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• Sep 21, 2023

Large catalog - take your money - no products. No replies to emails,
I regret having any dealings with this scam company of thieves.

HORRIBLE in every which way- F rating BBB
I ordered a DVD from this joke of a business. I guess my first hint should have been that there are no reviews of any kind on their website. I wanted the DVD so I ordered it anyway. They ship from NJ so after 2 weeks of my order being placed I sent an email inquiring to its ETA. Janey replied and was extremely rude. I ignored it. I finally received the DVD and it was the exact same poor quality that I could stream on YouTube. I replied to her previous email at Earth Station 1 to let them know I was disappointed and here is their reply:

1) What you saw on YouTube was a rip of our DVD they posted without our permission.

2) Like any museum, when you've got you've got, it's priceless if you do not have another, and you may well imagine if the Venus de Milo were lost to history because it lost its arms, or the Winged Victory of Samothrace because it lost its head and a wing. Since there isn't another other source on this subject, and its contents are so dear, we are grateful to accept it in our archives like the Louvre accepts Venus and Victory :) .

3) Since we are the only people on the planet who have this, you should be grateful! Think about it. Then think about it again. And again until you become a better person. Someone with the name *** should have sufficient probity and depth to understand this. That is all.

Kind regards,

EarthStation1 MediaOutlet

PS: A further kindness: Don't send your email all in html format. It's marked as spam for that, and makes it a pain for anyone you email to read.

It was only a $9 purchase but her reply so infuriated me that I called my credit card company and received a refund. Dont make the same mistake I did. I wish we could review on google as my concern is no one will see these reviews and Earth Station will continue to sell poor quality products.

Actual Rating is NOT one star. Rating is negative negative negative...

I ordered the DVD set of, "The Western Tradition," paying $69.95 with Visa, via the EarthStation1 website.

Dishonest EarthStation1 took my money, cancelled my order within minutes, giving a fake reason that blamed the victim (me), and will not return my money. EarthStation1 is CROOKED.

While in the process of preparing to order, via their website, two separate popups stated that I would receive 10% off my order total, if I ordered within 24 hours. I was to receive the 10% discount during checkout. So I clicked on the popup. As I ordered, "The Western Tradition" DVD set, the promised 10% discount did not show up, as promised. OK, so I ordered anyway, without the nonexistent, falsely promised 10% discount.

Within a few minutes I received an email confirming my Visa purchase.

A short time after that, I discovered another email CANCELLING my order! That email called me a "crank troll customer," and cancelled the order, AFTER they charged my bank card for the purchase price of $69.95 ! What?!

I sent an email to "Janey" at their only email address, which is

That email from EarthStation1 was from a robot, signed "Janey" saying they would get in touch with me soon, valued customer, and crap like that.

That was a lie (another lie) - never a return reply email to me. Never. Just a repeat of the robot email, signed "Janey," and no follow through. Nothing.

Many emails from me to them, and now a week later - no reply from crooked EarthStation1 at all.

My Visa bank card still shows a $69.95 charge "pending" as a draw against my Visa account.

Many MORE emails from me, also with absolutely no reply. I attempted to ask what "crank troll customer" means, and why they did that to me. !?

NO REPLY FROM EarthStation1.

More emails from me, asking them to send my order OR refund my Visa payment.


EarthStation1 took my money and will not fulfill the order.

EarthStation1 took my money, quickly cancelled my order for some fake reason, and will not refund my money.

EarthStation1 also offered a 10% discount at checkout, that did not show up.

EarthStation1 is crooked.

EarthStation1 is dishonest.

EarthStation1 is a scam.

I am a 100% Disabled Veteran, a senior citizen, not working, fixed low $, and EarthStation1 screwed me !


Review: On Jan. 5 I ordered (online) two DVDs (Making of a Continent and The UFO Incident) from Earthstation1, and paid $22.98 via a credit card. I have not received what I ordered and have received no replies to three email inquiries about the order.Desired Settlement: I really want what I'd ordered, but will accept a full refund if that is not possible. Thank you.


Review: I ordered a four DVD disc set of the [redacted] series "[redacted]." The series originally aired in 1988. My order number is: [redacted]. I paid 28.95 for it on my [redacted] card. The series arrived last week.

I immediately started having issues watching it literally about a minute into the first disc, episode #1. The picture froze and I got a message on my [redacted] DVD player "the disc is dirty." Remember supposedly this is a NEW disc. I cleaned the disc put it back into the player and tried again. It started to play for a few more minutes then froze up. I tried it in am different [redacted] DVD player here at my home and it wouldn't play.

I e-mailed the company at [redacted] and have not received a reply.

I was able to watch disc #2. I was able to watch the first two episodes on disc #3. About 10 minutes into the 3rd episode on disc #3 ([redacted] is the episode title)the picture froze and simply would not play.

I tried that disc again in a different machine and it would not play!

I'm just upset that this company still hasn't gotten back to me to discuss this. I provided all my contact information in my e-mail to them.

I don't know what's going on but I'd like someone to contact me so we can discuss this.Desired Settlement: At least someone needs to contact me to talk about this. Maybe they can replace the discs with some that work...I don't know right now. What I do know is I want to talk to someone from that company.

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