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User Purplecity Corleone time Oct 09, 2019

I heard about Zadehkicks through Instagram and I started to make purchases through his website for select kicks because his preorder pricing waa unbeatable even though I had to wait 2 or 3 weeks for the sneakers. At first I was skeptical but I tried it out a few times and my product came as it should however today October 8th, 2019 I received my shipment and contacted him through email about the discrepancies, because I am paying money for a product and I want it to be right. The shoes came with two tags and the quality was off. I had a legit pair that I purchased from Footlocker and the pair I received from him qualify was off. Instead of him acknowledging my claim he was quick to dismiss and was very unprofessional through email. I meant didn't have any respect for me at all. Usually their is a calm and compromise with online sellers but he was awful. He proceeded to discredit my concern without the slightest bit of compassion, quickly sent me a nasty response and refunded me of all future purchases that was already paid for. I mean I follow him on Instagram and thought he was a cool guy but as a businessman, he lacks the compassion and the experience of dealing with customer problems in a more professional way. Seems like he just wants to be right and doesn't want to feel like mistakes can be made. I guess he likes to stomp on the little guys because he calls himself a big reseller. I have never felt so disrespected and disgusted in my entire life.

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User Chief time Aug 16, 2019

Not answering mail or dm for while... Don't know if they chose who they deal with...

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User Reviewer9279415

Want to start out by saying as the owner of Zadeh Kicks, we take business very serious and have not and would never steal from a customer. Ever. We sell on our website, but also on ebay where that makes up over 60% of our business. We are currently Top Rated Plus (which we have been for years), with...

over 12k feedback and 99.9% which can be easily confirmed by going to our ebay store ZadehKicks. We strive tirelessly to deliver the best product and prices to our customers, and is why we have some of the highest feedback of any footwear ebay seller. And praise on our IG from our endless repeat customers.
This situation is an unfortunate one to be honest. Without going on and on, this started when the buyer purchased two Jordan Retro 11 shoes. We shipped them (all labels auto print and we in NO way ever edit an address). The item arrived in HK right on time and was sitting at the post office for a month waiting for them to pickup. We emailed back and forth with them to go please pick up their shoes before something happens to them and they possibly get lost or stolen. They refused to do what they need to do in their country to get the shoes and left them there for over a month.
Sadly after the shoes got lost and our policy is stated that if an international order is lost due to the customer error in address or lack of effort to prevent by leaving at post office for say customs duties, etc they are liable for that.
That said we made exception and never once said they would be out shoes or their money.
We agreed to ship them the next Jordan 11 release (which happened to be a more expensive and valuable shoe. We both agreed and when release time came up they emailed us trying to get confirmation that we did not forget and intend to stand true to our word. We replied yes and made sure to secure their order (as this shoe sold out around the world instantly).
We had their order ready and was preparing to ship it after release when they NOT before, but a week after release asked us for a different size. We told them no we cannot as that is what was secured, and also agreed upon and would ship them the order as planned. Now we want to be clear here, that would have been happy to accommodate even more for them that we already had, but they cannot do that after a shoe has released and sold out. Communication was always back and forth between the customer and us, and then out of no where they decided to take it off email and go to our instagram and begin writing hundreds of words on at least 4 different photos at once.
We work very hard to deliver the best service and product to our customers, and our ebay rating and praise on IG show that, but we will not be bullied by a customer as well.
By taking it off email and to begin harassing us on IG, they took it to a bullying position to get their demand of a different size.
This is how the situation went from an unfortunate one where  they waited a long time for their shoes and we lost hundreds of dollars in the two lost shoes and shipping money we paid to ship them and the amount we would pay to re purchase the shoes and ship them.
Now after they began to slander and harass us on IG for no reason, we of course blocked them and hoped to reach the resolution we both always planned on and ship the shoes we agreed on doing. They instead chose to stop communication. At that point, we did not sell their shoes, and do anything with them as we could have. We would as already stated never steal from a customer. The sizes sold out since and we still have their two pair of shoes set aside as they always were. We have not sold them and do not have them available to purchase by others, but have their pairs. We had them set aside even when their was no communication and before we received anything from the Revdex.com. As there is no difference in how we would responsd whether a Revdex.com or state complaint was opened or nothing at all. The shoes would be set aside and  we would wait to have them shipped when the customer would communicate with us.
We see now the customer is asking for a refund. They know that was not was agreed upon, and also that is not allowed per our policies. Also due to the time a refund is not even possible as we have contemplated caving to the customers bullying (prior to the Revdex.com issue) but was not possible to do.
We hope the customer can stop the bullying and do as we agreed on and our policies stated and close this issue so we can ship the shoes and everyone move on.
Michael M[redacted]
Zadeh Kicks

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User Reviewer9246488

Revdex.com:I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
Sincerely, [redacted]

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