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they in end try charge more money than you have to pay and agents laying you than everything is ok , but is not can't resolve costumer problemMY RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID DO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS with this advertising company reson: they charging more than tell in beginning , they give you less than promises , in the end they sent you to collector

I caution anyone considering advertising with YP to be very cautiousI got a solicitation phone call from one of their reps (Lloyd *** this summer and agreed to a monthly trial of $ a monthFortunately, I never signed a contract and have saved his emails where he responded affirmatively to my decision to test them out for a few months
He was not good at calling when he said he would or responding to my email requests, and when I did agree to advertise with them and he processed my initial payment, that was the last time I heard from him, although I asked via email a few times for another YP contact so I could get some help with questions I still had
Now it's four months later and when I called YP to tell them to stop charging me, they tell me Lloyd set up a month agreement withme verbally and they will have a recording of itGreat! I'd like to hear that, and would love to show YP what I saved in writing from his earlier emails
So now I'm in the process of disputing this charge with my credit card companyIt's a hassle and I don't know yet if they'll even be successful in stopping these people
And if you're wondering what results I got, there has not been one single phone call! If this advertising actaully worked and I received a few leads, I'd overlook the deception and confusion on their part, but it hasn't
So, I suggest you be very cautious when dealing with a representative from Yp advertisingCaveat Emptor!

I have been working with advertising companies and have been involved in social media marketing for over years YP is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with The details of my experience are too extensive to list here but, in short, I have spent numerous hours attempting to resolve a simple issue YP representatives don't take ownership of the issue and will transfer you from department to department in the hopes that you will finally give upIf you are considering doing business with YP I would recommend that you run the other direction as fast as you can There are much better solutions available at a lower cost

I found to be untrustworthy, I recently cancelled my ads with YP due to wrongful billing and lies by the employees My advise to any business is to advertise with anyone other then YP YP in my experience will say and promise things they never intend on providing or following through with just to get you to sign an agreement and then will fail to do what they said, BEWARE if you want quality service and what you are paying for DON'T USE YP.COM

Remember in the 70's when Yellow Pages actually had a reputable brand? They are obsolete and unaware nowDo you want to see a dying business model that neglected to alert their employees to the fact? I am a business owner (fine dining restaurants) that was sold on trying their sub-par marketing toolsWhen they reduced the buy in price by 50% I bit and took out a month ad campaign on smart devices which linked our business via a bannerFrom their creative team that took weeks to produce a banner and link(this task is a five minute process at best) to the design team that never even consulted on the design, to the supervisors that would never utter the word "sorry" when the ads went our with stock photos we never approved or sawIn other words, they never communicated or asked us for our input on the ads they began runningWe pulled the ads and demanded a refund as there was no ownership of any of it......the entire experience was what you would expect from a company whose "Hay Day" was somewhere back in the 70's when phone directories were relevantI canceled our contract and went a new routeThey committed to sending me a refund and instead sent me a partial credit days later......not a check or a refund, but a partial credit! There are no posted phone numbers for the YP unless you call their 1-number which directs you to a call center in IndiaThey will also tell you they have no contact phone numbers for corporate offices in AmericaDoubt my words? Look at their own presence online? Here in Wisconsin they have not even taken ownership of their online presenceNo Yelp Page ownership? No Google Page ownershipIn other words, a company that implies they control the keys to your business success but has done nothing to demonstrate they can even do it for themselves*** owns YP.........should I be surprisedIf you are even toying with the idea of signing with the YP, RUN THE OTHER WAY! There are many great local and national companies that can get you where you need to go and will still treat you like a customer

The way I (and a few others I have spoken to) see the company would be; sales reps hard selling promotions (with closed ears) that are seemingly being pushed unto them from aboveEvery time I spoke with a rep there's a new gangbuster idea and some abstract sponsored literature backing it upWhen discussion came to results, emphatic fist pumping for impressions and clicks, and the practiced avoidance of lead counts was all I foundThat was without further inspection of who was on the Call ID listApproximately 90% of all calls I receive are sales callsThis means that this is a directory connecting cold callers to my business instead of my business to my customersWhich begs the question, why am I paying to be on a cold call list? Over the years of working with YP it has been less and less gratifyingIt has become increasingly obvious that the company is just looking to sell digital space and products rather than provide any real meaningful "marketing solutions"The directory is a place for companies to squabble over billboard space as our target customers fly by at a hundred miles/hourI guess its ok for large companies with large marketing budgets who just need to cover all the bases and stay relevantHowever, Im only little and I want to be found so I cant help people that need my help

This is the worst company to do business withDon't have a contract as they will continue charging you but never follow through with the agreement and will not let you cancelYou will get turned over to the collections and filed against your credit reportMy advice is to go with google or another advertisementYp is the worst advertisement company I have been in contact with

We joined YP to help get our name out and help drive businessWe met with a sales representative who came into our office to go over what they could do for usWe signed a contract for multiple services to be provided by YPOur contract was for months but for a portion of this time frame they had the phone calls going to our fax lineThis was corrected but the calls a month they promised were mostly out of state call, sales calls, people looking for work, and others advertising their own productsWe sat down with our representative on several occasions to try and correct thingsWe were then told that the calls a month were on average and we may receive calls the following monthWe were talked into another 6-month contract with YPWe asked that I calls be recorded this time so that it could be documented that the calls we were receiving were uselessTwo months into this new contract things remained the same and we figured out we were being fooledWe then canceled everything with YP but were still receiving billsWe have paid around $10,to YP for services that we were supposed to receive but never didThey continue to send bills for these services and after months of no call backs and me wasting my time call them back, they made some deductionsHowever, they refuse to wipe the slate clean on everythingI was supposed to hear back from an inside representative as to the remaining balance owed and once again I had to call them to get answersI was told by this representative that they would not be removing the remaining $2,and changeI told the rep we would be getting our lawyer involved and she stated that we should do so
We have made every effort to work with YP during our contract and again to resolve all issues after our cancellation of the contractWe will now be moving forward legally to try and resolve this matterWe are determined to fight this matter at any cost even if it means paying lawyers more than what we owe YPThis is a matter of principal at this pointYou can not take advantage of people or legitimate companies like this

they in end try charge more money than you have to pay and agents laying you than everything is ok , but is not . can't resolve costumer problem. MY RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID DO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS with this advertising company .
reson: they charging more than tell in beginning , they give you less than promises , in the end they sent you to collector .

my small business got a free ad from then they sent me a bill for this free ad. My accountant, my wife mistakenly paid the bill. I am now trying to cancel this ad and get a refund but customer service at this company is extremely poor when you want to cancel or get a refund. I have been unable to reach a live person that could help me. Even though I've tried more than a half dozen times. THE WAY THIS COMPANY DOES BUSINESS IS DISPICABLE.

This is a terrible company that now forces their advertising on you by listing your business without permission then billing you for it and sending you collections notices without even having signed up for advertising. They are bullies and crooks. I dealt with a particularly rude lady named Frenchie B[redacted] who interrupted me, talked down to me, bragged about how good she was, and was totally unprofessional. I have this entire conversation recorded also in case some one from cooperate wants to hear this and take care of this staff problem. This company also took our personal home address and listed it online without our permission. Stay away!

I am a small business owner that agreed to paid advertising with starting in June 2016. I had very poor results and tried to cancel in August but somehow I was suckered into increasing my advertising budget by an agent by the name of Trip. I agreed to $300 a month in August and it took a month for my new "landing page" to go live and it had multiple problems with it from targeting the wrong area to showing pictures that had nothing to do with the work I do. I have a residential pressure washing business and the pictures they showed looked like a haz-mat crew working on a commercial job site.

I have asked numerous times to cancel my service due to very poor results but keep getting the run around. Nobody seems to care other than giving me a few dollars of "credit". During the last month I received 8 calls thru of which only 1 was an actual customer. The rest were various types of wrong numbers or other advertising companies calling.

I have never been so happy with a company in my life. My small business can't afford to throw money away. I realy don't know how can stay in business. All I ask is that my advertising be canceled and I want a refund of the money I have been charged since August 2016. I will write off the money lost in June and July as a lesson learned.

This company had the worst service on the planet. We cancelled services and they still took out $480 over what was originally agreed! They agreed to put it back, now it's weeks later and they haven't! They originally had our car wash service site calls and web clicks going to a DOG GROOMER! Their staff is in India. Ridiculous company to deal with! DO NOT DO IT!!!

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