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X-Ray Smog and Auto Repair Inc

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Customer [redacted] came in to X-Ray Smog & Auto Repair Inc. refer to [redacted]mobile, customer was giving an estimate for check engine...

light diagnostics of $70 when drop off the vehicle she sign and left, after completing diagnostics with only one code P1457 store in engine computer for evaporative  system malfunction found [redacted]mobile had install the wrong evaporative canister close valve, called customer with an estimate which included diagnostics and canister close valve, customer then told me that [redacted]mobile was paying for the diagnostic and evaporative repair that I need it to call them to pay for the evaporative and check engine light diagnostics, then I called [redacted] and they told me to go ahead and replace the evaporative close valve with the correct type and will pay X-Ray Smog & Auto Repair Inc. once the repair was completed, call customer and told her what [redacted] said and also got her approval to replace the evaporative close valve. After evaporative close valve repair, clear check engine light code P1457 and customer also need it a smog inspection, before a Smog inspection the OBDII Monitors need to be completed specially the evaporative monitors to confirm repair ( highly recommend to looking up OBDII monitors which explain confirmation of repairs and smog procedures)  Performed first drive cycle but OBDII monitors did not complete at all none of them, vehicle was in open loop which means computer has no control and is not able to complete OBDII monitors, further diagnostics found upstream oxygen sensor was not giving the proper signal to engine computer to accomplish close loop operation, call customer explain the problem with upstream oxygen sensor and also told customer that oxygen sensor was recently replace but with a universal type oxygen sensor and recommend to replace it with a direct fit connector oxygen sensor,  gave estimate to replace upstream oxygen sensor, complete OBDII monitors and Smog inspection which was the total of $250, customer approve replacement of upstream oxygen sensor, complete OBDII monitors and smog inspection of total of $250, which she did not question any of this additional repair. After upstream oxygen sensor replacement repairs, completed all OBDII monitors including the evaporative monitor which confirm proper repair for code P1457, Smog vehicle and pass, customer was called to pick the vehicle was ready for pick up, customer came in to pay the invoice show that customer only pay X-Ray Smog & Auto repair Inc. the amount of $250.00 for the oxygen sensor, OBDII monitors drive cycle and Smog inspection, also on the invoice show the check engine diagnostics Details of code P1457 and the repair of the P1457 which both were Zero out on the invoice, which [redacted]mobile was suppose to pay and up to now we have no receive any payment of the check engine light diagnostics or the evaporative repair. Customer call us about end of July 2014 to tell us that the check engine light was back on, customer was told to bring the vehicle and parts that were replace by us and diagnose was under warranty for code P1457, when vehicle  came in to X-Ray Smog & Auto Repair Inc. we calculated that about 497 miles has had pass and about 4 month since the repair of P1457  which was still under warranty the check engine light and repair that were replace by us. Found code P1456 store in computer system this code was different from the original code that was P1457, since still was evaporative related we performed diagnostics at no charge as a courtesy, recheck evaporative system and follow Honda Diagnostics Trouble shooting and the first step on the Honda Diagnostics step was to make sure the gas cap was ORIGINAL HONDA GAS CAP, NOT AFTERMARKET IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE FIRST STEP TO BE FOLLOW FIRST. Called customer and explain that was a different code but we still performed diagnostics at no charge but was explain 5 times that the first step was to replace gas cap with ORIGINAL HONDA GAS CAP, customer keep saying that [redacted]mobile had already replace the gas cap, I told customer that in fact yes the vehicle does have a new gas cap but was NOT a Honda gas cap and was very important to use Honda Gas Cap part, in fact there was a service bulleting for code P1456 coming from Honda Engineers to make sure if code P1456 comes on in computer memory to make sure the gas cap is replace with Honda Original gas cap, explain customer very different way how was very important but customer was keep saying that gas cap was new, since customer was not cooperating to replace gas cap with Honda we told her that we will not work on her car since is a different code that the original code P1457, then we recommend to go to Honda Dealer for repair, then customer said that fine order the gas cap from Honda but by then we decided  not replace any parts on customer vehicle and was told that vehicle was ready to pick up and highly recommend to take vehicle to Honda Dealer. When customer pick up the vehicle two days after was told was ready to pick up, customer decline to sign any paper work, we still gave her a copy of the Free Diagnostics for the new code P1456 and also a copy of the previous invoice that she Paid $250. Customer [redacted] nor [redacted]mobile have not pay for any of Original Check Engine light Diagnostic fee or the evaporative Repair of the Evaporative Close valve OF THE AMOUNT OF $270.2, the amount of $250 that Customer [redacted] pay X-Ray Smog & Auto Repair Inc. was for upstream oxygen sensor, Completing of OBDII monitors and Smog inspection which was approved by [redacted]. X-Ray Smog & Auto Repair Inc. never demanded customer to bring her vehicle to our shop, it was recommend to [redacted] Automobile, since we have not receive any payment of the check engine light diagnostics or repair for the evaporative close valve of $270.2 and [redacted]mobile did charge the customer for the check engine light and evaporative repair, we highly recommend to talked to [redacted]mobile about the evaporative diagnostics and repair that was pay direct to [redacted]mobile not to X-Ray Smog & Auto Repair INC.
X-Ray Smog & Auto Repair INC
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The gas cap was replaced by [redacted] with an appropriate gas cap, brand new. This is a Band-Aid solution to a problem that should have been repaired. The bottom line is that they did not stand by their repairs which did not hold. After all that work, he had me drive up there and only to tell me that he was going to leave me with the Check-Engine light on and the Diagnostic Code of VDAP.  I went to him with VDAP and Check-Engine Light problem, he got it to pass smog but then all the problems came back within a few weeks and a few thousand miles.
I believe he did not warranty or commit to what both [redacted] and myself paid for.  I am left with the SAME problem I started with when I went into him.

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Address: 1205 N Melrose Dr #G, Vista, California, United States, 92083


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