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Yonkman Construction

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To whom it may concern, I Scott Y [redacted] will respond to Mr***'s comments in the order he presented them First I would like to say, we were very surprised to receive this complaintWe had been in communication with Mr [redacted] and were waiting to hear from him regarding a time we could meet him at the project site and discuss any concerns he hasI have the written correspondence with him to show we are waiting for a response from him regarding a time to meetWe are very glad to meet with [redacted] and work out an equitable solution to any issues that may exist 1.The project started out to address four items and as [redacted] indicates the scope of work grewMr [redacted] intended on doing many things himself but do to some health issues , asked us to do additional tasksWe did submit pricing for the additional tasks; we often use email to submit on going project information and cost information to our clientsWe retain copies of all correspondence and are happy to share that informationregarding "demanding payments" Our company submits regular monthly draws for work completed the prior monththis process was followed on the [redacted] projectSome of the payments were actually received past the due datesHe claims he paid for items not done - This is not the case , specific to the electrical wiring work- we were not asked to re-wire the entire cabin- we were asked to install a new electrical service and panel and make certain repairsWe have the original scope of the wiring work well defined and can share that information4.Regarding torn dry wall - we are unaware of any such issueRegarding insulation - we had this work done by a professional insulating company and we are not aware of any such issue- if there is an issue we will gladly take care of itRegarding any poor workmanship...this had not been brought to our attention before now...we need to meet to see what he's referring to It is not true we are unwilling to meet with the customer, we have been in correspondence with Mr [redacted] and have been willing to work out a time to meet with himAll labor rates and management time is clearly spelled out in our contractWe will and have provided subcontractor and supplier invoices to the customerOur process is open book

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: One glaring omission: we did in fact PAY to have the entire cabin rewiredWe received a verbal quote from [redacted] and told him to proceedAt one point when the cabin was stripped down you could actually see all of the new pullsBut, several wires were NOT replaced or touched; when Mr [redacted] was asked about them (they are actually plainly visible) he said he "never was told to do a COMPLETE rewire and that some old wiring was left in place"! Another issue: when bathroom fan was installed the ceiling was torn and a large crack is visibleAlso when the bath outlet was rewired the wallboard was torn and is hanging off the wallAlso in the bathroom, regarding quality of work, the water service to the toilet was replumbed; the copper pipe is not fastened to anything and moves in a radius of about two or three inches I want a meeting to point out these and other items to MrY [redacted] , and not Mr***, as soon as possible Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Mr***, most certainly we need to meet and we will get a meeting set up Clearly we need to resolve any issues; until then I can offer the following response to your most current remarks - regarding the electrical work - in review of my initial job notes , Mr***'s job notes and emails with you and as per a discussion I had with our electrician, there is no instructions to completely re wire the cabinWhat I do know is that after the existing interior wall finishes were removed, some poor wiring and junction boxes and the like were exposedIt was discussed with you and we recommended that the poor electrical work be replacedNot all the existing electrical wiring and components were badI have the written bid from our electrician which reflects what work would be doneIf you do not have a copy of that bid I will provide it to youI'm sorry there is any confusion about thisWe have pictures of all the interior walls showing the existing wiringOur electrician is willing to meet with us to review the scope of work done and to go over the pictures with usLet me know if you want him at our meetingOur billing only reflects the work that was done and I'm glad to go over all the billing and the related invoices if you wish regarding the dry wall work in the bath room - I do need to see what you are referring toIf I see such poor workmanship as you have described , it will be fixed with out questionI just seems there must be some miss communication on this but we will address it Finally , regarding the water supply pipe being loose - I guess anything is possible but we have job site photos and one of the pictures shows the open, back side of the bath wall - it shows how our plumber installed two horizontal pipe support straps to secure that supply pipeI'll bring the pictures to the meeting so you can see this I've also talked to our plumber about this and he will gladly take a look at this issue and if the pipe is loose due to his installation , he will take care of it [redacted] , we will take care of any issues that are clearly our responsibilityI look forward to meeting with you and resolving your concernsIt is very important to me and our company that all issues be resolved in an equitable mannerThank you

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: does not address oral telephone changes to scope of work truthfullySincerely, [redacted] ***

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