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A1 Aluminum Enterprises

Address on File with BBB, Bronson, Florida, United States, 32621

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My beautiful new carport was installed yesterday. I am very satisfied with the results!!!! I always appreciate dealing with the owner of a company rather than a salesman. Everything about my experience was positive. I cannot say enough good things about how the entire project was handled. I been involved with contractors and construction my entire life and I was very impressed with the competency and quality of the craftsmen. They were a high end crew who knew what they were doing and were totally committed to getting the job done!!! I am so glad I didn't take the advice of the obviously cranky person who wrote the negative review previously. I have 2 other projects that I intend to call on Scott for in the future. Count me as a satisfied customer. Greg R., *** Fla.

I would not request the services of this company or recommend them to anyone. My experience has been an initial courteous meeting with Scott. Once the down payment was received, the experience was one of non-communication of when services and then repair would occur. The job itself produced numerous leaks and screen replacements for faulty, very flimsy screens which took over two months of no communication initiated by the company to let us know when leak repair and replacement would occur. The final day, today, that some of the crew arrived with the last screen, they advised that the screen they were bringing was a broken screen that had been repaired at the shop and had been sitting there for some time. In that Scott had advised me 3 weeks ago that he was waiting on a screen from a company that had he had difficulty with, I wanted to make sure the guys had the right one and called him. As I was attempting to explain to him what I was asking, he started screaming at me, asking me what I wanted. In that it was an obvious intimidation attempt to shut down the call, I ended the it. I would just advise anyone considering doing business to very carefully consider your options.

A1 Aluminum Enterprises Response • Feb 22, 2019

I have read the complaint letter that Mrs. P has sent as to response to her complaints of non-communication , that is false! I have responded to all of Mrs. P emails, texts and phone calls. As to the leaks she told me that I could fix the leaks at the same time we came back to install her one window screen that was damaged from the manufacture. We received the screen the 2nd time and my workers went out there to install it but when they took it out of the package one side of the screen was bent so they were not able to install the screen at that time. While they were there they went ahead and fixed the gutter leak and leak in sunroom. The 3rd shipment of the window screen finally arrived to my shop on 2-20-19. I texted Mrs.P*** the morning of 2-21-19, with no response on her part , to let her know that the window screen arrived yesterday and that my workers would be there that day to put it in. When my workers were there installing the undamaged window screen Mrs. P asked on of my workers why it took so long for the screen to come in. The worker not knowing told her that the window screen was in the shop the whole time but we never put it in. That is not true! The window screen that was in the shop was a left over from a previous job and that he assumed it was hers. Mrs. P not happy thinking she has been waiting this whole time on something that has been sitting at the shop called me and started asking me the same questions over and over and when I tired answering her she kept on talking so I spoke up so she would stop talking to answer her. She told me not to yell at her and I told her I was not yelling but had to talk louder than her so she would stop talking so I could answer all her questions. Needless to say she did not like that answer. I told her I apologize for the misinformation that my worker gave to her about the window screen and I tired to answer all her questions but she continued to talk over me again. I started speaking loud again and she hung up.

I have no control of the material that comes from the manufacture. All I can do is make it right if the product from the manufacture is defective. That is what I did with Mrs. P one window screen. It arrived to me twice defective so I sent it back and on 2-20-19 it arrived to me the 3rd time undamaged and we installed it the very next day.

Scott S / Pres

Customer Response • Feb 25, 2019

I hoped that Mr. S would be honest if he responded. I was not going to further comment if he had done so. I will respond and stop at this site with this response. This contract was signed in very early Fall 2018 and commenced several weeks later as agreed. On 11/8/18, I sent A1 an email with pictures of multiple leaks, several at the porch ceiling edge and a couple near the downspout and opposite gutter that he installed. He advised receipt of such email. On 11/9/18, I had to advise Mr. S that the attempted repair of the faulty porch door handle did not correct the problem. This repair had to be attempted twice before corrected. After the windows were installed, we didn't think the customer would have to remove labels, small amounts of construction type glue, type substance so I contacted to ask what type cleaner to use on the windows. No response after a week so I asked again so I wouldn't damage the windows. At the same time, I had to advise him that the previous day, one of the screens had blown out of its' installed place and landed on the porch floor, bent. Advised him they could bring another one to replace it when they brought the screen from the initial install weeks before and put both in at same time. There was an attempt made to fix the leaks. Unfortunately, I had to report that there were more leaks at different locations on 12/20/18, and sent pictures, videos. Said they would fix them after the holidays. Approximately a month after New Year's Day, they came to repair and put in a screen but it was bent. The second faulty screen was finally installed last week. The whole screen issue lasted from November to February. In the early installation, I also had to advise the crew member responsible that there were several open spots that had not been sealed. I was patient with this job and didn't get really upset until Mr. S berated me on the phone. He also called and did the same after advised his company that I had documented these concerns. I have blocked his personal cell because it. As far as the above at that time, I called him to ask him if the crew had the correct screen in that, as he stated, they advised me incorrectly of where it originated. Anything stated other than that is false. This is my experience. If it matters to anyone who is thinking of putting in windows, porch, screens, etc., so be it. As I stated, this is may last comment on this site. As long as any possible response is honest, it will be the last on any site.

It has taken over 6 weeks to just get the frame up for my sunroom, and they keep asking for money. I have been waiting for the windows to be installed and was told it would take 2 weeks now that they have my money it will take an additional 3 weeks. There is something definitely wrong with this company. If I had to do over again I would not use this company.

A1 Aluminum Enterprises Response

This letter is in response to the complaint that Mr. S has with A1 Aluminum. Mr. S signed a contract with A1 Aluminum on 8/10/17 to have a 14X24 sunroom added to his garage. In this contract there would be three draws. The first one was a deposit, the second a framing and the last one was when the job was completed. We received the deposit on 8/10 when contract was signed and on 9/25 we framed the room and received the framing draw stipulated in the contract. We have NOT asked for any additional money from Mr. S , only what the contract states!
To the complaint about the timely matter we told Mr. S that engineering and permitting would take up to 3-4 weeks. The permit was released and issued on 9/6 , which is 4 weeks just like he was told. We planned on starting his job the following week but Irma hit on 9/10 and changed our schedule drastically. The week following the devastation of Irma A1 Aluminum got numerous phone calls with families in distress. Trees falling on homes and pool enclosures , patio roofs and screen rooms that were blown down and material debris scattered everywhere in yards and structures partially torn away having loose sharp edges of remaining material on homes causing unstable conditions dangerous to these families .These families became A1 's main concerns to get them out of harms way and not bring more destruction there way by not properly disposing broken structures and sealing off roofs from up coming rains. Unfortunately, Irma has put the construction industry on overload. Not only with our schedule changing but our suppliers that we get product from such as roof panels, posts, screens and window manufacture which used to take 2 weeks to receive is now taking 3 to 4 weeks to receive our orders. A1 Aluminum DOES NOT have control of these delays from manufactures or Mother Nature. All our other customers have fully understood the magnitude of which Irma has caused in delay in their projects. We strive in finishing our projects in a orderly manner but sometimes unforeseen situations come up that are out of A1 Aluminum control. We do everything possible to make the building there dream project smooth and painless so their next project we will be the first one the customer calls.

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Address: Address on File with BBB, Bronson, Florida, United States, 32621


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