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Reviews Reviews (38) company (specifically Santana) was informed of the complaint and have since replaced the equipment as they described. However, they did inadvertently charge me a higher rate for the new equipment at the lower bandwidth service settings (7/programmed by their tech on-site during installation). Santana and Claudia from Ziplink have issued a $credit which is suppose to show up on my March bill due to the combined loss of service over several weeks. There have been no issues since third radio replacement
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** Based on their actions and upcoming refund, I find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

The site the customer obtains service through sustained a lighting strike and equipment was damagedThe site was then operating on backup equipment, which had less capacity, possible causing slowdowns during peak usageThe original equipment has since been replaced

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:A normal business would not make ridiculous excuses for ignoring a problem with their product for over a year. That business, if reputable, would instead do what-ever is possible to rectify that problem. I have been told by many personnel working for Ziplink that about 5 others are having similar problems that I am having. Are we five or six individuals just supposed to keep quiet and let these guys do absolutely nothing to investigate, mitigate, or fix the issues simply because 95% of their customers have not complained? I think not. I hate complaining and I hate to even have to file a complaint with the, but enough is enough with ridiculous excuses. Find out what the problem really is and fix or mitigate it. My internet works great during the day, but between the hours of 6 pm and 11 pm, it is so slow it takes 2 to 3 minutes just to bring up a page sometimes. That is unacceptable and no amount of excuses will excuse that kind of ridiculousness. Since the company decided to respond with such a weak excuse, I am attaching my log that I have been keeping that has indicated when I have called and what my internet speeds were at the time of those calls. Some of the speeds were just indicated without a call because the company would never do anything about it anyway. I started the log because the company would never do anything about my problem, so I thought I should record the ridiculousness just in case of times like this. 

Since this complaint, customer equipment has been changed.

Our Subscriber Service Agreement states that 15 days advance notice is required to cancel because it  does take some time to schedule an appt to recover the equipment during daylight business hours. It also states the customer is responsible for returning the equipment, however, given enough...

notice, we are usually able to pick it up AT NO CHARGE to the customer. Said recovery saves the customer at least $100 in un-returned equipment charges. In addition, we do not have contracts  and allow the customer to cancel at any time , plus we have no cancellation fee. However, if the customer has the equipment, they are billed the monthly fee. We think this is a fair arrangement. Complaint person also noted she informed us she wanted to cancel on Friday Dec 23, when most companies were closed or closing for the Christmas holiday.  If she would have notified us 15 days prior to when she wanted the service off, there would not have been another billing (on the 1st). We have no way to know they are in [redacted] and not available. We will contact her to arrange recovery.

A tech has been by to recover the equipment but realized he needed a longer ladder, which he did not have on the truck. He plans to try again tomorrow.

The named person is not a ZipLink account holder but we do service that address under another name and we have had calls from the complainer. We might note that the account holder had ZipLink's service at a prior location and asked ZipLink to provide service at the present location.ZipLink's...

service operates via wireless line of sight from our access point to the customer location. Even with a good signal, not every location gets the the same performance due to local conditions such as tree coverage, nearby interference from similar devices, etc. Some customers overload the accounts with devices or usage, resulting in what to appears to be slow speed to them, even when they are receiving plan speeds.We have made several attempts, at no charge to them, to satisfy this person (even swapped out their equipment at no charge) and have offered to cancel the account & refund his install fee in the past. We WILL cancel the account, and upon recovery of our equipment, will refund the initial install fee to the account holder; and designate this location as a non-serve location.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

They were recently given new equipment based on new technology that was new and untested, in an attempt to solve their issues, installed at no cost. We have since gone back, at no cost,  removed the equipment, and reinstalled what was there before. As far as I know, there hasn't been any new...

complaints. We have no one named [redacted] that works for ZipLink, although it could be someone with the 24/7 answering service. We have no stated policy regarding 50% refunds. In fact, since our service is on a best efforts basis, with no deposit, no contract, and no cancellation fee, we do not make refunds at all, except on a case by case basis, or if the initial installation fails for some reason withing the first 30 days.

Customer was contacted yesterday and has an appt for today. She has one of our lower speed/price plans @ 5 mbps down and 1 mbps. This is a maximum speed. Routers and other devices will use some just to operate.  Running an internet TV and taking online classes is most likley overloading the...


ZipLink's internet plans (along with just about everyone else's to our knowledge) do not guarantee a minimum speed. Numerous variables will effect each customers actual speed received such as distance to our tower, elevation, tree cover, RF interference from competing providers and even residential...

routers, quality of the customers personal equipment, number of devices connecting to the service and actual online activities.  Several computers in one household all watching NetFlix at the same time will use up all bandwidth and appear to be slow, whereas the same number of users just checking email may all get full speed.Our internet plans are based upon a maximum speed. The vast majority of customers get plan speed but due to the above conditions, some dont. We try to improve the customers modem performance if they alert us to problems, but sometimes we just get what we get.ZipLink does not offer or require contracts or deposits. Anyone dissatisfied with our services can easily cancel by just requesting it and returning our equipment within 30 days. If we install a customer and for whatever reason the signal is not as good as predicted, we will refund the install fee (if within 30 days) and cancel the account.

Wireless Internet service is provided on a best efforts  basis, due to the numerous variables involved, many of which are outside our control. We require no contract or deposit or cancellation fee. Customer is under no obligation to use ZipLink.

She sent us an email today. We responded that we would check into it but it might not be until tomorrow (the end of the month is always extra busy). She replied and seemed to be OK with that.

Cant verify his statements but account was closed on June 1. Because our system generates the next month's invoice on the 28th, he was charged for June. That amount will be refunded. There are no other pending invoices.  Starting May 18, this area was hit with a series of storms that caused...

numerous power outages and  damage to homes. It also caused internet antennas to be damaged or get out of alignment. ZipLink has responded to dozens of calls , in addtion to our regular workload. The customer is responsible for repairing/replacing equipment that is damaged, just as they would be for hail damage to  their roofs, power surges damaging their appliances, etc.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
Any business that operates on those pera meters should be out of business. So we definitely can agree to disagree and then some.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  I don't need an excuse.  I just need it done. I've been told the technician...

didn't have the right ladder before (which has never been a problem when the tech has come out for other issues).  I've been told we've been on the schedule when we weren't.  I've been told that they've been in contact with the Tech Service Manager who obviously didn't try to fix the problem.  I've been told that we're too far into San Antonio making it hard for the tech to come out.  I've never been given a time frame for the tech to come because they say it's an "all day appointment" which means they can be out early in the morning or at the end of the work day (which is after business hours).  I was told today (7/11/16) that they will have a technician out to our house tomorrow "no ifs, ands or buts." 

This customer is in a rural area about 5 miles from our closest Access Point. The signal and transmission rates on the antenna modem are good. We do not know why he is having trouble other than the service is wireless and can be affected by 3rd party issues out of our control. We made a couple of...

adjustments on the modem which might help. We will give him a one month service credit. We can also lower the service plan speed and price to the level that he obtains. Although our service is not cellular service, it is similar in that coverage is generally good everywhere in the local area but in some isolated pockets, signal just doesn’t work as well.

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