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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/07/09) */ I spoke with Ms [redacted] 7/9/and provided phone numbers for energy assistance, which she will pursueShe will pay $in July and $monthlyA hold is in place through November to allow time for her account to become currentShe understands that she may request average monthly billing when her account is at a zero balanceThe current average monthly cost for gas and electric service is $She is satisfied Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (2000, 7, 2015/07/15) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) The associate whom I spoke with was relaxed and really seemed to want to help get this resolvedShe apologized for the the c/s rep whom I had spoken withFurther explained that I could have spoke with someone and resolved it that dayShe will contact the c/s dept regarding thatShe was able to set up the pay agreement to both our satisfactionShe was helpful!

Xcel Energy's position has not changed from the previous response submitted on June 7, The disconnection of service was in compliance with the rules and tariff's as stated in our previous responseThank you

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 9, 2015/07/21) */ [redacted] contacted the MN with concerns regarding the billing for a former addressMs [redacted] was billed for an address in Minneapolis until July Ms [redacted] states she moved out in December It is our company policy that the customer of record is responsible for payment of service until the customer requests to stop serviceOur tariff, on file with the state of Minnesota states: Subject to its rates, rules, and regulations, the Company will continue to supply electric service until notified by customer to discontinue the serviceThe customer will be responsible for payment of all service furnished through the date of discontinuance I reviewed Ms [redacted] 's account to see if any oversight had occurredMs [redacted] requested service at her current address via a faxed formThe form allows the customer to request a stop service order for a previous addressMs [redacted] left the section blank I reviewed a call with Ms [redacted] and our collections department from December Ms [redacted] mentioned she would no longer require service around the end of the monthThe agent requested Ms [redacted] contact customer service by the end of the month to request a stop service orderMs [redacted] made no additional contact with us until July I find no error on our partThe tariff was processed properlyWe are not able to make an account adjustmentI spoke with Ms [redacted] on July 17, I advised the issue is between her and her former landlordWe cannot assist with this issue Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 11, 2015/07/23) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I HAVE ATTACHED YESTERDAY THE REPSONSE THAT I HAVE REGARDING TALKING WITH THE LANDLORD WHO ALSO SAYS THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE HE ALSO STATES THAT SERVICE WAS CHANGED OVER INTO THE NEW OWNERS NAME WHICH MEANS THAT THEY WERE BILLING ME AND THE NEW CUSTOMER I WILL NOT SETTLE WITH NO AS AN ANSWER I WILL TAKE AN ADJUSTMENT FROM THE END OF THE MONTH UNTIL I REALIZED THAT I WAS BEING DOUBLE BILLED BUT I EXPECT TO RECIEVE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ISSUE AN ADJUSTMENT FOR THE SAME AMOUNT TO MY NEW ACCOUNT I AM NEW HERE TO MINNEAPOLIS MN AND DURING THE TIME THE REASON FOR THE MOVE WAS TO MOVE IN MY DYING MOTHER WHO IS NOW DECEASED SO YES THE BALL MAY HAVE SLIGHTLY BEEN DROPPED BUT THERE IS SUPPORTING INFORMATION WERE TO ME ITS COMPANY ERROR ALONG WITH MINE ITS CALLED A MISTAKE I DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO JUST KEEP MONEY THAT I PAID IN ERROR DONT NEED A CHECK CUT BUT I DO EXPECT CREDIT EVEN IN THE STORE IF SOMETHING IS RETURNED AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE A RECIEPT THEY DONT JUST SAY SORRY WE CANT HELP YOU YOU ARE GIVEN A GIFT CARD I WORK FOR A LARGE COMPANY AS WELL AT&T AND WE PROVIDE NOTHING BUT CUSTOMER SERVICE SO I EXPECT THE SAME IN RETURN Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 13, 2015/07/31) */ In response to Ms [redacted] 's further correspondence about this complaint I would reiterate that her complaint was investigated and no error or inconsistency was found on the Company's partWe followed our defined processService remained in Ms [redacted] 's name until we were notified to end serviceTherefore, I am unable to override policy and make an account adjustment I would like to clarify one pointThe electric service remained with Ms [redacted] 's account until July 7, At no time was the service transferred to a new owner or tenants accountIf this would have occurred (Landlord requests service in their name for a vacant apartment), Ms [redacted] 's responsibility would have endedHowever, we received no request to change the account for the service until notified by Ms [redacted] on July 7, It is not possible to bill two or more accounts for the same service I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meinappreciate then coming on siteI do wish the tree trimming company would have answered my multiple calls and hope Xcel lets them know about the frustration they created

Company records show we received an online request to start service on May 19, with a requested start date of June 17, There was not any reference or request to discontinue service at the previous addressService at the previous address was taken out of the customer’s name based on a request to start service from a new occupant August 8, 2016.Customers are responsible for energy consumption through the date we are notified of their moveAs a regulated utility, Xcel Energy must follow the rules approved by the MPUCMN Tariff Application for Service states: Subject to its rates, rules, and regulations, the Company will continue to supply electric service until notified by customer to discontinue the serviceThe customer will be responsible for payment of all service furnished through the date of discontinuanceI spoke with the customer on September 23, we have searched our phone records for calls from the phone numbers on file, I offered to search by any additional phone numbers was not given anyI advised the policy is consistent with MN tariffs and that there will not be an adjustment of the bill

I am rejecting this response because: Xcel has not done anything to fix the amount of time it took to complete my order, I should not have had to pay the amount that I did for horrible service I received and the unacceptable amount of time it took to complete

Xcel Energy's Gas Operations supervisor was contacted and unsure of who may have received the information prior to his contact He visited the customer's residence on Sept30, for an inspection, and the homeowner was there when our supervisor arrivedIt was explained that we didn't have a crew to dispatch that afternoon to take care of it, but it would be handled the following Monday, Oct3, A service crew was routed that way on Oct3, to complete the work

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/09/01) */ A review of Mr [redacted] 's account reveals that Mr [redacted] provided the incorrect account number for the payment of $128.11, which resulted in the payment being posted to an incorrect accountWhen Mr [redacted] provided the receipt number we were able to locate the paymentThis resulted in the $payment being transferred to Mr [redacted] 's correct accountA late charge of $was also revovedThis was done on August 14, Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (2000, 7, 2015/09/01) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Xcel Energy will not backdate start and stop service requests for customersCustomers are responsible for energy consumption through the date we are notified of their move Exceptions to this policy are made in instances such as; company error, vacant premise billing, customer finaled in error, etc In addition, customers can provide acceptable proof to demonstrate that they were never a customer at an address to correct billing In review of our records, I was able to find records to show that a new occupant had applied for service at this address effective July and was not properly acted uponAs a result, we have corrected Mr [redacted] ’s final balance to reflect a final billing date of July Regarding charges for reversed payments, our policy is if a payment is returned to Xcel Energy, the Xcel Energy account is debited and the Returned Check Charge is appliedPer review of a call recording, we have determined that Mr [redacted] ’s wife was mis-informed about this policy and we have decided to waive the returned check fee on that basisI have advised that going forward the fee will apply We appreciate that these matters was brought to our attention and will forward this example for leadership review and coaching where applicable

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 6, 2016/03/15) */ Customers must contact our customer service department for reconnection at (XXX) XXX-XXXX; we need access instructions and authorization to reconnect if the customer will not be homePer company policy based on available resources, every effort is made to turn on the service by the next business day after receiving payment, but this will not always happen, for example, when there are emergencies, outages or lack of accessWe are unable to provide a precise time of reconnection since travel time varies and due to the possibility of a need to redirect our crews to emergency situations Due to lack of access to the building, we were unable to restore service on March but it was restored on the following business day March I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] Regards, [redacted]

Good Afternoon [redacted] , Our electric meter engineers and field supervisor provided me with additional information about your meter exchange, details about the inverter’s function and our field technicians’ policies and procedures On February 20, the existing meter at your home was exchanged to a Bi-Directional RUG per Load Research to gather data from Photo Voltaic (PV) customers A bi-directional RUG measures both the energy delivered to the customer and the excess generation received from the PV source independently Xcel Energy is not required to send advanced notification to customers for this exchange, as meters are owned by Xcel Energy per Section of the Xcel Energy Standard for Electric Installation and Use; “The customer shall give authorized employees of the Company access at all reasonable times to the premises of the customer in order to obtain information concerning connected load, to measure or test service, to read meters, or for other purposes incidental to the supplying of electric serviceFailure to comply may result in disconnection of services.” It’s important to understand how the inverter works If the grid power goes down the inverter will shut off as a safety measure until it senses the proper, stable grid voltage and frequency againIn most cases, our technicians use the lever bypass or jumper wires to keep the service energized while the meter is exchanged (keeping the inverter on and generating)However, depending on the age and condition of the meter socket it may have been necessary to take an outage when exchanging the meter In your case, there is no indication that an outage occurred during the meter exchange If there was a power outage causing the inverter to shut off, it should have turned back on within 5-min of power being restored when the new meter was setIn the event there a site issue is identified, technicians typically notify the customer if they have to operate the main breaker to safely complete the meter exchange There are no field notes indicating this step was needed at your homeThe inverter is customer owned equipment, which field technicians are trained not to adjust due to liability Both our field operations supervisor and senior engineer believe it very unlikely that a field technician would turn off the inverter If a power outage was necessary and the inverter didn’t turn back on as designed it’s not our responsibility because it is not our equipment Rather, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the inverter is working properly If your inverter has a log of events that you could provide to our engineer, please contact [redacted] for his analysis Additionally, you may contact [redacted] to coordinate a site review to see exactly how your installation is configured so we have a better idea of what was required to complete the meter exchangeRegards, [redacted] Xcel Energy | Responsible By Nature Customer Advocate Analyst *** [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] E: [redacted] ________________________________________________

Company records show the debt was recalled on October 20, since the customer had an active account In addition, the collection agency was contacted who verified the debt was sent back to Xcel Energy because the customer had an active account Their records don’t show the debt was removed due to fraud Per information received by the collection agency the customer admitted he owed the debt and attempted to negotiate the amount due Their records show Ms [redacted] set up a payment plan and paid $to the agency on October 1, Therefore, we will continue to hold the customer responsible for these charges The account balance is $ A payment plan is available upon request As previously stated, this customer was informed to provide documentation of their whereabouts during the time periods in dispute for further investigationIf not, Xcel Energy will continue to hold customer responsible for all charges, and a payment arrangement plan is available by contacting our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-895- Thank you

Based on the information provided in this complaint the effective application date is November 30, Disconnection occurred due to lack of a completed prior applicationA reconnection order was in place effective the first call on November and Ms [redacted] was advised it may not be restored until December 1, consistent with company policy and state specific Administrative Rules During a second call on November 30, the representative did not locate the reconnection order but it was in place as was identified when Ms [redacted] was transferred to speak with a third representativeWe appreciate this being brought to our attention and coaching will be provided to help prevent confusion in the future Restoration of service can only be done through a site visitThe timeframe to complete can vary but will be completed within hours excluding extenuating circumstances that prevent us from accessing the meter or a hazardous condition exists According to the noted date of this complaints summation 11/30/2016, hours had not yet elapsedThe service was restored the evening of November 30, and this complaint was received by our office on December The disconnection of service and reconnection timeframe was consistent with applicable rules and regulations; we will not provide any compensation or adjustment of billing Nothing further is pending at this time

While the language at the top of the Smart Thermostat Rebate application does state that the program would accept applications through December 31, 2016, the “Limitations” section of the rebate application (under the broader “Terms” section) does state that “Rebate funds are limited and may be fully disbursed prior to the program period end date of December 31, 2016.” Additionally, the first two sentences of the “Limitations” section state “Rebate qualifications and amounts are subject to change any time The Smart Thermostat Rebate program may be cancelled with days’ notice.” That’s what occurred in Colorado We budgeted for 5,participants and had rebate funds to match We ended up garnering well over 5,rebates and kept the rebate available a little while longer so that we could keep offering it to customers, but at a certain point the program budget was at risk and we had to turn the rebate off That date was September 12, A mistake occurred after an update was made that somehow reactivated the rebate on the website We reviewed MrM***’s application and he would have qualified for the rebate, so we will be making an exception and will be giving him the $rebate The rebate has already been processed and will be issued the morning of January 18,

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 8, 2015/10/21) */ The attached letter was mailed to customer Oct20, [redacted] Hastings, MN 55033- Re: Inquiry Service Address: [redacted] Dear Mr***: Your concern directed to the ( was forwarded to my attention for investigation and responseIn your inquiry with the, you were concerned with the disconnection of your service due to non-payment, and the timeframe it took to restore the service A review of Xcel Energy account records show a Disconnection Notice was mailed on Sept16, 2015, for amounts in arrears totaling $1,A partial payment for $posted on Sept24, Your electric service was subsequently locked on Sept29, 2015, since no contact from you or payment for the remaining notice amount was received A payment of $645.96, which covered the remaining amount in arrears, was remitted on Sept29, after the electric service was locked resulting in the issuance of a delinquent tuelectric service orderYour electric service was restored the following day of Sept30, 2015, in accordance with Company policy for reconnection of delinquent servicesEvery effort is made to turn on the service by the next business day after receiving payment, but this won't always happen when there are emergencies or outages You also requested in your inquiry with the that -- Xcel Energy agrees to call you directly with any future payment issues prior to disconnection Your were properly notified of your delinquent account status in accordance with Minnesota Administrative Rules, which states in part, PERMISSIBLE SERVICE DISCONNECTION WITH NOTICE With notice a utility may disconnect service to any customer for any reason stated belowNotice must comply with the requirements of part 7820.2400: Afor failure of the customer to pay a bill for utility service NOTICE REQUIREMENTS Where required by this chapter, notice of impending action by the utility shall be by first class mailNotice shall be sent to the address where service is rendered and to the address where the bill is sent if different from the address where service is renderedDisconnection notices shall contain the date on or after which disconnection will occur, reason for disconnection, and methods of avoiding disconnection in normal, easy-to-understand language All notice required by this chapter must precede the action to be taken by at least five days excluding Sundays and legal holidays Xcel Energy has compiled with these Rulings in contacting you concerning your delinquent account status when we mailed the notice on Sept16, Change policy so that those who pay immediately can receive service immediately Again, it is the Company's policy to restore locked services the next business day barring any unforeseeable circumstances, and your electric service was restored the next business day Payment for any damage for failure to provide service when payment is current Any reimbursement for damages is investigated by our Claims Department personnel who make the final determination, and Claims can be reached by dialing [redacted] Please keep in mind that your delinquent service was restored within the allotted time frame, which is the next business day You also stated that your household has not missed a payment since While monthly payments were made, the enclosed Itemized Statement shows your account has not been current (at a zero balance) since March 9, Each month you have carried over a previous balance as reflective on your monthly statements Following receipt of your Sept29, 2015, payment of $645.96, your account balance is $which is due Nov4, As shown on the Itemized Statement, current charges total $with $in arrears Sincerely, Brenda [redacted] Customer Advocate Analyst Enclosure cc: [redacted] , - [redacted] Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 10, 2015/10/22) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Though I appreciate the detailed response, Xcel's policy to simply "mail" notice of service interruption vscalling customers directly to resolve such issues is my main concern and Xcel simply stands by their practices Additionally, making customers "wait" a day to have power restored based upon a "company policy" is ridiculousExcpecially since an additional payment was madeI was under the impression that the most recent payment brought out balance to zeroNow I find out I'm still behindWhy wasn't this information shared when you cut my power off and I called to rectify the situation? I would have simply made us whole I want the 53$ fee for returning service waivedThat will satisfy this complaintBeyond that, I'm simply stuck with Xcel because Dakota doesn't service my area I will be current as of November 4th minus the 53$ fee

I am rejecting this response because:I notified them ahead of time, however they refuse to believe meThus, I am paying for service incurred AFTER I was no longer responsible for ANYTHING related to that locationThey are telling me that I have to try and get reimbursed from the actual party who was responsibleHowever, they are telling me no, I have to get refunded from Xcel So basically they are stealing money from me (since they threatened to turn off the electricity at my NEW place if I didn't pay for it)Trust me, if I had a choice, I would NEVER do business with Xcel againHowever, I am stuck because they are my only optionThe guy I talked to most recently basically said it was so that it was easier for them in terms of bilingSo they can steal from consumers because it's easier for them, while we have no choiceTo force consumers to try to work out their error instead of helping is absolutely ridiculousAnd they're telling me that this is their business practice?!!! What company besides a utility could get away with that and stay in business?!!! None I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

I am rejecting this response because: Once again, Xcel has failed to address the point of the complaintThe point of the complaint is that their program does not do what it says it doesIt is blatant advertising.Xcel's advertisement of said program:With Averaged Monthly Payment, we take into account your energy costs, historical usage andseasonal changes in energy useWe calculate your average costs and then spread that cost overthe entire year.The 12th month is when everything gets settled up, and you may end up with either a credit or achargeIf you're trending substantially up or down from the average, we may adjust your monthlypayment during the year to prevent a surprise in the 12th month.My energy use and costs were trending upward after the second month on the programXcel even decreased my bill that monthIn the 12th month, I received a bill that was 392% higher than the previous billsIf that's not a "surprise" in the 12th month, then I don't know what is

Records show that the [redacted] was installed per the customer’s request on July 19, 2017, and was removed on July 20, 2017, also at the customer’s request [redacted] called [redacted] to ascertain if they were still having a/c issues and to arrange an appointment to go to the premise, but [redacted] indicated that the a/c was running fine So nothing further was done

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