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Review: On Saturday 12/14/2013 I contacted Zip Post via phone seeking shipping fee information regarding some electronics I want to ship to Vietnam. The customer service believe named [redacted] told me the cost ($80 shipping fee for ipad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 going to Ho Chi [redacted] City, Vietnam and $60 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 going to Hau Giang or Can Tho, Vietnam) over the phone. Upon arriving at the store, [redacted] assisted me with the shipping requirement. I filled out two shipping forms. One shipment involve an iPad mini and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (tablet) going to an address in Ho Chi [redacted] City, Vietnam. The cost was $80 total. The other shipment involve a single Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 table going to Hau Giang or Can Tho, Vietnam, which cost $60 total. I paid Zip Post for both shipment which total to $140. I even signed the shipping agreement for both shipment. Then on Sunday 12/15/2013, I got a called from Zip Post (perhaps the owner or manager)asking for more shipping fees. He told told the store made a mistake in its calculation and that I should pay the difference of $50 for the Ho Chi [redacted] City, Vietnam shipment otherwise he will not ship the package. I tried to reason with the guy but he didn't allow me to. He told me to come by and pick up my stuffs. He wouldn't allow me to finish my thoughts. He was unprofessional with total lack of customer service. I came to Zip Post within the next hour or so. Upon arrival, I told the customer service guy that I'm not sure why he's asking for more money when I've paid for the service that was agreed upon. I told him that Zip Post clearly does not post any shipping costs information within the store. How can he just randomly ask me for more shipping costs without displaying proper information and not to mention, the payment and agreement I've already signed. The request for additional fees were just fraudulent and the store's business practice is just simply deceptive. I picked up my stuffs and shipped at a different location ([redacted]) for the same costs.Desired Settlement: 1. Request a formal letter of apology from Zip Post. 2. NO more deceptive business practices. They should post shipping information within the store so that customers can view them. They cannot randomly add more fees without justifiable cause. A break-down of equipment list and its shipping cost would be proper. 3. Perhaps improve the unprofessional customer service. Stop with these arrogant and rude remarks to customers especially threatening not to ship their packages.



January 19,2014


In reference to case number [redacted], I do recall this particular customer and his

dissatisfaction with the event as stated in the complaint. At the time of his verbal

complain, I explained to him that one of our employees gave the wrong price quote

for his packages and required an additional fee. I already apologized for the

inconvenience that this has cause the customer, however I cannot continue this

transaction unless the other fee was collected. We promptly gave him a choice of a

refund or agree with the additional fee. The customer got upset, continued to

express his dissatisfaction with this situation, and demanded a refund to have his

parcel ship elsewhere. To my understanding that was the end of this incident. I am

surprised after receiving this letter from In regards, to the posting the

shipping cost for all locations worldwide that wouldn't be realistic. Prices may vary

from one region to another. Furthermore, prices are subjected to change

depending on the shipping provider I utilize. US post office does not have this

information available. With the variation of customers that goes through my store

for shipping service it would not be reasonable to post pricingsjlocation to satisfy

all demands. My store has been in business for 25+ year and we strongly believe in

professionalism, honesty and integrity. We strongly encourage and expect all of our

employees to treat all customers with utmost respect. In conclusion, I am truly

sorry that this customer felt this way during this incident. We will definitely

continue to strive to better our business and promote quality customer care. We

also look forward for another chance to do business with Mr. Andy Hang in hopes to

I clear his misconception ofZippost being a business that practices deceptively.


Zippost CEO

Phone: [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I do not accept Zippost's reasoning as the tone and the professionalism isn't there when spoken on the phone. The options they provided me were unreasonable as the contract has been signed. How can they not honor a contract that was agreed upon of payment and signed for? I did not come up with the shipping fee nor did ZipPost informed me of any additional charges may occur. Once I paid the fee and signed the contract, I expect ZipPost to honor the contract and provide me the services I paid for. They have never done this before so why a sudden change? A refund wasn't what I wanted. What I wanted was ZipPost to honor their business obligation and provide me the services that I've paid for. By them telling me to pay for the additional fees or else they won't ship the packages nor honor the signed contract is basically deceptive business practices. The fact that another shipping courier charged me the same shipping fee as originally charged by ZipPost represent ZipPost's greed and deceptive business operation. ZipPost has every opportunity to correct their deceptive business practices but they didn't. They Do NOT honor their prices and contract. Damage has been done and I want my report to be visible for other consumers to view this incident. I hope they do not go throw the bad ordeal as I've experienced. I hope they will avoid the inconvenient at all costs.


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Address: 9353 Bolsa Ave #J, Westminster, California, United States, 92683


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