trust they they won't make until charge to it.
Product_Or_Service: Keto Summer Body

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like a refund for the money that they stole from me although I know it's not going to happen. They can go ahead and send me a check since I destroyed my credit card.

Customer Response • Mar 07, 2019

The company did reach out to me with an offer to return half of my money but my card had already been canceled by then. I told them that I made a compliant to the and they have not contacted me since.
Sent from my iPhone

I order a health supplement. Never received it but was charged. Phone number does not work and no responses to my emails. Bogus sight. Scamming people
Tracking number BF2DEXXXXX. Ordered on 1/9/19 paid 4.95 on a mastercard.

Desired Outcome

I would like this company banned from advertising and stealing from people.

They took my money I wanted a to cancel. they said I couldn't. They didn't send the pills either.
I ordered a trial bottle of Keto pills for 4.99 on Dec 21,2018. There was no details that said it was a subscriptions. I never would of subscribed.Then on 1/7/2019 89.95 was taken out of my banking account.I tried calling the number and it was out of order. I then emailed them and told them I didn't subscribe and I wanted my money back. They said that I didn't cancel in time. I asked why their phone was out of order with no answer. I emailed back I wanted to cancel no more delieveries. I got an email back it was cancelled. no refund or no pills. But they took the 85.95. I want my money back, They are a scam.

Desired Outcome

I want my money back they are scammers.

Customer Response • Mar 06, 2019

I got an email they won't refund my money. They said they sent the pills gave me a tracking number. The tracking number wasn't real. I told them they were scammers. Just gave me a more lies. Chalk it up just a bunch of crap. Thanks for trying to help me.

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Worldwide Healthy Supplements, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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