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A-Team Transmissions

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I'm not clear on what they plan to do,  yes the brought it in and didn't charge me because they Todd me to bring it back there because it's under warranty and so I did that them u had to but an expensive key in order to program it so last thing they said to me was go buy another expensive key so they can program it,  u don't understand what's going on and why they just don't mix the computer to make the car run properly? So when can I pick the car up and will it be driving?

On behalf of all of our team, I would like to an extend our most sincere apologies. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations, and apparently, in this particular situation, we did the total opposite. 
In response to the issues that you were met with at our company, I would like...

to address the particular instance in which the price was more than originally agreed upon. It would appear that there were four repairs required. (1) Transer case needed resealed. (2) Transmission fluid and filter. (3) Differential cover seal (4) Transmission Pan.  
Essentially, with the extent of repairs that were required and authorized, the amount of $309.49 would not even cover the labor alone in the (1) first repair! Regardless, at this point, if you feel that the repairs that we completed are only worth $308.49, and that there are no more leaks, and, the repairs that we completed took care of the issues, we will credit you back your disputed amount, if you feel this is fair. We apologize for any misrepresentation, or miscommunication that may have been incurred. 
As far as the American Express, we discourage the use of it, unless it is absolutely necessary. Amex charges exorbitant fees, almost to the point of not even accepting. My apologies for the firmness of our management. 
Please let me know what is acceptable to you as far as if you consider this a fair solution.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. [redacted],    We apologize for any inconveniences that have been incurred.  However, we were merely trying to fulfill the request made by you and your husband, to have the disassembled transmission and related parts be returnable separately to you, along with...

the vehicle, the 2006 Dodge Ram 3500. We made our best efforts to accommodate components conveyance with the transportation you had arranged. Additionally, we provided a tote for internal transmission parts at no charge in an effort to consolidate the loose components.  Again, we apologize for any damage that may have occurred after the vehicle and components had left our facility, by the towing company that you and your husband hired. There was never any intent of malice.     With regard to your request for the $630.00, we would be happy to comply with your request via check upon meeting two stipulations:That proof of the negative review with the ( has been removed and satisfied.  In addition, a promise that no further negative reviews be circulated about this matter in any way or format. That the clutch in question be returned to us at 6200-C Huntley Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43229.   If these terms are agreeable, then a check for $630.00 shall be provided upon satisfaction of the two stipulations. Regards,A Team Transmissions###-###-####

Ms. [redacted],I am very sorry to hear that you wont be using us or recommending us- as we have tried to be as accommodating as possible throughout this whole process. Should you change your mind, we will be here to do whatever it takes to earn your business back- We should be able to have the reassembly completed by 1/04/2018. Please look to hear from our associates. Thank you, and hope your 2018 is a blessed one!Sean A[redacted]

I don’t believe I’m saving anything because there was never a cost mentioned to give an estimate on the Jetta regardless if you had to take car apart or not. The car should be put back together and running per as it was when it was left with you. I will not be using your company or recommending you to anyone in the future. Please contact me in a timely manner as you’ve help the car up long enough with my handicap sticker and important paperwork I’ll pick up when the car is put back together and in same running condition as it was left with you and I’ll pay the $200.00

Here is the found diagnostic form on the car from 5-17. Apparently, Mike, our interim manager, made an executive decision to go ahead and replace the pcm at no charge. The repairs were left incomplete, as there was difficulty in gaining "factory new" keys. These keys are required to properly flash and download software for pcm. We are willing to follow through with replacement of pcm at no charge to our customer, as a goodwill gesture. This would be as far as we are willing to go on goodwill repairs. Any repairs beyond, would be the customers responsibility. We hope this extends a positive posture on behalf of our team to help rebuild the relationship we started last year. Thank you!! Let me know if we need to have any further discussion...

Consumer called and stated that Sean is taking care of him and the matter is closed. He wishes to close his complaint as resolved.

I would like to share a message that has been impressed upon me- that I can only hope may reach the ears to those who are willing to hear from a business owners' perspective, and please understand that this is nothing more than a perspective from the other side of the counter, and merely for informational purposes. I would like to establish that we are a company founded on serving. We serve over 4500 customers per year. Our goal and intentionality is to create an environment of integrity, transparency, quality, faith, and we stand boldly on Truth. This is clearly evident in our lives, conversations, reviews, our word of mouth referrals, and our reputation. It has been my experience, as well as many others who are in the automotive business, find this to be something that is quite an anomaly. About the only unfortunate circumstance about business, generally speaking, is the occasion when even the highest level of all these attributes that I mentioned, are met by consumers with the completely opposite outlook. It seems that consumers have a great method in expressing their rights found in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Praise and discontentment is found all over the Internet, from customers and consumers. Individuals and businesses periodically have no choice but to bow at the mercy of abuse found in the great freedom we have in America. Please understand- there are tremendous differences between our great customers, and consumers driven by high expectations of entitlement. This perspective separates the customers from individuals and families all businesses love to build relationships with, to the individuals that may be less than desirable to establish connections with, as well as creating a hardened outlook on specific circumstances. In fact, high expectations are what we expect- although without the entitlement. Please follow me down this path of a consumer, [redacted], who came into our store with a high expectation of entitlement. Looking at her situation from a 30,000 foot perspective, she brought her truck in with a transmission problem. She had a problem, and she came to us. We determined the transmission had an internal failure. Upon her approval, removal, disassembly, and inspection of the transmission was underway. Once we connected with her, we gave her an estimate of the repairs. She felt fully convinced that the responsibility of repairing her transmission shouldn't fall on her, but should lie on someone else- [redacted]- an oil manufacturer. [redacted] perspective was that since she purchased this special oil to put in her transmission, it should have never failed, therefore the oil manufacturer should fix it. You see, she purchased oil, she put in, and indeed there was plenty of oil in the transmission, and it should not fail with this special oil (entitlement). Problem is, it did fail, as a result of bearing delamination- not oil failure. This was found as unacceptable in her eyes. After disassembly, most of the oil had to be drained and removed in order to inspect the internal components. At that point, she needed a sample to offer [redacted], well after we cleaned and disassembled. We were able to save about an ounce, and the [redacted] rep determined and confirmed that oil was not the issue. Bearing failure caused the damage. This was a hard pill to swallow, and understandably so. Our apologies that it wasn't something simple and inexpensive. She was upset- with all parties- and as a result, [redacted] decided that she was going to take the truck somewhere else, and request we put all of her components in the back of her truck. She was not even wanting us to reinstall, as there is a fee for that. Naturally, the only place to put things would be in the bed of the truck. This did not meet her expectations (more entitlement), and now she is seeking vindication, apparently, to help fund her transmission repair (more entitlement). [redacted] is seeking $630.00 for the replacement of her clutch that was oil soaked by a cleaned and disassembled transmission that was placed in the bed of her truck- just as she requested. As unrealistic as this sounds,  we are willing to give [redacted] the $630.00, on the basis she would not spread untrue comments about us on the Internet, and she brings the oil soaked clutch to us. Here we are, one day later after the offer was made through the resolution process, and [redacted] is posting negative, untrue, comments about A Team. In addition, she is refusing to send the clutch to us in exchange for $630.00- the amount she requested. I'm sure you, the readers of this letter,  would find this peculiar.It has been brought to my attention that the old phrase continues to ring true..."You can please most people most of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time." In this case- there is no doubt in my mind or in the mind of you, the readers, that this phrase directly relates to this situation. As I mentioned, we serve over 4500 customers per year, who have become friends. Yes, there are a few that we chose not to pursue relationships with. All of you who have graced us with the opportunity to read this, please take [redacted] advice, and go to the You will find we average 3 complaints a year- and since 2012, we have 21 positive reviews posted and 2 negative. That's out of 4500 customers a year!!! I think any reader will find this to be a very satisfactory record of customer service. In closing, it would be great for consumers having a mentality of high expectations of entitlement to please- go to the dealerships- go to the big box establishments- where your entitlement mentality can be met equally- or, please come see us, and let's build a lasting, long term relationship, together. Besides, that's what we are about. Building relationships, and I’m truly sorry we could not see things through, together. Sean A[redacted]President Ateam Transmissions

The consumer scheduled an appointment with the supplier to have his transmission repaired for the

fourth time with the supplier. The supplier claims that the transmission is repaired already and does not

require additional repairs. The consumer has had to go without a vehicle each time he has to take the

vehicle to the supplier. They have not provided him with a rental vehicle while they perform the repairs.

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