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Xquisite AllStars Cheerleading

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Review: Thank you for giving me a few moments of your time. In August of 2013 I registered my daughter with Xquisite AllStar Cheerleading after speaking to the owner, [redacted], and being assured that my daughter was in good hands. INCIDENT ONEAbout a month into practice I was told (via text) that [redacted] was being transferred to a lower team. I expressed my concerns was told by [redacted], it is my team. I felt like all of the kids had worked so hard to perform in the upcoming show and to remove them a week before an event was very unprofessional. There was no parent meeting to address the change or to address any concerns that the parents may have had. Can you imagine being a child and being pulled from one team to the next with no explanation? Can you imagine that childs confidence level dropping? Immediately after the removal my daughters behavior began to change. INCIDENT TWOThe next episode was at a Halloween party hosted by [redacted]. I walked in and little girls were dancing and gyrating their bodies like grown women with NO supervision. As soon as I saw my daughter she ran to me with tears in her eyes barely able to tell me that another little girl kept kicking her. All of the children confirmed [redacted] story. I asked the girl why? She replied, Because my mommy told me to. I immediately went to speak to her mother (Coach [redacted]) who was in a separate room and simply stated to her, that as a parent before you tell your child to kick another child you should have investigated the situation. That conversation turned into me being cursed out and called out of my name, in front of a group of about 20 children and at this time about 6-7 parents. I immediately went to go and find Coach [redacted] and shared with her what happened. She pretty much told my daughter that she has to toughen up and told me she would handle it. I never received an apology for my daughter being kicked numerous times from the little girl, nor from the parent for her actions.INCIDENT THREEAfter the Halloween party, things began to get worst. Every evening [redacted] was coming out of practice with tears in her eyes because she was being bullied by **. [redacted]s daughter and now by other teammates. Someone took her juice and drank it. I asked [redacted] why she didnt say something, hear response was, because the other girl was bigger than me and I didnt want to get beat up. Then another little girl began saying mean things to her as well. Coach [redacted] was not at practice (as usual) so I spoke to the childs parent first alone and then with both girls. The girls apologized to each other as we explained to them that they are team mates and not enemies. The parent assured me that her childs behavior towards [redacted] would change and it did, the two actually started becoming friends. Its amazing what two rational parents can do.INCIDENT FOUROn Tuesday, December 3, 2013 I received a text at 10:40pm stating that some of the athletes were not showing up for practice, some parents had not paid tuition since November, and that she, [redacted] was becoming reluctant to move forward. I replied back asking is the entire team going to be dismissed or just the girls that were in noncompliance. I also suggested a parent meeting because after the dividing of the teams it was unsure of neither what was needed nor the direction that the team was going in. I also stated that I forgot to pay [redacted] tuition because of the cupcake incident that had occurred that evening after practice. She asked me what cupcake incident. I explained to her that some of [redacted] teammates received cupcakes and that she did not and I thought it was unfair. The very next texted that I received stated that my daughters name comes up every week, she is very manipulative, and has an overwhelming sense of entitlement. I was also told that I have confronted coaches and parents. I was then told not to worry about paying Decembers tuition and to move on because she, [redacted] was done. There was no parent meeting, no coach and athlete meeting, just a text at 12:09 am, stating that my child had been dismissed. I asked for a refund of all the tuition that had been paid, so that I can return it to all those that donated to [redacted] making it possible for her to cheer. I received a text back with an old lady, hands on her hips saying No refund.Immediately following that [redacted] sends out a group message to all parents stating [redacted] has been removed from the program effective immediately. This should solve all concerns. I know it does mine![redacted] has been a competitive cheerleader for two years, played basketball for one year, and played soccer for another two years. I have only heard good things from all of her coaches. To every cause there is an effect. A child that is being bullied and made to feel less than her teammates will show her emotions one way or another. My daughter has suffered mostly in silence for the last two months. I commend her for having the strength and courage to keep going back to a place where she is not happy and where she is being treated unfairly. [redacted] and her staff have proved to be unprofessional on more than a few occasions. She has shown no regard to ensuring [redacted] mental and emotional well-being. She is not qualified to run a program for the youth. It is impossible to run a program when you are barley in attendance. I have been told on more than one occasion that she, [redacted] will began to be more active with the team. She has not held up to her word. This behavior on [redacted] and her staff part must be stopped. I ask that you signed this petition to draw awareness to progra** such as this that are draining parents pockets and are treating their children unfair.Below you will find all of the information that I could find online.Xquiste AllStar Cheerleading[redacted] Maryland [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund in the amount of all monies paid so that it can be reimbursed to those that donated to my daughter's cheerleading season. And also, a letter of apologies.



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At this time, I have not been contacted by Xquisite AllStars Cheerleading regarding complaint ID [redacted].


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Description: Cheerleading Instruction

Address: 8709 D'Arcy Road, Forestville, Maryland, United States, 20747


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