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Review: I took my truck in because my remote starter was not working. I arrived 30 minutes prior to my appointment but they were able to get me in within a matter of minutes. An hour later they return to tell me there is nothing wrong with the remote. I tell them I dont believe them and if it continues to not work I will be back. THe clerk tells me I need to buy a battery for the remote. So I purchase a battery for 10.49 with my debit card. I notice my truck parked in front of the business with my headlights on. I go out to shut lights off when I realize my truck is running. I go back in and the clerk, I didnt get her name is still trying to locate the battery to put in remote. She engages in conversation of what is wrong with the remote start. This is the 5th time I have been asked this question while in store. I said it doesnt start my vehicle. She informed me the distance was not good but the battery should help. I said we have replaced that battery in the past and the range doesnt improve, but I have never had to touch the vehicel to get it to work. At that point I will just get in the truck and turn key. She laughed and said she knows its frustrating. I said well, I never brought it in because it had a short range but my son bought his there too and it didnt work right either. So I waited til it quit to bring it in. THe man to my right was apparently a customer, he said thanks thats what I needed to hear and left. My clerk goes to the back. A manager named [redacted] comes from the back, looks over my clerks shoulder that has returned as she is trying to charge me for the battery. He says "thats right charge her for the battery to compensate me for the customer she ran off. I didnt run off your customer, I was answering your clerks questions I responded. I also asked if I would be compensated for the gas they ran out of my truck. He waved at me in a dismissive manner and walked away. I asked his name and was told [redacted], I asked the owners name and was told I couldnt be told. She repeatedly apologized for [redacted]s behavior. I went out and the remote with the new battery didnt work. I went back in and said it doesnt work. The same tech went out in the parking lot and returned a few minutes later saying the antenna diidnt work. So they worked for an hour and nothing was wrong, they sold me a battery I didnt need, left my truck running so I wouldnt think to try the remote when I left. ANd now in five minutes out in the parking lot realize the antenna is bad. So the girl tells me I will get my money back on the remote and give her a minute. I am now sitting in the lobby and [redacted] approaches me to tell me the antenna is bad and ask if I want them to remove it. I enquire about lifetime warranty and he rudely tells me its with the manufacturer not them. I ask if he is going to charge me for removing it and he says no. So we go up to the counter to get information for me to return part. THe tech comes from the back with a part in his hand and says look what I found. [redacted] tells him to go try it. I ask for my money back on the battery and he responds lady you got to be kidding me and makes an intimidating gesture. I say no Im not, you sold me a part I didnt need. I want my money back. He continues to stand there with my debit card and mumbling I got to be kidding. I say give me my money and I wont call the owner on [redacted]. To which he responds go ahead and see what good it does you. I just gave you a fifty dollar part. He then throws my card on the counter and slams my receipt and pen down. I sign and leave. The tech is out at my truck and it is working. He ([redacted]) ask if I am returning the part or the company and I say I am. This tells me for other customers they take care of the return and dont treat them so poorly. I dont know where the part was from that is now in my truck, is it new, used, or what. I got in my truck and left upset from the intimidating behavior I experienced. I called number to see about replacement and I ahve to have original receipt. This was a gift and I dont have receipt and I am not comfortable returning to that store.Desired Settlement: I want the store to either return the part and install for me or send me my receipt so I can return and go to a different store for install. I do not know how long the part installed will last or how it affects my warranty. AN apology would be nice. My son [redacted], which they spell [redacted] purchased the remote and his last name is [redacted]. It is for a 2004 Dodge Ram remote starter



My name is [redacted]. I was working the counter during the time Ms. [redacted] was in our showroom. Some of the information provided in her letter is accurate. However, most of it is not. I don't think this should become a "he said she said" or finger pointing instance because that will not resolve any issues but I will clarify and hope this can be resolved. That being said here is what has occurred and what was offered as solutions to resolve her issue here.

She arrived early for her appointment and proceeded to describe the problems she had experienced with the remote start on her truck. We were ahead of schedule and began to work on it by trying to first replicate the issues she had described. During this period nothing was performing incorrectly so we then examined the installation to see if possibly there were any loose connections etc. which we did not observe either. We performed a factory reset and tested the system again in which no problems found. Of course luck would have it as soon as we returned the vehicle to the customer it failed. Unfortunate, but also a good thing so we could observe what part of the system was causing the intermittent failure. The cause was a signal issue in which her remote batteries were very low and she asked they be replaced. My technician also noted the antenna itself not working 100% the way it should. The unit Ms. [redacted] has is an older model installed prior to 2006. The unit has been replaced by the manufacturer and updated like many things are in the electronics world since then. We did happen to still have an antenna in stock which we offered to replace for her (normally a $49.95 part). The warranty as stated in the customer's owner's manual (I have provided a link to a copy clearly states outside of the first year the customer is responsible for sending the defective part as well as paying a shipping charge, then the part is repaired or replaced at the company's discretion and are not responsible for labor fees involving the parts install or de-install. This did not occur however. As an act of sheer concern and value of our customer, even though it is true she created a scene attacking the quality of our product and our shop's service causing other customer's to leave; we not only replaced the part at no charge, refunded her purchase of the batteries (in which she insisted and we consented to allow her to keep them now at no charge also). So when she left the facility she had a fully functioning unit taken care of at no charge to her as well as free replacement parts in advance without the hassle of sending the old ones off, and brand new batteries even in her remote. Call me wrong but I sure think that says we did everything in our power to take care of this customer. To answer the question of if other customer's receive different treatment (have to send parts off themselves as she mentioned) we always give the customer the option to have us do so for a minimal charge in order to cover the shipping as well as the constant follow up we do to ensure their repairs are handled in a speedy manner by the manufacturer, or to do so on their own so that parts are sent directly to them and they aren't dealing with a middle person which I can also understand. The point is we give EVERY customer the option and not just her. I am sorry she felt we were doing so to brush her off but that was not the intention and I would think that by going above and beyond the written warranty she has would show her we care about our customer's. I would be glad to provide her with a receipt if she can give me the full name of the person who purchased it for her. However our records only go back to June 2006 and I am near certain this was installed prior to that based on the age of unit but I could be wrong.

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