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Worldwide Requisitions Lawfirm

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Worldwide Requisitions Lawfirm Reviews (12)

Review: Company called and stated that I could be arrested for check fraud, etc. in an attempt to collect a debt. This practice is illegal. Would not state their name or provide information on specific details of their company for me to verify if they truly were able to legally collect any past debts owed. Stated that they would contact my employer to verify information to issue paperwork to appear in court. Which is also illegal.Desired Settlement: Any information regarding alleged debt should be sent to the address the comapny has on file and the company should refrain from contacting me via phone or my employer at all.

Review: I have been receiving telephone calls from this company either World Wide Requisitions or LRS Litigations. I have been told that I owe $300 for a payday loan that has never been paid. When I ask what is the name of the payday loan company, I get the answer, "We don't know the individual company we just get your name, that it is a payday loan and the amount that you will pay to keep the case out of court, and if you don't pay the out of court amount, your name will be turned over to go to court and you will have to pay all court costs and the entire balance on the account." When I ask for a copy of the documents from the payday loan company, I have been told that they will email them to me, but I have not received any documents. When I ask for the dates of the payday loan, I am told they do not have any dates.Desired Settlement: Stop this bogus organization from contacting me and harrassing me. I cannot find any legitimate information on either World Wide Requisitions or LRS Litigations

Review: I continually receive calls from number ###-###-####. The recording states they are trying to reach [redacted] (previous married name) in regards to check fraud. I have several times returned the call and informed them that I have filed bankruptcy in 2007-2008 and they can contact my lawyer. Each conversations ends with the representative letting me know "you dont have to be smart about this or threating". I have contacted my lawyer [redacted] ( ###-###-####) who have tried to call but do not receive an answer. Please let me know what I need to do stop these phone callsDesired Settlement: My desired outcomes is only for them to stop calling

Review: I received the following message from an unknown number:"This message is for [redacted] in reference to a complaint that has been filed against you. You have 4 hours to contact us at ###-###-####. You have been named as a respondent and may have to appear in court. The order to show cause contains a restraining order. It is imperative that you or your attorney contact us immediately, failure to do so may result in contacting your employer to verify your employment to pursue a remedy against your wages. If you wish to stop this action press 9, to speak to a litigator. Or, contact us at ###-###-####."The employee who answered the phone identified herself as a "mediator" and I asked her for more information about that role. She said that she was not a certified mediator - that this was just a job title.This company is behaving in a deceptive manner. By stating that "a complaint [...] has been filed against you" they imply that a lawsuit has been filed. They continue this implication by referring to an "order to show cause" and "a restraining order." When these half-truths are then combined with the threat of "contacting your employer" unless they are called back within four hours, the intended effect appears to be one of coercion.Further, Worldwide Requisitions, forbids its employees from revealing their physical street address. When I inquired if they have an Agent for Service of Process the employee had no idea - but that she was forbidden from giving out any more information than the PO Box mailing address.Desired Settlement: I would like for this information to be made publicly available so that consumers will realize that this method of purported debt collection is at best questionable. Additionally I would like to receive this company's address for purposes of service of process.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

At this time, I have not been contacted by Worldwide Requisitions regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: I was contacted today (02/11/14) by an unavailable number which left an automated message stating that I had committed either check or bank fraud and that they would be contacting my employer for more information and that I had until the end of the business day to contact them or that this would become a legal matter.Desired Settlement: I would like this company to stop contacting me. I would like to ensure that they have deleted all of my personal information and this information is not being sold to any other agencies.

Review: I received a voicemail message from this company. They did not initially state who they were, but they did leave a phone number. I called the number back. They did not identify themselves. I kept asking who they were, but refused to give me their name. After repeated requests they told me they were from Worldwide Requisition. The company stated I owed money from a credit card company or "something like a credit card". I attempted to tell her I filed for bankruptcy a year ago and that there shouldn't be any debt. She talked over me and was cutting me off. She then told me I would be receiving a summons in the mail and that I would have to report in front of a judge in 30 days. Then she hung up on me.Desired Settlement: I would like to know how they got my name. I would also like to receive no further contact from these people.

Review: This company call me work number, cell number . Telling my supervisor about a bank fraud or check fraud.Desired Settlement: Stop call me at work and home.

Review: They called my house and my cell phone saying I owe $1,500 but would settle for $1,000 b/c I owe "cash now payday advance." They claim to be in the and when I asked the amount I supposedly borrowed, they could only give me a range,not an exact amount. I never even dealt with this company nor did I receive money from them. I paid back any payday loan I have ever used 2 years ago. When I googled the company name, nothing came up...however, when I googled the phone number they called me from right away it came up as scam! People were saying the same exact thing I was about the person saying they owe $1,500.... this is ridiculous! I received the same type of call from another company but with the same info, but I filed a separate complaint for that alleged company named International Recovery Services.Desired Settlement: I would like this company to stop calling me,my employer and my home. Also for them to stop harrassing innocent people because when I googled the phone number, alot of people complained about the same scam for the same dollar amount I did.

Review: I was contacted by the said company in question a few weeks ago stating that if I do not comply with them, that they were going to have to settle this in court. I took a loan out in 2004 and they ended up taking the money out while I was detained. I have since change my bank and the previouse bank has changed there name and no longer can go that far back in records. So I decided to pay the said company. I only paid half the other half was to be take out 2 weeks later. The money was never taking out the 2nd time. I was starting to question the company, so tried to call them and it said the number has been disconnected. I looked there number up on [redacted] and it looks like it's probably a fraud. I decided to look them up on and it shows that they may be out of buissness. This is for the complaint I am filing now. they were to $250. out on 4/2/14. they were to take out $250 out on 2/14/14 but never did.Desired Settlement: If the said company is a Fraud, I believe it is in order to give my money back.

Review: They called me from a blocked number threatening that I will be charged with bank fraud! The number they told me to call was ###-###-####. They also threatened to call my employer!!! After doing research online I found that this company is a scam and I am worried they have stolen my credit information. I have never been in toruble for bank or check fraud and my bank accounts are in good standing!! PLEASE GET THIS COMOPANY SHUT DOWN! I have heard many people have filed due to this company!Desired Settlement: PLEASE SHUT THEM DOWN!!!THEY ARE STEALING PEOPLES INFORMATION AND ALSO THEY WILL NOT GIVE A STRAIGHT ANSWER ON WHAT THWEIR WEBSITE IS! THE COMPANY I HAVE LISTED IS ONE I FOUND THAT MULTIPLE FINALLY RESEARCHED AND THOUGHT THIS WAS THE NAME OF THE COMPANY BECAUSE THEY KEEP REFUSING TO GIVE ANYONE THEIR REAL NAME!

Review: Today this business called and accused me of bank or check fraud. So when I called them back I was told if I didn't make arrangements to settle with the debt I would be served by the court. I asked them to fax proof over, but they said they could not unless I agreed to settle. I said I will not agree to anything that is not in writing and they treated me that if I didn't I would be served and then they hung up. I sent Verification of Debt Owed letter today and cease contact.Desired Settlement: I ask they send proof of this debt and that it is within the Statue of Limitation law for Oklahoma and for them to not contact me by phone or call my job. Only communication through mail. I will work with them if their proof is valid.

Review: I keep getting these calls from this place to whom I know nothing about at all. they call my job talking about taking me to court and that I have to call them by the end of the day. this is interffering with my job. and I am not not willing to loose my job about something I know nothing about. when I call the number back it tells me to hold for the next rep. when I am on hold for a while the call drops. this company leaves all kinds of messages at my job but never is able to talk face to face. again I have no clue who or what this is about. I just need to calls to my job to stop. at onceDesired Settlement: my only hope is that this company doesnt call my job anymore. as I dont even know what this issue is about.

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Description: Payday Loans, Attorneys & Lawyers - Collections Law

Address: 1220 L St NW Ste 125, Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20005-4018


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