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Review: I ordered a sweatshirt from this company on [redacted] about 11 months ago. They said it was shipped. I never received it. Shortly after they deleted there etsy account. Then I found them on Instagram explained the situation to them, and they blocked me. Still don't have the product or my money back.Desired Settlement: My money back for the sweatshirt I ordered .

Review: I ordered from this company online in the first week of July. I have not received my order or received a response email from them. I have tried contacting them 3 times through email, and the phone number given does not exist. I don't know what else to do to either get my products or receive a refund. I am not the only person this company has done this too.

Product_Or_Service: 3 sweatshirts

Order_Number: [redacted]

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would like a refund for my order or my actual order

Review: I made a purchase during July this year for two sweatshirts for a birthday. After waiting the required time, 4-6 weeks, the products still had not arrived. I proceeded to contact the store via email and after waiting for a week I received no reply. I then sent another two emails and still have not received a reply. This is absolutely disrespectful and not only do I feel scammed but I feel as if my rights have been violated. The store had an obligation to fulfill in which it did not. I feel utterly ashamed that I even put trust in this store but hope for a resolution.

This is the email I received to confirm my order:

To: [redacted]


Thank you for placing your order with Sexy Tshirt Co!

This email is to confirm your recent order.

Date 07/18/2014

Shipping address

Billing address

1x Lana Del Rey Remix Sweater Crewneck Sweatshirt - 3XL for $59.87 each

1x Adventure Time Crew Neck Sweater Sweatshirt - 3XL for $70.84 each

Subtotal : $130.71 USD

Shipping : $25.00 USD

Total : $155.71 USDDesired Settlement: I want a complete refund of the items and if not this I still will like the products with an apology.

Review: I emailed the company over a week ago about Order 1109 with no response, and twice since then with no response. The quoted time that my item will take to be delivered is 3-4 weeks. I gave a date that I needed my item to be delivered by that was within this range. It was not delivered. If I were to count only business days, my item is still late. I have attempted to contact the shop owner(s) to know when and if my item has shipped and to gain a tracking number, but have had no response. I ordered my item on May 19. I incurred extra expenses because my item is late.Desired Settlement: I want my item delivered as soon as possible. I want a refund on my shipping costs, and 25% of my order cost to be refunded. I do not want store credit.

Review: This company has been getting a bunch of complaints from a bunch of different people on both their facebook page and their [redacted] page. People, including me, have ordered shirts from them 8+ weeks ago that have never arrived. The status on my order is "shipped" as of March 5th but that is obviously not the case. They have little to no communication in regards to the customer complaints, and the only time they do respond, they are rude and they blame [redacted]. According to them, [redacted] has shut down their store, meaning they are not receiving order information. If this is the case, why would people still be able to place orders? Why would they still be collecting money? They are telling everyone basically that it's "not their problem" and they are not doing anything to satisfy the issues for anyone. They told me they're going to post a 40% coupon code for people who are being inconvenienced like me; this is not good enough, I don't plan to ever purchase a thing from this business again. They are ripping people off left and right and no one is doing anything about it.

Product_Or_Service: Lana Del Rey Sweater

Order_Number: XXXXXXXXX

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want my money back and I want to see these people shut down so that they can't keep ripping people off like this. They charge $70 for their clothes, $70 that I still have not seen back in my bank account. I placed my order in the middle of February and I have not seen a sweater or a cent from them. Nor have I seen an ounce of concern from their end.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/04/28) */

Our store got shut down on [redacted].com so we no longer have access to our account, so therefore we have no way to view the orders to fill them. [redacted] paid us in increments for the sales we made. When they shut down our store, they did not give us the money for the outstanding orders. We are not going to make people's orders that we have not been paid for. We have been in contact with [redacted] about what to do with these orders and [redacted] has not given us any option to see or fill the orders. We do not have the customers money, [redacted].com does. We have no way to access it so, we have been pointing people to [redacted] to receive their refund. We have made many posts to all of our social medias as to what has occurred and what they can do to receive their refund. We can no longer sell on [redacted]. Refund have been given to multiple people. We are no longer responsible for how [redacted].com deals with our outstanding orders because we have no way to reach our account, it was terminated. Until we can view our orders from our terminated account we have no way to fill any orders.

Review: My son ordered a shirt from this company in April, 2014. I paid $69.87. In the early months when I contacted them ([redacted], June & July), they responded to my e-mails and cited production issues. When I asked them for a refund in August, they stopped responding. I have continued to contact them and have even reached out to the principal, Addison [redacted] and noone will respond. They took my money, I never received the order. What is my course of action? Do I file a police report? Please advise.Desired Settlement: I want a refund of the $69.87 that they took from me.

Review: Product had multiple holes. There was a huge brown stain on the color. Item was not even close to the item ordered. Contacted seller numerous times first after not receiving item after ordered month's before, with no response. Photographed item after received, emailed to seller numerous times, finally responds (I don't know how that stain got there)(there are no refund's or exchanges, sorry) After paying $70 for this item, I didn't stop there I threatened to report her to the and also to both mine and there police department's. I then get I will replace your item. Yeah well that was month's ago HAHA still nothing. This all started back in April. I just noticed that they no longer have a website either, gee I wonder why. Desired Settlement: I want a refund or item replaced.

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Description: T-Shirts, Womens Apparel - Retail, Online Retailer, Bedding, Mens Clothing & Furnishings - Retail, Shirts - Custom Made

Address: 512 NW 9th Ave, Portland, Oregon, United States, 97209-3403


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