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Yorahome advertising 6550 Laser Engraver is a 15watt. The information is false Laser is actually 4-4.5watt, also advertising it can engrave glass and stainless steel which is also false. Is not honoring 30 day guarantee.

Yorahome Response • Jul 02, 2020

has filed a complaint regarding our advertising and support of a 6550 Laser Engraving
machine; in his emails, he has also made other comments that we would like to address.

According to our website analytics, *** first visited our website on May 14
, 2020. Analytics
also indicate that he made an additional 8 visits (not known if this is simply page views or separate visits)
between May 15
th and 16
. *** placed his order on May 17
, 2020 (O***, as
indicated in the documents provided by Mr..

***n also joined our customer ***,
which is a dedicated group for our customers to discuss the machines, share ideas and projects, and
provide peer support to one another. He joined the group on the same day he placed the order (May
, 2020).

*** tracking indicates that the machine was delivered to ***n on May 21
, 2020; so it is
very interesting that the complaint indicates that the problem occurred on May 20
th – how did the
problem arise before the order was received?

***n only made a single post to our group, inquiring if anyone had done anything on plastic or
acrylic materials. This post was made on May 28
, one week after the machine was delivered. Replies to
that post provided examples and feedback that this was possible, and ***n indicated that he
would try to replicate this. No additional posts were found from ***n.

The next communication we received from ***n was on June 7
, indicating that he wanted to
return the product as it was “insufficient for what I need to do”. He also claimed that one of the stepper
motors had broken off the machine.

We notified the customer that our 30 day guarantee applied to defective products only, and applied to
unused products. Therefore, this order was ineligible for return; buyer’s remorse is not covered by our

***n also states that the laser power is misleading; we offer multiple variations of laser
modules, ranging from 3W to 15W. ***n ordered the 15W laser module; which is capable of
15W peak output, as defined by the supplier. We do not have a means of measuring exact output; nor
do most consumers – we question how he was able to determine the “equivalent power” stated in his
email? We also asked him to verify how the stepper motor had broken off, considering that the motors
are subjected to very little load, and this would be the first instance of a broken motor reported by our
customers. We received no response to that verification request.

***n’s response to a denial of refund was to threaten us with “providing a bad review of your
company through social media”. ***n then initiated a case through ***hich resulted in
the monies being removed from our business account. Since at that time ***n was no longer
a paying customer, his access to our *** group was removed; as the group is reserved for
customers only. As noted in the emails provided by ***n, he immediately emailed us to
accuse us of lying and cheating customers. He also emailed us the next day to inform us that he had filed
a complaint with the In that same email, he identified the primary company representatives by
name and location; while accusing us of being “more of a Dropshipping business instead of what it
claims to be”. We find this confusing, as nowhere on our site have we claimed to be a particular
business; in fact, on our “About Us” page, we clearly state that “We work closely with top manufacturers
and vendors to provide unique products without compromising price”. At no time do we state that we
are manufacturing these items in house.

We pride ourselves on offering support that our competitors do not – we have separate phone numbers
for both sales questions and tech support, as listed on our “Contact Us” page. Our lead tech support
representative also offers 1-on-1 support to our customers via *** meeting. None of these avenues
were pursued by ***n in an effort to resolve his issues. We have no way of knowing if the
machine was assembled or configured properly, and if that would impact the results he was expecting.

The machines we sell are considered a “DIY” item; it requires the end user to assemble and make
adjustments to the software as required to achieve desired results. We recommend multiple software
options to our end users, but do not directly support those software packages, as they are provided by
separate developers. We make every effort to answer questions and provide guidance upon request.

***n claims in his email that we are “Using *** as the platform for Tech support”; that is just
one avenue we utilize, as in many cases, other customers can assist with specific projects and settings.
There are many variables that come into play with laser engraving; materials can vary widely. Due to
these variables, it is impossible for us to provide a “one size fits all” settings list that would work in every

***n also states that he unsuccessfully tried to engrave on stainless steel; he does not specify
which particular alloy he was using. Per our website, the 15W laser is capable of engraving on anodized
aluminum and coated stainless steel – since the diode lasers utilized are on the visible spectrum, any
reflective or transparent materials will require some sort of coating to allow for laser penetration. We
received no indication from the customer that these items were properly prepared.

We believe that this complaint is unjustified; the customer did not provide any proof that the product is
defective, nor confirmation of the supposed breakage. The customer never made a direct inquiry for
technical support or assistance, so we were unable to help with the situation. The first contact we had
was to demand a refund, followed by threats.

Our customer service reviews and many happy customers speak for themselves; we have hundreds of
satisfied customers, and have assisted them whenever a request has been received.

Thank you,

The YoraHome Team

Yorahome Response • Jul 17, 2020

In response to ***n’s further comments:

We are uncertain why there is such an issue with the company name – *** is the legal entity, doing business as (***. This was done to provide an easier to use website address. This is a business arrangement utilized commonly in the e-commerce world; and can be widely seen in many purchases.

We previously had much of our technical information (such as manuals) available on our website; however, we found that other resellers were using our materials for their own use, without consideration for the ;me and effort we put into developing the items. As such, we have chosen to put the materials into a controlled area (our *** group), to limit access to our customers only.

Many of the items ***n claims he received after the purchase (What is a CNC, What laser type do you need, etc.) are actually a part of our Blog section on our website – we simply email them to customers as a convenience.

***n is correct that we do not develop our own software; nor are we currently manufacturing our machines in-house. We are considered a “reseller”, in that we are selling products developed by another entity. This is a common practice as well – would ***n complain about ll

Computers, because they are using ***t software, and not something they developed themselves?

Nowhere have we claimed to build our own machines, so we are unsure how to really respond to that part of the complaint.

***n did post his question on our users group; while we did not respond directly, other users did provide examples of what he was inquiring about. At the time he sent a request for settings, he had already demanded a refund – so it begs the question: Does he want a refund, or help with the machine.

Our lead tech has yet to receive a request for the offered 1-on-1 support, so it is difficult to provide technical assistance to someone that has not requested direct help.

We are resellers of machines; we cannot pretend to have settings to every potential material that customers may decide to work with.

Yes, we are a small business – we also monitor emails throughout the day; this is why the customer received a response so late in the day. If there is a specific issue, we do try to address it whenever possible.

***n has also not yet provided us with the information we requested regarding how his machine was broken (as noted in his email); if there is a legitimate defect with the machine, we need evidence of that to process any sort of replacement.

If ***n would truly like to get his machine operating correctly, we would be more than happy to help him – assuming he actually wants the help. In fact, shortly after his initial complaint, there was an article posted to our blog specifically related to engraving on glass. Since there is no defect noted, we are unable to refund the purchase.

YoraHome Team

Customer Response • Jul 23, 2020

I would like to close my complaint. The parties have come to an understanding and have resolved the complaint.Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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