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CBH Homes has met with owner and reviewed the sprinkler system, yard and treesSee attached agreement CBH Homes reviewed this document with buyer and buyer agreed to prior to closingOwner was OVER watering all landscapingtimes a day when our suggested is x a day is the MAXIMUM suggested
Sprinkler system is not brokenIt was adjusted and set incorrectly by ownerCBH Homes set sprinkler system times correctly for buyer as a good starting point and as a courtesyBuyer is responsible for all landscaping and water management and must adjust as the seasons change. The property is lacking of overall regular maintenance by owner and must improve acceptable leaves to appease the HOA and avoid fines and potential lien to said property. Thank you,

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: Though we closed on the house CBH Homes refused to honor the initial terms of the agreement, or their own community
standardsThe contract was closed on because CBH Homes refused to negotiate further and we were at the end of our lease and were not able to find another place to rent on such short notice to continue addressing this issue CBH Homes went so far as to issue another addendum, and deleted the NHO when it was signed stating that contractural and community standard obligations were not met. Sincerely,*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference ** *** ** *** *nd find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. We have a resolution to my *** ***CBH Homes has
assembled the perfect resolution to my Complaint, they have a delivered a signed purchase agreement on 11/17/ I am impressed with the offer, from MrCorey Barton, (CBH Homes) and accept the offer as written*** ***

Our commitment to complete the items neededWe are having difficulties with some of landscaping partner and getting all work completed on time as desired.
Please bare with us as we will see the item through to completion
Thank you for your patients
CBH Homes

CBH Homes includes a year warranty with every new home that is non-transferable and non-negotiable. ALL electrical work is completed by a licenced and trained professional electricianWork is also thoroughly inspected and tested by trained professionals and inspected multiple times by City
of Caldwell Officials and other 3rd party inspectors. What is the issue?

Peppertree Community in Boise was developed and constructed to have preasurized irrigation water to each home siteThe seasonal and sometime spuratic watering times from this supplimental water should be NO SURPRISE after years laterThis preasurized irrigation was made available be used
as a supplimental lower cost water supply for each owner and IS A priviledgeOnce the community has used all of its water shares during the course of the irrigation season there IS NO MORE IRRIGATION WATER FOR THAT SEASONIts goneOnce that water is gone each must use their exterior hose bibs and (the higher cost metered water from United water) water their yardsPulling weeds, protecting grass, trees and other landscaping from dying IS the owners responsibility as the owner The property manager has been turning the irrigation pump off certain days and times to help make the irrigation water last as long as possible FOR ALL OWNERS & COMMON AREAS up until the irrigation water is turned off for the season which should happen withe next days *** *** will need to use the hose bid on the home and hoses to water or irrigate.The common areas in the *** community look AMAZING using the same irrigation water as all owners

See attachments - These attachments were presented, reviewed and agreed to by buyers/owners initials and signatures at New Home Walk Through prior to closing Landscaping and watering though the sprinkler system is not covered by warrantyIt is a maintenance item and is the OWNERS
RESPONSIBILITY to care for and maintain
It is summerThe temperatures outside are in the high to mid 90sIt is hot outside and there has been rain fall for many months Any saturated soils, puddling or standing water would come from OVER WATERING FROM THE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS especially in these very hot temperatures during the summerThis is the owners responsibility to correct through understanding the sprinkler timer and adjusting watering timesDrainage systems for OVER WATERING are NOT NECESSARY OR NEEDED if desired to are an optional cost if desired by owner at custom cost quote only and are not included in the purchase price of any home.
Thank you,

CBH Homes met on site with homeowners and sprinkler/landscape companySome sprinkler heads were capped off where standing water has been consistentDry area - sprinkler heads were changed and adjusted to allow more watering time to this specific area help green up this areaSprinkler times were adjusted to help dry out saturated soils at property linesCBH will return at end offirst week of October to review progress and make adjustments as necessary.
Thank you,

Have met with owner last week (9-12-16) to discuss issueVacant (unknown owner)home to east was severely over watering and make adjustment to this propertyWill be making another visit this week (9-21-16) to review and see resultsFurther discussion as to what was found and where to go from there.
Thank you,

Attached is the diagram of the originally agreed upon fence (denoted as "x"), with gate next to houseDocument signed by myself and dated April 11th, during sales meeting with CBH sales staff.

CBH Homes has met with buyers at their home and discussed items and will happily address all items asap. Thank you for your help, CBH Homes

*** *** and CBH have met at the home and discussed the itemsAdditional meetings will be happening to discuss next steps for resolution.
Additional information will follow from those meeting and will be shared.
CBH Homes

CBH Homes responded to claim immediatelyAs homeowner stated there are has been no plumbing leaks from the new home before damage or after the damage was doneand confirmed by the original plumbing contractorClaim is denied as warrantable by builder Buyer had after closing moved in and
installed their own washing machine in the laundry where damage occuredWater supply lines and a drain line are involved with this installIt was discussed with buyer that this could be where the problem occured since no leaks on the new home were found before or after. Thank you,
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to *** **
***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint They have yet to honor the warranty with any sense of integrity only showing up when prompted by the want my warranty extended until 2016.
*** ***

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
As I had very clearly previously pointed out in the complaint It is not a mattering of us watering these areas too muchThe low spots are bordering a common area and also neighbors yards. They are so low that run off from the irrigation of neighbors yards and the common area is enough to keep these low spots in our yard constantly flooded. It is not an irrigation issue at all and I believe you would have understood this had you completely read our initial complaint. The issue is without a doubt due to an incomplete grading/leveling of our yard prior to laying sod. Sincerely,*** *** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me, as long as in addition to the power easement damage, the bull dozer track damage is also repaired.Sincerely, *** ***

I have been out of town and only just returned Oct 2016. During my absence Corey Barton tried to contact me
Upon returning I responded to Corey Barton's request for a meeting at my home to see the siding
I am waiting for his response and
do not considered this an unanswered or unresolved manner at this time
Please do not close this concern as we are trying to work out this issue
Thank you

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:
Sprinklers have not been run excessively, and have in fact been minimized to minutes a section, every other day for some time nowAdditionally, you state there has been a large amount of rain fall recently, when in fact there has been noneAs these documents were signed in November, shortly before the first snow, there was no way in which we could have properly analyzed, discussed and objected to the landscaping issues now at hand, as there was no water being run to show that there would be any issue with standing waterHowever, as CBH homes is in fact a long standing company, I believe the knowledge of the builders and their contactors would have been high enough to see that there would be problems with water running down hill and causing landscaping issues for anyone not at the top of the streetAs such, CBH should have also had the foresight to put in a drainage system so that these issues would not occur, instead of leaving unsatisfied customers in its wake and merely stating its not your problemIt is very clear to me that this business doesn't give a damn about anything other than the almighty dollar, as putting in a PVC pipe to run water out and eliminate the reproducing west nile threat breeding in my back yard is clearly too taxing for this prestigious companySincerely,*** ***

We have met with ** *** and are working through a resolution

Owner made contact with CBH Homes to address a plumbing leak that was leaking from the living room ceiling and had soaked the living room carpet downstairsPlumber was called to return to the home to repair leak and did so the following morningCBH also returned and pulled back carpet that was
water soaked to aid in the drying out of the carpet in the downstairs living room.Upon this return - There was no mention from homeowner to CBH Homes or Shilo Plumbing of a washing machine leak in upstairs laundry room above downstairs living roomWhich had soaked the utility room floor and had been cleaned up Plumber therefore proceeded to open up the areas of drywall affected to find the leak and repairThis IS proper and to only way to find and repair the leakAfter opening up areas and finding NO LEAK AT ALL in the plumbing anywhereIt was discovered to be the homeowners washing machine that was hooked up by a friend and gone through a washing cycle the day or evening before. With the amount of water that the washing machine drains through its final cycle it flooded the Laundry room floor so much it went down the heat vent and was leaking out of the heat duct over the downstairs living room floorThe laundry room flooring was dry when Plumber and CBH Homes arrivedNone of this was mentioned by owner Homeowner washing machine installer caused the leak.Homeowner made no mention of issues of laundry room flooding or washing machine issuesPlumber proceeded as necessaryAll could have been avoided by owner. Homeowner is responsible for all damages and repairsNo return repair or compensation will be offered by CBH Homes or Shilo Plumbing Thank you,

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