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Hello,We have contacted our customer, and have notified them, that their service with us has been completed He advised that he will be sending a check for the repairs, after which our staff will ship back his repaired system

I have been unable to reach you by phone but I wanted to let you know the matter reported on complaint #*** has been resolved I was able to get some help from Alienware Tech Support by tweeting on their *** feed about my complaint Within a day I received an e-mail from
Ztronics and now, one week later, the computer has been repaired and is on its way back to us.Thank you for your help and support.Regards,*** ***

I also have an email from fedex for tracking the pc being sent to Ztronics and payment confirmations of receipts as well that I can forward to you, not sure where to send itThank you

Hello,We have contacted our customer, and have notified them, that their service with us has been completed.  He advised that he will be sending a check for the repairs, after which our staff will ship back his repaired system.

I placed an order with Ztronics on March 9th, 2015 and according to my confirmation email, they stated I would receive an email when the item shipped. I ordered a DVD/CD-RW SATA replacement part for my 2008 Dell Inspiron Studio 1535 laptop. I paid $29.94 total including shipping. A good price for a hard to find item. My credit card was charged immediately. After waiting 11 days, I had not received my confirmation of shipment email. I contacted the company via email and called them. No response and an answering machine took my message. The recording just simply said "please leave a message", that's it, no company identifier. I have seen other random reports on RipOff Report, ResellerRatings, Yelp, Facebook and more regarding this company from dissatisfied customers with the exact same issue. UPDATE: This happened 2 and a half years ago. I never received a response nor a refund from Ztronics. My credit card company reimbursed the charge.

Review: Earlier this year, I had my laptop repaired by Ztronics. Ztronics replaced the video card in my Dell Alienware M18XR2 laptop. Within the warranty period, the video card failed again. I filed a return authorization with Ztronics on April 7, 2015. Ztronics received the computer on April 15, 2015 (confirmation email received). On May 12, 2015, I was notified that Ztronics confirmed the video card was bad and would need to be replaced. They would have to order the video card from overseas, so replacement could take some time.

I waited a few months to hear some feedback. After a few months without feedback, I began emailing Ztronics asking for an update. No answer. I also called Ztronics by phone. No answer. After months of trying to reach Ztronics by phone and email, I finally decided to board a plane and visit their office.

When I arrived to Ztronics, I was greeted by a gentleman by the name of Anthony. Anthony pulled up my RMA and informed me that they would be working on my repair the following week. The following week has come and gone. I've tried calling and emailing again to no avail. I could get on a plane again, but was hoping the could help me instead.Desired Settlement: Ultimately, I just want my laptop fixed and returned to me. If it can't be fixed by Ztronics, then I would gladly accept the return of my laptop + refund for the original repair $758.00.

Review: I was recommended to ZTronics by the Alienware Support Staff at Dell. After contacting Z-Tronics, sending my laptop in and paying for the service I received an email on 10 June and none since. All attempts at contact via phone or email have failed. I have called people whom live in the area and asked them to check the office. There has never been anyone at the office. My order number with Z-Tronics is 2943. I paid $144 on 10 June. My invoice number is 2925. I have copies of all my emails from Z-Tronics and can provide if needed.Desired Settlement: I would like my computer returned with repairs paid for completed or returned with no repairs and a refund.

Review: I placed an order on december 16,2015, about 45 days ago online. I haven't received anything or have been able to get a status update. The email said I'd get a tracking number once it shipped but so far nothing. I have been sending emails (through my personal email and their website) and calling trying to figure out the status of my order and no response at all. I also noticed on their initial order email it says to call them if there are any questions, but it doesn't list a phone number. It's the same on their website. The product wasn't that much, $21. But fraud is fraud no matter how much. They were quick to charge my account the day after my order, but haven't heard from them since. I'm convinced this is a scam. I've even sent out a email asking for a refund at least, but haven't received any correspondence.Desired Settlement: I'd like my money they took from me back. And for people to know to stay away.

Review: I have sent my laptop device to Ztronics to be repaired due to a liquid spill that damaged the device's Motherboard. They have received it on 4/3/2014, repaired it and sent it back on 4/14/2014. The device worked normally for two days before it shorted out again. I contacted them and they have requested me to fill out an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form and send my device back to them, which is what I have done. They received my device on 4/14/2014 and got to the conclusion that the Motherboard, they supposedly have replaced with a new one, is shorting out. Ever since, I have been contacting them on the phone every other week requesting updates, which they answer to by saying that they are still waiting on parts to be delivered, that has been the case until mid-October. I have called on 10/15/2014 asking for an update, and they responded that they are working on the device. Hence, I expected for the device to be fixed and sent back in less than two weeks, which was the case the first time I have sent them my device. Three weeks later of contacting them on a weekly basis, they said that the technicians were still working on it, which lead me to doubt that they are going to fix the device, which caused me to ask for a refund. When I asked for a refund they responded that they will send me a form to my email address that I will have to fill out in order to proceed with my request, which I have never received. I have contacted them many times after that asking for the refund and they keep saying the same thing over again, which is to wait for an email, that has been the case for the last couple of months.Desired Settlement: A full refund of $648.95, and for them to send me back my laptop device in the same state it was the second time I sent it.

Review: On 28 January 2015, I placed an order with Ztronics for three laptop parts. After about 3 weeks I called to get an update and was told that one of the items was on backorder, but had arrived that day. It is now March 11 and I have not received my order nor do I know if it was ever shipped. For the past 2 weeks I tried contacting Ztronics by phone, but only their voice mail picks up. I had left a message and also tried contacting them by e-mail, but no one responds. My complaint at this point is I have no idea what the status of my order is due to Ztronics not responding to any of my messages and they have been impossible to contact.Desired Settlement: I would like for Ztronics to complete and ship my order. If they have already shipped the parts all I need is the tracking info. However if they are unable to complete this order, I would like the $117.84 that was charged to my credit card refunded.

Review: Company received laptop to service by 10-17-2014. Had been told on phone I would not be charged for motherboard. Have been overcharged, have an outstanding payment and company will not respond to inquiry regarding payments or order update. Have noticed similar reviews reflecting similar experiences. Company has had computer for over 2 months.Desired Settlement: Would like to have computer back, would like charges adjusted if not refunded. Would like to have repaired somewhere else.



I also have an email from fedex for tracking the pc being sent to Ztronics and 2 payment confirmations of receipts as well that I can forward to you, not sure where to send it. Thank you.

Review: On December 19th of 2014 I sold my Alienware Area-51 M15x Laptop to On their website I had to digitally sign a contract that the estimate could change if I didn't describe the computer properly. The only issue that I knew of and the only one that I could express was that the unit had a motherboard issue. I am expecting to at least get $100 for the unit as their original estimate was $193. However they did guarantee that they would give a credit of $25 for shipping costs (very low, I paid $42.88 to cover shipping to their standards) even if the item was not worth anything. The item is worth what their estimate was. I expected to be paid within two weeks but never heard anything. I called them twice during their normal business hours and never got a response. I tried to leave a message but their inbox was full. I hope to get paid in a timely fashion. But overall I am very displeased with this company and I know that other consumers should be warned of this shady business. ( I got a recommendation of the Ztronics service through DELL customer service.)Desired Settlement: I hope to get my money back. I agreed to all of the Ztronics contracts. And even if they want to lie and go back on their promise of $193 I should at least get my shipping credit back which was guaranteed.

Review: Ztronics was refered to me by DELL tech support.

I sent Ztronics my sons alienware laptop for service in Dec 1. 2014

Ztronics received the laptop on 12/03/2014

Ztronics diagnosed motherboard was defective on 12/05/2014 and the parts balance would be $525.00.

I did not hear from Ztronics and began to call and email them on Feb1.

They did not return my emails, and always got a recording that the memory and please try again when calling.

I finally did get threw on 02/10/2015 and they said the motherboard they ordred was defective and it would take 5 to 7 days to receive.

Have not heard from Ztronics so I began to call again on 03/16/2015.

After 2 weeks of trying to contact Ztronics which does not return my emails and every time I call I get a message that memory is full and please try back, I have given up.

I no longer have a laptop and out $525.00Desired Settlement: I would like my laptop returned to me and my money returned.

Review: My laptop computer was sent to ztronics for the repair of two small issues but the company has not responded to two subsequent letters of inquity nor have they returned my computer.Desired Settlement: I would like my computer returned, either repaired with a bill of charges or without repair or a bill. Alternatively, a check for the cost of the computer of $600.00 or an equivalent replacement with a 15.6 inch screen, 3 gigabytes of disc and 60 megabytes of memory.




Review: I placed an order on March 9th for a replacement part. I received a confirmation email stating I would receive an email when the item shipped. It is now 11 days and I haven't received the email confirming shipment or the item. I sent them an email and called but have received no response. The charged my Discover card immediately on the 9th.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate the item ordered or a refund as well as a detailed explaination of this issue. Their customer service is terrible.

Review: I called Alienware about a year ago, asking for help with a repair for a $5,000 laptop. Alienware did not have the graphics card that I needed, and they referred me to Ztronics. I did a lot of research, and found that the issue I had with my laptop had to be a graphics card. I contacted Ztronics and they told me to send them my laptop and they would check it out. They told me that their findings backed my assumption, that a graphics card was bad and needed to be replaced. They said they did not have it and had to order it. I paid them for the graphics card, and then they ordered it. I waited quite some time, asking them for updates and was told that they were still waiting for the card. After almost 3 months, they said that the card was being held up in customs. The card finally arrived 7 months later and they said it was the wrong one. They offered to return my laptop, after listening to my frustration, yet they wanted to charge me to getting into the laptop to find that the graphics card needed replacing, even though I already knew that it needed to. In fact I have an email from them saying that they acknowleged that I knew the card was bad before sending it to them in the first place. The fee they were wanting to charge, plus shipping, was a flat rate whether they fixed it or not. So I let them hold it, so I wouldn't have to pay them for nothing. My second, and supposedly correct, graphics card has arrived and they told me they would be repairing the laptop now. I was even told that I would get a discount for my troubles, though not much of one. Now, it is another month later, and they will not reply to any form of communication. It has been 10 months since I sent them my laptop. My last communication to them, through email, was asking them to send my laptop and the graphics card I purchased, and I would find somone else to fix it. I told them they should waive any fees for wasting my time, since I already knew what the issue was. I don't know how to get my laptop back.Desired Settlement: I am desparate to get my $5-6,000 laptop back at this point. I feel that they need to send it, with the graphics card to me so I can go get it fixed. I don't feel that I should have to pay them one penny, other than shipping, for wasting my time. This is the worst customer service issue I have ever experienced. Not answering phone calls, emails, or messages sent from their website is just unprofessional. I feel that I may have to call the authorities in their area to retrieve my laptop.

Review: My stepson's Alienware computer was malfunctioning, and upon calling Dell for service they explained they use Ztronics as an outsourced repair company. I logged a service order with Ztronics around the middle of February and received instructions about how and where to ship the laptop. I was told to go on the Ztronics website and create a service order, which I did on the 16th of February. A week later I had still not heard anything from Ztronics and started to worry they may not have received the shipment. I sent an e-mail asking for confirmation of receipt and received a call the next day from an associate named [redacted] explained after examining the machine their conclusion was that it needed a new hard drive and would have to have the operating system reloaded. [redacted] stated I would have to submit a payment of $200 as a deposit and they would begin the repair of the laptop. I did as required and received an invoice via e-mail for my $200 payment. I have not heard anything from the company since then. By yesterday I had called several times and left at least two voicemail messages on their machine. Frustrated, I sent an e-mail insisting someone reply to me about the status of the repair, yet there has been no reply. Today I tried calling and phone rang for several minutes before an automated message stated that the mailbox was full and I was not able to leave a message.Desired Settlement: My stepson is anguished over the loss of his computer, and honestly I believe it is unreasonable for a repair to be taking so long. But my greatest frustration is that I cannot get a reply from anyone at Ztronics about what is going on with the repair. I need to hear from someone immediately so I know if further repairs have been required or when the work will be complete.



I have been unable to reach you by phone but I wanted to let you know the matter reported on complaint #[redacted] has been resolved. I was able to get some help from Alienware Tech Support by tweeting on their [redacted] feed about my complaint. Within a day I received an e-mail from Ztronics and now, one week later, the computer has been repaired and is on its way back to us.Thank you for your help and support.Regards,[redacted]

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