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My salesperson, [redacted], was outstanding! This young man treated me with kindness, respect, and honesty. He listened attentively to my questions.After answering, he asked if I understood and if I had any more questions. When I took possession of the car, he programmed my blue tooth to my phone so I stay safe, and demonstrated all the features of the car. The car was spotless and had a full tank of gas. Thank you!

Review: My husband and I were going to buy a vehicle a [redacted]. When we first test drove the vehicle we mentioned that the brakes squeaked, and the steering wheel shimmied when stopping. He said he put the vehicle on the rack and the brakes were 50% and fine. They no they weren't. we kept telling him about it. Then in the meantime the passenger back window wouldn't go up, and he kept promising he would have someone come to my place of employment. But that never happened either. I called the finance company to let them know that we did not feel comfortable to be driving it, so they directed us to tell the dealer we weren't comfortable, and wanted another vehicle on the lot. When we did this there were 2 others and one didn't start and one hadn't passed safety inspection yet. So then we said we didn't want to proceed any further with him because it seemed like some unlawful practices. The finance company said they wanted us to feel safe and be comfortable with what we were buying, and agreed with them that we wouldn't proceed any further with anything . There was no deal that was ever finalized with the finance company, and we returned the vehicle. We asked for our down payment to be returned, but they refused.Desired Settlement: We gave 500.00 cash down payment and want it returned at once. Company to be investigated due to unethical and unlawful practices



According to the complaint filed by Ms. [redacted], on she claims

the car had issues before she bought it.

All vehicles at Big Bell Auto undergo a safety inspection,

which is required for Dealerships in Arizona.

Brakes are apart of this inspection. Big Bell Auto would never allow any vehicle

that didn't pass inspection to even be test driven. The safety to our customer's and to ourselves

is very important to us.

The vehicle had passed the safety inspection before Ms. [redacted]

had even test drove the vehicle. So just

to confirm, there were no issues with the brakes on this vehicle. In fact we have since then sold the vehicle

and have received no complaints whatsoever.

As for her comment about her calling the financial institute,

Ms. [redacted] had not been financed yet. She

had not been assigned to a Financing company, so we are unsure who she may or

may not have called.

Arizona does not have a “cooling off period” law. Once a customer signs the contract and takes

possession of the vehicle, it is considered to be binding. The customer changing their mind is not a

valid reason to cancel a contract, and in most cases can only be canceled if

financing can not be secured.

What we believe happened here is that Ms. [redacted] found a

different vehicle she liked better some place else. And returned the vehicle she bought from us,

so that she could find financing on another vehicle.

Big Bell Auto put time and effort into the sale and Ms. [redacted]

took possession of the vehicle and drove it, and put miles on it. When the vehicle was returned, Big Bell Auto

had to again run the safety inspection and have it detailed to clean it before

we could put it back on our lot for sale.

These services are contracted out and are not free.

For the reason's listed above, Big Bell Auto feels we do not

owe Ms. [redacted] any money.

Please contact me with any questions

Thank You


Office Manager

Big Bell Auto Super Store

###-###-#### Ext. [redacted]

Review: Hello,

My husband's car caught on fire so we went to get a new one. We found a [redacted] Park Avenue that had a price of a little over $3000. The dealer ([redacted]) said it was cash price ran some numbers and said we could get the car financed for $4607 with $1500 down. He said since it was Sunday we needed to wait until Tuesday to give him time to finalize with the bank. We gave him 1500 down and he said payment would be about 243.23. He never called so Wednesday [redacted] called him he said they hadn't gotten back to him yet so Thursday we took the car and said ok well until everything settled give us back the down payment and keep the car he said no they won't finance the car because its too old just drive the car until we find a lender or a different car because they were getting more cars Friday or Saturday and he'd call us when they come in. Well Saturday the belt came off they told us to tow it to them they'd fix it. We said why can't you tow it its your car they said no its ours because of the papers to finance we had. So we payed to have it towed in and [redacted] said they'd contact us when it was ready Monday [redacted] went up to get stuff out the car and spoke to the mechanic that said it would be ready in a day or 2. I had [redacted] call to see what was going on Wednesday for the car and [redacted] hung up so we went there to see what was happening because he needed a car for work. [redacted] said well [redacted] blew the engine so he think its in their best interest to keep it and sell it wholesale so we was like fine can we get the down payment back he said no since we broke the car. We asked why he hadn't called to advise us that the engine was blown and why hadn't the mechanic said so and why didn't he let us know his decision on the car instead of having us waiting to pick the car up and [redacted] told us that he was busy and just never got around to it. We asked what about the promise of the call for us to find a different car he said the deal had fallen through. After asking since he kept our money and keeping the car give us something in writing saying the company would not come after [redacted] for garnishment saying he didn't pay for the car he said he couldn't give us anything in writing but we have his word. I do have parts of 2 conversations recorded on my phone. We have the finance papers we were given, I have the receipt for the down payment, payment receipt from tow company where we had the car towed back to them. I don't know if we can get anything back for this but if nothing else I would really like to expose this dealership for what they are. [redacted] (the sales manager) seemed so accommodating in the beginning and after getting our money became very pompous and demeaning. He was the only one we worked with and talked to. When asked for the owner was told the owner wasn't there and wasn't sure when he'd be in. Asked for the mechanic that told [redacted] it would be ready in a day or two [redacted] said I don't know where my mechanics are do we know where our parents are at this moment. Please assist us with this situation.

Thank you

[redacted] and [redacted]Desired Settlement: Prefer the refund of the down payment plus tow back to dealership but will accept just the $1500 down payment



To the

In the reponse to Mr and Mrs [redacted] complaint on the down payment issues with the ** buick park av we had the car check when it was towed in and the engine over heated and cracked the block we spent in in labor and parts close to 975 I spoke with the owner and he is willing to give Mr and Mrs [redacted] 500.00 of the down payment back we have to charge them for breaking the car if they can"t be responsible for this who will.

the car was in perfect condition when they took it they bought the car as is the warranty we give is for items that break under normal conditions it look like from the mechanic it was done intentionley by the customer.

I spoke to customer and they disgree with me but the evidence was there we will give them back 500 of there down payment thank you for your time



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

After the car was towed in [redacted] came to the dealership to get personal belongings out of the car and spoke to the mechanic that didn't mention anything about the engine just advised that the car would be ready in 1 or 2 days. [redacted] (the sales manager) never contacted us as promised not even to tell us he would not be giving us the car back. We didn't find out until we wasted time and gas to go up to the dealership and he said we broke the car and we won't get the car or our deposit. I drove past the lot on Monday morning and see that the car is back on the lot for sale. He told us we had to tow it to them because the car was ours after we spent the money to tow it to him he tells us the car is thiers. The business is a fraud and I'm owed much more but will settle for no less then my down payment. If nothing else it breaks the lemon law. We didn't have the car more then 6days before a major (engine) issue happened. If nothing else communication could have stopped all of this. He could not get the car financed for us so he tells us after we hound him then he says cars coming in friday for us to try out or get our money back. we offer to give the car back until then he says no. Then he tells us he will fix the issue for free if we tow the car in because its ours then we don't hear from him for days until we go there looking for him and he tells us we can't have the down payment or the car. when he couldn't finance us he could have had his car and we could have had our money and found a car so that we could continue to make a living. He had the second chance on Friday to say the cars they were waiting for did not come in so bring the car back and get your deposit. Again he did not contact us. We lost money on the deposit, time and gas running up to the dealership, charged me $1 for the dmv (which was the first time ever I had that happen). I'm sorry but $500 is most certainly not acceptable for what this "manager" put us through.


[redacted] & [redacted]



I am sorry about your experence here if you would have told us up front about the car having problems and brought the car back to me with out the verable comments you made to me things proberly been different.

You bought a car it broke down someone tried to fix it and made it worse and then you tried to stick to us and said it just broke when my mechanic said someone has been tampering with car thats when I said fix and so he did and we put it back for sale in a couple of days later. We will give Mr and Mrs [redacted] 500.00 back we had to fix the car.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Oh my goodness. I'm sorry but I cannot read any more of the words this person is submitting because it is very infuriating being treated as such. If we bought the car why do we not have the car after he told us to bring it and get it fixed? Instead he did not contact us, we contacted and drove to him for him to advise us that he would be keeping the car and our money then find it back on his lot to do the same thing to someone else. The paper that was sent with other documentation was given to us on the day we got the car saying the gauges weren't useable and it had a leak. He said after the financing was done he'd have the money to fix the issues that he and [redacted] signed off on. Yet, never offered us to come back and get that taken care of. For all we know that is what caused the entire issue. Secondly the first thing that was done when the car stopped working was calling "[redacted]" and him telling us to have it towed in he'd fix it because it was "our" car. The bottom line is he is trying to get away with taking our money on a car that he made promises on and never went through on, had us pay to bring the car back to him and then kept the car as well. This is not acceptable for anyone who is trying to do business correctly. If things went as he says I will give you phone records from our cell phones and please see how many times he called to let us know that 1. he could not find a lien holder, 2. the cars we were supposed to come check out to replace the car we had with never came, 3. The car was not going to be returned to us after paying to have it towed in, or 4. Any reason at all. Not caring that we both have jobs to get to paying gas money and getting rides while waiting for him to let us know to come and get the car. Not to mention we had to scrape up another down payment (that we don't have) to find a car with a more legit car dealer. This person has cost us a lot and all we want is our deposit. I think that is more than fair. We have invested a couple thousand dollars in this venture dealing with this car place and that is not something we have to just give away to people trying to scheme on those that are in need. Just for the record I have a recorded conversation on my phone of the day the car went down and was towed in and part of the conversation from the last visit to the dealer if this can assist at all.Anything else you may need please let us know we will be happy to oblige. I just feel if we "owned" the car we should have had it after it was fixed. If nothing else they would have said "this is what happened and you'll need to pay to get it fixed" not "oh I was too busy to call you I forgot but we are going to keep the car and your deposit". Regards,[redacted] & [redacted]



This is a response to complaint #[redacted] to Mr and Mrs [redacted] and the Revdex.comBigbellautosuperstore feel and based soley on the recomendation from the tech whom worked on the car when it was tow in and he also worked on the car before the Mr and Mrs [redacted] took position of ** park av.He ([redacted]) the Tech the valve in question it was broken while Mr and Mrs [redacted] had position of the ** Park AV the valve is like a V shape its hard plastic you have to knock it to break it some one was trying to work on the car instead of bring the car to us but by time it was all said and done the valve broke and water drainded out and went on to the timing belt and it slid off doing some further damage so much damage to the engine we feel it was done maybe by not knowing but never the less damage was done.We have made a counter offer to there complaint someone has to pay to fix car.Yes it is back on the lot ready to see in a very quick time my techs knew what to dofixed it in a timely matter.The owner based his decsion soley on what the tech had given him for the estimateon what it will take to get the car back in front line condition bigbellautosuperstore feelbased on the damages done to the car 500.00 is a good deal based on the dameges done to our car. thank you and have a nice day.



The Responce to the complaint from Mr and Mrs [redacted]We still feel the [redacted] should have to pay for the repairs of the [redacted] Park av the part that broke was tamper with and seemed to the Tech who worked on the car before the [redacted] took the car and after they took the car. We fixed the car and added cost of parts and laborwe are willing to give the difference back to the customer we stand firm at our decsion on the dollar amount if the has any question feel free to call me ([redacted]thank you for your time



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


Review: I purchased a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo from Big Bell Auto Superstore in Phoenix in March 2013. The car that I bought was not completely ready per Big Bell Auto so they asked if they could keep it over the weekend to make small repairs and detail it because it smelled like smoke. They offered to put me in a loaner car. I agreed to a loaner which was a big mistake it was a 2001 Ford Taurus disgustingly dirty, smelled like stinky overwhelming country apples, did not have AC , top of interior material falling down, and come to find out the next day the gas gage did not work and Big Bell never told me. I had to leave the windows down in the garage trying to air it out. Come Monday after I purchased the Rodeo I got a call stating my vehicle was ready. I went to pick it up it was detailed but still was missing the turn signal [redacted] When I asked about that [redacted] the sales guy stated " We had to order that part so it so we will call you when it comes in." I drove off the lot with absolutely no gas in it to the nearest gas station. I then put gas in and the Rodeo felt like it was hesitating when it idled up. This continued to happen off and on for a couple of days. When I called Big bell Auto [redacted] the sales guy stated " well since the Rodeo was on empty maybe it had "BAD GAS" so try driving it for a while and put gas in again when it gets low and see if it fixes it." The same week at work I get in my Rodeo and it doesn't start! I call Big Bell Auto again let them know and he tells me maybe it is the fuel line and it needs to be adjusted. Big Bell Auto asked me to bring it back in they fix something to do with the ignition and send me on my way again. 5 weeks into driving my Rodeo I get a phone call from [redacted] stating "some how your Rodeo never made it to emissions and you really need to take it in. [redacted]. said please come in and pick up a check and take it to emissions." I explained to [redacted] I did not think it would pass because of the way it would hesitate still when driving it. So I picked up the check went to Emissions and it DID NOT pass. I went back to the dealership told them and they acted surprised. I told them I could not be without a car do to work and kids. They said don't worry about it let my mechanic [redacted] look at it and order parts and you can bring it back so we can fix it and you can take it when we are done. [redacted]. said " It should only take a day to repair and we will call you when the parts come in." I told [redacted]. the temporary plate was expiring so they put a dealer plate on my Rodeo until I came back. One week goes by. I leave a message for the Repair shop at Big Bell Auto with no return calls, I leave a message for [redacted]. no return calls, days go by still nothing. Call the repair shop again and someone answers. They put me on hold get [redacted] on the phone and [redacted] tells me bring my Rodeo in and he will help me. I tell [redacted]. the best day for me is on Saturday then I could leave it all day and have a ride. I get to Big Bell Auto on a Saturday morning first thing and talk to the mechanic who is a different mechanic. I ask what happened to [redacted] the mechanic I was dealing with and the new mechanic says "[redacted] no longer works here" Let me take a look at it and talk to [redacted]. I was starting from square one again. I show him the emissions report with the numerous things wrong with it, Transmission, Check Engine light not working, misfiring etc..etc.etc. I explained to him I kept having problems with it hesitating when Rodeo shifted gears/ idle up. I told him I had been calling Big Bell Auto about the problems and they would not get back to me so this had dragged out for weeks. The mechanic said he had many years experience and would fix it with no problem. If I had any other transportation I would have just dropped it off. Finally after a month and a half of this I leave it with Big Bell Auto to have them fix it. Again they tell me I will put you in a loaner car. They pull up to the front of the dealership Big Bell Auto with a Mercury Villager Van that is so disgusting, dirty smelled like dog, the console was nasty dirty, dog hair and dog slobber all over the windows and when I said really this is what you are putting me in [redacted]. said "sorry that is I all I have." I wanted to cry but at that point I had no choice. My Rodeo was not working, I needed to get to work and take my kids to school ... I was stuck. I drove to the nearest [redacted] on [redacted] in Phx and bought Clorox bleach wipes, a 3 pack of air fresheners and a bottle of Frebreeze. In the parking lot at [redacted] on [redacted] I wiped down the entire interior seats, doors, console and steering wheel of the Mercury Van. I put 3 air fresheners and sprayed the carpet with Frebreeze trying to get the dog odor out. I then took it to the car wash to vacuum up the dog hair and resprayed Frebreeze on the carpet. A few weeks go by.. on June 30th 2013 I take my 9 yr old daughter and her friend to the Circus its 116 degrees that day and when we get out of the Circus and get into Loaner Van it doesn't start! I call [redacted] so mad and upset crying, its hot outside and I am stranded in a busy parking lot. I told him I am sick of this and I have had it. I told him I was going to call the and report Big Bell Auto. [redacted]. got angry with me and started to yell. He said that all he has done is tried to help me. I told him help me? I have been without my car for weeks and he keeps giving me piece of crap loaner cars that are filthy dirty, stinky and are all broken down. I told him I was reporting them and hung up on him. He called back a few minutes later and apologized and said the tow truck was on its way and he would put me in their best car on the lot. [redacted] said he was having a bad day and apologized for yelling at me. I told [redacted] he better have a good running car with air, not dirty or smelly. [redacted] said he had a Dodge Journey for me when I got there. I agreed and calmed down waiting for a tow truck. [redacted] stated he would get a tow truck out ASAP. My 9 year old daughter, her friend and I go across the street to try and stay cool until the Tow truck shows up. It was still hot in the pizza place were we went to try stay cool in. I called and asked My sister in law to come get the kids because it was way to hot. I stayed and continued to wait for the tow truck. Approximately 1 1/2 hours later I get a call stating the tow truck was on his way. The Tow truck finally shows up and its a Red Dodge Durango with a Uhaul trailer hitched on the back. I asked the young man how he was going to get this Van up on this trailer? I asked him is this Big Bells Tow Truck and stated yes. The young man said he was going to try and jump start the van and get it running so we could go back to Big Bell Auto. The young man tried to jump start the van and it didn't work, It still would not start. We were stuck in the parking lot across for Us Airways Center in downtown Phoenix during Circus traffic pulling in and out. The young man "tow truck driver" said he was going to push the van up the Uhaul ramp. I started to laugh and said how are you going to do that. He said I have done it with bigger trucks myself. This young man had trouble pushing the van back far enough to try and jump start it. I was standing there in the 116 degree heat waiting to see how he was going to do this. Finally he noticed a Phx Police Officer directing Circus traffic on the corner. He then asked the officer if he would help him push the Van up the Uhaul Ramp. The Phx PD officer laughed and said no but what he could do was use his patrol car to help push the Van up the ramp. The Phx PD officer did and got the Van up on the Uhaul Ramp. The Tow Driver asked me to get in the back seat of this dirty red Dodge Durango. The Tow truck driver had young female sitting in the front seat. The tow driver had to get out of the Durango open the hood of the Durango and use a wire to start it. There was no cool air in the Durango just hot air blowing through the vents. We drove with the windows down the whole way to Big Bell Auto on 20st/ Bell. When we arrived at Big Bell Auto I waited about 5 mins and they pulled up a White Dodge Journey gave me the keys and let me go home with it. A couple weeks go by and I call to find out about my Rodeo and [redacted]. stated that my Rodeo had a lot of things wrong with it including the Transmission and he stated " but the great thing about it is you have a great warranty that you bought with the Rodeo and you can use that to fix the Transmission." I asked [redacted] why should I use my warranty for problems this vehicle was having way before I bought it? It has NEVER passed emissions. When I bought it, it had never gone through emissions. He said he would take care of it. He called and had the adjuster from the warranty company AUL come look at it. [redacted] called me a couple weeks later to tell me the Warranty People wanted to talk to me first before they gave approval. [redacted] stated that" What ever you tell the Warranty people is going to decide if they will pay for it. I told [redacted] what is that suppose to mean. I will tell AUL warranty company exactly what has been going on... that Big Bell Auto sold me a Rodeo that never passed emissions and now Big Bell Auto wants to use my warranty to fix the Transmission. [redacted] stated that " well it all depends on me what I say if I want my car fixed." I asked [redacted] who was going to pay the deductible of $100, he said they would it was no big deal. I told [redacted] I did not want my Transmission fixed at Big Bell Auto and he said well Big Bell Auto would not pay for it to fixed any where else because they have their own shop on site. I then told [redacted] well its already taken Big Bell Auto over a month and a half just to diagnose the problem, How long would it take to fix a Transmission correctly and everything else that's wrong with the Rodeo? I told [redacted] that I expected a fully Transmission warranty and for all of the repairs being done. [redacted] agreed Big Bell could do that. Here it is over 2 1/2 months later and I don't have my Rodeo. Big Bell Auto Mechanic calls me in the middle of the night saying they want the Dodge Journey back. They said they were bringing me my Rodeo back and dropping it off. I asked if all the repairs were made and the Transmission was fixed and he stated yes. I asked why a 10:00PM they wanted to drop it off and why I couldn't bring it in the next day. The Tow driver stated the journey has been sold they need it back tonight. I told him that it did not sound right and I would come in in the morning before work. He got nasty with me on the phone and said he was going to just drop it off at the address he had on file. I told him I did not live there anymore and he said Oh well that's where he was going to drop it off! I told him well go ahead and let me know when he did. The driver called and said his was strapping the Rodeo on the Tow Truck and he would head down to my old address. As I began to think about it I thought what if my Rodeo was not fixed and why is Big Bell trying to drop it off in such a hurry after 10pm at night. It didn't make sense and I started to get scared. All of sudden its completely fixed in the middle of the night and they don't want me to go to Dealership and pick up my Rodeo? Shouldn't I be able to test drive it? Something was wrong. When the driver called back his story had changed. He stated he just talked to the owner and said the Dealer Plate expired and they needed the Journey back. First it was sold now the plate expired. I told him that Big Bell Auto was not going to leave me without a car and I would Deal with them during normal business hours. [redacted]. then called yelling saying that my Rodeo was going to repoed buy the bank because I was 2 months behind. I told [redacted] he was full of it and I had spoke to the bank that morning about Big Bell Auto and about what I could do about them. My bank account manager stated that [redacted] could contact her if [redacted]. had any questions. [redacted] said he talked to the bank that morning also. I told [redacted] at that time he would have to wait until normal business hours and I would speak with the Owner then and would not be dealing with them in the middle of the night. I asked him to quit harassing me and the owner of the house at my old address. He started to yell on the phone threatened to call the cops and I then told [redacted] to go for it! I told him I was reporting Big Bell Auto to the, calling the media and would be contacting an Attorney. I have had several conversations with Big Bell Auto and phone bills to show for it, I have witnesses family and friends that can state I have been dealing with Big Bell for months and have been without my Rodeo. I don't know what else to do I think I have been more than patient with them and deserve to be fully refunded for all the money I have paid for the Isuzu that I have not had.Desired Settlement: A full refund for the deposit I put down on my Isuzu Rodeo and cancel my contract.



We are sorry that [redacted] is not happy. We are willing to work with her and get her into a vehicle that she likes. We just need for her to come down here so we can show her what we have to offer. Right now on the lot we have some really nice vehicles to show her, like a Jeep Liberty, Chevy Equinox, and a Isuzu Rodeo, just to list a few. We want to make our customers happy. But in order to resolve her problem, she needs to come in and see us. We are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 7 pm. Have her come down or call us to schedule an appointment.

If you have any more questions please contact me again or the office manager can be reached at [redacted]

Thank you!

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