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The desired settlement listed by our customer in the Bureau complaint is for repair or reimbursement of damages occurring during the move process Our customer had submitted a claim form that listed the items that they claim as damaged during the move process A reimbursement check for damages to all claimed items that had sustained transit-related damages has been sent to our customer The check was accompanied with a letter of explanation of reimbursement This closes our file I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint We submitted a timely claim for our broken belongings Planes sent out a representative from a third party who they use to either replace or repair the claimed items The gentleman came out from the third party company and indicated that there should be no problems Planes sent us a check for what they deemed that was damaged in the move and did not cover everything that was damaged in the move Planes claimed these things were not damaged by them because their movers they had sent to move us, over marked and falsely recorded things We know this in fact based on numerous events First of our dining rooms chairs has a stain on it (which is a hand print) Only one of the chairs has a stain on chair....yet the movers marked all chairs stained How can that be? Only one chair is stained but they marked all chairs stained....odd...shady? Second, when the head member of the crew (Vic) came through our house before moving everything in, he mentioned to us he was going to mark down that the walls had some damage on them prior to our move it We thought that was a great idea Then later, when he wanted us to sign off on everything, he did indicate that the walls had some pre-existing damaged (which they did) but also he wrote on the form that all the carpeting in the house was heavily soiled, worn and stained We called him out on that because the carpet was in fact brand new carpeting that was just laid a few weeks prior....shady and odd Why would he claim that if that was not the case....hmmmm? The fact that Planes moving and storage uses these kind of workers to move their customer's belongings is really sad because I am sure they themselves would not want this treatment of their own personal belongings Plus, the fact that the customer service is awful and they stand behind this is extremely sad, shady and very poor business practices Regards, [redacted]

They sent a company to fix our bed to the best of their ability last weekThe bed was fixed by that team better than it was left by the movers after the moveWe have had no contact with Gayle W [redacted] , but Matt T [redacted] boss refunded the amount we paid for insurance on our move instead of paying for the individual itemsThis amount was $At this time we are satisfied and won't be pursuing anything else

From: [redacted] < [redacted] >Date: Wed, Feb 24, at 3:PMSubject: Complaint ID [redacted] To: [email protected]: [redacted] Dear Ms [redacted] :This is regarding my complaint against Planes Moving and Storage.The Complaint ID is [redacted] .Their response is unsatisfactory and is rejected by me.In support of my position I a [redacted] forwarding you my original letter to the company which has all the details It appears that the person who responded to my complaint did not review this information Also attached is a photograph of the surface of my dinner table which was not properly fixed.The “kitchen table” with the broken leg is still available for inspection in the way it was left in the unfinished basement to avoid detection.Please let me know what else I may need to do.Thanks [redacted] **

Our customer's Desired Settlement is that we forgive the balance due on her recent relocation The amount due is $ The strong negative energy that our customer displays in her Bureau complaint is rooted in her opinions of the level of service she received from our organization on her move day To counter each of these critical opinions would serve no useful purpose toward resolution and closure of the Bureau's file We choose to address the Desired Settlement with the facts not found in the complaint Following a visual survey at her residence, Ms [redacted] signed a non-binding estimate and contracted Planes to handle her local move The estimate, based on time at an hourly rate, was item specific On the inventory form there were nineteen items that were not to be moved by our service team On move day, we were instructed to move fifteen of these items plus more cartons and totes than were included in the original estimate for service In summary, the move we performed on the [redacted] move day was different that the move we saw on estimate day We performed precisely as contracted We request that this Bureau complaint be closed as our company acted fairly and responsibly

***, Mr [redacted] has presented no new information for considerationWe have responded to the complaint regarding the table previously and have provided documentation to support our positionWithout new information to consider our conclusion remains the same Regards, Gayle Gayle W [redacted] , Vice President - ClaimsPLANES COMPANIESCincinnati-Dayton RoadWest Chester, OH 45069gw [redacted] ext3749###-###-####fax: ###-###-#### Planes Companies, Agent for United Van Lines, with over years of service excellence, is a nationally recognized leader in the relocation and transportation industry, offering comprehensive services including household, commercial and logistics, on local, national and international levels I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it If you and the business have reached an agreement and compliance is set for a future date, we trust the business will comply Please contact us after that time if the matter is not resolved as agreed and we will review the complaint and proceed accordingly.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] Regards, [redacted] ---Dear ***:Just to follow up my complaint re: Services from Planes Moving.I a [redacted] not satisfied with the response from MrM [redacted] .He has not responded to the issues I raised in my letter to MsG [redacted] A copy of the letter is again attached I was sent a check of $to repair the dent in the wall caused by the movers The dining table was not repaired satisfactorily A photo is again attached Repairs completed were minimal, requiring little time and effortThe table was broken by the movers, and concealed.MrM [redacted] has written a polite letter and I would like to make this offer to him If he would come and look at this table and declare in good conscience that the condition was “pre-existent”, I will accept that and consider the matter amicably closed I can also talk with hi [redacted] on the phone I recognize that he is also trying to resolve this issue It will also give hi [redacted] some insight for avoiding enormous unnecessary expenses for minor repairs.Please note that although I a [redacted] somewhat delayed in my response, Planes’ response to my original complaint was far more delayedThanks[redacted] **

Business has made an offer to settle this matter
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I a* providing a photo of the leg of the broken table. The table was regularly used before the move but can hardly stand now. Does this look like "pre-existing damage"? I have provided a numbered list of reasons confirming that this damage was not pre-existing. For a serious reply, I would like The company to review the list and respond to each item.The previous photo that I provided clearly demonstrates that the other dining table surface was not fixed.I was paid $for repair of the wall damage caused by the movers.It appears that the company paid $through an internal arrangement to fix some minor scratches (estimated cost to fix $100), and decided to ignore the broken table ($450). Once again, I am making the table as well as the items repaired available for inspection
*** ***

We are in receipt of the complaint filed by Ms ***. Her desired settlement is "I would like the items broken or not delivered by the movers to be repaired or replaced." Ms ***'s move was delivered on November 18, 2014. She filed the claim action days later on July 16,
2015. The claimed damages were examined by an independent claims adjuster. We sent a claims settlement letter and reimbursed Ms *** for damages that were a result of our action. This settlement letter was sent August 17, 2015. Some of the damages claimed by our customer were confirmed as not transit related and were denied. Her claim of lost items is not supported by the documents from the move. Everything was delivered and received by Ms ***. This is confirmed with her signature at destination. Ms *** was offered third party arbitration to resolve her issues. She did not file. The legal eligibility deadline to file for arbitration has now expired. Now comes her Bureau filing dated October 19, 2015, days after accepting delivery. In her Bureau filing she has presented no new information to consider. It is unfortunate that Ms *** is less than satisfied with her experience with our company but her complaint to the Bureau is without merit and appears to merely be an attempt to besmirch our good name. Our position is supported by the facts and the documentation and is unchanged

Thank you for bringing the aforementioned customer complaint to our attentionAfter reading through the details of Mr*** complaint and becoming aware of his experience during the claims process, we want to sincerely apologize for the delay in communicationIn an effort to reach the desired
settlement with Mr***, a member of our claims team sent the requested inventory form to him on September 25th
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
We have been working with the director of residential sales and he agreed the bed was not in good conditionWe have scheduled an appointment to have a different inspector come out to assess the bedWe are still needing compensation for the remaining items damaged before and during the move and have spoken about what type of compensation will be appropriate, but have not agreed or received a check for those itemsAt this time we can't agree this is resolved until a check has been issued for the remaining items broke before and during the move
*** ***

To Whom It May Concern:Attached are the requested documentsI did meet with the quality control manager and the sales person who initially quoted my moveHe did confirm that we had discussed moving certain items that were then removed from the final quote I signedWe also discussed that I did not review the survey that was provided of the items to be moved, because after my conversation I assumed, in good faith, that those items were documented to be moved, however the sales person in question engaged in a bait-and-switch tactic and verbally confirmed certain items would be moved but did not notate themThe issue in question is that supposedly by moving those items (a washer and dryer and TV) that it took the movers and additional hoursThat is not the caseThe movers went extremely slowly, spent a great deal of time arguing with us over what they were going to move, where they were going to move and why we wanted items in certain placesThey also said most of the items they were moving were person items, so with only people the move was not staffed appropriately resulting in the longer time to moveI have witnesses who saw and heard how much the movers argued and of whom heard the movers say they were hungover which is why they were going so slowlyThey also left a significant amount of our items that were left at our house which I believe violated our agreementWe had to move an additional car loads of items to our new home that they left*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint
In rebuttal to Planes, they have not address that fact that we were taken advantage of by their workers and falsely marked for things that we not damaged. They have not addressed the fact that one chair is stained when all six were marked stained (because we were falsely marked) and they have addressed the fact that their movers wanted us to sign off on the fact that our carpeting was brand new and their worker wanted us to sign off on it that is was highly stained, soiled and worn. They have not addressed the fact that the air hockey table was not marked as the top being broken or shattered (the glass or plastic, whatever the material it is) and it was broken when it arrived to our house. It was marked scratched but scratched is very different than shattered.
*** ***

We have read our customer's rejection of our response to her original complaint to the Bureau. This rejection is a restatement of her opinions regarding her recent local move handled by our organization. Ms *** has presented no new information to consider. In the absence of any new facts or details, our position remains unchanged

Our customer's Desired Settlement is "Compensate for Damages". All transit related damages have been repaired and a check for the claimed property damage was sent. There were a couple pieces that were denied due to having pre-existing damage and not transit related. Also a set
of nesting tables was discarded by the customer before inspection
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
Againthe items on the claims form submitted to Planes Moving and Storage had everything we were told to do by the movers and moving coordinatorThere was never any mention from the moving coordinator before or after the move that we needed to save any of the broken itemsNot once.The movers that broke several items before the move actually took place never mentioned once, that we needed to save the damaged items they brokeThey stated that we just needed to submit them on the claim form that would be provided after the moveI find it funny that Gayle W*** is commenting on what we were told being that she wasn't involved in any conversation that was had by the movers or moving coordinatorShe wasn't involved in one conversation about what we were told and we had never spoken until the claims report came back at the end of JanuaryIt's unfair to speculate on conversations that you were not apart of being present forDon't you think that if I was told to save all of the pieces damaged in the move in order to claim them that I would have? Do you think I would have just dispersed of the broken items the day they were damaged of the move if I knew I needed to keep them or I wouldn't be reimbursed? NoNo person in their right mind would do that.Many of the items being refused in reimbursement were items, again, broken by the moving crew on the day of the move before the move even beganAs a person, company, or service doing work in any home you should have insurance going into a person's home and breaking items in their home before the moveThese items were broken, admittedly, by the crew right in front of usHow are you denying that you will cover items that were broken by the hands of your crew before they even made it into boxes? That is what your company insurance coversThe moving crew broke an antique crystal heirloom from the Depression from pure negligenceThe damaged crystal is in a photo aboveThat specific crew member never motioned that we needed to save that piece, but told us just to claim itI took photos of it to make sure we would have some accountability of it being damagedHe physically broke it before it was even packed awayHow does a company walk into someone's home, break something almost years old by negligence and think they can't be responsible for it? We did what we were told and I thought taking a photo was even going above and beyondI never thought I would have to fight to have personal items destroyed in my home before my actual move.The picture frame was in shreds before the moveThey didn't even pack it into a picture frame boxThe frame was in pieces and the mat completely separated from the backingThat wedding photo was a very special memento that is irreplaceable from our wedding night and that frame was repurchased and replaced immediatelyI wanted to protect it and also hang frames in our new homeI purchased a brand new one, exactly the same, because I never in a million years thought I would be fighting over a picture frame that the crew broke off of the wall it was hanging onThe moving crew didn't even pack it because it was in pieces before the move and told us to just put it on the claim formI did what they told meWe didn't think we would actually be here fighting over a $frame that was damaged before the actual move took placeAgain, these items a company damages before the move even takes place should not even have to be disputed as they were damaged by their hands before movingThe company's insurance should be responsible for these damages. Our bed is in terrible conditionIt is laughable that Gayle W***'s handyman said that it was in fine conditionThe video above shows that it is not even attached to the frameIt's barely on and loose and could fall off at any secondThis claim was filed before Gayle W*** called to offer to fix our bedWe were in beginning talks with our lawyer and needed to know what our rights wereI never said that I denied having our bed fixed as Gayle W*** stated aboveShe emailed and quickly offered to have someone come out that I had never met to fix it at a time when I wouldn't be homeMy wife was present for all of the conversations on speaker phone and can testify that I never denied anything that Gayle W*** stated aboveI told her I needed to speak further to my lawyer before going forwardI'm not sure where she came up with that part of her conversation that never happenedThe words "No" never came out of my mouthWe were in talks with our lawyer and he advised to have no further conversation with anyone over the phoneTo only have written contact with anyoneWhich is what I've done since filing thisFurther more, I'm not having some handyman that Gayle W*** wants to send out that I have no idea what his credentials are, who he is, what he's going to do in my homeWhat if he damages my bed further? What if he can't fix it? What if he claims to fix it, but doesn't or does more damage? The previous handyman told Gayle W*** that it was in fine condition and look at the video aboveIt barely is hanging onWe never told the crew to fix our bed that night it was broken while they were trying to assemble itThe whole frame is crackedThey just started putting holes in it and fixing it before we could even say anythingThey told us to claim it and they would take care of itWell my bed is still broken and we have no idea who they want to send out or what shape our bed will be in after they leaveWhat if they can't fix it? Who is on our side or what will happen if we aren't satisfied? They will walk away and deny itWe had someone come out to look at the bed for an opinion and they said the bed couldn't be fixedThey said it would never be back in stable condition like the other sideThey said it was permanently damaged and he couldn't see if anyone could repair it without doing further damageWe will hire someone that we trust to make a report on our bed and send it to Gayle W*** that way we know we won't be having further damage to our bedIf it can be fixed they can pay for the billIf it can't they can pay for what the bed is worth to be replacedI'm not sure I can trust anyone of the handymen that they send out considering the first guy thought our bed looked fineIn no way shape or form can anyone say that bed looks fineIt's not even attached to the frameAgain, this was broken right in front of usThey cussed right when it happenedYou could hear the split out in our family roomThey knew they damaged it.A photo of the crystal lamp with the light socket ripped off the sideNo handyman can fix a broken socket to get it from not being a fire hazardThese are all the same pictures their people would have taken with their cameraNothing out of the to even consider denying coverage.Our son's karaoke machine was damagedHe was so upset and heartbroken that he couldn't use itIt was $He got it for his birthday two weeks priorThankfully Santa knew he wanted another one and brought him one on ChristmasThe old one had to leave so that a little boy wouldn't see that Santa "fixed" it for him for ChristmasI have the receipt of both karaoke machines bought within a month of each otherAgain, we didn't think we would have to fight over a $item.It is fraud to sell a customer a coverage insurance package and to walk away not wanting to be accountable for much of itIt is fraud to send your people into a home with that coverage package and have them break several items before a move even takes place and have them knowingly admit to breaking them in front of us and not pay for these damagesYou can't sell this and have their verbal word that things were broke and expect me to be liable for themI did what I was told and put them on the claim formI even took pictures of the other itemsThey broke my bed with their hands, they crystal, the wedding picture frameOur lawyer has informed us of our rights and the legality of a company being responsible for their workers entering a home and breaking thingsHe is prepared to file a small claims to have workers acknowledge damage done before and after the moveWe are not to be legally responsible for it and as a consumer merely stating these things that were damaged should be enough for a company to address and fix on their behalf.
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
The sales representative who completed the survey of my house initially verbally confirmed to both myself and my spouse all of the items that would be moved--which included all furniture in our homeBoxes were not included in the moveWe were instructed by the sales person that all other items not in boxes would be moved verballyHe then sent us a copy of the documents for us to reviewI emailed him back to tell him I wasn't able to open the document he sent me, after which he sent me a screen shot of the payment terms ONLYSince we had spoken extensively about all the specific items and furniture that would be moved, I assumed that he would be honest and detail the information correctly in the document that I was unable to review.On the move date, we loaded the few boxes in the house in our own personal vehiclesWe were being charged hourly based on the speed of the moversAs I notified the and P*** Moving, I believe the movers intentionally delayed moving objects (taking breaks, talking, etc) to increase the amount of time it took to moveAdditionally, the movers told me that 90% of the items we had were person items--meaning they were too large for person to moveTherefore, they specifically told me person was usually spending the majority of the time on the truck waiting for another person to finish moving an item because we were only sent peopleI believe this was also a deceptive practice by the business to increase the time of the move, because they knew person would always be waiting around physically not being able to move itemsI contacted the business and asked for a meeting to discuss my grievancesWhen I showed up to their office for a scheduled meeting 3/31/at 12pm, I was told my meeting was cancelled and that of the parties--Will W*** the operations manager, was not available for the meetingWhen I tried to reschedule I was told the only time I could have a meeting would be at 7amThe office is almost minutes from my house--which means I would have to leave my house before 6:30am to have a meetingAdditionally, my complaint is with the attitudes of the moversWe were told they would put items where we asked them to, however, they refused to move certain items to places we wanted (mostly the basement) because they were too heavy or too big (keep in mind they were going down stairs to get to the basement not upstairs)They also left a number of items at our house--car loads of items that we had to go back and get after the move in our own personal vehiclesI have statements from people who were present during the move who witnessed their rude behavior, uncooperativeness to move certain items, and slow movingThe movers told of my friends they were hungover from the day before which is why they were draggingEven a third party contractor from *** *** noted how rude the movers were and how unreasonable they were being about moving itemsWe spent a great deal of time (that we were being charged for) arguing with them. The movers called the moving coordinator, Kyra Hammond, to let her know I was not satisfied with the speed of the move and their attitudes before they left for the day. They informed me she would be reaching out to me the next day to resolve my issues, but she never did I spoke with the owner, John P***, 3/who apologized that his management team refused to meet with meHe said someone would contact me today to offer resolution, but no one has
*** ***

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