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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2015/11/17) */
When *** called into AAA Movers to receive pricing quotes, our representative Rob went over all of the moving details and pricing- which included the hourly rate for the crew and truck, fuel surcharges, as well as specialty item fees-
which the piano falls in this category and the fee was $
Rob quoted the moving estimate at hours and the piano at $and the fuel surcharge at $
*** decided to book her move with our company and a moving confirmation was emailed to herWhen her moving crew arrived on Saturday, her driver, James *** went over all of the paperwork and informed her again that there is a $fee for a piano on a moveJames informed *** that he's not sure why it didnt print on the bill of lading but there is a fee per our tariffJames and *** tried calling Rob but because it was a Saturday, Rob was not in the officeJames spoke with Greg our dispatch manager who informed *** again that there is a $fee to move the piano*** informed James and his crew to move the piano and she would call and pay Rob on Monday if that in case was the factJames and his crew moved the piano as requested
On Monday, November 2, 2015, Rob spoke with *** regarding the fee for the pianoRob again explained that there is a fee for moving this specialty item and that he explained that to her prior to her booking her move*** agreed but said since it wasn't on the bill of lading she feels she should only have to pay 50% of the amountRob again explained that we have a tariff we follow on all of our prices and that we needed to charge the $fee as the piano was moved, and this fee was iterated to her prior to the movers moving the item
Rob informed her that he would charge the card on file for the $remaining balance
On November 02, 2015, ***'s card was charged the remaining balance of $
The move took hours total- so the estimate provided was 100% accurate
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 10, 2015/11/17) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I gave them what he quoted, we went over the quote, over the phone and he also emailed it to me , so how is it that I'm as the consumer taken the blame because AAA movers employee rob made the mistakeHe never told me there was a seventy five dollar fee it's not even in my papersI'll stand on this over and over againIt's not even about the $it's the principle of the whole thing, how they pretend to be for the customer but really notThey (loaders )were late first and farmost did take the initiative to get the phone number from the dispatch so they could not be late, and they choose to ignore what's right and forget about what really acutally took placeI will stand on it again he (rob) and AAA movers was wrong for charging my card I do not agree with this decisionThank you in advance
Final Business Response /* (4000, 12, 2015/11/25) */
***Corresponding document attached
On November 17, 2015, the consumer provided the following information:
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I gave them what he quoted, we went over the quote, over the phone and he also emailed it to me , so how is it that I'm as the consumer taken the blame because AAA movers employee rob made the mistakeHe never told me there was a seventy five dollar fee it's not even in my papersI'll stand on this over and over againIt's not even about the $it's the principle of the whole thing, how they pretend to be for the customer but really notThey (loaders )were late first and farmost did take the initiative to get the phone number from the dispatch so they could not be late, and they choose to ignore what's right and forget about what really acutally took placeI will stand on it again he (rob) and AAA movers was wrong for charging my card I do not agree with this decisionThank you in advance
AAA Movers response:
AAA Movers is not disputing the fact that the consumer informed her moving consultant that she had a piano, it was listed on her inventory
The price of the piano was discussed with the customer by Rob before the move was bookedWhen the customer's bill of lading was printed for some technical reason, the fee of $did not print on the BOL
When the crew arrived promptly as scheduled at 8am (the movers were NOT late as the customer states- see attached BOL copy) the driver informed the customer BEFORE moving the piano that our company does charge $for moving this itemBecause the customer wanted to talk to her moving consultant and our moving consultants don't work on Saturday, she agreed to call in on Monday and talk with her rep and if there was a charge- she would pay for it
Virgina spoke to Rob and again he informed her of the charge and her credit card was processed for the amount
The customer had the option to not have the movers move the piano but instead requested it to be moved for the fee of $
AAA Movers has to follow our scheduled tariff ratesPer AAA Movers tariff, it clearly states that a fee of $will be charged for spinet/upright pianos on a move
This is the reason that the driver again informed the customer of the scheduled rates and charges before moving the item
The services were rendered and the fee for moving the piano is $
Let me know if you need any further informationAttached please find a signed copy of the Bill of Lading
Best Regards,
John ***
***copied and pasted from email

I am rejecting this response because:
The statements of AAA Movers in its response are the same inaccurate and misleading statements that AAA Movers has made from the beginning of this processThe "declaration form" which they have attached is a form for "items of extraordinary value" and does not constitute an inventory of insured itemsThe form for items of extraordinary value states only to list items that have a value of more than $per pound. I listed three items on that form which I believe to have a value of more than $per pound. I did not write in the amount of $15,on this form for the declared value of the piano, nor did I direct anyone to write in a value of $15,000. I would have never written in that amount for the declared value of the piano, as it is a hand made, grand piano, with a value much in excess of $15,000. It is obvious from the form that the handwriting is different, and that it was added after I submitted the form to AAA's agent. AAA Movers has failed to provide with a copy of the Inventory that clearly lists the damaged sofa (identified as sofa, cushion) on the inventory. Attached is a copy of the Inventory which AAA Movers failed to provide to position that AAA Movers should comply with their obligation to repair the sofa or compensate for the sofa damage remains unchanged

I am rejecting this response because: They were wrong in stating that I filed the complaint after they had already resolved the issue, when I filed the complaint a week before I had to nag them incessantly to get a
response at allAnd they only reimbursed me part of the cost of my televisionI do not want to seek any further action, but I just want everyone to know the truth of what happened

After receiving the feedback from the consumer, our office reached out to our Team Lead that was on the customers move. Regarding the crew "Not Completing" the move:Team Lead stated that this was absolutely not the caseHe stated that when the crew and customer arrived at the drop off location in Big Lake- the place was like a zooThis was a new apartment complex and there was already like 4-people moving inIt ended up taking 20-minutes just to find a parking location- which wasn't ideal- but the crew just parked where they could and unloaded the contents of their truckWhen they completed the unload they asked the customer if they were going to back up the U Haul for them to unloadThe customer asked what they were at for a total on the move right now- driver explained the rough estimate and then they were informed by the customer that they were just going to unload that themselves as it was mostly boxes and they were going to take their time doing it. Please keep in mind that this move was quoted for a total of hoursThe crew had the entire move (with the exception of the U Haul ft-ft) completed within in hours.This includes the travel time from Forest Lake to Big Lake as well as loading and unloading servicesThe U Haul would have taken a maximum of mins to an hour to completeThis would have still put the crew hours under the quote. Again, we apologize that there was any miscommunication on "IF" the crew was late we would deduct the Origin/Destination feeWe were being proactive and wanted to keep our customers informedAs a good faith gesture, AAA Movers will refund the Origin/Destination fee. Regards,AAA Movers Inc

The consumer filed a state of claim with our company stating there were a few items damaged during the moveAAA Movers sent out a 3rd party repair service to evaluate the damage and the state of claim submitted.Statement of Claim listed the following items:Martha Stewart Table- damagedWeed Trimmer-
not workingDinning Room Table- stress crack on topThe 3rd party company determined that the Martha Stewart table was in fact not repairable and the damage was caused during the moveThis item was paid out at FV in the amount of $They also acknowledged that the stress mark on the dinning room table was actually not caused by the move but was in fact due to the age of the piece and the lifting of the wood itselfBoth items- weed trimmer and dinning room table were covered at the standard valuation of $cents per lb.Payment was issued on December 6, in the amount of $and AAA Movers considers this claim settled in full

I sent an email already directly to *** *** regarding this complaint
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me However, I do want to be clear that they did not have our move in the dispatch system at all - AAA had to add us that morning to get a crew dispatched to us (in their response, they claim we were set up for an evening move which is not true) We were also never offered any refund, even after numerous calls to the customer service department If we had received an offer for a refund, we would not have created a claim with the

The shipper scheduled their move for June 3, with the crew arriving between 8-10amThere was an issue with the truck that was originally sent to the home of the shipper so Dispatch had to wait for another truck to be directed to the shippers origin addressThe first available truck was
dispatched and arrived at the shippers Origin address at 4pmThe customer is correct in stating that our crew arrived hours lateThe customer had originally requested a man moving crewBecause truck would not be enough to complete the move, another truck and crew was dispatched to the piaddress and arrived at 5:00pmBoth crews- total of men worked until 10:45pm. Because of the delay, AAA Movers provided a 10% discount which equaled $and another $off the bill for a grand discount of $(or $for every hour delayed in arrival)The total invoice amount after discounts = $1,881.34We feel the discount provided above is fair and we hope with the information provided the customer will feel the same.Please let us know if you need any further information. Best Regards,AAA Movers Inc
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

I am rejecting this response because:There are a few discrepancies in their response The crew worked until midnight When the first crew arrived I suggested that they take everything they could and did not request the second truck The hours wait impacted a baby sitter, several people that were waiting at my old and new house to help facilitate the move, my schedule for cleaning people to come to my rental home, etc

I am rejecting this response because: I would like to collaborate with AAA Movers in finding a suitable furniture assessor for a professional opinion on the dining room table damage However, as the damage occurred during the move, I can not agree to this claim being acceptably resolved The condition of the table was verified by the movers as very good/perfect prior to moving the table There are multiple people who can attest to the condition of the table before the move as well as the condition after the move Again, I would be very willing to work with AAA Movers to find a professional, or multiple professionals, who can assess/repair the damage of the table Thank you,*** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/01/23) */
***Corresponding documents/contracts attached
Please see below regarding the complaint filed by Mrs***
Our company was contracted by Mrs*** to provide moving services on June 24, Mrs*** was
relocating from Chaska, MN to Excelsior, MN
Our crew was to arrive between 8-9am on moving dayOn June 24, our crew arrived onsite at 8:15amBefore the move commenced, Mrs*** was asked by our team leader as to what type of insurance she would like to select
There are two options- Standard Insurance and Full Value Replacement InsuranceThe standard insurance coverage is free and included in the hourly moving rateThe Full value replacement insurance is not free and has fees based on the policy value selected by the homeowner
After both options were explained by our Team Lead, Mrs*** decided to choose the standard insurance and was asked to sign the following:
If you do not wish to purchase additional coverage on any item(s) you may decline additional coverage offered by initialing belowIf you decline additional coverage, AAA Movers maximum liability for loss and/or damage is $cents per pound per itemThe standard coverage is included with the move
Please see the attached document- *** Invoices- showing that on June 24, 2014, Mrs*** signed and agreed to the standard insurance coverage
Once the move was completed, a claim form was filled out with the damaged items during the moveAAA Movers sent the claim to our furniture restoration companyThe items listed on the claim were all repaired and signed as "repaired to customer's satisfaction" on July 7,
All items were repaired on the list except the dent in the washer and dryerAt this time, Mrs*** signed stating- I acknowledge that the repairs listed in section are complete and I am satisfiedI understand that the items listed under section 2- (washer/dryer dents) are non-repairable and I will be receiving compensation based on the insurance coverage elected on moving dayPlease see the attached " *** Repair Invoice"
AAA Movers sent a letter to Mrs*** stating the claim amount based on the insurance coverage selectedThe total claim amount was $AAA Movers didn't receive a response until after Christmas regarding the claim amount
Again, AAA Movers sent over an email on January 2, @ 9:29am stating the amount to be paid on the claim based on the insurance coverage selectedMrs*** responded on January 2, @ 10:13am stating that she would not accept that amount and that if our company was paying the remaining claim based on weight, we needed to add up all the remaining itemsThere were new items mentioned that were not mentioned when the repair techs were out onsiteThe furniture restoration company repaired all of the items she notified us of
Based on the new items claimed, AAA Movers sent an email to Mrs*** stating that our company would pay the remaining items at the insurance coverage selectedAAA Movers did state that we would go above the insurance selected and send out an upholstery repair company for the couch she is claiming has a rip in itAttached please find a copy of the letterPlease see attached " Final Settlement Offer"
AAA Movers did not overcharge for the services rendered as per Mrs***'s claimAs you can see from the attached " *** Balance Notice" and " *** Invoices" there was a remaining balance of $that was not paidAAA Movers did not pursue the remaining balance
To settle the claim, AAA Movers would like to know which option Mrs*** would like to proceed with:
Option 1- all the remaining claimed items paid at the insurance coverage selected, or
Option -all the remaining items except the couch paid at the insurance coverage selected and the couch repaired by the upholstery company
Our goal has always been to have our client satisfied at the end of their moveOur company also made all noted repairs within business days after the move took placeWe just need to know which option Mrs*** would like to proceed with
Once we are notified of the selected option, AAA Movers will have the claim completed within 7-business days
Best Regards,
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/01/24) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My response to AAA Movers is thisSeveral things stated in this letter are falseWhen the service man came, he could only "fix" a dresser and a table that was scratched because the rest was damaged greater then what he could do with his markers and oil rubI did tell him all the things that I put in my letterHe acted like he was taking notes and pictures to show the ownerNow they are acting like I didn't say anything about these damagesHe wanted me to sign a paper and I said no, I didn't want to sign since things were not fixedHe said I was not signing a paper that meant things were fixed or I couldn't file a claim, I was signing to show that he was here and did what he couldHe promised me the owner was fair and would get back to me on the other itemsI never heard backI felt like I was conned into signing this paper thinking they were going to work with me on the other damagesHe also said he couldn't leave my house or move forward with this claim with out my signatureI had a sinking feeling that me signing that paper was going to come back to haunt me! I never heard back from this personHe told *** he sent me an email when she contacted him wondering why this claim was never handled and he never sent me any response at allNot even a phone callAs far as the insurance goes, no one talked over any insurance plans with methey told me they needed my signature to get the move startedAlso once *** got back to me on JanI responded to her email b/c I was very disappointed in what was saidI waited weeks for email back, called her times and never got a response backThat's when I filed a claim since this company has taken months to get this claim handledI never received any email or response to my email on the 2ndThey never offered to send out an upholstery company to fix my couch eitherHow they can send you a copy of a letter never sent is fraudI got a phone call after my claim was submitted and she said she would look at my claim and get back to meI can send you her voice mail stating she was sorry she hasn't responded to my email and hadn't called me back(Her v/m was 1/weeks after my Jan2nd email to her) I can also take pics of all my damages that the service man took and said he was going to show to owner, and submitAs far as the over charges go, I paid guys to put my beds together that I had to redo, which I also told to service guy, and had to repair wall damage and carpet cleaningI also felt that it was not fair to charge me for the towels being folded and workers sitting in my garage talking plus all the other things stated in my first letterWhen you are paying over $an hour you want the people to be working and have experienceI also told service guy that as wellI feel I have been very nice and patient about this, but feel taken advantage because of thatMy move was June 24th and I have received one response to this claim and that was on Jan 2, I will hire a computer expert to prove that these emails AAA is claiming they sent to me were never received or sent to my computerMy main priority is to resolve this issue but I am not going to let a company say they sent emails and responses to me that they never didHad they done this, I would never have filed a claim with the and probably would have used them again on my next move when we move into our new house that is being built
Thank you,
Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 21, 2015/03/19) */
I will choose option #for $and the $reimbursement for the beds and wallsSo a total of $to settle this claimI did send this same reply on Feb3, so not sure why it didn't send or show up on my claim file
*** ***
Final Business Response /* (4000, 24, 2015/03/30) */
Please see the refund below which was posted to ***'s credit card account in the amount of $This should close the complaint
Receipt follows:
United States
TYPE: Refund
ACCT: Mastercard $ USD
($ USD was requested)
CARD NUMBER : ############***
Approved - Thank You
Please retain this copy for your records
***copied and pasted from email

This response is in regards to complaint # *** filed by *** ***The consumer is correct that our moving truck did get stuckWhile the driver was up meeting with the customer to perform a pre-move survey of the items that needed to be moved, one of the residences at the customers
apartment complex needed to get out and the truck was blocking them inThe passenger of the truck pulled the vehicle forward in order to let the resident outDoing so put the front tire on the curb and with the icy conditions, the truck became stuck. While the crew was waiting for the additional truck to come, all crew members carried the customers belongings down to the main floorAll items were moved by the movers (not by the customer) as stated in her complaintThe only items our movers did not move down to the main floor prior to the second trucks arrival included: bed, couch, and large reclinerThese items were not brought down due to size and the amount of space it would take up on the main floor of the apartment complex. The move did in fact take a total of hours and the customer was charged for Our driver also provided an additional 10% discount above and beyond only charging for hours.We greatly apologize that one of our employees tried moving the truck in order to let out a residentThe estimate that was provided was for hours of labor (minimum charge) and the actual charges were only $estimate vs$actual This included providing moving services from a 3rd floor apartment at the origin location to the 2nd floor apartment at destination. Again, we greatly apologize that our truck was stuck during the moving process

On May 7, 2016 the customer contacted our office regarding her moving needs on May 27, 2016. Our representative Craig [redacted] spoke with the customer and informed her that we had a promotion going for $399 which included two movers for three hours and the Origin and Destination fee. Craig informed...

the customer it is best to get an inventory of what is going to be moved in order to provide a more accurate quote. The customer submitted an inventory (attached) which equaled 3,400 lbs. Based on the inventory, our system generated a quote of two men for 4.85 hours. Each mover on average can move 350 lbs. per hour (load and unload) so the math equates to the following: (3,400 lbs.  / by 350 lbs. per hr. = 9.714 / by 2 movers = 4.85 hours)   Craig informed the customer that anything over the 3 hr. minimum would be billed in quarter hours increments. The customer was never scheduled for a 3 man moving crew. (Please see moving confirmation attached)   The customer made the reservation for May 27, 2016 with the crew arriving anytime between 11am to 6pm and the movers would call ½ hr. prior to arrival.   Because of the late arrival, AAA Movers sent out a 3rd mover at no additional charge. Luis arrived at the customers home to start prepping the furniture and complete any disassembly needed prior to the two movers and truck arriving. When Jamie contacted our office, spoke to our dispatcher Greg, she stated that she would rather do the move the following day as she didn’t want to complete the move late in the evening. Greg said if she wanted to do it tomorrow we could accommodate that and asked her to let us know ASAP as he would need to let the driver know who was in route. She said she would talk to her partner and give Greg a call back. When Jamie called Greg back, she requested to move her appointment to the following day, May 28, 2016. Greg informed our driver to turn around and advised Luis to head back to the shop.   On May 28, 2016, our movers arrived at the customers Origin address at 3:15pm. The scheduled arrival time was again 11am -6pm. The movers worked from 3:15pm to 8pm, a total of 4.75 hours. (System calculated quote at 4.85 hours)   AAA Movers provided a credit of $130.00 (1 hour of labor) to the customer for the delay on May 27th.   The customer has moved with us previously and her total moving expense in 2012 was $453.00. AAA Movers charges in 2016 were $509.19.   AAA Movers provided another credit of $50.00 making total moving expense $459.19   Total credit for delay on May 27th $180.00   Please see the attached documentation:   Moving Confirmation- Emailed on 06-21 / Emailed to [redacted]   Bill of Lading   Refund Receipts- $130.00 and $50.00 [redacted]copied and pasted from email.

Please see below and attached for our response regarding claim # [redacted]   I would like to take a moment and respond to the complaint filed by [redacted]. Our office did call the customer the night before to inform her that the truck we had scheduled to arrive at her home was involved in...

an accident and that we may be a little late arriving the following day as it would depend on the length of time needed for the repair facility to make the repair. If this was the case and we arrived past the original agreed upon window of 8-10am, our company would provide a discount for the delay.   The repair facility completed the repair on-time and our crew arrived at 9am on July 1st and completed the move by 1:30pm. Total of 4.5 hrs. The total for the move was $935.94 and the customers original estimate was $1,359.97

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/09/16) */
On June 4th, 2014- [redacted] filled out the request form and [redacted] in our office quoted to have a 3 man crew at $165.00 per hr. + an $88.00 fuel surcharge with the movers to arrive on July 7, 2014 between 11am-4pm.
On July 1, 2014- [redacted]...

called and changed her move date from July 7,2014 to August 15,2014. At this time the piano was added to the move and the fee of $75.00 was added to the bill of lading.
On July 23,2014- [redacted] called and changed her move date from August 15, 2014 to August 28, 2014. She also changed the arrival time from the afternoon to the morning which is an arrival time between 8-9am.
On August 28, 2014- AAA Movers did have an issue with one of our new trucks. Our dispatcher, [redacted], left a voicemail stating that we would be a little late because of this unforeseen situation. Our truck and crew did arrive at her origin residence at 11am.
Upon arrival, our team lead completed a walk-through and informed [redacted] that based on the amount of household goods she has to move, she is looking between a 9-10 hr. move. [redacted] informed [redacted] that it may not all fit in this truck. [redacted] stated that she was quoted for 6-7 hours and that's all she wanted to pay for. [redacted] explained that there is more in the home to move then what's accounted for on the inventory provided. He explained that all of our services are based on an hourly rate and if the move takes less than what he thinks- she would pay less.
[redacted] informed [redacted] that he would call the dispatch office as he was concerned it wouldn't fit in one truck.
When I spoke to [redacted] and he voiced his concerns with the amount of household goods he customer had, I informed [redacted] that if the customer wants a second truck and 3 men I could send them out as a closing fell through and we had an extra truck and crew.
[redacted] spoke with [redacted] at 11:16am and asked if she wanted to have an additional crew and truck come out. [redacted] explained the benefits of not having to spend extra time trying to get it all to fit as well as cutting down on the overall move time and costs.
[redacted] declined to have the additional movers come at this time. When the phone was handed back to [redacted]- [redacted] asked if I could still send out our truck as our trucks have moving attics (box over the cab) and the Penske rental truck did not.
I agreed to send out a crew to help [redacted] and switch trucks with him.
At Noon- our 2nd truck and 3 movers arrived at the origin location. When the second driver arrived- his crew switched the items [redacted] had on his truck to their truck. [redacted] had a dresser, 2 night stands, a sofa, approx.. 20-30 boxes on the rental truck. While the second crew was loading our truck with the items on the rental truck- [redacted] and his crew were inside the home prepping and wrapping the furniture. There was no time which the customer paid to switch the load- nor was there any time in which the crew she was paying for was not working. The second crew departed at 1:15pm.
At 7:00pm- the driver called and said the customer wanted to have more guys come out for the delivery as it was getting late and they also have a pod to unload in the driveway. I asked the driver what he was referring to as [redacted] has not mentioned the pod at all.
I spoke with the customer and informed her that I could send out more guys. The next crew of 2 movers arrived at 7:30pm and another crew arrived at 8:30pm. For the unload portion of her move, [redacted] had a total of 6 guys, thus the reason the unload only took 4 hours.
The movers also unloaded a 23 ft. container that the customer had in the front of her house.
Below is a breakdown of all charges and what the customer paid for:
3 man moving crew 11am - 10:30pm 13.5 x $165.00 = $2,227.50
3 man moving crew 12pm-1:15pm 1.25 x $165.00 = $206.25 (No charge)
2 man moving crew 7:30pm-10:30pm 3 x $120.00= $360.00 (No Charge)
2 man moving crew 8:30pm - 10:30pm 2 x $120.00= $240.00 (No Charge)
Piano Moving Fee $75.00
Fuel Surcharge 1st Truck $88.00
Fuel Surcharge 2nd Truck $88.00
Fuel Surcharge 3rd Truck $88.00 (No Charge)
Total Invoice Amount: $3,372.75
AAA Movers charged [redacted] a total of $2,231.00. This move was discounted $1,141.75
The following morning, [redacted]'s moving consultant followed up with her as she was the main point of contact throughout her moving process. [redacted] and [redacted] agreed to an additional 5% discount (or $111.55 deduction) making the amount paid by [redacted] $2,119.45
[redacted] received a total discount of $1,253.30
To ask for an additional $795.50 credit is just unreasonable. Not one time in any of the conversations that our company had with [redacted] did she ever mention that there was an issue with the services or the moving crews work ethic. She stated on numerous occasions that our movers were very hard workers, very polite and professional and did a great job. All of the moving confirmations above clearly state that ALL CHARGES ARE BASED ON THE ACTUAL TIME SPENT CONDUCTING THE MOVE. Not only did we move her 2,000 sq. ft home, but we also unloaded a 23ft. container she had parked in front of her house.
We also had two of our drivers call in and complain about the way [redacted]'s husband was talking to them and the language he was using.
Please let me know if there is any further information you need on our end.
AAA Movers Inc.
[redacted]copied and pasted from email.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 8, 2014/09/17) */
The claim filed by [redacted] has been settled.
Please see the refund receipt below.
Subject: Receipt from AAA MOVERS
Receipt follows:
=========== TRANSACTION RECORD ========== AAA MOVERS
United States
TYPE: Refund
ACCT: Visa $ 241.45 USD
CARDHOLDER NAME : [redacted]
CARD NUMBER : ############[redacted]
DATE/TIME : 17 Sep 14 12:10:12
REFERENCE # : 001 0095635 M
TRANS. REF. : [redacted]
Approved - Thank You 100
Please retain this copy for your records.
[redacted]copied and pasted from email.

This response is in regards to the complaint filed by Dean [redacted]- complaint # [redacted] The consumer contracted our company to provide moving services on June 16, 2017. These services included storing and relocating his household items from Brooklyn Park, MN to Brooklyn Park, MN.The household...

goods were loaded on June 16, 2017 and delivered on July 5, 2017. Prior to the move commencing on June 16, 2017, Mr. [redacted] selected the valuation coverage for his move. Mr. [redacted] selected to purchase additional coverage up to a value of $15,000On the Declaration Form (copy attached) Mr. [redacted] declared his grand piano value at $15,000. This item being declared at $15,000 used his entire value of his additional coverage. All remaining items would be covered at the standard coverage of $0.60 cents per lb. per article.  Once the delivery was completed on July 5, 2017, Mr. [redacted] filled out a Damage Claim form (copy attached) which shows the damaged sofa listed and the form clearly states Maximum Liability of $.60 cents per lb. AAA Movers has offered to have the sofa repaired which the costs of the repair is greater than the amount of the claim based on weight x $.60 cents.  Please see attached supporting documentation. AAA Movers has settled this claim based on the coverage selected.  If the consumer would like to now have the couch repaired, AAA Movers will still have this completed but a settlement request of $2,000 will not be granted.

After further review of the issues regarding this move, the customer was provided with a refund in the amount requested. AAA Movers

I am rejecting this response because:Still nothing said about them using their cell phones and not calling in advance like I was told they would. This created an inconvenience to us. On top of that whenever I contact Jill about anything she either doesn't respond or takes a very long time. Right now they owe us money for damages and it should not take that long to process when they took payment initially immediately from us. I am going to the attorney general for their business practices.

As I stated in the original complaint, we acknowledge that we signed paperwork stipulating the payout process at the time of move. Our move ran longer than quoted (a frequent occurrence at AAA based on customer reviews). By the time the move was completed, we were tired, the movers were in a hurry, so we signed the paperwork very quickly that they put in front of us and told us to "sign here", "initial here". We were not told what we were signing, nor were we offered different coverage.

In John's response he stated that we asked AAA to pick up our items back in May of 2014 because we were moving internationally. This, like many things John states, is inaccurate. I was not offered employment overseas until October of 2015, 5 months after the items were picked up. We requested the move and storage because we sold our house and had not yet found a new one and we anticipated it would be for a short period of time. John also fails to comment in his response on 2 key items in our complaint:
1) Brent told me in one of our phone conversations that AAA had insurance that paid out $.60 on the dollar for our items, only to find out that this was in fact inaccurate.
2) They did not inventory the items at the time of move like they were obligated to do. They emptied all our vaults after the fact to do an inventory which is when it is likely they lost our items. Here is the email exchange between myself and Kathi [redacted] at AAA, a full 5 months after the move:
From: [redacted]
To: [redacted]
Subject: RE: Invoice from AAA Movers
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 18:25:58 +0000
I spoke with Dennis, Shaun did not come in that following week that he was going to do the inventory. Dennis is out on the trucks today and I received the ok from the owners for Dennis to go ahead and do the inventory for you, he said he will be doing it Monday for you. I do apologize, I was not aware of what Shaun said he would do for you but we will get it taken care of for you and I will let you know once I receive them. Would you like a copied emailed over to you once I get them?

Thank You,

From: [redacted] [mailto:[redacted]]
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 8:59 AM
To: Kathi [redacted] Subject: RE: Invoice from AAA Movers

Are you able to confirm for us that our units have been inventoried? I was at your building a few weeks back and spoke with Sean (I believe that was his name, he was a Manager) who said he would have it inventoried for us the following week.
It's clear that AAA does not value customers items because they realize if they lose or damage these items the payout is pennies on the dollar. A $600 offer for items valued over $10k is ridiculous and totally unacceptable.

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