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Zoom Electrical Scooters

395 Santa Monica Place, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90016

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• Jan 11, 2022

8 months scooter has not been delivered
No tracking is available and customer support always provides a vague timeframe for delivery but made it clear that they would be happy to provide a refund. Why are they advertising a product that they cannot/do not/will not provide/refuse to provide? They do not seem to care about the customers need for accurate and precise information regarding delivery nor do they seem to care that some people actually are relying on the electric scooter as their primary source of transportation. It has been 8 months and I have yet to receive the scooter.

• Jan 11, 2022

Maybe they are hoping that paying customers will die of covid and the fact that they never shipped the scooter for delivery will never be an issue. This certainly would be an easy way for the company to pad their pockets. Maybe someone should investigate. I mean having to wait several months, almost an entire year for a delivery is absurd...wouldn't you agree.

• Jun 10, 2021

Bad Management
MY REVIEW ON THE ZOOM ELECTRIC 3 WHEELED SCOOTER It arrived at my home from the Zoom office in the USA via my Agent in Quito Ecuador because the Zoom Scooter did not deliver to Ecuador. On arrival it was packed well and when I unpacked the Zoom Scooter it was in good condition, they sent paperwork with it on it, it said that the brakes may need to be adjusted before taking on the road, well I did not think It would need to be adjusted that much, the back brake went half the way up the cable before the handbrake would work to stop the Scooter. Being a new Zoom Scooter from their shop this should not need to be adjusted that much.  After two months the front brake cable needed oil in the chamber a few times, I got a local mechanic to come round to look at the Scooter which he topped up the chamber and then I had call him round again for a second time with the oil problem, this time he showed me the brake cable had expanded and the oil was not getting to the front brake and he had to be replaced with a metal cable. My problem with Zoom Scooters in the USA is, IF they checked the Zoom Scooter before they sent it out to me then I would not have these problems they have left me with and the cost to get it fixed.  I informed Zoom Scooters about the faulty Scooter and they blamed the transport over to my home, I told them that was rubbish considering it was packed by them at their office in the USA and they did not check it over before they shipped it out ie- Check it fully before packing it. I sent them a photo of the new brake cable. They wanted to give me 100$ for the labor that they thought I paid out to get the Scooter back on the road, for the record I ask them to look at that price again, on the labor they would charge if they done the work on the Scooter their end but they did not to date get back to me on that, so I took that they did not want to continue our conversion. I must say that they wanted to give me 100$ back for the Scooter cover which only lasted two months before it started to lose its color and started to split in those areas and after a while it was useless for the job it was made for. The way I see it with them that they sent out a faulty 3 wheeled Zoom Scooter to me 1000 of miles away from their office and thinking he (I) cannot get it back to us (them) being so far away from the USA (being costly to get the Scooter back to the USA from Ecuador) and I would not complain being to far away from them, in dealing with a faulty Zoom Scooter, they were so wrong Very Very Wrong. I needed to point this out to those who think they are a great company and that they look after their customers, wherever they are around the world. THEY HAVE NOT IN THIS CASE. 


My new scooter is awesome! Thanks Ken for his Excellent customer service. The scooter is great looking and solid, very fun and easy to ride. I highly recommend this scooter and am very satisfied with my purchase.

The delivery is late and there's no clear communication if I'm not being ignored. Completely unprofessional.
On June 3rd zoom electric moped/scooter was purchased and shipped. A *** purchase. There's no tracking number so I have to contact the seller for any updates. The seller does not communicate clearly about why my delivery is late and ignores me most of the time. Apperently I'm not the only customer suffering from this lack of professionalism. I even offered to pick up the moped at the warehouse and still no clear answer to whether or not I can or cannot pick it up. I understand these times are rough but if you decide to run a business you need to be a responsible or shut your business down if you can't manage the pressure. Customers should not be left in the dark about their orders.

Desired Outcome

I want a clear delivery date and time. I want clear communication about what's going on so we could be on the same page. Even if it is bad news. I want the job finished! All customers deserve professionalism. I work hard for my money! I'm not a trust fund baby!

Zoom Electrical Scooters Response • Aug 05, 2020


The customer has received the scooter in good condition already. And he has agreed to remove the complaint.

Thanks again!

Customer Response • Aug 07, 2020

My issue has been resolved. They are properly communicating with me now.


Very pleased with the purchase of my zoom scooter. More power than expected. Hard to beat this price and never have to fill up a gas tank again:) ***.

I am trying to get a refund back, but they will not give me a refund.
On 05/22/20 I ordered a black zoom electric scooter for *** In the confirmation email they did not give me an order or invoice number, or shipping information.

On 05/23/20 01:18 am I asked to cancel

The next day they replied, ***,

Thanks for your order.
We shipped out your scooter already because we ship them out every evening:)"

At that point I decided to keep the scooter and wait,

They told me it would take 1-1.5 week for the scooter to arrive. The email is on 05/23/20.

I checked in today for shipping update 6/05/2020, and they told me due to protests the shipping is delayed and it will be another 1-1.5 week for shipping

I asked them for a refund, but they will not give it back.
I asked them for shipping information on the scooter and they will not give it back.

This is a refund and sales practice issue, as they lied to me about shipping the scooter out when I tried to cancel earlier.

Please see the attached email correspondence.

Desired Outcome

They need to refund me my money, and they need to be investigated for fraudulent sales practices. They told me they shipped the scooter, but they cannot provide me with proof.

Customer Response • Jun 08, 2020

They successfully processed my refund


Got a Zoom Scooter and very happy with it! I get over 50 miles per charge on average. also their price is best this space.

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Address: 395 Santa Monica Place, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90016


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