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Xhale Salon Spa

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Review: On Wednesday evening, May 2, [redacted] and I requested services for a massage, body scrub, manicure, and pedicure. We arrived at the salon at 6:20 and stayed until 10pm, receiving the services requested. The massage was performed on both of us by Ms. [redacted] and was not a professional massage. As frequent spa patrons in Manhattan, it is obvious when someone performs a massage who is not trained. We both noted that our massage was being done by someone who had not had any training in doing so.

The room in which the massage was performed was actually outside of the Spa, in a cleaned out closet in the gym at the [redacted]. There was dirt on the floor - where they had spontaneously moved in a votive candle and boombox for music. This room was clearly not intended for health or spa services and was put together "on the fly."

At the end of the sessions, we were presented with a bill for $758. We inquired to the owner of the Xhale Salon why the services were so expensive, much more than we pay at high end salons in NYC. The owner told us that the bill reflected "Derby prices." We asked why the prices were not the same as those listed on the website, which I looked up while waiting for my massage. We were told that the price list states that "Prices are subject to change." On the webpage there is no such statement. When I asked to see a list of the "Derby prices," we were told by the owner that she had them jotted down on a sheet behind her desk. When I asked her to see it, she would not show it to us. Then I held out the Xhale Salon printed price list, and she verbally compared service by service the new "Derby prices" without showing them to us.

We reluctantly paid the bill, and included a $150 tip ($75 for each), a standard tip for salon services. On our trip home, we discussed how awful it felt to be "taken" by a salon that clearly had no intention of explaining or posting prices, or informing customers of price changes before services were started. At no time until after the services were performed were we told of any price change.

To verify the massage service, which was completely inadequate, we inquired as to the license status of Ms. [redacted], who performed both of them, with the Office of Occupations and Professions in Frankfort, KY. As suspected, Ms. [redacted] is not licensed in the State of Kentucky to perform massage. This investigation is on file with Attorney General Jack Conway, and managed by [redacted]Desired Settlement: We are requesting a full refund of the services, including the tip for Ms. [redacted] and [redacted] $908.




It's sad that people like Mr. [redacted], takes an establishment like Xhale Salon~Spa that our only goal is to accommodate our guests and twist it into this. On May 2, Mr. [redacted] called to make appointments for him and his partner for, massages, body foliations, pedicures and manicures. He called and changed apt. times 2or3 times before finally arriving an hour and a half before closing for 3 1/2 hours worth of appointments.When they arrived we had to get started immediately so we could accommodate all their services that they had requested. Which meant using an over flow room located in the gym, not a closet like Mr. [redacted] claims, matter a fact it was where the [redacted] Hotel's massage therapist performed massage full time until Xhale open up in Nov of 2010. If Mr. [redacted] arrived remotely on time for his apts. we would not have had to use it. I also could have told them Im sorry it is too late to perform all of your services but you will be charge for them because your over an hour late from your schedule apt. But we didn't we stayed 2 hours after close to take care of these men. Its amazes me that Mr. [redacted] did not mention that the owner agreed to wait on them while they made a stop to take care of their dogs needs before coming to the Xhale while the staff waited for them. How is that for customer service? As far as pricing goes Xhale's prices do increase 20% the week of Derby as does everyone else's prices do in Hotel and Louisville area. Mr. [redacted] said he looked up the prices while waiting for his massage isn't that a little late to be concerned about prices when you have booked 10 services? The price difference is about $130(reg. vs Derby) . Mr [redacted] did question the pricing and I explained to him our price increase for Derby. He did not ask me to see it in writing like he claimed and he did not complain about the room or their massage at all. Didn't mention any dissatisfaction . He actually tipped the massage therapist $75.00.

Review: Last Thursday, June 7th, was my wedding anniversary. That day my husband told me that he had made plans for us to go to Louisville on Saturday, get manicures and pedicures together and then go to dinner and a concert. I was very excited, but told him that while he was very sweet, a trip to the salon was an unnecessary expense. I also told him I had received a gift certificate from one of my pre-kindergarten students and would use that before we left for our trip. He agreed, and told me the reservations needed to be cancelled at Xhale. Unfortunately we had a miscommunication about who was going to call Xhale and we each thought the other was going to make the call. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had also reserved a mani/pedi for an old roommate at Xhale as a surprise. In any event, I did not realize until I saw a charge for approximately $150 on our credit card that neither of us had called Xhale to cancel. I talked to my husband and called the salon. I first apologized, then explained the mistake and asked if there was something that could be done about the charge. I was told that I needed to speak with a manager. The individual took my name and number and my call was returned by [redacted]. From the start, Melisaa was quite short with me. She did not respond when I apologized and told me that they lost a "huge chunk" of their day by us not showing up. I apologized again and again she did not respond and was evidently exasperated that I was even calling. She said she had "already worked with me" because evidently the no show charge should have been $300 according to their cancellation policy, which was the total cost of three mani/pedi. Evidently she had done us a favor by only charging us $150. I was shocked and said that I would speak with my husband because he had not said anything to me about any cancellation fee at all, and certainly not an "entire cost of service" charge. When I spoke with my husband he said that he had been asked to call within 24 hours and that a credit card number had been required in order to make the reservation. He also said that he was not informed only any cancellation fee policy. I called [redacted] back and explained this to her. She did not believe me and stated that the person who booked the appointment had been with her for a long time. I insisted that my husband would not lie to me and she became more irritated and said something to the effect of "what do you think a cancellation policy is for?". I stated that I had several service providers with whom I dealt that had cancellation policies but no service charge fee. [redacted] was really fixated on the fact that we had not called and eventually said our behavior was "rude". I was confused and said that certainly it would be rude to just not call, but in this instance I was trying to explain to her that my husband and I had a miscommunication and that innocent mistakes were not rude. She then demanded that I tell her what was a fair fee. I said none because we weren't even told that such a policy was in place, but that I would be willing to pay $50 to resolve the issue. She said she would "think about it" and several times said she was "a small business owner and did I know what that was like." I didn't say it, but I have many friends who own small business and their general comment is that good customer service is crucial for success. After her "I'll think about it comment" I asked if her company was approved by the She avoided answering the question. I asked again and she said she didn't know. I asked her how it was possible that she didn't know the answer to that question and her response was something to the effect of she was too busy to keep up with that kind of stuff. I asked again if she knew because it was becoming clear to me that she was not being forthright. She angrily replied "yes" and I said that I would prefer to deal with the rather than her. She said fine and hung up. I then called our credit card company and disputed the charge and asked about filing a complaint. They encouraged me to do so.Desired Settlement: Same as desired settlement.



The following is a response to complaint ID #9082916. On June 6, 2012 at 12:23pm,Mr. [redacted] called in and scheduled 3 manicures and 3 pedicures. His credit card information was taken and he was told about our cancellation policy ; that we have a 24 hour cancellation period and his card would not be charged for the services unless he cancelled within the 24hours or if he and his guests did not show up for the appointments. The appointments were scheduled for June 9,2012. On the day of the appointments we called Mr. [redacted] for 2 hours we could reach him. He was given the option to reschedule for later in the day, he said that they would not be able to make it in that day.He was then told that his card would be charged for the appointments and management would get back with him to see if he could get a discount on the charges. Once the appointments were reviewed, he was only charged $150.00 for the services, instead of the $300.00 that was the actual cost of the services. I m sorry that Ms. [redacted] feels that enforcing our cancellation policy is poor customer service. I did work with her the best I could. Please let me know where this matter stands.

Thank you ,




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 9082916, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

The company has not offered to refund any of the $150 "no show" fee charged to our credit card. This is so despite the fact that the practice of charging a cancellation fee of any kind was not disclosed over the phone during the booking. After I reviewed their response, I reviewed their website, which clearly states the salon's cancellation fee policy. This information should have been provided to us when we called and booked over the telephone, but it was not: "All cancellations or No-Shows with less than 24 hour notice will result in a fee equall to the service scheduled. By scheduling an appointment you are agreeing to our cancelation policy. (Spelling errors appear in original quote. Just another example of the unprofessional and unpolished treatment we have received from this company)


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