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A & A Marketing, Inc.

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Thank you for the correct email addressWe have checked the member's account and she request has $as on 2016-04-Member's payout request has already been verified and she will paid to her paypal account *** as on 15th May,

We don't see member taking survey as per the terms and conditions of the surveysEach respective survey evaluation has instructions which member has not followedMember has not followed them and will not be paid for the unapproved surveys

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:They are asking for my *** address which they have on file..*** *** *** ***
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

We see an account under *** which has no activity and $as approvedMember is requested to provide the email address that is registered on *** ***

The member (*** had contacted our support department which had replied to the ticketWe had asked the member for confirmation email i.ethe email a member receives as soon as they sign up for products/servicesMember had failed to reply to the ticketIf the member feels they
have completed a survey and it is not showing as Approved yet, please send us a screen shot attachment only of the confirmation email and product shipment email sent by our advertiser to the member, so we can go back to the advertiser and ask for approval for creditPlease follow these steps to submit the screen shot1) Mention the survey number and name2) The screen shot should have complete header informationThe attachment needs to include your email address, date, and the Headers of the email, as this will verify whether it is a genuine email, and was actually sent by the advertiser3) Please send the screen shot in a single word file4) The screen shot should show the charges for the product or services that you have been charged

We see that member had two $requestMember had called and verified the first payment but failed to call for the other paymentThe first payout has already been paidAs an expectation we have paid the 2nd payment to her paypal account without the verification call
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I, in fact received my payment via PAYPAL from *** *** on 5/14/and the payment was in full of the $I consider the problem at this point settled; however, they may wish to look into why when I requested payment, their site stated that only the $some dollars was approved instead of the actual $if the $was in fact what was being paidThis issue would have been majorly avoided had the process information been correctly stated during the processThank you for addressing the issue and concerns and taking the time to respond
*** ***
I received a phone call from the business stating I would be paid on february 1st, 2018, however, I will not be closing the complaint until payment has been receivedWill be in touch
*** ***

Member needs to call to verify the payment request for which all the details are provided at the time of requesting the paymentWe tried to call the member were not able to connectAs an exceptional case we have gone ahead and made the $to the members paypal account

Please refer to http://***.com/uc?a=st&pt=termsMPROVIDE CASH INCENTIVES* *** offers cash incentives to members in exchange for completing surveys and signup for trial offersMembers won't be eligible for cash incentives by only completing the surveysSigning up for the offers, advertised by our partners, is necessary in order to be eligible for cash incentivesIf you complete a survey and sign up for the corresponding offer, it will take up to weeks to receive the cash funds from the advertiserPlease do not delete the confirmation emails you receive from the advertisersThese confirmation emails are required in order for us to investigate if your account is not credited in weeksThe funds will be sent to the paypal e-mail address registered on file with ***If your e-mail address changes and funds have already been sent to your e-mail address on file, *** cannot redirect the funds to your new addressYou can change your paypal e-mail address in *** at any time*** is a FREE service that allows you to instantly receive cash over the InternetCash payments will only be made after the member's qualification to participate in a particular survey has been verified by ***, the member completes that survey and offer* *** is not responsible if you lose, or misplace your funds via emailAll cash payment amounts may be changed or modified at any time and at the discretion of ***Members are responsible for any taxes due as a result of payments made for their participation in ***DNO PAYMENT GUARANTEE* *** does NOT guarantee that a member will receive credit for a completed survey and offer* *** will make reasonable efforts to track and report your signing up for offers but does not guarantee the precision of the processWe reserves the right to refuse the credit to members for offers for variety of reasons, including, but not limited to , Lack of appropriate information, Improper signup, Improper browser settings, Errors in third party reporting, and / or any other reasonD.1) There are conditions in order for *** Research members to receive a cash incentive*** Research members must have cookies enabled*** Research members must access the partner site through *** ResearchThese conditions are mandatory so that the partner will know that the *** Research member used *** Research to reach the partner siteYou agree that all redemption processes shall be done through the Member Accounts page on *** Research.D.2) *** Research does not warranty, guarantee, or insure the quality of any product or service requested from one of the partner offers

We see members account with email ***@yahoo.comThe account shows: Approved Amount $33.18 Pending
Amount $193.50Member need to have minimum amount $in order to make a paymentThe member does not meet the minimum payment limit and will not be paid

We see member has earned only $6.75.and $is pending will only be approved as soon as we will get the approval from the advertisersAs soon as one completes an offer we get the approval within 2to weeks timeIf any of the offers is not approved within days time duration then that offer
is rejected by the advertiseYou can always resubmit those offersFor an approval of an offer you need to fulfill the terms and conditions of Inboxpays and the respective advertiser/offer The Minimum payout a member can request is $below which will not be paidThis is clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions and the member has accepted before registering with Inboxpays
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

Michael Love on 2016-10-responds to Inboxpays response .- It is to be noted at the origin of this case # that the Inboxpays website shows owing to Michael Love is $386.98-Note that Inboxpays states "$pending will only be approved as soon as we will get the approval from the advertiser"; thereto admitting that Inboxpays owes Michael Love $Clarification is needed by Inboxpays as to exactly what date and time this "approval from the advertiser" will occur.-The evidence now shows that Inboxpays ADMITS owing Michael Love $plus dollarsHowever, Inboxpays presents an ambiguous statement of "$ is approved and $pending" which they need to clarify what the full amount they intend to pay to Michael Love truly is.-Inboxpays states "we get the approval within 2to weeks time" thus the evidence now shows they are ADMITTING the non-payment to Michael Love for as much as years and years and years [as Michael Love's participation started in the year 2013]; and therefore breaching their contract with Michael Love.-Question arises that if the amount of $is clearly shown on their website then where have the other monetary amounts 'disappeared' toInboxpays needs to clarify this.-Michael Love needs Inboxpays to clarify an exact date and time when they will absolutely pay Michael Love instead of using 'elusive response' such as their statement "we get the approval within 2to weeks time"In other words: [clarify] is Inboxpays now stating that Michael Love will be paid in full "within 2to weeks time" of the present date of November 4, ?-It also appears that their so-termed 'APPROVED' figure OF $has been presented on their website since -Noted is that once Michael Love reached the $that was 'approved' for payout then Inboxpays raised the approved payout criteria to $further breaching their original agreement of $payout.-Michael Love also comments: does ANYONE really believe their clients/advertisers/sponsors have not 'approved' all this in years since year ? and/or does ANYONE really believe their clients/advertisers/sponsors have not 'paid' all this in years since year ? (Simply ridiculous) Furthermore, if Michael Love queries their 'very well-known clients' that are inclusive of but not limited to weight loss, hair care, and even credit bureaus that these 'very well-known clients' are going to support any relative statements made by Inboxpays.-Perhaps the names of ALL of these 'very well-known clients' should be published in mass media and news media to invoke a response from these 'very well-known clients'Are these 'very well-known clients' aware that Inboxpays may be engaging in a form of 'dilution of trademark' by using their respected names and trademark symbols ? Perhaps these 'very well-known clients' will enage in legal action against Inboxpays.-IN SUMMARY hereto: Inboxpays needs to 'get real' as anyone can simply search the internet for such as: Inboxpays SCAMS or Inboxpays COMPLAINTS and literally retrieve thousands of resultsPerhaps ALL of these complaints should be 'rallied' into a court of lawKnowing that the accumulation of these monetary amounts may be more than their net worth it is remarkable that Inboxpays has not offered a settlement figure for these complaints instead of wasting time writing 'elusive' responses.-IN CLOSING: Inboxpays ADMITS owing the money (period)Michael Love wants the money he has earned (period) Please Advise.'Thank You.Michael Love
Michael Love

We had tried to call the member but there was no responseMember had put tickets on Saturday and Sunday when support department has a holidayThe tickets were replied on MondayPhone verification is must to keep a check on fraudsThere is no problem reported by any other memberAs a special
case we have verified the member request and will be paid $to his paypal account *** as on 15th February,

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I followed the terms and completed the survey, if I missed something could you let me know so I can remedy it
*** ***

There was a technical problem with auto phone number verification system  which was explained to the member and informed that payment will be sent to her paypal account as on 1st November, 2017. We failed to understand why the member has to raise a complain.Again today we have called the member...

and the issue has been resolved.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Member has already called and verified as on 2017-10-04 and will be paid $50 by 2017-11-1 to her paypal account [redacted][email protected]

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Description: Market Survey Companies, Internet Marketing Services

Address: 113 McHenry Rd Ste 120, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089-1796


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