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On our company website it clearly states that we offer a $integration service where Real Estate Agents select a templated theme for $(view at that they choose and then we integrate a 3rd party IDX solution into that theme Any
additional work is charged at our hourly rate *** selected the "Must See" theme on his own decision and paid for that independently and emailed us the theme This is the theme that *** purchased from Agent Evolution where they show the basic demo:, *** would also have to purchase their Equity Framework foundation which would have brought his total cost from a 3rd party theme company to $(Theme + Equity Framework) We tried to be nice to this guy and let him use our Developer API key so he didn't have to pay for the Equity Framework We also incurred many hours of extra work that he did not pay for including a Phone Training consultation with his buddy who was supposed to be handling the maintenance of his website moving forward We also incurred additional hours of work trying to fix issues when he would go back in his site and break things since he is trying to work with Wordpress and he is not familiar with the tech side His old site had a different Wordpress theme which was NOT built to integrate with IDX which he stated emphatically was killing his business He went in detail complaining that his old site was built by a buddy named *** *** (***@***.***) and was ruining his business and he hated the theme his buddy setup and that his buddy was never getting the work done which is why he hired our company to jump on the project immediately since we have 6+ experience in this specific integration niche Once his site was finally converted to the "Must See" theme that *** actually picked out and paid for separately he had a small listings that he had entered into a plugin that was specific for that website The data was never lost and you just had to re-activate the old plugin to grab that information However, instead of asking anyone how to do the workhe just began breaking his site by removing things with no understanding of how Wordpress works We had to go back in and spend additional time fixing his errors which we still did not charge the guy for *** said he was too busy to copy/paste a few listings back into the new Theme plugin that had the same exact functionalityso we offered to do some cheap data entry at $6/hour to copy paste the listings The work was done within hours and the total charge was (hours X $6/hour = $21) I spoke with him and he was happy the work was done quickly At that time, he said he wanted to save money so I suggested he speak with his original Developer (because this project was actually a referral from a different company) and get a lower hourly rate Then, probably week later *** called me directly to tell me that our company IDX America was super awesome because we work so fast and do the work correct the first timeand so he didn't want to work with his original developer any longer I told him to email a list of tasks and we estimated 3-hours of work because he is looking at other people's sites who paid probably $5,000+ (A Big Bear website) and but said he only could afford a maximum of $(to basically copy a $5,Big Bear website) All of our projects are pre-paid and we never heard back from *** until this passive/aggressive complaint.Since we never did hear back from himwe assumed he had hired someone else cheaper We did reach out to his original developer who said he stiffed them on their bill and did not pay them IDX America does not have any other partners so the company he is referring to is his original developer he started with that later sent *** to us for some customizations.That last conversation I had with *** was him telling us how great our company was and that we were so organized compared to everyone else and that he was going to notify his old developer that he was moving forward to start working with us Our company bend over backwards for this guy to do a rush job since he was complaining that his buddy ruined his site, we let him use our Equity Framework Developer API license to save him money (and he's still using it!!!), we didn't charge him for hour+ webinar to train him and his buddy, we didn't charge him for the extra customizations we had to do since he kept changing his mind, we didn't charge him for when he broke his site messing around and we had to fix itand we even did data entry for hours at a dirt cheap rate of $6/hour!For the record, our company has also never had a complaint since the day we opened 5+ years ago

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Address: 16101 S Leland Rd Unit 470, Beavercreek, Oregon, United States, 97004-0817


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Your Fashion Exchange, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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