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• Jul 01, 2020

Alert! they are charging thousands not $38.00
credit charge amount is $38000. not $38.00 you will see the amount if you are not watching!
After filling out all info the final screen says for $38000 not $38.00 If you charge this you will be authorizing thousands of dollars not just $38.oo

• Jun 27, 2020

Fantastic Product and GREAT Service
Ordered the 12 pack (5 plus 7 free) received in a prompt manner. Customer service answered my one question - they were OUTSTANDING. Installed batteries and they worked GREAT. Kept one pkg for me and gave the others to 2 single moms and my daughter. I know they're safe now on any dark night. Would order more in a heartbeat.

Never received
I ordered 5 discs on 5/11/2020, started tracking a few days later. According to their site the items were delivered by my local post office "to a locker" on 5/20/20. I have checked my mailbox--not there. I went to my post office--not only was the package not there, they had no idea what I was talking about. I have tried calling them and all you get is a recorded message that sends you to their website to a link that doesn't exist. I am now out $137, rest assured I will never do business with them again and I have warned my family & friends about this company. If I could have given them a minus Satisfaction Rating instead of 1 star I would have.

Ms [redacted] placed an order on 12/She emailed on 12/with pricing confusionon 12/11, she was replied to (we are closed on Sundays)We explained her pricing and offered to refund her 25% and issue $in 1tac rewardsMs [redacted] never replied to that email, so her order was left on holdHer next contact with us was on 12/where her order was completely refundedShe was informed refunds are NOT immediate and can take 5-days for her own bank to processHer refund transaction number is [redacted] See proof of refund attached

Horrible place to do business with. Customer service is aggressive and tries to force you to do/buy things you don’t want. I tried to cancel an order Immediately after I ordered it...I mean literally within 3 minutes of ordering it and it took over half an hour of persistently telling the rep that no, I dont want a discount/freebie/partial refund...I wanted a cancellation/ finally beat her down into giving me what I wanted. It was infuriating! This experience was SO BAD that I intend to proactively seek out people to warn about it. Take my advice: AVOID AT ALL COST!

(I would rate it ZERO stars but that isnt an option)

Worst place I ever did business with... The AD is deceptive at best buy 5 lights get 7 free cost 9.00 dollars each! In my eyes its 45 dollars plus they offered 10% off. I entered all my info CC numbers and agreed to a $3.95 processing and handling fee. Then the next page was buy this flash light following page is get a free blanket for a small fee then another page for batteries then another page for a lantern light then another page for a flashlight pen thing. This went on and on till it said thank you for your order and charged me $111.00. At no time did the offer a review page before purchase to see if you agree to this deceitful scam they are running I called customer service and got a person at home with a baby crying in the back ground she offered me some free AAA batteries for my troubles! This is a 60 dollar set of batteries then... RUN FROM THIS COMPANY! SCAM SCAM SCAM!

Right! I just ordered 5 discs at $10 each and 7 free, but once the order was completed, I was billed $165,95. I called the company to cancel, and they tried to keep me by giving me 10%, I said no, the, 20% discount, I said no, then Employ discount... I said I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THis COMPANY EVEN IF THEY OFFERED $1 EACH.

I HAVE no idea what the complaints are about.
People go back 2 school. 12 lights at 10 each is 120.00, no matter how they put it, it's simple math.
I not only ordered one set of 12 for our immediate family but ordered a second set for friends we care about so we know we're trying 2 keep them safe toooo.
Each light works great. And no we weren't expecting the batteries 2 b included. Putting the batteries in was simple.
Thank u for your great products. And yes today the roads, even on the side of the roads are NOT safe! Hubby and j are happy 2 know we are doing what we can 2 protect family and friends.

Customer has made no attempt to contact businessIf parts are missing, he must submit those to [redacted] @***.com in order for parts to be sentThere is no charge to the customer to do soOur phone recording does instruct customers to email us if they cannot get a support person via phone

Do NOT order from this company. One of the biggest scams going on.
I ordered 3 Safety Discs which was to include 3 free. NOT! I was charged $69.00 for these discs that didn't work because they didn't even come with batteries!
When I called to complain, all I got was, "I'm Sorry you're not satisfied." After much discussion I was told batteries would be send. Of course, they never arrived.
If I wanted to return the order I was told I had to pay for the shipping and the rep. I talked to couldn't give me a time-line on when my credit card would be credited as the discs had to be "checked" in case I did something to them.
LESS than a 1-star rating.

Ms [redacted] placed an order on 12/She immediately phoned in to speak with our phone representativesAt no time was Ms [redacted] informed that the phone representative was Customer Support; CS hours are listed on her order confirmation and are Mon-Sat 5am-5pm PSTMs [redacted] states on the phone she will call in Monday morning to speak with Customer SupportShe did notThe phone representative explained the pricing to Ms [redacted] who claimed she was going to notify her bank of the transactionAt this time, customer support has not heard from Ms [redacted] and would have no possible way to know she had an issue except if she were to contact Customer SupportBecause Ms [redacted] did not notify CS except through this complaint, her order shipped todayWe do have company protocol to follow but do not know if a customer has an issue unless they make contactHer order was refunded today, even though her product is enrouteWe hope Ms [redacted] refuses the package upon delivery so we can recoup the merchandise

DO NOT ORDER THESE UNITS. Website says buy 5 get 12 free and price will be $10 each or $9 each if they apply the 10% discount when you give them your e-mail address. After you put in payment information and click yes to complete order, the receipt then reflects 5 units at $21.50 each or $108. Calling customer service to complain only brought more sales pitches to get batteries sent to offset pricing or to buy a lesser number of units to reduce my costs. Correct, units do not come with batteries which is not noted on the website. Should have realized they were scammers when they tried to upsell me on every product on their website to add to the existing order. When I called to cancel the order the woman said that my card had already been charged and she did not offer to reverse the charges. Will probably have my credit card number stolen and used illegally and have to cancel this card. Seemed like a decent product, but the company is bogus in their sales technique and truth on the website.

Reading all of these negative reviews and considering that many people like me also just take the stomach blow and don't even attempt to send back a not as expected or defective or to recover/return an item, frightens me to the point I'm not biting at some glitzy gotta order right now gimmick. I was considering these for 5 family members as Christmas gifts but with seemingly at least 4 being needed to have effective coverage I'd have been ordering 150-200 of the item that may or may actually be effective and not be worth even $3 or $4 each. Plus undoubtedly being made in China would not be good for our trade balance either.

I ordered the 12 pack of flashing lights on the 23rd of April 2019. On the order is says "normally ships in 2-3 days". Today has been 21 days and still no shipping notice. On one of their ads a low stock warning pops up.

Be prepared for a long wait. I am just hoping I get my order soon.

Ms*** did contact us to cancel her orderShe spoke with one representative who attempted to give her the information she requestedA call back was placed soon after, but the representative was unable to make contactIn the meantime, her order did shipWe have been trying to get ahold of Ms
*** since 12/We have placed phone calls and left several messages for herAt this time, her order is in transitShe will have to either refuse her shipment delivery or return it to our warehouse for a full refundWe include our email address on all receipts; Ms*** has made no attempt to contact us in this manner as of yetTo receive return instructions, she will need to email ***@***.com

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Good Morning,I want to give an updated to my complaintI did finally hear from the business and believe we are working towards a solutionI have opted to give them the opportunity to fulfill the order. Please keep the complaint open until further notice.

This customer processed a charge back to his accountHis charge back was acknowledged and processedHe is also in possession of products orderedThe customer cannot receive duplicate refundsCustomer is retaining product and refusing to send back

Customer has made no attempt to contact businessIf the customer feels misled, we encourage them to contact us via phone or email ***@***.com to remedy the issueWe're happy to mutually agree on a solution if they do choose to contact us

This customer has filed a CHARGE BACK through his
financial institutionI cannot issue a refund to this customer, as he will receive his refund directly from his own financial institutionHis return has been processed, but the refund cannot be processed on our endThe charge back has been accepted

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